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President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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The president made the remarks outside the White House after returning from a visit to the site of a mass shooting in Texas where 21 people, including 19 elementary school children, were killed last week. 

Recounting a visit to a New York trauma hospital, Biden said doctors showed him X-rays of gunshot wounds. 
“They said a .22-caliber bullet will lodge in the lung, and we can probably get it out — may be able to get it and save the life. A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body,” Biden said. 
“So, the idea of these high-caliber weapons is, uh, there’s simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting,” Biden added. “Remember, the constitution was never absolute.” 

“You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed,” Biden said. “You couldn’t go out and purchase a lot of weaponry.”  …

“Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds,” he said. 

The 9mm round is the most popular handgun caliber in the United States, accounting for well over half of all handguns produced in 2019, according to Shooting Industry magazine. The data showed that throughout the 2010s, 9mm pistols made up more than 40% of all pistols produced in the United States – or roughly four in every ten pistols. 

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    • We shouldn’t allow a History Confirmed Agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide to ever have standing in America. So stfu Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe.

      • We can always count on you to bring up Jim Crow and racist gun laws. You are right of course, but dang, you have a one tract mind. ☺️

        Also, Joe Biden is both a total liar,.and profoundly incompetent.

        • Why does the truth bother you, Art? Gun control has always been racist, sexist and elitist. Nobody can own handguns in Jolly Old Blighty. Do you think Price Phillip doesn’t have a couple of Browning 9 mms stashed away in his different castles? Do you think Charming Prince Charley couldn’t have whatever the standard weapon of the Brits army is if he wanted one?

          Handgun control is as much sexist as it is racist. Keep the little woman unarmed so she can’t shoot her abusive husband the next time he comes around to teach her what’s what.

          And, of course, racist. The original NY gun control law was to keep the eyetalian mobsters from owning guns. The paddy gangsters wanted to be the only ones with guns in the criminal world of NYC. Read Paddy Whacked to get some inside on crime in NYC in the 19th and 20th centuries.

          By the way, I grew up just outside southeastern Philly. You would be amazed at how many ethnic slurs I learned as a young boy and my father knew twice as many as I did. In the first half of the 20th century on the east coast ethnic and racial prejudices were as alive and well as they were in the deep south. Some Jewish families would hold a funeral wake if their offspring married a christian.

    • It’s okay…Sleepy Joe told us to go out and buy a shotgun, remember? Those aren’t as powerful as 9mm and therefore can’t “blow the lungs out”, I guess.

      • The Heller decision’s “in common use” is how to attack bullshit like that.

        9mm is likely the most common handgun round out there…

        • Geoff – agreed.
          The ‘problem’ is going to be 1) who gets to ‘decide’ what is ‘common use’ 2) what criteria do they use 3) what numbers constitute enough to be ‘common use’ – 5 million 10 million or some other arbitrary number.

      • IT is amazing, that people can own a computer, stay alive for years in a corrupt, socialist Amerika, and yet listen to a senile, life long racist like sleepy Joe or a former crack whore (Whoopi) on daytime TV ? I really don’t have much faith in a bunch of guilt ridden, white cowards that are ruled by communist idiots. We should be about building guillotines and digging graves to make compost for our gardens

    • If anyone wonders why Kamala Harris was picked to be Biden’s VP, well she is Biden’s insurance policy. Any other VP and Biden would be long gone by now. But, because of the incompetence of Kamala, no one wants her to replace Biden. She is actually worse than Biden, which should surprise no one. Voters were programmed to hate Trump and stupidly voted for this monstrosity that we are now stuck with.

      • I don’t think voters were programmed to hate Trump. I voted for him both times but some of my other Republican friends didn’t. Not because they hated him but because of how he kept downplaying the Pandemic. The Pandemic was his Achilles’ heel and his downfall. If Covid 19 wouldn’t have happened he would have been a shoe in.

