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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For a deeper dive into the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

Injunction SECURED in gun shop closure suit

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

On May 7, 2020 United States District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock issued a preliminary injunction against Massachusetts’ unconstitutional shuttering of gun shops. After two hearings, it was ordered that licensed dealers shall be permitted to conduct sales of firearms and ammunition by appointment only, and observe social distancing requirements.

The lawsuit was brought by individuals, retailers, and public interest organizations including Firearms Policy Coalition, Second Amendment Foundation, and Commonwealth Second Amendment.

Of course, this is not the end of the case. It’s only a preliminary injunction. But still, this relief should mean something for the good people of Massachusetts.

With NYSRPA off the Supreme Court docket, what could be the next 2A case?

Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

I’m sure I’m not the first person you’ve heard talking about guns and the Supreme Court this week. It’s been a bit of a news item. That said, with NYSRPA off the docket, the Court is mulling over ten Second Amendment cases at conference. Here’s a brief summary of them:

Mance v. Barr comes from Texas and it challenges federal restrictions on the out-of-state purchase of handguns.

Coming from neighboring California is Pena v. Horan, a case challenging the state’s absolutely absurd microstamping requirement for all handguns developed post-2013.

Two cases come from Massachusetts; Gould v. Lipson challenges the state’s so-called “may issue” permitting limitation, and Worman v. Healy, which challenges the Commonwealth’s regulation of scary black rifles and the ban on standard capacity magazines.

There are three cases against the state of New Jersey — Rogers v. Grewal, Cheeseman v. Polillo, and Ciolek v. New Jersey — all of which challenge the state’s “may issue” (read: pretty much never issue) permitting scheme for carry licenses.

Malpasso v. Pallozzi covers the same problem as above, but in Maryland.

The last two cases are from Illinois; Culp v. Raoul, which challenges the state’s policy of only issuing out-of-state carry permits to residents of certain states, and Wilson v. Cook County, which challenges another one of those silly “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine” bans.

None of these cases have made the Supreme Court’s docket yet, but the High Court will be holding another conference on May 15, and we hope to see at least a few of these cases heard over the next session.

Injunction denied in Georgia carry case

Georgia Weapons Carry License
Carl Bussjaeger for TTAG

On Tuesday, Judge Steve C. Jones denied a request for a preliminary injunction in a challenge to the State of Georgia’s laws criminalizing carry outside the home, and Cherokee County’s closure of Georgia Weapons Carry License program. Of course, the case is far from over. The next major due date is coming next month, where plaintiff’s opposition to the County’s motion to dismiss is due.

With sales up, Republican Senators are trying to meddle with NICS

John Cornyn
Senate Majority Whip Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

I don’t know what’s in the water, but it seems like Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to make life more difficult for gun owners. As I’m sure you’re already aware, gun sales have skyrocketed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Although there has been a fair amount of repeat business, a lot of the sales are to new gun owners. How much have sales increased? 71.3% over the previous year for the last two months.

When sales increase, so do background checks. Realizing that now is the perfect time to sing for their supper, the FBI has been appealing to Republicans, trying to secure funding to expand the NICS background check system. So which Republicans are supporting this “improvement” plan?

Senators like John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. Cruz, who famously cooked bacon on the barrel of an AR-15, claims to be a “constitutionalist,” yet here he is supporting the spending of taxpayer dollars on a broken system that only serves to impede the ability of Americans to exercise their constitutionally enshrined rights.

Oddly enough, these Senators are pushing for legislation that would expand NICS at the same time Democrats are advancing bills like Senate Bill 3254 and a host of other legislation which would use this system to do things like create a national registry and expose gun owners to state surveillance and civil harassment. I guess infringing on our rights is one of the few things in Washington with bipartisan support.

Texas sheriff faces calls to resign

Ector County, Texas Sheriff Mike Griffis (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

It seems that ever since the shutdown began, the justice system in pats of Texas has been going into overdrive on people that want to do things like engage in commerce and feed their children. Earlier this week several people gathered outside a drinking establishment in Odessa, Texas to protest the state’s forced closure.

Sure enough, the Texans who’d gathered were armed.

