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Working diligently to ban semi-automatic rifles domestically while leaving over 400,000 fully-automatic rifles (plus 126k pistols and freakin’ artillery) for the Taliban? Hmm, maybe I’m in the wrong industry . . . I’ve heard oil and gas pipeline work is lucrative.

Here’s an image from the NY Times showing what we’ve left behind for the Taliban (and others):

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  1. Mind you, the Taliban got actual assault rifles: select fire, intermediate cartridge rifles. I assume they were produced after 1986, and as such they would be out and out illegal for an ordinary person to own.

    Biden is talking about restricting so called “assault weapons”, which usually include semi-automatic rifles of various calibers, and in Washington state, all semi-automatic rifles of any caliber.

    • So you folks are saying that Joe Biden left a bunch of assault weapons for the Taliban?

      I had no idea he was even in Afghanistan…

      Wasn’t the United States military in charge of all those weapons, and the disposition of those weapons was the responsibility of the units who had custody of those weapons?

      Didn’t President Trump announce his deal with the terrorists on 29 February 2020, announcing that all American troops will be leaving by 31 May 2021?

      So why didn’t the United States military send the weapons home over the past 18 months?

      • biden bought the white house. He now owns this situation along with that purchase. Trump is gone. biden is in charge. When Trump comes back in 24 you can rag on his efforts.

        • quote————–When Trump comes back in 24 you can rag on his efforts.————–quote

          You fell right into that one Jethro. Once again you get on your knees to give Trump some of your personal Head. You once again contradicted your previous post that you were sitting on the fence when it came to supporting Trump because he was the lesser of two evils.

          Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!!!!!!

          Hey genius how can Trump run for office after he is convicted on multiple counts of all his misdeeds when in office. Maybe with virtual rally’s from his jail cell.

        • Dacian,

          The Bard’s quote is as follows:

          “Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

          If you’re going to troll, at least do it right. I mean, you don’t want anyone here to think you’re stooopid…

        • SS Schutze dacian. You’re off your meds again. You jump to a conclusion. I simply stated a fact. Mid terms will be a blood bath for the fascist left and Trump will get another term. Doesn’t matter how I feel about Trump.

          But you’re so twisted with fascism you fly into a rage at a simple, honest comment. After all, you’re the one that praised hitler’s courage.

        • , dont you think calling people names is a little childish Dacian Miner49er Crazycegrowithagunsomthingsomthing.
          What gets me is you do the name calling first then complain about people calling you names and attacking you.
          One things for certain if TTAG gets paid by the click you really generate the revenue.

        • Opossum says:

          “dont you think calling people names is a little childish Dacian Miner49er”

          So who have I called names, Mr. marsupial?

          Are you somehow magically oblivious to the multiple personal attacks made upon me on this forum? I’ve been called every name in the book, slut, idiot, you name it, and you folks have laid it on me.

          Yet I have refrained from stooping to the sad level of what passes for adult discussion on this forum.

          Might I suggest, a more careful reading of the comments I post on this forum.

          “What gets me is you do the name calling first then complain about people calling you names and attacking you”

          I’m going to call you on that one, please refer me to a specific episode where I “did the name calling first”

        • JWM’s reference to Jethro for starters. Your comments on the high power where good. I thought you and Dacian were one of the same.? I’ve been wrong before.

        • **Tears Forming**… “Are you somehow magically oblivious to the multiple personal attacks made upon me”

          **Eyes Welling Up**…”I’ve been called every name in the book…”

          **The Crying Commences** …”slut, idiot, you name it..”

          **Full On Whaling**…”and you folks have laid it on me.”

          **Loud Shrieking**…”Yet I have refrained from stooping to the sad level of what passes for adult discussion on this forum.”

          **Trying to choke back tears**…”Might I suggest, a more careful reading of the comments I post on this forum.”

          **With Righteous Indignation**…”I’m going to call you on that one, please refer me to a specific episode..”

          **To a Roaring Crowd** and **As I Curtsy** Thank You, Thank You! THANK YOU !!

          **Accepting Award** I would like to thank all the little creatures who made this moment possible!

          And just remember “you folks”, no matter how much I obfuscate, act snarky or like an irritating quarrelsome cantankerous gnat…

          …no matter how much I spread fake news and disinformation, act honorless and shameless, and just flat out lie (my favorite)…. I, Miner49er, am the true victim!