        • So Thomas, if the Covid 19 Pandemic was Trump’s downfall, Communist China is in charge. What are they going to do to us next? They have already bought Biden by feeding him bribes through his son Hunter. This information isn’t available to the American Public because the mass media doesn’t inform them anymore. Too many people in this country only know what they see on television news or in the propaganda of the entertainment industry. If people in this country don’t wake up soon, this Republic is doomed.

      • How true. Same with Barry. He was safe because Joe would step in if something happened to Barry Obammer. Whodda thunk that we would wind up with SloJoe and Ms. Roundheels as a team? I agree. People talk about getting rid of Joe because he is senile. Well, for my money, we are better off with SloJoe than we wold be with Mz. Roundheels with her finger on the red button.

    • There is so much stupid in El Presidente’s statement it induces a headcracker of a migraine.

      • a migraine headache requires some functioning brain cells. Joe has none. When he didn’t stutter, he clearly said racist, moronic things, for years. The KNEE GROWS still fall for it today. still not equal, still separate

    • the more he talks the dumber he sounds…i’m sure he keeps his staff busy trying to clean ip after him….

    • It’s popular..therefore “bad”……how nay guns would be neutralized if they banned that ammo?

  1. Stupid is as stupid does, sir.

    Why should cops be allowed to carry “military style” 9mm handguns? Posse Comitatus says military and law enforcement should remain separate in this country.

    • The Po Po be needing 9MM so they can shoots the lungs out of the homies in Chicongo and Los Angles.

      • blm…Don’t just stop here. Take your bigot spew to “Chicongo” and tell it to “Po Po.” Let us know how it goes.

    • Scott, why are you taking anything this poor excuse for a leader says seriously? He is nothing but a F’ed up mess. We should be more concerned about how we are going to limit his power by voting correctly this November. Letting Biden distract us enough to chase our tails like stupid dogs is not going to accomplish anything.

      • the founders and Jesus both said to “separate from such people/gov’t.”. There are no good Amerikans, there are no good Christians talking about seceding from this abuse, that we LOVE paying for. bunch of cowards. The last group of people mentioned in the Bible thrown into hell, are cowards

    • Scott, your comment reminds me of a meme I saw but am having trouble finding it…it has a uniformed police office with an M4 slung and the meme asked the question why is it an ‘assault weapon’ when civilians have it, but it’s called a ‘patrol carbine’ when the police have it? I thought it was a provoking question. Same weapon platform no matter who’s slinging it…

      • “…why is it an ‘assault weapon’ when civilians have it, but it’s called a ‘patrol carbine’ when the police have it?”

        The answer is not that tough, but let me sort it out for you.

        When the average civilian has an AR pattern firearm, the weapon is designed to kill civilians. When the average police civilian has an AR pattern firearm, the weapon is designed to kill civilians while on patrol.

        Get it? Got it? Good!

        • the police are not civilians. They are “public servants”. They are suppose to work, defend, protect “We the People” that pay them. Abe Lincoln destroyed the republic and started the DSSA (Divided Socialist STATE of Amerika) on the path of corruption we enjoy today. How much longer will you pay to be abused? Will you die a slave to the STATE? ignorance & apathy (don’t know, don’t care)

  2. Demented Despot with his FREUDIAN SLIP! They always admit they want total bans on ALL Guns.

  3. Blowing the lungs out of a bad guy trying to kill my family or me is exactly what I want to happen – if that’s what it takes to stop them.

    • Reminds me need to pick up an AR before they try requiring a permit to own them.

      • The ‘phrase that pays’ is “in common use”, thanks to the BATF openly admitting the AR platform rifle is the most popular rifle in America in their recent arm brace interpretation ruling.

        (I really have to wonder if a friendly POTG in the BATF deliberately slipped that nugget in there to sabotage the Leftist Scum ™ in the BATF… 🙂 )…

      • If you don’t already own an AR (or comparable rifle), buy at least two of them.
        Basic Palmetto State Armory builds are economical and functional.

        • I have 2 10’s and 2 15’s in 4 calibers. I wholeheartedly agree Art. Get them now because the RHINO’S are as insidious as the demons.