Since the arrests, Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis has been facing calls to resign. I don’t know what’s worse, his extreme tour de force, or his subsequent doubling down on using the armored vehicle “whenever possible.”

Pandemic has some Americans hunting for food

Hunting rifle hunter orange
(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

A natural, but unfortunate result of pandemics is the disruption of supply chains, which means that the junk you ordered online might be a little late getting to your door. More unfortunate is that if the situation continues to devolve, the supply chains for more important things start to degrade. Over the last several weeks we’ve begun witnessing this happen to the country’s meat supply. But when Tyson closes the door, the Second Amendment opens a window; Americans have begun hunting for their food again.

Hunting permit applications are going up in places like Indiana, where we saw a 28% increase in turkey licenses as people have begun growing tired of finding empty shelves at the supermarket. Not only are people going hunting for sustenance, but they’re also going out to the woods for a temporary reprieve from being stuck in their homes due to state lockdowns.

24 state attorneys general write VAWA love letter


With all the shenanigans state and local police are engaged in, like domestic surveillancearresting scarecrows on the beach, and beating people in the street for insufficient social distancing, it’s hard to believe that nearly half of the country’s state attorneys general were able to undersign a letter begging the federal government to exercise more police power over Americans. The letter, addressed to Senators McConnell, Graham, Feinstein, and Schumer begs them to “reinstate” the VAWA, the contents of which abuse the law to violate due process.

The new VAWA being pushed by these AGs does far more than they lead on. It sneaks gun control into a statute which, for years, had no mention of the term “firearm.” It drastically and vaguely expands the amount of misdemeanor crimes that can result in a permanent loss of civil rights, and expands the definition of “intimate partner” in an attempt to “close the boyfriend loophole.”

The problem with the “boyfriend loophole” is that it’s not a loophole. The law has certain effects when a victim of domestic violence is living with their partner. The new VAWA wants to take this to an extreme, to include people who do not live together, and are not even still in contact. The version of the VAWA being pitched by these attorneys general would expand the term “intimate partner” to include not only the ex-partners, but even roommates who live with or previously lived with them. And there seems to be no limit on how long ago you might have lived with someone, opening the scheme up to abuse.

Michigan considering banning guns in state capitol

Protesters with rifles watch outside the State Capitol in Lansing, Mich., Wednesday, April 15, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

John Adams once said “there is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.” And who has more power than politicians who can write the law? Following a protest of Michigan’s economic shutdown, state legislators are proposing that firearms carry be banned at the capitol.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats were dramatic about the incident, one of whom was wearing a bulletproof vest while sitting on the floor. Also unsurprising is moderate Republican John Truscott, a self-proclaimed Second Amendment advocate who said he was “very disturbed” and that the legislators “do not like seeing guns brought into the building.”

While the Michigan Capitol Commission has been mulling over changing the right to carry without referendum. We’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing the hypocrisy of State Rep. Sarah Anthony, who brought in her own armed private security detail shortly after the protest.

New Mexico Governor urges Sheriffs to enforce gun laws

Michelle Lujan Grisham moms demand action
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (AP Photo/Morgan Lee)

Last tuesday, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law a fairly typical red flag bill. This time there was a twist, though. With the stroke of the pen, came an urging to sheriffs: “either enforce this ineffective, immoral law that your people hate, or resign.” (paraphrased)

Lujan is a bit chafed, it seems, by some sheriffs from mostly rural areas that opposed the bill as a violation of the right to due process, free speech, and to bear arms. Shocked that an official might uphold their oath and refuse to enforce an unconstitutional law, Lujan remarked “If they really intend to do that, they should resign as a law enforcement officer and leader in that community.”

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  1. Ector County, Texas Sheriff Mike Griffis needs to go, violated his oath of office. Elected public officials are there as public servants, not running their own kingdom and army. Do your really need to intimidate in that manner? Very lucky indeed.

    • Well they were making illegal arrests for guys that weren’t even on the bar property, so I guess he was scared 🙂

    • He is just using the military grade equipment supplied by President Obama. It’s interesting how the the Liberals are very quiet about the militarization of the civilian law enforcement. The Second Amendment is about Arms. Not just guns for civilian ownership. That is why every american should have land mines and rocket launchers to defend themselves from a warrantless search of their property.
      A real 2A supporter with some balls should show up at the next protest carrying a full size picture of an RPG.

