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Well that’s…provocative. Funny in a “whoa” kinda way. Not entirely outside the realm of the possible or even the justified, though?


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    • You mean like when parents oppose teaching racism and transvestite brainwashing to kids? If you have to be a terrorist. Be all that you can be.

      • ‘transvestite’

        Ah, as if it were that innocent. Puberty blockers (i.e. chemical castration), cosmetic mastectomies, etc. Irreversible child abuse is a more accurate description.

        • I envision a future where adults mutilated as children start looking for a little payback.

          On the other hand, since this seems to be concentrated among children of the Leftist Scum ™, should we be encouraging surgical mutilation as a sly tactic to keep their birthrate down?

          “Yes junior, your happiness is all that matters. You’ll get that ‘LoppaDickOffaMe’ you want…”.

    • I wish cops would put themselves in these parent’s shoes. Imagine you are an off duty cop in plain clothes and show up here because you heard of the school shooting from the locals, and when you arrive the cops won’t let you try to save your kid, while at the same time, they are stopping you from trying, and even arresting some who try, while they do nothing. To some degree, it is effectively the same, as partaking with the shooting on the shooters behalf. They to some degree, become an accomplice. They should have led, followed, or got out of the way.

      I don’t know what I would have done. Probably told members of the men in the group looking to do the cop’s job for them, to come back to my vehicle and tool up with some rifles. And if the police didn’t get out of the way, then maybe we can have a gun fight outside. That is how low of an opinion I have with them at this moment.

      When I call the firefighters because I have someone in a burning building, I expect them to go in. It is NOT my expectation that they stand around outside the building for 30-45 minutes. It is NOT my expectation that when they arrive, they need more trucks and more water before they go in. Or if they just forget about it altogether and just wait till the fire burns out. I expect them to go in and get it done. Same with cops. If there is a firefight at a bank, and the cops are called. I expect them to go in. And even the most drastic of obvious examples – Imagine a school full of children getting shot up. If the cops are called, my expectation is they enforce the law, right away. Not an hour from now. Not tomorrow. Not after it’s all over. Right now. And if you can’t do the job, don’t show up. Don’t even bother. If it’s too dangerous for you, or it’s “not what you signed up for.” Don’t show up. Just stay home. But even worse than this – far far worse, if I call you in for this dangerous mission, which is your job, and which you actually did sign up for, and instead of enforcing the law now, you not only don’t enforce the law now, but you prevent me, from doing your job for you, of enforcing the law, we have a serious problem. I didn’t call you up to come out and here and look out for “your safety” or “my safety.” This job is NOT safe! It’s a not safe job! If you are coming out to look out for everyone’s safety – don’t even bother showing up. Just stay at home, where it’s safe.

      • I’m retired law enforcement but I was and still am “in your shoes”. I’ve got kids and now grandkids. It wouldn’t have been me you were talking to. It’s what makes this even more disgusting is that many of those officers are parents too.
        Our children are the most precious thing on this entire planet.
        That meme was a conversation I’ve had several times with others recently. There’s a lot of reasons for it but that’s a different conversation.
        We are fed up with it. Things are going to change. Discomfort is required for change. Those dead children made it uncomfortable.

        • Matt,

          What’s even MORE disgusting is that they let some of their OWN cops go in to rescue THEIR kids, all while they were tazing and handcuffing parents who were trying to rescue their own. If they’re not going to do their jobs, they can AT LEAST GTFO of the way, and let the parents do it.

        • What happens when you sheriff or chief tells you NOT to engage? Do you just do it, be a hero and get fired? Do you die in the attempt and maybe have your pension (death benefits yanked because you did not follow orders?)
          While I agree with you 100%(I would kill to get my grandkids out), how much are you willing to risk?
          I am pretty sure that these recent situations of not going in are by design by those in government(which means 95% of them) who actually do not want an armed populace.

      • Remember, your job as an adult member of the family of a child in danger, is to fix the threat. If the civil servants will not do it and they try to keep you from doing your duty, they need to be put under arrest so you can do it.

        My wife can hold a gun on a group of men and would shoot if they tried to stop me. I am sure that other fathers, grandfathers, and even great grandfathers would support me in this endeavor. The worst thing is I get shot and it is one more body to drag away.

        The LEOs where told to stand down It came from the top and the only reason is because they want gun control a reality. Molon labe.

        This crippled old man would be the first in in my kids were in there.

  1. We’ve seen too many times when the law has posted up outside where the shooting is happening and not going in. One of my grandkids inside and you’re setting on your thumbs waiting?

    Honestly don’t know what I’d do. But I’m betting it will be loud.

    • Looking “ready” in their tacticool gear while practicing for the press conference the big words of “alleged”, “perpetrator”, and “delicatessen”.