      • .9mm is more deadly than the late Frank Zappa’s “Deadly Yellow Snow” crystals, I hear… 🙂

      • Oh, that’s nothing. Even funnier is when a press article says someone was arrested and was carrying a “40 mm handgun”.

        • “Even funnier is when a press article says someone was arrested and was carrying a “40 mm handgun”. ”

          When 40mm handguns are reliable and available, I will sell the house and car to buy one.

        • Sam I Am, Actually a GLOCK Mod 22 would only cost you about $650. I am sure with all your money you can afford that.

    • Do you really want a 2500 dollar High Caliber Les Baer 9mm besides gifted to you?

    • Yeah, I want one of those the next time I am in Alaska in brown bear territory. To heck with a shogun with slugs or a .405. Who needs that heavy armament when the 9mm will do the job?

    • d your assessment is equal parts hilarious, horrifying, and accurate…….. well done.

        • he who controls the teleprompter, runs the office. Joe is a sock puppet, when not sniffing little children….. what a bad joke Amerika has become

      • The other week Joey was reminiscing at one of the Academy graduations and was remembering all his trips to Iraq and Afghanistan…spoiler alert: he never went to either country once or multiple times. It was all pure BidenSpeak.

        • He also is reported to have reminded the Middies that he was the commander in chief and they were not to ask him tough questions. I’m sure that made them feel really good knowing who was their ultimate boss.

  4. I would need to drink heavily to make any of that make sense. Ah well at least Elise Stefanik isn’t on board for restrictions thus far.

      • Lol not today saving a bottle in hopes of a good NYSRPA party this month, or after NY passes more nonsense tomorrow. Either way not up for day drinking at work as I am not in a governor appointed position.

        • I hope you New Yorkers get the Court decision you deserve and I’m not being a smartazz. It’s way past time some of these egregious laws are taken off the books.

        • Come what may it at least is making other states make themselves America again and absolutely wonderful to visit. With any luck we can get a block on the veto proof majority with our less blatantly redistricted maps.

  5. And on that shooting in Uvalde….

    The Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde Independent School District Police have stopped cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) investigation into the response to last week’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, ABC News reports.

    • I’m sure the government labor unions will represent these police and sheriff’s deputies quite well. Since it was President Kennedy through executive order, that allowed federal government workers to unionize. He set the example. And the state, County, and City governments would soon follow that example. And allow their government employees to unionize as well.

      • It looks like it could be worse than expected… the cop in charge was the school district police chief and he supported BETO for governor and may have previously donated a bunch of $$$ to BETO.

      • Maybe in KY those folks aren’t unionized, but in Kallyfornicadia every public employe belongs to the government employees union.

    • “The Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde Independent School District Police have stopped cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) investigation…”

      Oh, that’s not going turn out the way they think it will… 🙁

      • I wonder, what are the chances that this guy and the former Minneapolis Police Chief that let a Police precinct and half of the city burn down to the ground during the mostly peaceful protests are related. They both have the same last name and kinda look alike

    • people are starting to worry about potential lawsuits…which are sure to come…

  6. Dear Presidential Office Holder,

    Toke note of your letter, recent, seemingly confounded that 9mm pistol ammunition, properly applied, will literally “blow a lung out of an attacker.

    It seems it is incumbent on me, a member of “we the people”, proud soldier of the militia identified by the US Constitution, to relieve your astonishment and confusion. When defending against armed attack, the primary purpose of being legally armed with a firearm is to stop the threat. Science would indicate that blowing the lung out of an attacker is an effective and efficient means of “stopping the threat”.

    On a related note, there is more powerful pistol ammunition that is said to be even more effective at “stopping the threat”. Using such powerful calibers, being more efficient and effective, might be hoped to blow the entire pulmonary and cardio system out of the body of an armed attacker. However, it follows that such result of “stopping the threat” could end up costing the armed defender much more in home cleanup after a successful defensive gun use. Of course, should an armed threat be stopped outside the residence, or appurtenant property, the cleanup would be the responsibility of local, state or federal government.