      • minor 49 IQ…Beside the fact you never had an viable idea in your life do you even now who and what the CINC is?

        How low can you go? Finger pointing at the US Military and POTUS DJT. It’s sad seeing your face planted so deep between biden’s buttcheeks.

        All of this has zip nada nothing to do with the POTUS DJT exit date that was contingent on him remaining POTUS and taliban behavior. POTUS DJT even bombed targets following the deal to make his point. And on May 21, the taliban was not knocking on everyone’s backdoor so joe set the clock to fit his very own own exit plan.

        Had POTUS DJT knew a worthless pos like Jim Crow Gun Control joe would be calling the shots the POTUS DJT exit plan would have fitting for someone with the mind of a self serving dirty diaper democRat Ratbassturd.

        From day one Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk erased all POTUS DJT accomplishments and that obviously and quite clearly included anything to do with Afghanistan. It takes an utter buffoon to do what Jim Crow Gun Control joe did to America and to Afghanistan. It’s a colossal train wreck that belongs to Jim Crow Gun Control joe and the democRat Party and to useful idiots like you.

        • Trump did make this deal with the Taliban, that is true. He sank the deal as it was being negotiated by publicly saying it did not matter, he’d leave anyway. How did Trump think he’d get the Taliban to behave when he was telling the world he was leaving on a schedule regardless of what happened in the country?

          The retreat was Trump’s idea.

          The total screwup in carrying out the retreat, that’s the part that Biden owns.

        • That’s funny, wasn’t “Stay in Mexico” Trump’s idea?

          Hmmm, that lasted less time than Biden’s favorite ice cream on a hot summer day.

          Leaving the Paris accord, Trump’s again.

          Defunding and leaving the corrupt W.H.O. Trump.

          Come to think about it, on Biden’s first day he reversed 9 of Trump’s policies.

          Want to play with baby parts, Biden made that possible by…you guessed it, reversing a Trump policy.

          So this is awkward…. either Biden knows how to reverse Trump’s policies OR you are lying propagandist?

          I wonder which one is correct?

      • I guess posts like this is why everyone calls me a disingenuous honorless asshat, a shameless cantankerous slut, and an irritating quarrelsome gnat.

        Among other things that are even less complimentary.

        • Right on cue, multiple personal attacks but not one factual rebuttal of my position.

          And the fact is, all these weapons we see the Taliban seizing are actually the discarded weapons of the fleeing Afghan army, even though they’ve had 4 years of the Trump administration training and motivation.

          I’d say trumps MTUs in Afghanistan for the last four years failed in their mission because the Afghan army folded like a cheap suit within hours.

          And the basic problem was that Trump did what America never does, Trump negotiated with terrorists and expected a good outcome. The height of idiocy from the ‘king of the deal’.

          George W. Bush should’ve ended our involvement in Afghanistan once he had brought Osama bin Laden to Justice. But George W. Bush ignored the greatest terrorist criminal in the history of the world and focused on Iraq with his war of lies (WMDs my ass).
          I would’ve liked to have seen Obama bring us out of Afghanistan, just like he successfully ended the United States involvement in Iraq in 2014, but there was no political will or rather the military industrial complex lobbying was too effective.

          Joe Biden has the courage to withstand the abuse and political flak that he knew he would receive. But after 20 years of failed attempts to bring Jeffersonian democracy to the hill tribes of Afghanistan, it was time for America to just stop, and Joe Biden was the statesman who made it happen.

        • Multiple personal attacks?

          How can that be?

          How can facts also be a personal attack?

          I am a disingenuous honorless asshat,

          I am a shameless cantankerous slut,

          I am an irritating quarrelsome gnat.

          These are all factual.


          Besides, it’s not like you can actually rebut my any of my lies, propaganda and misinformation.

          Because as soon as you bring truth to the conversation, I will ghost it and run like the true coward I really…BYE!

      • Miner-
        The President is in charge, he directs the actions of his subordinates, including the military. The President owns what happens on his watch. A true leader does not blame others, but fixes the situation. If he felt the plans were not right, he had 8 months to change the plan. He changed the date, why didn’t he change other parts he said were wrong?

        Someone failed somewhere. These weapons were left for the Afghan Army who the top leadership, to include the President, knew that the Afghan Army would crumble. It appears that the President of the US told the President of Afghanistan to project a more rosy appearance. Of course one of the first to leave was the President of Afghanistan.