      • You think President Obama is responsible for supplying military equipment to the police?

        You hate Obama so much you’re willing to lie about reality, Obama was against the program and did what he could to stop the transfers.

        Never fear, President Donald Trump will be supplying the police with everything they need to oppress you and steal your freedoms:

        “President Donald Trump plans to resume the transfer of surplus weapons, vehicles and other equipment from the nation’s military to its state and local law enforcement agencies, reviving a program that was sharply curtailed by President Barack Obama two years ago. The program launched in 1990 but was greatly limited after public reaction to images of heavily militarized police in the streets of Ferguson, Mo., and other sites of civil unrest.”

        The program was started under George Bush I’s administration, why do you continue whining about Obama when it is the Republicans and conservatives who are taking your liberties?

        • Clarabelle, did you not see the quotes around that text, showing it was a news article?

          Isn’t it sad how many conservatives believe Obama was responsible for militarization of the police, when actually it was George Bush?

          And during his term in office, Obama tried to stop the program and roll back the equipment transfers.

          But no worries, New World order soldiers, Donald Trump is starting the program back up again so your police will be able to more effectively terrorize ordinary citizens.

        • After trying to metro sexual LE by denying them the necessary equipment to protect their personnel LE told obama to go pound sand. Perhaps obama’s and holder’s Fast and Furious scheme that resulted in LE death and obama stating the police acted stupidly in a case of mistaken identity and saying trevon martin looked like his son and then police randomly getting shot and killed merits equipment needed for defense against sickos?
          It’s no secret b. h. obama’s mentor was the lily white communist bill ayers who despised the police, etc. I suggest you find out exactly who and what b.h. obama is before ever giving him an ounce of credit.

        • You really need to read up on history more Miner. I already told you about the Blair Mountain Industrial War. When the federal government gave aerial bombs from the military armory, to local governments. Who then gave them to the Coal companies. And with their private aircraft bombed their own employees.

          Military grade weapons have been given to local government for a very, very long time now.

          You should read up on the federal government giving handguns to postal workers. It was an early attempt to stop mail robbers.

          Later the US Marines were called into guard the entire US mail system. I did a presentation at a local museum on the subject a few years ago.

          The only infantry weapon the Obama administration wanted to stop the use of was the rifle bayonet. A very effective psychological weapon for use against civilians and enemy troops. And you don’t have to stab someone to use a bayonet.
          Just as you don’t have to shoot someone to use a firearm.

          Liberals and Leftists like you got what you wanted. Only the civilian police and militany are getting armored vehicles and select fire weapons. And grenade launchers thanks to President Obama.

      • If You Thought Obama Was Giving Less Military Gear to Local Police Departments, You Were Wrong
        Despite President Obama’s much-touted 2015 executive order, an In These Times investigation reveals evidence that police departments are still receiving as much military hardware from the Pentagon as ever.

        Obama was president from 2008-2016. These were during his watch:
        In 2011 alone, more than 700,000 items were transferred to police departments for a total value of $500 million.
        AS OF 2014, approximately 8,000 local law enforcement agencies have participated in the program resulting in more than $5.4 billion in previously purchased, surplus military gear—including computers, air conditioners, clothing, medical supplies, flashlights, ammunition, rifles, helmets, helicopters, and armored vehicles—being recycled for domestic law enforcement purposes.”
        “In the wake of Sept. 11, Congress and Presidents Bush and Obama dramatically boosted Homeland Security spending; the Department of Homeland Security now hands out more than $3 billion a year in grants to boost anti-terrorism tools around the country.”
        It wasn’t until Obama was faced with the Michael Brown protests in 2014, when MRAPs he approved were brought out to deal with protesters, that he suddenly reversed his support of militarizing police departments. Not a good look. It’s called “damage control”.

      • I’m sorry folks but Police departments have been able to procure Military hardware for a number of years, going back to prior to to1990. So neither Obama nor Trump are responsible for the provisioning.

