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In just one weekend a month, two weeks a year, you, too, can learn how to purchase a gun in California.


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  1. Just today I looked up Swiss gun
    laws. It appears easier to get a gun, even for non residents, there than in CA where I live.

    And they appear to have a 20 round mag limit for handguns which is twice CA’s.

  2. “20 round mag limit”


    the swiss seem to get it right.

    • There are many, many more gun owning, God fearing, conservative leaning, Constitution respecting people here in CA than outsiders realize. Literally millions of us.

      Remember, when 51% vote one way, that district is awarded to that side. But there are still the 49% that remain for the other side, and outsiders mistakenly assume that district (or in this case, the entire State) supports the side that mathematically won. This is absolutely false, as is being currently demonstrated by the campaigns to recall Governor Newsom, Los Angeles D.A. Gascon, and so on.

      Many conservatives have left the state for other pastures, and we wish them the best. But those of us who choose to remain here are fighting to take back what the Left has ruined.

      To the outsiders who sit on their comfy porches and point their fingers at CA from afar while they endure little hardship to their 2A rights, I remind them of the fight we struggle with every day here:

      Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up.

      • “I remind them of the fight we struggle with”

        well, most of them are isolates, so to them that’s YOUR fight, not theirs. they see your part of the creek drying up and they think their part is going to keep flowing just fine.

        • “you’re quite the little ray of sunshine”

          yeah, everyone prefers their “we’re righteous so we’re gonna win!” meme to any realistic assessment. especially when that assessment includes any notion of cooperation with other people – most of the internet right sees themselves as the righteous standing alone against the world and winning precisely because they’re standing alone. but it just doesn’t work that way.

      • I think that the conservative numbers are, sadly, much less than 49%. Gun owners it seems make up at best 25% of the voting public–and half of those are fudds who think that the government will never come for their guns, and that no one needs (or hunts with) an AR.

        • The problem is that half the people who think they’re conservative don’t know what it means.

        • “half the people who think they’re conservative don’t know what it means”

          to them, it means “me”.

      • I Haz a Question……..remember ” It’s who counts the votes that counts”. There is the problem.

        • The people counting this last time said the child sniffer was more popular than maobama. Talk about overplaying your hand.

        • Then be an election observer. Act locally. The problem is not going to disappear on its own, so meekly mouthing defeatist sentiment is of no help.

      • I used to live in Los Angeles, and all of this is true. I met many conservatives there, in a lot of surprising places throughout the film industry. Back then, people didn’t feel coerced to hide who they were nearly as much, at least not the “unfamous” who do all the actual work out in Hollyweird!

  3. The CA process looks more complicated than the one for Her Majesty’s former colony of New South Wales.

    I apply online and provide credit card info. A few weeks later I receive the permit to acquire for the specified type in the mail. I can then collect at the shop what I put a deposit on.

  4. What Ed said. California has been ruled by four families for the last 100 years. Hopefully, we can break the chain this September and remove one tyrant from the process.

  5. That one was funny.
    Hey how’d your hunting trip go Jeremy. You never said what you was hunting for.
    ( Was she pretty? )

  6. Join the National Guard and for two days a month and 2 weeks a year, they will give you an M16 or M4. Fully automatic too. No mag capacity restrictions. Free ammo, LOL.

  7. some good. while jabba the hut just signed the new 2a restrictions bill, (“this will keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.”), due to three of the five water rodents dying in the northwestern lagoon i just learned that there is an illinois beaver alliance.
    they do not appear to have any merch.

  8. It’s pretty much the same here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, but in some ways it’s even worse. For example, some guns that are legal in the other 49 states, including California, are banned as “assault weapons” in New Jersey, including BB guns with scary looking stocks (New Jersey’s AWB has no exception to the “assault weapons ban” for air guns!), the M1 Carbine (simply because black civil rights activists liked that gun, so it was banned for purely racist reasons), and any .22 rimfire with a scary-looking stock (New Jersey’s AWB has no exception to the “assault weapons ban” for .22 rimfire, either). I’m not sure if the Ruger 10/22 Charger (a rimfire target pistol, for cripe’s sake!) is banned in California, but it’s banned in New Jersey as an “assault weapon” because it has too many “evil features”.

    And don’t get me started on New Jersey’s total ban on slingshots, which was created due to a typo when legislators were trying to ban the blunt-force weapon known as a slungshot!

    But I’m stuck in this state for another 77 months and x days (but who’s counting?), when I finally reach retirement age.

  9. Reading the comments and listening to the crap spewing from the Dementiacrat politicians, I’m glad I now live in AL. Go to the gun store or order on line, fill out the form and run the required back ground check, pay cash or swipe the card and walk out the door with whatever you desire and can pay for. Only issue is the annual fee for a CCP. They passed an option for a lifetime permit, but have not published the information on cost, requirements yet.
    Have the politicians not noticed that no anti gun laws will ever stop anyone from committing a crime? Laws only give society, the courts, government, the ability and power to punish those who have done whatever society, government has decided is not acceptable. No law ever written has prevented a crime.

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