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I mean, if you want to virtue signal then go all the way.


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  1. How Gun Control Works:

    A wolf attacks a sheep, killing it

    Other sheep see that the sheep was killed by teeth

    “Teeth are dangerous!” All of the sheep agree to remove their teeth and turn them in

    The wolf STILL HAS TEETH

      • Same reason that I don’t eat cow’s tongue.

        I don’t want to be tasting something that’s tasting me back.

      • I have a solution for the whole sheep/wolf thing. I’d shoot the wolf and nail his hide to the barn. Then I’d have grilled lamb chops with a blueberry glaze for dinner. Rare. Roasted potatoes and asparagus. Problem solved.

        • The sheep start getting skinny after about a week of no eatin.
          Sheep are hard to ride, you jump on them and get a good hold of the wool and think ” Wow this sheep ain’t never gonna throw me.” But nope, the hide just slides over to the side and they drag you along the ground.

  2. Please don’t give any of the modern, metrosexual males any bright ideas…

    Or maybe it’s a damn good idea.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of Leftist/fascist idiots online flipping s*** over this analogy. Tell me why it is inapposite? ‘Splain it to me, Lucy. Here are the statistics on rape, as of 2020:–reported-forcible-rape-cases-by-gender/#:~:text=In%20the%20United%20States%2C%20significantly,were%20raped%20or%20sexually%20assaulted.

    Here are the statistics for “gun killings” through 2020:

    So, even accepting their statistics, we know that at least 50% of those were suicides. Now, suicide is not a good thing, and I feel for everyone who feels so helpless that eating a bullet is their only solution, but . . . they have that right. So, let’s even be generous and give them only 50%. That means that only about 23,000 of those deaths were “gun crimes” (suicide is a tragedy, NOT a ‘crime’).

    So, we have about 10X as many women raped every year than people murdered (or shot accidentally, or whatever), and we’re . . . going to ban guns??? How would American men react if we proposed to ban penises??? Yet they ruin the lives of 10X as many people every year as guns do.

    Gun haters, STFU. You don’t like guns? Don’t own one. Leave me alone. dacian the stupid and MinorIQ are cordially invited to osculate my anal sphincter.

    • But think of the children!!! The evil gun lobby is driving our little lambs to the slaughter! Ban them all!

      • I do think of the children. Why I cleaned and oiled a few of the little tykes just the other day and tucked them safely back into their cribs.

    • Just don’t look at medical malpractice. I’ve heard 400,000+ die from doctor’s mistakes.

      Perhaps having medical trainees working 4 days straight without rest is NOT a good idea.

      Doctors and dentists do appear to have a very high professional suicide rate.

      • AMA admits to 250,000 malpractice deaths per year.
        Trial Lawyers claim 460,000 malpractice deaths per year.
        I average the two to 355,000 which nicely rounds off to about 1,000 per day.

    • No, they won’t. The little trollop that they were going to knock up will just be knocked up by another idiot.

  4. See here’s the problem with the gun culture, we don’t know how to pick battles. Someone admits to changing their act, quitting being a gun owner, they might get head pats short term but big picture they already fed the industry a few purchases, that’s good for the gun-culture. You know how cash-for-clunkers was a handout for the auto industry? Like that. I’ve never seen one of these newly minted activists turn in a rare item, just stuff Smith and Glock are happy to crank out, so no real effect on supply. Also big picture they admitted being wrong. That’s OK once in a while but a person who changes direction with the wind is a flake, history will judge or more likely forget them entirely.

    Anyway these “in light of recent events I’m giving up my guns” stories are a losing tack and you jump all over it because it’s obviously stupid and you like being “right”. The thing to do, if you care about gun rights is forget about it. If the opposing side is making mistakes don’t interrupt them. And confront some more difficult questions like why the gun culture has no friends in politics and can’t control the NRA even though you give them votes and money. Take some responsibility, wipe your own butt.

    • Actually we need to point it out and humiliate them, not for their benefit, but for observers who may be considering jumping on the bandwagon. We need to stop fence sitters from joining the rush into stupidity.

      The gun culture does have friends in poly ticks, and most of us are not members of Negotiating Rights Away, but thank you for glowing.

  5. Want to hand over your guns for a $50.00 gas card, or to virtue signal? Hell, send me a list of what you have and I’ll give you $100.00 for a working .45 cal. pistol or AR type rifle, $75.00 for a working shotgun other rifle, or other handgun. I can even have my FFL arrange shipping from your FFL to keep it all legal. You got rid of your icky guns, and I added to what’s in the safe for a reasonable cost.
    I’ll even offer $10,00 a hundred for centerfire ammunition, or $5.00 a box of 50 for ,22 cal rimfire. More than you get from the local Democrats on their buyback schemes.
    Oh, $10.00 for your non working guns. I can usually scavenge a few usable parts, screws, springs, or pins from them to add to my stock of repair spares.
    If someone wants to disarm themselves because guns bad, or to make themselves look good on social media, who am I to stop or hinder them. I’m even willing to possibly outbid the politicians for the guns.

    • I’ll give them 50% of current ‘comparable’ retail price for any fully functional name brand commercially manufactured AR-15 rifle chambered in .22 or .223/5.56, or, 60% of what they paid to build one if they built it up their selves from individual parts if its fully functional. 60% of current ‘comparable’ retail price for any fully functional name brand commercially manufactured AR-15 platform rifles (including derivations) chambered in rifle calibers other than .22 or .223/5.56. 40% of current ‘comparable’ retail price for all other fully functional name brand commercially manufactured rifles or shotguns. Pistol caliber rifles, an additional 10%. It it has optics I’ll throw in an additional 10%.

      60% of current ‘comparable’ retail price for any fully functional non-modified commercially manufactured Glock or S&W or H&K or Sig-Sauer semi-auto pistol. 50% of current ‘comparable’ retail price for all other fully functional non-modified commercially manufactured semi-auto pistol. Revolvers, 40% of current ‘comparable’ retail price for any fully functional non-modified commercially manufactured revolver.

      No NFA items. All commercially manufactured or self-built must have been manufactured or built in the last five years, and must not be discontinued models or parts.

      • additionally: Transaction must take place in the state where I live which means you travel here if not already here. And of course nothing listed as stolen or missing, must show proof of ownership, must be of legal age in my state for possession and able to legally execute a personal bill-of-sale for the firearm property. Must not be a ‘prohibited person’, no ATF style background check or paperwork but for my own protection am able to check for disqualifying arrests or warrants through a source. No “kit’ guns (e.g. 80% self finished). No FFL transfer mess accepted or considered.

        • Note: This is not an actual offer to buy. But If it were to this is what I would do. The gun community should be able to out-bid/out-offer the anti-gun community, and keep the guns in circulation with legal gun owners instead of them being destroyed and the anti-gun community being able to make some sort of public claim for it like they did something great.

        • There were some groups showing up at buybacks with an FFL to handle the transactions legally and big signs that said “Talk to us first”.

  6. I turned my gunm in to help fight violence.
    ” Really, who you give it to?”
    This guy that was beating up an old lady.
    If he would have had a gunm he could have just shot her, no sense in her suffering through a beating like that.

    • Possum, it would be better to give it to the old lady so she can go into the school and rescue her granddaughter, wouldn’t it? The guy beating her already had a coupla’ guns, just trying to burn off some piss n vinegar till lunch break’s over.

      • That depends on whether the granddaughter is in the room with a mass shooter or the one with a Border Patrol agents kid…….


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