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Heading into the weekend like . . .

Y’all don’t mind if I post some ‘rona memes, right? I realize we’re probably all more than ready to put the flu manchu behind us, but I also came across a handful of pretty decent gun memes related to the ‘vid.


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    • That’s not a bodice.

      That’s a custom leather level-3 body armor outfit… πŸ˜‰

  1. Shit. A bath robe and fuzzy slippers? That’s a damn sight more comfortable than the last apocalypse I was in.

    • FBI caught me getting the paper. We should all get that pic taken with beards and use it for avatars.

      The bathrobe and slippers, duh.

  2. That’s much too restrictive for Milla to be able to kick ass properly.

    Fewer clothes would offer better range of movement .

    Just sayin…..

      • “…you’re only concerned with her well being during the SHTF.”

        JWM, remember back in the 70s, all those bumper stickers that read :

        “Gas, Grass, or Ass, nobody rides for free” ?

        There’s a big-assed nugget of truth to that during a real-deal SHTF situation, holed up in a survival bunker for months on end, with not a lot to do, but eat and fvck πŸ™‚

        • The girlfriend last night will be very surprised and real disappointed to hear that, little boy.

          You really should try one, sometime. If you could manage to get it up, that is.

          (A very little boy, most likely… πŸ˜‰ )

    • “Fewer clothes would offer better range of movement.”

      Those puppies need to breathe…

  3. Wonder where they got that picture of my brother in law?
    That’s the day he stole my coke which I’d substituted with Drano.


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