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The old man’s just trying to keep him safe.


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  1. The old goat need to become Vice President of the “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” shampoo division. It is either that or just a diaper, a cone of soft serve, and his security blanket. (Jill has had to deal with his “soft serve” for so long, she’s about to throw up).

  2. That’s not funny. I was driving along just the other day, when I saw this pink-gray spongy mass at the side of the road. I stopped to inspect it, and realized it was a lung. Some woman three counties over had shot her husband, and his lung ended up close to my house!

    It’s terrible, I tell you! Just terrible!

  3. Is Magoo aware that his .38 Special (Approved for Citizens) Revolver’s cartridge is only a tad less powerful than 9mm ? If 9mm will take out a lung, .38 Special should too.

  4. Ha ha, so funny.

    Three dead in Iowa church shooting.

    “The shooting at the Cornerstone Church was the result of a “domestic situation” between the shooter, a 33-year-old man from the city of Boone, and one of the women, said Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald at a news conference Friday.

    Both women, ages 22 and 21, were students at nearby Iowa State University, he said.“

    In other news:

    “Cops fatally shoot Texas escapee who killed 4 kids, granddad
    Officials say a convicted murderer on the run since escaping a prison bus after stabbing its driver last month was fatally shot by law enforcement in Texas after he killed five members of the same family, including four children
    By TERRY WALLACE and JILL BLEED Associated Press
    June 3, 2022, 2:03 PM”

    As y’all laugh at the ‘humorous’ meme, you are fiddling as Rome burns.

    It seems the majority of the conservative POTG are exhibiting what normal people call ‘depraved indifference’ and it will bite them on the ass.

      • Doncha know? We have to be punished because of what criminals have done. By owning guns we are complicit in their crimes. If our guns are taken away the crime will stop.

    • “JILL BLEED Associated Press”

      Now that’s funny.

      ” … it will bite them on the ass.”

      Ass-biting is your specialty.

    • Hi guys, this is miner49, he’s a lot of fun. His favorite hobbies are tipping over lemonade stands because capitalism is evil and peeking under the men’s bathroom stalls.

      • Professor, you have nothing but insults, how typical.

        “The trauma team from San Antonio’s University Hospital waited almost two hours for the first patient from the school shooting to arrive from Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday. KSAT anchor Steve Spriester got a behind-the-scenes tour with the trauma specialists as they recounted what happened that day and when they finally realized that the patients they’d prepared for were never coming.“

        • Hey miner49, 2 things can be true at once. Tragic terrible things happen all of the time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell jokes anymore, lighten up.

          Also, miner49, I notice how you never include how much more impoverished the whole country is now that you elected Biden. Just saying…..

    • This violence is Darwin-In-Action. In a Darwinian World, the meanest, smartest, most vicious dog always wins in the end. Humans have been violent for thousands of years…nothing is going to change that for very long.

      Gun-Free Japan, with an Intentional Death Rate (Homicides +Suicides) 30% HIGHER than the USA, is proof that guns are NOT the problem.

      • “In a Darwinian World, the meanest, smartest, most vicious dog always wins in the end.“

        That is the very antithesis of Darwin’s observations.

        He never used the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’.

        Darwin believed the most valuable survival trait was ‘adaptability’.

        • minor49IQ…Since you obviously have an insane drama queen view of firearms explain to this forum how on earth you would defend yourself if all alone and a knife weilding pervert on a penis hunt cornered you?

        • Debbie,

          You do not have a right to harm another, especially in self-defense.

          I am very glad you asked. Because I have had this exact situation happen to me, and I avoided harming the knife wielding woman by, curling up in a ball, screaming very very loudly, and then vomiting and urinating and defecating myself.

          It worked! She was so repulsed she walked away. I saved both of our lives that day.

          It could work for you too Debbie. It’s Darwinism in action.

        • My dude, nobody reads past your first sentence.

          You are equating survival with a small portion of the world living in certain areas and relying on others to “help” them in more ways worth listing. It may work for you, right up until it doesn’t…

          Then what? You gonna whip out your cell phone and hope for the best?

          Is this really why you come here now days? To show us all how obedient you are? Lmfao.

        • How long does it take to get through to emergency services? A lot longer than most realize. Downunder between calling 000 and getting through to someone can be at best 3 minutes to more than 5 minutes.

          When seconds count…

        • Again, it is amazing how many of you are fooled by the drivel from ‘Fake Miner’.

          Yes, my original post about Darwin was followed up by a disinformation rant from ‘Fake Miner’.

          You realize of course, that Dan Z or any other moderator could expose all these spoof accounts and posts, but they choose not to because it increases readership and response and thereby increases their revenue stream.

        • Real miner? Fake miner? Does it matter? No. And what better way to have deniability than to claim you’re being harassed by a copy cat?

          ‘I never said that. It must have been fake miner.’