    • Texas is turning red real fast. And the one to blame is the RINO Perry, all the trips he made to California. Telling people move to Texas, which they did. Bringing their LIB ways with them.

  2. New Mexico’s gov is a good one to pull this stunt, she used STUFFED BALLOT BOXES TO WIN . the mystery boxes that were found after the election and were 90%democrat? HOW RARE IS THAT? SHE IS JUST ONE MORE COMMUNISTDEMONCRAP…

    • In CA our Demokratic Leaders recently instituted a ballot harvesting law, which – though legal in the sense that it is legislation codified into our state law – unlawfully allows for volunteers to canvass a community up to three weeks after an election to continue gathering and submitting votes. At least seven districts resulted in contention due to the fact that they were all leaning Republican at the end of Election Day back in November 2018, but ended up swinging wildly to Democrat by a wide margin after “harvested” ballots were submitted. By the math, my own district (Steve Knight – R) which has been conservative for its entire history, miraculously ended up going Democrat by 4000 votes (the now-disgraced Katie Hill) due to after-election harvested ballots. Challenges to this law have not yet made their way through the courts, so it will still be in practice for this upcoming Nov 2020 election. And now Governor Newsom is declaring that the entire state will be mail-in ballots only due to concerns over COVID-19, even though it’s half a year away.

      How will this be abused by the Dems? Easy…one of my adult children left CA a few years ago, but we still received a mail-in ballot in her name for the run-off election (to replace the disgraced Katie Hill) happening this week. No face-to-face voter confirmation means all we would have to do is sign her name on the back and mail it in, and her “vote” would be counted as valid even though she’s now a registered voter in another state.

        • Actually, there’s nothing crazy about it. It is not accidental, it is not ignorant. It is instead simply evil. This is a deliberate attempt to subvert the citizenry and install a dictatorship in order to protect us from all harm or success due to ourselves.

        • No, we don’t WONDER why they bring armored vehicles to peaceful protests. It’s quite OBVIOUS. They know some citizens will eventually grow weary of the government’s ever increasing “boots on the neck” and will eventually fight back. That is the WHOLE and ONLY reason they show up with such armor. These types of military and law enforcement leaders LUST, nay, BEG for a retaliation so they can justify bloody, gross annihilation of resistors as a public show of force to intimidate anyone else who might fantasize about getting out from under Big Brother.

  3. That whole using military vehicles against peaceful (legal) protests shows reason enough that the 2nd amendment shouldn’t just be for “sporting arms” but any arms that allow for defense against tyrannical scumbags.

    • Some people own armored vehicles, but with the DOD transfering these to police departments along with machine guns, grenade launchers, ect…its easier for police to aquire.

      If the NFA were not a thing, we could have access to explosives like grenades, machine guns, mortars, armed tanks and armed air craft, ect.

      Cannons are old artillery that have been around for hundreds of years…these should be common in my opinion by now.

      I am aware of a semi-automatic anti-tank rifle that use to be available for mail order in the early 1900’s….made to pierce tank armor.

    • Americans use to be about to buy cannons and machine guns through the mail. This was very normal in 1910. And up until the 1968 gun control act.

    • Complaining how the police vehicle looks makes as much sense as gun grabbers complaining about how your AR looks.

  4. We would like to think that all LEO are reasonable and will think before following orders. Don’t count on it folks. Remember in the days of the American Revolution there were those of this country who did the work of the king and operated against the Americans.

    Sadly, this seems to portend a repeat of history.

  5. The police should not be allowed to have MRAPs, certainly shouldn’t be allowed to have them without the populous having a way to answer that they do.

    • Issuing PDs all this milsurp gear was certainly one of the huge failures of the GWB administration.

      • see president Obama for the distribution to light infantry weapons to the police departments. Including armored fights vehicles.

        • More lies, Obama did what he could to curtail the program but Donald Trump is bringing it back!

          “President Donald Trump plans to resume the transfer of surplus weapons, vehicles and other equipment from the nation’s military to its state and local law enforcement agencies, reviving a program that was sharply curtailed by President Barack Obama two years ago. The program launched in 1990 but was greatly limited after public reaction to images of heavily militarized police in the streets of Ferguson, Mo., and other sites of civil unrest.”