    • I keep (1)armor and a (2)rifle in my car and am (3)willing to die trying to save my child. 2 out of 3 ain’t good enough for me to respect a random badge.

    • JWM Spent the day with my granddaughters from Maryland. They are home schooled but mom hates gunz in the house. Dad is a vet(and works at DoD)but goes along and is a fudd. And he’s seen death in the middle east. I would kill for my family but apparently grandpa doesn’t have a vote. Sigh…

      • At least the grandkids are homeschooled. That is a pretty big plus in my book.

        Homeschooled kids probably won’t be killed in a mass shooting. They probably won’t have a communist or child molesting teacher either.

      • All you had to do was say “Maryland” and I got it right away. “Maryland” – say no more.

        • They are not all fudds and gun haters……they just have higher rates of the former and similar rates of the latter as NY somehow.

  2. I will simply state, officers, God forbid, if some lunatic goes into my childs school, if I have one, in order to do harm, and you not only don’t go in once you arrive on scene and realize there is a problem, and start stopping parents or other persons willing to go in and end the threat, its not the lunatic in the school said officer needs to worry about. The safest place for that officer, when give the choice between me and the lunatic in the school, is facing down that lunatic.

    As Patton said, lead, me, follow me, or get the F out of my way.

    • The recent movie Run Hide Fight centers around a suburban high school being taken over by a small group of older teenagers who are armed, angry, and psychotic. As students are murdered and the local LE doesn’t successfully make an entry to stop the madness, there’s a scene in which the main heroine (a female student who was raised to respect and use guns by her ‘deer hunter’ father) is about to be shot by one of the criminals while in an upstairs classroom. The girl’s father, frustrated by the lack of action by the assembled LE, had been keeping track of the action thru his own means, and was already set up on a nearby hilltop with the crosshairs of his trusty deer rifle on the perp. Just as the criminal was about to shoot the girl, her father pulled his trigger and shot him dead, saving her in the nick of time. Of course, he knew what was about to happen to him, so he got up onto his knees and placed his hands behind his head as several S.W.A.T. swarmed him. He did what he had to do, even though he was arrested and taken away in cuffs.

      BTW, as those same S.W.A.T. finally made their dynamic entry (after many students had already been killed), they also pistol-whipped the girl to the ground as she was attempting to escape, knocking her unconscious.

  3. “I’m going to go in there, kill that asshole and rescue my kids. If you get in the way, I’ll kill you, too.”

    • Yep! Most cops are only brave when they don’t expect return fire. Notice with the BLM shooter in Dallas or the rogue cop in LA they just blow you up or burn you out. Kinda like Waco.

  4. If there’s a YouTuber I wouldn’t fuck with, other than PatMac, it’s Flannel Daddy.

    • PatMac, yeah, much respect.
      Garand Penis? Nah, his claim to fame is defeating The Paper Target Army. I only fear the unpredictability of such an amateur.

      • So, it’s your contention that being a long-time military SERE instructor ain’t shit?

        • Not at all. I’m simply saying he’s probably never been shot at, nor fired his weapon at someone not made of wood pulp.
          Are you in that same category, strych9?

        • I don’t shoot much paper, i prefer other media in most circumstances.

          Been shot at, didn’t care for it but found it overhyped.

          Haven’t repulsed an “Army” of any type and have never claimed to. The one person I can say with 100% certainty is “on me”, and no one else, didn’t get shot, that was a hand to hand affair.

          Thanks for asking, in a roundabout way, about my potential risk level when recreating. It means sooooo much to know that someone cares.

        • You got into a fist fight… Cool story.

          Well, in your “acting out” I’ll place you in the same category as your flannel-clad-father-figure.

          You’re an actor! (Polite word for LARPer).

          Any dunce who will put himself on camera with a peltor headset and a boom-mic in his face but with no radio on their kit is just LARPing, which I find strychly stupid.

          “Recreating”, just wow.

        • “You’re an actor!”

          He didn’t say fisticuffs, he said hand to hand, which has a different connotation. You should ask the other guy who the actor was. No, wait, he’s not talking any more, so don’t bother.

          That’s the thing about the internet. You just don’t know who that other person is. However, it’s a pretty safe bet that the loudest loudmouth will also usually be the smallest loudmouth, same as in real life.

      • Fair enough, I take that back. I’ll add this though: did McNamara cave when he first encountered incoming? No? Why not? Given even odds, who would prevail, you or Flannel Daddy? Equally important, who would look better as they prevailed over insurmountable odds? Not you? Why not? (Edit: sorry, thought you were replying to me)

      • Along with fidel’s sour seed the idiot manchild in Ottawa. On their knees. Across the Atlantic. In December.