        • How I avoided death, from that knife wielding woman, is a very important subject that could save lives.

          So I don’t want this ‘Fake Miner’ above stepping on this important message of my heroic act that saved two lives that day.

          So once again when the knife wielding woman attacked I, Miner49er;

          1. Curled up in a ball

          2. Screamed very very loudly

          3. Vomited, urinated and defecated myself.

          This works. I, the real and original Miner49er, have proven it works.

          Carry on.

    • Why? Already have Rowland, 10’s weak comparatively.

      Besides, easier on the inventorying if you’re stacking deep in only a few calibers, versus a giant array thereof. Shop your weapons systems around that principle, and your good.

      • Have the components and setup for 40/10 and easier to get ammo. 460 would be a slide/barrel/spring assembly away but a whole new line of components and dies. With that said long term would do both but 10 is more efficient for the next few years in my situation. Now for one that doesn’t reload (or just doesn’t have the setup yet), is in a capacity limited state, and doesn’t mind ordering specialty ammo absolutely 460 Rowland/45super/45acp.

        • Good Afternoon Safe,

          45 ACP dies work just fine for loading my Rowland. You do have to order in .460 Rowland brass…but, then again, you would have to do that for 10mm as well. I like the Rowland and I like the 10mm. Up here in bear country I made the choice years ago on the Rowland. Over the past few years most people in the area are choosing the 10mm for that purpose. It boils down to whichever cartridge you choose…be familiar with the ballistics and Practice, Practice, Practice.

  5. So, the Demoncrats are running on a platform of;

    White people are evil
    Post- birth abortion
    Abort the police
    Free the criminals
    Replace union jobs with migrant slave labor
    Criminalize self-defense
    Criminalize free speech
    Mandatory clot shots and masks
    Tranny child grooming
    Unaffordable gasoline
    Food shortages and baby formula shortages
    Inflation, and
    A collapsing economy

    Anyone thinking they have a.massive election fraud….again?

    • It’s like watching a Slinky do it’s thing down a long staircase… anyone ever see a Slinky go back UP a staircase?

    • Govt officials in 2020: “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.”

      Govt officials in 2022: “This advisory identifies vulnerabilities affecting versions of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite ImageCast X”
      “Dominion Voting Systems reports to CISA that the above vulnerabilities have been addressed in subsequent software versions.”

      No worries LifeSavor! The next election will be the most secure in history. They promise. For real this time.

  6. Ooo a decoder ring!

    Y-O-U-L-L-O-W-N-N-O-T-H-I-N-G… goddamn GloboPops taste like crickets anyway, I’m going back to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    • Crickets are an excellent source of protein. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, not so much. Besides, cereal requires wheat. You’ll eat your crickets and be happy, I mean you’ll survive, if you so choose.

      • It’s all good. I never ate cereal anyway.

        But I’d be more likely to roast ol’ Klaus alive on a spit and eat him than to follow his dietary advice.

    • Cinnamon toast crunch?

      Enjoy your morning dose of Soy Lecithin!

      You know, that may explain your ‘problem’, Fox News reports that soy is an endocrine mimicker that exhibits the same affects as the female hormone estrogen:

      “Soy contains isoflavones, which are changed in the body to phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are similar to the hormone estrogen. Women often use soy as a hormone replacement therapy to relieve menopause-related symptoms.“

      The good news is it may relieve your menopause related symptoms so you have that going for you with your cinnamon toast crunch intake.

      Carry on…

      • I automatically assume that anything that Miner writes is either a lie or a misrepresentation. While he chides us for not being surgeons, he thinks that he can play a nutritionist. A two-minute search turns up this info:

        “Soy lecithin is found in dietary supplements, ice cream and dairy products, infant formulas, breads, margarine, and other convenience foods. In other words, you’re probably already consuming soy lecithin, whether you realize it or not.

        “The good news is that it’s usually included in such small amounts, it isn’t something to be too concerned about.

        “One of the more common reasons people turn to adding more soy lecithin to their diet is for cholesterol reduction.” (

        Soy lecithin is listed as #11 of the 12 ingredients in Cinn Toast Crunch; there is only a trace amount in a serving of cereal. A trace amount won’t affect the human body, as the recommendation for a daily max allowance of all soy products is 30 mg. So, no, a trace amount of lecithin won’t reduce a woman’s menopausal symptoms.

      • Personally, this soy form of phytoestrogens isn’t strong enough for me.

        So I take estrogen cream directly for my menopause-like systems.

        One day I hope to become a birthing person.


  7. You’ve been carrying on long enough. Why don’t you join the rest of your partners in Venezuela? I’m certain that you’ll be happy with their government and policies. (By the way, the veterinarian called… your mother is ready to come home).

    Good luck!

  8. LOL My version involved Dirty Harry saying that his (9mm) Automag was the most powerful handgun in the world and would “blow your lungs clean out”, and “well do ya, punk?”


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