          Isn’t it interesting how Obama expanded your gun rights and now Republican Donald Trump has has taken your bump stocks and wants to abolish due process?

          “Maybe we should just take the guns and worry about the courts later”

    • Yeah the Department of Defense was told to transfer this equipment thru the 1033 Program.

      I believe this same equipment should be made more readily available to American Citizens.

      Yes people can buy armored vehicles, but they are not nearly as available for sale, and can be pricey.

      The American public use to be able to buy anti-tank rifles thru mail order in the early 1900’s…

      • Yeah. There was a guy at my college who had a water cooled .30 machine gun in the bed of his pickup (mid ’60s). I spent 5 years there and that thing never did kill anybody. Haven’t heard of it killing anyone since, tho it’s been 50 years. Why are we allowing the shrieking crazies to determine our lives for us?

        • @George Washington: Maybe. You may thinking of another Guage though.

          My handle name came strictly from my appreciation for the 12g shotgun 😁

  6. Give Sheriff Griffis a break: the armored carrier was the only police vehicle he could fit into.

  7. those guys got destroyed on twitter:
    meal team six
    starsky and lunch
    spanx now has a body armor line for men
    they deserve all the shaming the world can throw at them

  8. Maybe TTAG can do an article on MRAP defense? I hope all charges are dropped against those arrested.

    • They will be. They weren’t even on bar property and in Texas you can have your gun in the parking lot, just not inside.

        • 3 parts fine aluminum shavings + 8 parts fine iron oxide (rust dust). You can buy the iron oxide in bags from paint/art supply outlets, and pay for the aluminum shavings by making friends with someone at a machine shop. Pack an empty soda can with the mixture, top with the cut-off igniter end of a road flare, and glue a slow-burn fuse to it. Use a craft glue gun to seal the mixture in the soda can, and you now have something that will burn hot enough to go through steel plating. Or seriously jagg up an MRAP’s exhaust, or axle, or brake hub, or…or…

          …or so I’ve read, as I **cough cough** have no experience with these materials whatsoever. Kids, please ask your parents for permission before clearing out a space in the treehouse for this project.

    • MRAPs are actually terrible military vehicles, hence why the military is moving away from them. They’re good at one thing, protection from an IED blast. And that they are actually quite good at. However, they are extremely tall, top heavy, not good off road, and have giant windows.

      The US for some reason has always had a tough time creating an effective mechanized infantry vehicle. This is even recognized by the pentagon. The Bradley was widely hated and done away with, the Stryker an attempt at an American BTR/BMP was also considered a failure. The humvee was never created with the intention of being a heavy armored vehicle so it performed poorly in that role. MRAPs were a stop gap measure.

      The Soviets meanwhile churn out their effective BTR and BMP class vehicles like no one else. I personally don’t really understand why. We can make very effective tanks, very effective light vehicles, but something about armored infantry vehicles the US has a hard time with. My guess would be they always try to do too much with one vehicle, try to make it something it’s not. Like with the OWIC, XM8 ect…

  9. I’ve often wondered if those were strictly street legal as far as weight is concerned per square inch of tire contact with different types of roads.

    But I’m not curious enough to dive into piles of DOT regs both Feds and States.

    • Public roads are built with “road base” to handle the weight of garbage trucks (filled with waste) and firetrucks (filled with heavy water), so an MRAP isn’t an issue.

      • American roads are NOTORIOUSLY weak… Americans would rather use their money to give to their elite..
        Anyone who doesn’t see the fault in a country that used to be the richest in the world, with more rich scum than any other country, having the worst infrastructure of most first world countries..
        It’s time to relieve the American economy by stripping some money from the clutches of the rich and investing in this country….
        These people will ALWAYS fight against investing in our infrastructure versus keeping their bank accounts overflowing with stolen cash…

        • If you were correct, the “elite” would pay no taxes while honorable men such as yourself would pay exorbitant amounts. So, jackass, how much have you paid in taxes the past, say, 10 years? Diddlyshit, right?

        • “It’s time to relieve the American economy by stripping some money from the clutches of the rich and investing in this country…. “

          It’s a little late for that, billionaire Donald Trump has already given a massive tax break to his billionaire buddies so that’s off the table.