        Political types want to be leader’s, without the responsibility of leadership. Obama, Trump and Biden spent a lot of time blaming others, instead of fixing problems. One difference with Trump he led in some ways better than others and we did receive a net positive from him. Obama by green lighting the Osama raid did show leadership. Otherwise he wasn’t much of a leader. Biden, I see nothing in his time to date as POTUS to show leadership. Just a lot of blaming others.

        While some are partisan in blaming Biden, many of us have been led by great and poor leaders in the past, we understand the concepts of leadership. Some of us here have been leader’s, we have known the consequences of failure and not accepting responsibility. My philosophy is simple, and non partisan. You either succeed or you fail. If you succeed you better praise your subordinates publicly, if you fail, you accept the responsibility and privately counsel your subordinates. And in politics, you fire those who sabotaged the mission purposely or by incompetence.

        • “These weapons were left for the Afghan Army who the top leadership, to include the President, knew that the Afghan Army would crumble“

          Yes, that is exactly the deal that President Donald Trump made when he negotiated with the terrorists in February 2020.

          You cannot hold Joe Biden responsible for the failures of the Trump administration in training and motivating the Afghan army for the past four years, superman could not have corrected four years of mismanagement in just eight months.

          Dick Cheney and George Bush had over six years to find Osama bin Laden and bring him to Justice, and then to leave Afghanistan. But instead Republicans chose to sync and deeper and begin their failed policy of nation building.

          And now that the Democrats are getting the truck out of the ditch where the Republicans drove it, the Republicans are all standing around complaining about how they’re not pulling it out fast enough or doing it the right way.


        • The work with the Afghan Army began before Trump. You forget that. Or you are dismissing what occurred under Obama’s tenure because Biden was the VP.
          The truck is in the ditch because of political games from both sides. Both sides are responsible for the mission creep in Afghanistan starting with the Bush years.

          I didn’t forget the surges there under Obama either.

          Yes I am watching Biden’s team trying to right the truck. I just don’t understand why they took the tires of it.

          Yet your reply in no way exonerated the lack of leadership we are seeing. Your not a leader, so maybe you don’t understand leadership principles?

        • By the way, when you quote me, I respectfully ask you quote the entire context. Taking the complete context out of a quote is dishonest. Respect me, I respect you.

        • I hope this is enough quote context for you:

          “Yes I am watching Biden’s team trying to right the truck. I just don’t understand why they took the tires of it“

          Help me to understand exactly what action you think Biden took that is equivalent to “taking the tires off of the truck”.

        • The tires were the original withdrawal date. He changed the date. He took no responsibility for his actions or lack of action. He changed the withdrawal date, correct? If he felt the rest was wrong in the plan, why didnt he change those aspects as well?

          If you honestly feel Biden has no responsibility for how the withdrawal went down, the perceptions he wanted projected knowing they were false, then you do not have objectivity.

          Now if he received bad information from his Generals, staff and intel people, he is still responsible, he is the POTUS. If he was deceived by all of these people, there is more serious issues. Oh, my expectations of the Generals and my critique of them is harsh. We have former Rangers, Paratroopers wearing stars, I expect, no I demand they live up to the honor of the profession. Their failures require being fired, relieved of duty and a loss of rank. If they gave Biden proper advice and the were rebuked, instead of dishonoring the profession, they should have stepped aside. If they gave bad recommendations, then they learned nothing in the last 20 years. I don’t see those star wearers having any honor or integrity either. Their parachute badges and ranger tabs need revoked well.

          Plenty of blame to go around. That does not change the responsibility of leadership on the part of Biden. Leadership sucks when things fail, but real leaders accept responsibility instead of pointing fingers.

          Curious, have you ever had the responsibility of leadership? Did you take that responsibility seriously?

        • “The work with the Afghan Army began before Trump. You forget that“

          Are you oblivious to the fact that for the past for continuous years, President Donald Trump and his administration appointees have had complete and total responsibility for the operations of the United States military in Afghanistan, including engagements, patrolling and training the Afghan Army.

          Trump had ample time to correct any training or supervision deficiencies regarding the Afghan Armed Forces, yet he was more concerned with golfing then with actually developing and executing a sustainable foreign policy for America.

          “real leaders accept responsibility”

          Joe Biden has publicly accepted responsibility, for the issues that he is responsible for.
          Yes, he extended the deadline by three months in order to give American Nationals some more opportunity to exit the country. Perhaps he did anger the Taliban with this action, but don’t you think giving Americans able time to leave is more important?