    Happy to share science with one who puts so much value on science as the only legitimate arbiter of truth, justice and the American way.

    Please say “hey” to the Jillster.

    VR, just a guy in a checkered sport coat.

      • Scott – well that IS part of the pelvic girdle which is a legit target area if two to the chest don’t stop the bad guy. Plus a much bigger – the entire girdle NOT the target site you referred to – than the head (the one above the shoulders).

    • Don’t know about the pulmonary but my 10mm G29 WILL remove a considerable portion of the Cardio system or at least the pump that makes the whole thing function.

    • really? and just who is going to want answers? The Dept. of JUST US? Your ever so “honest” and “beyond reproach” FBI? How about the impeccable Bob Mueller, Bob Barr, or James Comey? I is amazing how much crap a human can consume, everyday, and still live & breath. Have half of what they produce, stolen in taxes, and still claim to be free? bunch of moron & fools

      • “and just who is going to want answers?”

        Went back to the comment to which you replied. Cannot find anything about “answers”. Is your “answer” comment actually related to a different screed I posted?

  7. Many pew gurus: “I’d say 9mm is the minimal defensive caliber.”
    Joey B: “iT bloWs tHe lunG oUt Of thE bOdY!”
    Also, cool cannon for sale at the outdoor shop I visited Saturday. Reminded me of one a friend owns. I suppose I should report him?

        • “Can’t stop giggling!!!!”

          If I had $5600 lying around, wonder if I could find a better use for the money?

      • If I only had the cash available and could convince the better half I should have such a weapon. She doesn’t mind if I buy a handgun or rifle, because she usually gets something as well. But, a Gattling Gun would be a very hard sell.

        • “She doesn’t mind if I buy a handgun or rifle, because she usually gets something as well.”

          She might approve, just based on the cuteness factor.

          “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”. ― Robert Browning

      • Did you read the price tag on that toy? At $5600, I guess I am going to have to really up my aluminum can collection efforts.

        • “Did you read the price tag on that toy?”

          Cheaper than a functioning canon. As to collecting cans, don’t be infringing on my corner. I gots enough problems with bad weather.

    • Kind of like “Werewolves of London” “He’ll rip your lung out Jim” (Warren Zevon)

      • How about “Roland the headless Thompson Gunner”
        Bringing up old memories with these songs.

  8. Think about this. No matter how ridiculous the lies that come out of this fools mouth, there are many that are too ignorant or too lazy to seek the truth.

    • Cat – sadly all too true. And even worse they are so ‘convinced’ of their superiority that the flatly refuse to change their ‘mind’ even after confronted with overwhelming evidence/facts to the contrary.

  9. Where do I get the ammo that rips lungs out of bodies? Right now my favorite load is a Hornady xtp 124 grain that clocks 1180 FPS out of my typical carry guns. I’ll also use the federal 9BP load if I’m short on components or just feeling too lazy to sit down on a weekend and load some 9 mm ammo.

        • I Haz – wouldn’t that maybe start getting into the hyper velocity category or borderline kinetic energy weapon seen in sci-fi tales? I’d think it would need a proprietary coating or heat shield of some sort to prevent it from burning up in atmosphere?

  10. I wonder how he feels about my 50 Beowulf? It would fit into two things he thinks I should not have, AR15 and Cannon all in one.

  11. “You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed,”

    Absolutely untrue, but if they can’t tell lies about guns, they wouldn’t have enough “facts” to justify their position. I like the overreach. A 9mm ban isn’t going to happen, and demanding would pretty much kill any other infringement attached to it.

    • Someone needs to call Out Slow Joe on his Cannon lies. It’s totally ridiculous that nobody sitting around when he’s talking will just search the interwebs and see that you can buy as many freaking cannons as you want. Then, comment, if you’re lying about this what else are you lying about? I know the answer is everything. I just want to see him squirm. Or, at least one of his flunky mouuthpieces.

      • I dunno. After the second week of Moppet, I actually kinda miss RaggedyAnn, the old interpreter. What does everyone else think?