      • Funny Story about that….
        State roads seem to be better than city roads
        And while I”m sure that you are right about garbage truck & MRAPs
        Two 5 foot diameter Oak trees on a C65 truck
        can leave some serious tire tracks in the asphalt
        Even on a very cold winter day

        • Yep, I’ve seen that and believe that. But it’s all really about weight distribution via the sum total “tire contact patch” of a vehicle, so as long as even the heaviest payload is supported by sufficient axles/tires, the asphalt will be fine. If not, then someone in charge of the payload needs to be fired.

  10. Mixed in with all of the injustices and general legal horrors of the day, there is a screaming photographic example of what NOT to do with a rifle (especially a Remington 700, the ‘three-triggered wonder’): Chamber a round, engage the safety, and casually rest the rifle horizontally over your shoulder with the muzzle covering everything behind you, including a highly-shootable minivan (I’m told that they’re mighty good eatin’ if properly prepared).

      • Right, Greta. Basic tenet of carrying a firearm is that ALL weapons are considered loaded. So, you never point a weapon at something you are not ready to kill, whether it is a person or a Minivan. That kid with the gun was either stupid or very uneducated. Years ago when I first qualified for a CWP, one of the participants in the same class with me, hat just finished firing at a target. He was holding the pistol at waist level, pointed straight ahead. With the pistol held that way, he turned to ask a question of the instructor who was behind him. He failed on the spot because he did not properly handle his weapon, and, as the person right next to this guy, I’m delighted he did fail.

  11. Once again, we see the fruits of the 19th Amendment. The Constitution vs. feelz, and feelz win.

    • me you are incorrect your weapon is not allways pointed at something if you point it straight up at eye level its pointed at the sky that way you can turn in any direction and only be pointed at the sky and the sky is not a thing

      • Never seen the articles about people hit by bullets shot into the air? Also, there are planes up there. Do you want to shoot planes or helicopters?

  12. I’m more upset about the republican’s you mentioned that we’re on the fence or on the other side of the fence on gun issues… I was under the impression that most Republicans, I said most, Republicans were on the Constitutional side 2 – A,

  13. Sheriff Barney probably had a little chubby the whole time, wonder if he had his spec ops costume on in the Bradley!

  14. It’s a shame America consists of nothing but sheeple…
    The small percentage of us who stand against governmental tyranny will be pushed around with the rest of the herd….
    Will Patriots truly wake up before it’s too late?…. probably not.

  15. If pigs keep on using MRAPs to break up peaceful demonstrations, they’re going to need those MRAPs more than they ever imagined.

    • You will definitely see more military equipment and tactics used by the police to repress our freedom’s.

      Despite everything Obama did to stop the military equipment transfer program, republican president Donald Trump will make sure that the police have what they need to oppress American citizens:

      “President Obama signed Executive Order 13688 on May 2015 limiting and prohibiting certain types of equipment.[4][5] On 28 August 2017 President Trump rolled back Obama’s Executive Order.[6] The ACLU and the NAACP have raised concerns about what they call the militarization of police forces in the US. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the move early Monday morning of that week at the Fraternal Order of Police convention in Nashville, and said the president would do so by executive order.”

      The Republicans and conservatives have successfully fooled the POTG, but I really don’t think it was all that hard given their average intelligence.

      Does it give you a funny feeling in your belly to know you’ve been snookered for decades?

      • You sound like a gun control advocate “military tactics” “military equipment” just like gun grabbers try to equate weapons with “military assault rifles”

        • You got that right. Like a handful of others they are Trump bashing democRat useful idiot trolls. They must think no one would notice and fall hook, line and sinker for their slanderous libelous butt spew.
          After 4 years of demented democRats attempting to overthrow a duly elected POTUS enough is enough.

      • Me, thanks for your response!

        I’m sorry, I didn’t create those terms, they were created by the military industrial complex that controls your life.

        If you don’t like the military weapons and tactics that local police are using, why don’t you protest the administration that is responsible?

        Let the Republicans know that you do not approve of president Donald Trump’s decision to provide military weapons to domestic law enforcement agencies.