          Let me ask you, specifically what action or inaction is Biden responsible for that caused the afghan army to abandon their weapons in skedaddle?

          And to answer your question, yes, I have had the privilege of leading men and women and I have been led by both competent and inept leaders.

        • “Let me ask you, specifically what action or inaction is Biden responsible for that caused the afghan army to abandon their weapons in skedaddle?”

          I never claimed Biden was responsible for the Afghan Armys undignified retreat. That is outside his scope, that was the responsibility of the former Afghanistan Government that no longer exists.

          His actions and inaction with the planned withdrawal are his responsibility. How we withdrew was his responsibility and no one else’s. Trump had a plan, Biden changed the plan. A leader makes one change to a plan, he now owns that plan. Leadership 101.

          “Yes, he extended the deadline by three months in order to give American Nationals some more opportunity to exit the country. Perhaps he did anger the Taliban with this action, but don’t you think giving Americans able time to leave is more important?”

          Biden proclaimed on Jul 8 it was highly unlikely the Taliban would take control of Afghanistan. If you were a NGO in Kabul, doing what you felt called to do, would have been spurred depart quickly or would you feel you had more time to keep helping others?
          Two weeks after that statement Biden spoke to Ghani :

          “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban, and there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

          Do you take his statement to Ghani as odd? Asks him to project a different picture than what the actual situation is?

          Either the the leadership team, the one that Biden leads, is incompetent or we were lied to about the situation. It is one or the other.

      • A reminder:

        U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1. “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States”

        The military performed the withdrawal the way they did because Joe Biden has been in charge since January 2021. They abandoned Bagram because of his policies. They pulled air support from the Afghan Army because Biden’s plans required it. That set the dominoes falling, and here we are. To be totally explicit: this is on Biden because he sets the plan, and the military executes on that plan.

        As for the “but Trump!” arguments, the list of Trump administration policies the Biden Administration has overturned goes on and on forever. There’s nothing special about this that would have prevented him from changing the deal, making a new one, or canceling it completely if he thought it was a bad idea. Biden followed through on the withdrawal because he wanted the policy, and for no other reason.

  2. What is an assault weapon? The term was used because “assault rifle” and “assault gun” have formal technical definitions. “Assault Weapon” is supposed to give the impression of an “assault rifle” but without a formal definition.

    The definition is political depending on what the gun banners want to ban. First it will be self-loading rifles of military appearance. Then it will be any self-loading firearm. Next will be military bolt-action rifles that are functionally identical to a Fudd’s Remchesterby. And even applied to lever-action firearms because they can be rapid fired according to Western movies.

  3. At this point following the murders of members of The US Military and murdering hundreds of citizens trying to escape genocide and arming terrorists with mountains of US Munitions what does Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s Gun Control matter?
    Frankly mr. and miss pasty mouth Gun Control zealots you can take every bit of your racist and nazi based Gun Control filth and shove it.

    • It has been a long standing plan by leftists to demean, discredit, and diminish the standing of the USA in the world.

      Personally I’d take the USA on a bad day over China or Russia on a good day.

    • You would think that but commies have a way of surprising you with both ruthlessness and stupidity. Still… It’s probably intentional. That whole forgetting where he is and sniffing kids thing is probably exactly what it seems.

  4. Well if this is the direction we are headed in and we don’t like it we need to do something about it. The Founding Fathers of this Nation have indicated on more than one occasion that We The People have the right to replace our Government with whatever means necessary if they become tyrannical. Well when you consider vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, restrictive firearm laws, leaving American Citizens in Afghanistan, mask mandates, lockdown mandates, and a host of other restrictions now being placed on American Citizens while those who enter our Country illegally are treated differently with no mandates and our own rule makers don’t abide by their own rules, quite frankly it is time not to vote them out of office because they will only cheat there as well, but to boot them out of office with an old fashion Blue City type insurrection that we have witnessed in almost every major Blue City in the Country and hey they got away with it. So why not us?????????

  5. Have all of you acquired Biden dementia syndrome ? Biden is the Commander in Chief, period. He is responsible for the biggest clusterfuck in American history. 85 Billion in weapons and equipment left behind. Not all americans evacuated? This man (Biden) is a coward and should be be arrested for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    We have a duty to get every American soul, out of that dirt pile. Biden has sold out America. Sorry But an 18 year old with a six pack of budweiser could make better decisions than this coward.