        • They’re all liars. That’s their job. With that said, the new girl is a worse liar and doesn’t come off as condescending. If I have to choose, I prefer the new girl for those reasons.

  12. What an ignorant jackass! Own a cannon? Then as now you absolutely can legally own a cannon, hell back during the War of 1812 when we had to fight the British a second time, the US government was hiring the private warships owned and crewed by Americans. If you want a cannon, you can order one up from Dixie Gun Works, but be prepared to pay a lot for shipping as they weigh upwards of 250 lbs.

      • I envy you…I have always wanted a brace of cannon for my front porch. Load grape and prepare to repel boarders! Or just load up some powder and celebrate the 4th!

  13. The deliberate dumbing down of society.
    Living in a state of perpetual fear.
    Societal mistrust.
    Cretins grasping for power and wealth on the backs of the ignorant.
    Self-righteous wannabe do-gooders spreading their “good intentions.”
    Endocrine disruptors creating a hyper-emotional and irrational populace.
    Operation Mockingbird and media manipulation.
    The Report from Iron Mountain.
    Globalism and billionaire elites directing institutions and manufacturing causes.

    One or two of, all of the above, take your pick. Plenty more where all that came from.
    I’m convinced the individual thinking human being is exceedingly rare if not outright extinct and there is no thought left but group thought directed at the behest of those who want your life, liberty and property for their own.

    • “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen finally admitted that she was “wrong” last year when she initially dismissed rampant inflation across the US as a “transitory” problem that would soon resolve itself.”

      BS! She wasn’t “wrong.” She LIED. So did the Federal Reserve. They were working hand in hand with the Dems trying to pass insane spending bills. They still managed to pass some, and they continue to pass additional spending. Now imagine how never ending the inflation would be if Build Back Broke passed. They knew what the implications would be, and THEY DIDN’T CARE.

      If she was wrong, then she is incompetent, and should be fired immediately. Why aren’t more people talking about this? These people are the real threat to our country.

    • “i had no idea 9mm is so destructive”

      Obviously the trauma doctor Biden spoke with hasn’t viewed any of the serious handgun ammo tests available on the internet.

        • “Obviously the trauma doctor Biden “talked to” exists only in Biden’s mind.”

          Gotta disagree. Obviously, someone on Biden’s staff told Biden about the incident, as in something Biden read on the teleprompter.

      • Believing that Biden actually meant that it removed the lung from the body is just as bad as the left making up stories.
        It’s obvious he meant it did a lot more damage to a lung than a 22 does.
        Like when someone says they blew up a toilet, it just means they took a crap and it was a big one or messy or stinky, they don’t literally mean the toilet exploded.

        It is bad enough society is being dumbed down to the level we are, there is no sense in contributing to it by returning fire with the same nonsense.

        Instead of trying to prove how it doesn’t remove lungs.
        Try instead to explain the reason it is doing so much damage is the need to incapacitate the threat, the more damage to organs, the greater the chance of death and therefore removal of the threat.

        saying “der it dont make no lung to flying across da rooommm….” does nothing except be counter productive. While everyone is sitting on here arguing over lung removal the real evil are writing new “laws” they want to push through in order to make you weaker and more docile so you’re easier to control
        But no, by all means, sit and complain about the choice of words and not the meaning behind it.

        • “Try instead to explain the reason it is doing so much damage is the need to incapacitate the threat, the more damage to organs, the greater the chance of death and therefore removal of the threat.”

          I did just that.

        • So, . . . we’re supposed to automatically translate Senile Joe’s incoherent ramblings into some passing semblance of English, because we “know what he meant”????? Yeah, hard pass on that one, bob. He’s a senile moron (who was a moron BEFORE he was senile), and we owe him diddly squat.