        • Miner Whiner…Take your sleazy, lowlife Trump Bashing and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s obvious you have hate and disdain for the police. And it’s obvious a twerp like you would be the first to call the police for help and act all nasty nice to their face…Ain’t dat right?

  16. If we Bronies would just felch more and harder the black elite would be forced to turn the gravity down! Wake up and join us you idiot losers!

  17. An obvious example of over-compensating for his shortcomings.

    Obviously, not a fan of Sheriff Mack’s org CSPOA. Maybe we can sign this terd-critter up for a membership.

  18. The use of an MRAP isn’t terribly surprising when you think about it and what’s been going on in, for instance, Michigan.

    Cops with pistols vs. Protestors with rifles and PCs. Protestors have an overwhealming advantage, the cops know this and act accordingly. No shots are fired but cops can’t order people around either.

    If you wish to order citizens around then the obvious counter-move is to respond with your own rifles, armor and armored vehicles. Apply your advantages where you can, particularly to the opposition’s weaknesses. Pretty basic shit.

  19. I was all ready to castigate the GOP senators but… you guys know that increasing funding for NICs due to increased demand for sales isn’t some dastardly plot against gun owners? That is to say, NOT increasing funding when needed is NOT going to eliminate background checks or something.

    But if you guys want to get delayed more and create the motivation to screw with the mandatory 3 day default sale because the system isn’t working that fast, go right ahead and whine when that’s what happens.

  20. Fuck this fatass stepper. I love the whole anti gun argument “But you never train and are not in the same shape as LEO’s”… look at this fat fucking piece of shit.

    So now, we will start buying MRAP’s too. Anything you have, civilians should have.

  21. “Texas Sheriff Faces Calls to Resign After Using Armored Vehicle Against Peaceful Protest”

    How did they “Use the armored vehicle against protesters?” Run them over? Use it as a base of fire to gun down the protestors?

  22. Firebomb throwing can be very effective against an armored vehicle. You could say it’s a weapon that the poor would use. Just like Hi Points and Bump stocks. Cheap but they get the job done.
    The 2A is for everyone.

  23. These malefactors were definitely up to no good, wearing masks and all, so the best thing was to be armed to the teeth in an armored vehicle in case they acted up and all!

  24. Political hacks who love China and hate America (democratic Party Leaders) are pushing the Constitution lovers really hard, getting closer to full blown VC warfare.

  25. Face it people, law enforcement personnel are NOT schooled on our constitutional rights. This goes for our government, federal, state, and city. They seem to BELIEVE that since they have a badge and gun, or hold an elected office that they are above the law, that THEY are now the “law” and what they say goes. Read and UNDERSTAND what is written whether it be Democraps of Republicans, there is not much difference EXCEPT the words they utter. Read what countries that have embraced SOCIALISM how they are just existing. KNOW your rights while you have them and pay no attention to the American Gestapo.

  26. Is this sheriff insecure or just stupid? This was serious overkill. Was he expecting armed resistance? Or did he just want an excuse to show off his armament? No one with that kind of attitude should ever be in law enforcement.

    • “Was he expecting armed resistance?” Maybe, you know, because the protesters were armed.

  27. Unfortunately there are obamaroids and closet police haters on this forum who by all accounts would like to see the police unarmed like those in the UK. Then you have bigots showing up to make all gun owners look like white trash. Then you have the snot nosed spoiled brats who whine about the most insignificant things only to Blame Trump. After the last 4 years of democRat Party concocted slander and libel to remove a duly elected POTUS one would Assume the forums’s spoiled brats would show some respect for the POTUS and have an ounce of criticism for the democRat Party. That is a Bad Assumption. To the obamaroids, bigots and Trump Bashing snot nosed brats…Go pound sand or gfy. Your choice.

  28. I am sure hoping headlines like these transition into “Sick of waiting for lawful action from a broken system, formerly peaceful protestors storm county courthouse and arrest traitorous officials.

  29. IDIOTS breaking laws ?? makes no difference what type of armament the Sheriff uses to enforce it—bunch of LEFTIST LUNATICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Don’t bring guns unless you’re willing to use them. You just like a dumbass in a plate carrier when you immediately surrender your weapon and get arrested.

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