  5. Information report:
    [Gunman was observed to be carrying
    6 hi capacity bulletazines.
    1000 students remain in school]
    ” The Captain said we are to hold our positions, the shooting will stop within the next hour. Pull back. Secure the perimeter. Dont let anyone in or out.
    Sergeant Killem, we’re going to need some fresh coffee and donuts asap.
    (at least you can tell cop jokes without being a racist)

    • I’m curious if the first responder was maybe the contracted catering service? Oops…

    • Not yet strych9, but it still has to go through the Democratic Process™ meaning it will just be made Law™ at zero dark thirty by royal decree if there is any opposition, which there likely won’t be because women exist and have somehow been given the power to tell us all what we must do and what we are allowed to own. How convenient for the professional grifters and pandering thieves amongst us. Call me a bitter mysoginist and Freedom and Liberty loving conservative libertarian atheist. My bad, I guess. Fuck these people. To death.

      • I was asking because it seems like every time I heard about this yesterday the proposed law got more expansive. Something I assume was due to the media and not multiple releases from different .gov people/groups.

        Oh, and since you asked: You’re a “bitter mysoginist and Freedom and Liberty loving conservative libertarian atheist”. Hey, you asked for it. Lol.

        • So, they just made existing handguns far more valuable?

          Or will the Canuks be unable to buy-sell existing ones among themselves?

          No family inheritance transfers?

        • Ha! Thanks strych9, I feel at one with myself now after verification and confirmation. I’ll be looking into the idiot manchilds most recent virtue decree and parliamentary pandering act and report back to in awhile. Peace out, let the good times roll. But hey, if it only saves one life…

        • Geoff, prob all part of it. Now that others more smarterer than me have had time to dissect it I’ll bring you an update.

  6. This meme makes flannel daddy look like he’s rocking a spanish conquistador stache and goatee with a monocle.

  7. Once again, as I’ve pointed out before… the very uncomfortable stats no one in the anti-gun community wants to talk about or expose instead choosing to extol the virtues of ‘school shooting’ procedures and blaming ‘guns’… using school shootings over the last 30 years…

    1. Over 60% (varies up to 80%) of those killed or injured in ‘mass school shootings’ were killed or injured within 30 feet of a ‘lock down safe’ areas. The areas were already locked down and they can’t get in because the ‘procedures’ are not to open the doors once locked until police come get you.

    2. Over 50% of those killed or injured in ‘mass school shootings’ had tried to escape the school and flee and could have done so safely but were stopped by school staff and sent back into the school to a ‘lock down safe’ area (that was already locked down) and encountered the shooter along the way. Basically, they were sent back into the ‘kill zone’ by school staff.

    3. 80% of school shooters inside the school are encountered by school staff on average about 5 minutes before the shooting starts, and no one does anything to stop the shooter because they can’t because they do not have the means to do so other than a physical assault so they run to implement ‘lock down procedures’.

    4. 62% of school staff when shooting commences flees the school classrooms, and the school, leaving the kids alone.

    5. The average minimum time for police to enter the school and stop the shooter after arrival on scene is ~15 minutes. During that ~15 minutes the shooter has cart blanch to do as they please and about 35% more kids are killed or injured during that ~15 minutes.

    6. The average ‘complete lock down’ time after the alarm is sounded is ~3 minutes. ~25% of school staff is not aware of the ‘lock down’ alarm until, on average, ~8 minutes after its initially sounded.

    In short, over 80% of kids killed or injured in ‘mass school shootings’ in the last 30 years would not have been killed or injured if they had been allowed to flee the school.

    Can lock downs save lives? Yes, some.

    Do lock downs save lives? NO! And why is that? Its because ‘targets’ confined to an area is a target area known to contain targets. All the school shooter has to do is ‘hunt’ the ‘lock down’ areas for a good chance at guaranteed targets of opportunity thanks to school staff and ‘lock down’ procedures.

    What school procedures are actually designed to do, although physically maybe keeping the shooter away from some kids, is delay the shooter from reaching a majority of targets until the police can stop the shooter. They are not actually designed to save lives even if they do save some lives that are lucky enough to be kept safe in a lock down area. If school procedures were as ‘comprehensive’ and life saving as they are claim to be over 80% of kids killed or injured in ‘mass school shootings’ in the last 30 years would not have been killed or injured.

    So the next time you see someone say something like “school lock down procedures saved lives” ya kinda need to take that with a bit of a grain of salt.

    • I kinda agree with you on this, once the shooter has entered the school absolutely.

      Letting the students scatter like chickens before the chicken hawk could possibly lower the death toll as opposed to collecting all the targets in one location.

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