          If he opens his ignorant, stupid, lying, partisan piehole and says something stupid (meaning it’s a day ending in “y”), he will, and SHOULD, get all the mockery he so richly deserves. “Blow the lung out of the body” MIGHT happen with a .50BMG . . . a .30-06 wouldn’t do the job, let alone a 9mm. Take your Biden apologetics somewhere else. He said it, it was stupid, now he owns it. If he didn’t mean it, let him get on TV and explain that he lied his @$$ off. I give him exactly ZERO ‘benefit of the doubt’ – he’s a lying liar, just like MinorIQ and dacian the stupid, and he deserves exactly that much respect.

  14. “and can hold 10 or more rounds”

    We’re headed for 8 plus 1 max capacity.
    And no civilian use of military calibers.

    • So they want my. 45-70 ? I’ve got some other things I’ll show them first. What they say and what I do are two very different things.

      • “No what we are heading into is America’s second revolutionary war.”

        That already happened: April 1861 – April 1865. Number three would be up, next.

    • “We’re headed for 8 plus 1 max capacity.”

      Wrong, “in common use”.

      If a cop carries one in his cruiser, the citizen should as well. That’s how to control murderous, out-of-control police out to slaughter POC…

  15. While there is no disputing the fact that Joe Biden was an imbecile even before he became senile, I am outraged by the doctors that spew this crap. A 9mm bullet is no more likely to “blow a lung out of the body” than a .22 caliber. With the exception of maybe the .22 caliber short cartridge fired from a snub nosed pistol, both bullets are “supersonic” at impact. However; while both bullets are “supersonic” in air at 340 meters per second, neither bullet is “supersonic” in lung tissue where the speed of sound is about 1,500 meters per second. Furthermore; the .45 ACP cartridge that is utilized by the Colt 1911 pistol has a muzzle velocity of less than 300 meters per second yet is renowned for its effectiveness.

    Of course this idea that shootings became more lethal as criminals traded in their .22 caliber Saturday Night Specials for 9 mm pistols is equally absurd. The extremely detailed information compiled by the FBI on homicides of police officers documents not just the type of firearm (handgun, rifle or shotgun) but in most cases the caliber, action type, manufacturer and model of the firearm. (A major gap in the data is from Peurto Rico where the cops are so incompetent that they can’t even solve the homicides of other cops.,). The FBI data documents the fact that prior to the middle 1980s, the weapons of choice for cop killers were the .38 caliber revolver, the 12 gauge shotgun and in somewhat unusual cases, the .30 caliber, M1 carbine. The television show THE A TEAM inspired criminals to trade in their M1 carbines for Ruger Mini-14s. President Clinton’s ban on “assault weapons” inspired a sudden transition to 7.62 x 39 caliber, AK-47 style rifles. The now umbiquous 9mm pistol displaced the ballistically equivalent .38 caliber revolver.

    While I don’t have the data right in front of me and can’t recall the exact numbers, I can attest that the lethality rate from firearms assaults actually decreased during the 1980s and 1990s as criminals transitioned from primarily revolvers and shotguns to 9mm pistols and occasionally semiautomatic rifles. Any Elmer Fudd can attest that the lethality rate from a shotgun, at typical gun fighting range, of about 75% vastly exceeds the lethality rate of 25% from pistols and most of the more common semiautomatic rifles. (A major exception would be the M-1 Gerand which criminals eschew).

    • You need to stop putting logic, sense and science into it and be more EMOTIONAL about it…tug at the voters heart strings and placate to their base urges.

      • Fine!

        I’ll get emotional.

        No one needs a penis that is a foot long and as thick as a beer can. That doesn’t mean that they should be banned or that anyone who posseses one is a rapist.

        • Now you’re talking. You really know how to get the people on this thread excited!

    • Thats a lot of talk about nothing.

      Obviously he didn’t literally mean the lung leaves the body, he meant the 9mm tears up enough tissue to cause significant damage that makes repair or saving the lung hard to do.

      You have two choices, sit and argue like a child about how Biden said it, or interpret it like an adult and fight back on the fact they want to create more laws restricting your God given rights.

      Just in case for the slower folks,

      If I say I blew up the toilet at the Taco Bell, the ATF isn’t going to come arrest me on explosives charges.