    Anyone who voted for him has blood on their hands. The Taliban wants to live in the stone age? I say we send them an artifical sun. F*%k em. It’s time we had a real leader that is a true american.

    • Biden handled this retreat incompetently, I agree with that.

      We did not give the Taliban $85 billion in anything. Around half the money spent went into paying the wages of Afghans to pretend to have a national army, air force and police. It was a paper military with the exception of some few serious units that fought hard. A huge number of the 300,000 men they claimed never showed up for the job. It wasn’t even a jobs program, it was a welfare program for many who took the money and that was the end of their interest.

      Our retreat, which it was, should have begun months ago (years ago really). Plenty of people were saying the Afghan army would fold rapidly. We should have been hauling out our citizens and friendlies by the planeload the minute Biden was sworn into office.

      Believing the Afghan army would hold the country for at least three months was a pipe dream and NOT any surprise when they folded up like a carboard box.

      • “…and NOT any surprise when they folded up like a carboard box.”

        Well someone should tell General Mark “woke” Milley. And Lloyd Austin, and Joe Biden.

        They seemed pretty surprised.

        Or else, you know, they would have done something to stop that.

        • Well, it’s a little difficult to correct four years of mismanagement under the Trump administration in just 7 short months.

          This was a failure of training, supervision and motivation, no question about it. But it’s just more evidence of the failed Republican policy of nation building. And just like Obama had to clean up Bush’s mess and pull us out of Iraq, another Democrat has to clean up the Republican-lead mess in Afghanistan.

      • Well, Bullshit or rumor, it is actually 85 billion in equipment, aircraft, weapons, ammo and vehiclss to include tanks, now in the taliban’s hands. Wake the F*%k up. This guy (Biden) has not made a positive decision for 48 years. This is the same dipshit that thought it was a good idea to tax your social security benefits, Money you already paid tax on. How can you call this scumbag an American. Now I had no love for Trump, but hey, at least he was an American and beleived in America first. Biden? Inflation off the hook, gas prices over a dollar more. crumbling job numbers, inflation and he thinks white supremacy is the nations biggest problem. In 8 months? WTF? This guy could screw up a wet dream. The biggest problem is not global warming or any other distraction, it is the Debt. On the lighter side, i am prepared and looking forward to the collapse, I am ready.

    • “85 Billion in weapons and equipment left behind“

      What a bunch of claptrap propaganda, your attempts to deceive the public or laughable.

      That number represents the total amount the USA spent on training and equipping the Afghan army for the past 20 years, and only about 29% of that is what was actually spent on equipment over that same 20 years.

      So what is your alternative plan, should we have seized all the weapons back from the Afghan army? Just how was that supposed to be handled?

    • Just wait until the Chinese get froggy and the sniffer will find a way to top himself. Maybe he can find a way to give North Korea all of the south’s weapons and hang Taiwan out to dry before he heads off to sniff 72 virgins in the great fiery yonder.

    • Wally1
      You got me to laughing pretty hard.
      “They want to live in the stone age, I say we send them an artificial sun , F*%k em.”
      That was funny.

  6. No, we did not arm the Taliban. None of the recent four Presidents did that. The Afghan National Army lost, ran away and all the gear and supplies they owned was taken as spoils of war by the victors.

    Not worried about aircraft, the Afghan army was never able to maintain them or fly more than small numbers. Afghan pilots mostly flew the working aircraft out to the north, seeking safety out of the country.

    We can worry about the pickup trucks and heavy trucks. But all the specialized USA made armor given to the Afghan army is soon to be idled for spare parts.

    If you didn’t want bad guys to seize American made weapons and ammo at the end of the fighting, you should have spoke up when GWB quit the war on Terror to go on a personal thing in Iraq. You should have spoke up when the Afghan war became “Nation Building”. You should have spoke up when GWB threw in the towel at Tora Bora.

    You should have spoke up all those long years ago when we actually lost the war. Instead of when we finally admitted it and ran away.

    • Wow!

      I though i was the only disingenuous honorless asshat…. shameless cantankerous slut….and irritating quarrelsome gnat on this site.

      Thanks Watch your paint and stain dry, i feel better now that there are two.

      You keep up that agitprop, and I will work on the misinformation.

      • Watcher, you should feel honored that Fake Miner has taken notice of you, it’s quite a sign of honor, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        I was disappointed to see that he didn’t bring out anything new, just the same old sad personal attacks without any credible response to the facts you stated.

        • Yes you should feel very very honored, because like President Trump, Miner lives in my head… rent free.

          But for that matter, so do a few clowns, three dancing pink elephants, four talking unicorns (terrible mouths on them, always calling me bad names) and multiple flying monkeys.

          As you can guess there isn’t much room up there, so… am I talking out loud?

    • There were more choices than nation building and bugging out. We could have easily left a support mission there of just a few thousand troops to provide logistical, technical, and intelligence support. Its basically what the presence there had been for the past 18 months. The Afghan Army could have been supported into at least a stalemate with the Taliban indefinitely.

      And if you think that’s an unacceptable “forever war”, that’s essentially what we did in Korea. There was a war, it came to an inconclusive ceasefire, and we’ve been staring at them across the DMZ since 1953. The war officially continues.

      We could have chosen that option, keeping the Afghan government and the Taliban fighting it out in the boonies forever, taking no casualties ourselves, and spending relatively little money. For that, we get a presence next to Iran, the Central Asian Republics, Pakistan, and China. That’s a bargain.

      • Afghanistan hasn’t been fully conquered since Alexander The Great.

        You either go in, get’r’done, and get out. Or you make it a territory or protectorate before incorporating as a state. Nothing in between.

      • “Its basically what the presence there had been for the past 18 months. The Afghan Army could have been supported into at least a stalemate with the Taliban indefinitely“

        So 20 years isn’t enough for you?

        You would continue American troops on the ground in Afghanistan “indefinitely”?

        Well, I guess it would be better than President Trump negotiating with the terrorists… But not by much.

        It is regrettable that Joe Biden didn’t do a better job of executing Trump’s retreat deal.


          I totally botched that last sentence.

          You see I had a flare up. Sometimes it’s my raging genital warts, but this time it was my TDS.

          So let me just….

          It is regrettable that Joe Biden didn’t do a better job ̶o̶f̶ ̶e̶x̶e̶c̶u̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶T̶r̶u̶m̶p̶’̶s̶ ̶r̶e̶t̶r̶e̶a̶t̶ ̶d̶e̶a̶l̶.̶

          There, fixed it, and again…TDS… MY BAD!!

        • Yes, I would keep troops there indefinitely, because it is in the strategic interests of the US to do so.

          Twenty years is nothing. The US has had a presence continuously in Germany and Italy since 1945. We have had troops in Korea since 1950. We will be in those places indefinitely, and our presence there continues to serve our strategic interests.

          We have severely damaged our strategic position on the basis of sloganeering, and added mind-boggling incompetence to top it all off.

          As for Trump, I’ll say again: as of January 20th, 2021, this was Biden’s show. These are Executive branch policy matters, all within the scope of the President’s authority. If he thought pulling out of Afghanistan was a bad idea, he could change course. If thought any part of the deal was bad, or the idea of the deal was bad, he could instruct State to renegotiate new terms, or back out.

          That’s what this whole “being President” thing is about. You set the policy and direction your Administration will execute upon. If you decide to continue doing what the previous guy did, that’s still you making a choice. You own the consequences, good or bad.

    • Did you forget that every other aircraft or truck is a portable spare parts bin? So they have 1/2 as many planes as what was left to them and complete spare parts sets? I’m on the spectrum and I don’t get how you can be so autistic to make the “for want of spare parts” argument. Must have gotten your talking points from the same source as the last 20 idiots I saw make that assertion. The must still be Eric49er.

  7. The U.S. Military did sabotage some of the equipment that they considered to be very dangerous and that was planes and helicopters. But you would think that the U.S. Military could have blown up or wrecked the engines of many of the land vehicles as well. Even some good old fashioned table salt in the gas tank and then leave the engine running.

    Another thought. If the Taliban hate Isis K as much as they say they do they will need the U.S. equipment to destroy them and Isis is a far greater danger to the U.S. than the goat herding Taliban ever was.

    • The levels of hate in the Islamic world.

      There’s the age old conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites.

      The Wahabbis who think the Sunnis aren’t Sunni enough. And the Wahabbis did a lot of missionary work, notably in Afghanistan.

      The Taliban who think the Wahabbis are a bunch of decadent Saudi princelings.

      And ISIS-K who think the Taliban are too soft and need to step up the cruelty.

  8. I was taught to destroy ALL equipment left behind to prevent enemy use. Guess they changed sop since the 80s.

    • This wasn’t equipment left behind by US military units, this was the equipment that the Trump administration had provided to the Afghan Army for the past four years.

      The only real winners in this situation are the American defense contractors who have made trillions off of you and I, the taxpayers. Did you know over the past 20 years that you and I bought over 40,000 Ford ranger pick up trucks that ended up in Afghanistan?

      President Dick Cheney and VP George W. Bush’s ‘Nation Building’, you got a love it!

      • bidens disgrace. You got to love it. But you keep telling folks how this was all Bush and Trump. Forget the 8 years barry and biden had during the intermission.

        How much you want to bet biden won’t last until mid terms?

        • What’s that jwm, you think you hear fear in my voice.

          Just because I have tied my soul to the success of the democrats, a bunch of self-absorbed, sadomasochist, pedos?

          And now trying to sell the worst military disaster in the history of this nation? Because the Democrats really don’t give a care.

          With the most incompetent president ever? Yes Biden couldn’t figure his way out of a wall-less room.

          Truth be told, that fool only needs to last 2 years. After that we can install Kamala, remember we control the vote counters, for 10 years! And she worships at the alter of power.

          Did I just say the quiet part out loud? Who cares, there is nothing you people can do. Dominion, (neat name eh?) has our backs.

          Who is fearful now?

        • Are you also on Dacian’s list? Want to make a bet how many 4-drawer filing cabinets his “little black book” uses? I think at least 5.

  9. If this were Trump, the ONLY thing anyone would be talking about is how unfit he is to be president. But when Biden actually does it he gets a pass. He even gets praised.

    The thing is….Trump would not have left people and weapons behind. A lot of people would still be alive today.

    • “Trump would not have left people and weapons behind“

      It was trumps plan from the very beginning to leave the weapons behind, these weapons were provided to the Afghan army by the Trump administration’s military training units over the past four years.

      And the May 31 withdrawal was announced in February 2020, they’ve had a year and a half to evacuate the nation.

      The reality is, a bunch of American contractors were making beaucoup bucks on these training contracts and they didn’t want to leave until the very last minute. And now their greed may cost them their lives.

      C’est la guerre…

  10. This Afghanistan thing reminds me a whole lot of Vietnam.
    Right down to the evacuation and armament left behind.
    In the end, riches were made, blood was shed , and the enemy we fought got the country anyway.

    • Yep, pretty much.

      I remember watching the Soviets ride out on their armored vehicles..Us? just leave it behind.

  11. So, if Trump is to blame for the screw up in Afghanistan, can we blame Saint Barry for the disaster of the Iran Deal? Biden has been floating that we get back into that goat screw again. How about the “US Bad” Russia and China can do as they please Paris climate deal?
    Sorry, Biden was told his exit plan was going to be a disaster and went with it anyway.
    I never agreed with Trump negotiating with the Taliban terrorists, and will not forgive him on that count. However, Biden did toss the deal back in March. Along with the contingency of the Taliban behaving like some what civilized humans for a change. Of course, their record shows they are not.
    Nope, Biden owns this one. The crap of blame the last guy got played out with 8 years of blame Bush from Saint Barry. Any President or even Governor owns it after a couple months. Time enough to review any policies or deals their predecessors may have left.
    Now, the gun issue. Any of the so called gun control measures proposed or those enacted are direct infringement of the right to keep and bear arms. The people who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights certainly knew of repeating weapons and knew ever more efficient, effective, and lethal firearms would be developed. And understood that there might come a time when the citizens would have to stand up against an over bearing, over grown, and tyrannical government. Not saying we need to start a revolution, but we are fast approaching a second civil war if we don’t find some common ground and tone down the hate coming from both sides of the spectrum. Unfortunately, it seems 1 side is determined to end our Representative Republic in favor of a single party dictatorship.

  12. I was looking at the infographic and wondering how the U.S. ended up leaving Russian helicopters. Now I know.
    “On 16 September 2009, the United States Navy delivered the last two of four Mi-17s to the Afghan National Army Air Corps. On 19 June 2010, it was announced that the US government would buy and refurbish 31 more Mi-17 helicopters from Russia to supply the Afghan Air Force.”

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