      Larger calibers are designed to do more damage to stop a threat faster. They work. So yes, the trauma surgeon is correct, the 9mm does more damage than the 22 and therefore is a better choice when attempting to kill a person in order to stop them.

      Use it against them, Biden is absolutely correct, 9mm is a better choice to stop a criminal.

      • bob,

        Blow it out your @$$, lying partisan. He said what he said, so he owns it. He’s already got paid liars (Jen Psaki, Karine, et al) to lie for him. We aren’t interested in your lying Biden apologetics. Let HIM explain what he “really meant”, penis-breath.

  16. Question, for reals, like, you know, totally: If a person dies of exploded lungs from being hit with a 9mm bullet, would that fall under the category of death from first, or secondhand smoking?

    • Are they pushing anti smoking or environmental lead pollution harder at the time of the shooting? Also first one than the other if smoking.

      • “Death from COVID, of course.”

        That’s like, so, last year. The new, cool, disease is “Monkey Pox”. Blowing out lungs would be like dying from exploding “Monkey Pox”.

  17. Banning military calibers is nothing new, many nations do it. It is logical, well no, because the manufactures could simply shorten the 9×19 to 9×18 and get around the law or reduce the bullet diameter from .355 to .352 or increase it from .355 to .360.

    Others would argue that the law would be changed drastically enough so that no caliber even close to 9×19 would fit in the chamber. The same would be true if they banned the 5.56 mm Nato round so in that context it does make sense as any civil insurrection would soon run out of ammo because stealing military stock piles would do them no good.

    With the current hysteria anything could be banned. Canada is about to ban the sale or ownership of all handguns simply using the latest U.S. massacre as a wild excuse for their country to ban pistols. Will it happen? Experts say its a certainty. Could it happen here? Yes it could. The 2a excuse would be crushed by letting people buy a handgun with only a 12 inch barrel and it would have to be single shot, you would have to belong to a shooting club with active membership and participation, and wait a year for a license which would cost $10,000 per year every year. If you get caught with any other gun you go to jail for 20 years.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, you have got to be kidding. For your edification, Sleepy Joe does not know any more about guns than you do, maybe less if that is possible. You still can’t answer what the firing sequence of a cartridge is. And you are going to talk about “banning military cartridges?” ROFLMAOBT. Do you know that the .308 rifle cartridge is the same as a 7.62by51? Do you know the difference between a .223 Cal and a 5.56? Would you consider the .223 a “military cartridge?”
      Go ahead and put your foot in your mouth?

      • Many countries that had such restrictions, notably France, rescinded those restrictions because they were considered useless.

      • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        quote———-You still can’t answer what the firing sequence of a cartridge is————-quote

        More than one person has called you out on that one and you refused to answer that question so now who is the fool?????

        Quote————-Do you know that the .308 rifle cartridge is the same as a 7.62by51? Do you know the difference between a .223 Cal and a 5.56? Would you consider the .223 a “military cartridge?”————quote

        Your attempt to self boost your fragile ego makes you into an even bigger fool on this forum.. I never discussed that subject as its rather elementary but there are differences between the .223 and 5.56mm and you were to damn ignorant to state what they were. WHAT ARE THEY WALTER???? Of course you will not answer because you do not know.

      • Walter,

        .30-06, .303, .30-30, 6.5 x 55 Swedish were ALL, at one time, “military” calibers . . . and are now hunting calibers. My favorite deer rifle is a ‘sporterized’ 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser. Almost all firearms that are effective were at one time or another used by some military, somewhere. And that means what, exactly???

        OTOH, if one is intelligent enough to actually READ the opinions in Heller and Miller, we SHOULD be entitled to own and use anything the US military has in its arsenal, correct???

    • You have got to be a troll, you can’t really be as stupid as you sound. But to be fair as a troll you do okay.

      • No, muckraker, dacian really is that stupid, which is why I always refer to him as “dacian the stupid”. Yes, he’s a troll, but he REALLY IS that stupid.

  18. That’s horrifying!

    You should obviously use the much more benign and civilized shot gun Joe likes to talk about.

  19. “We shouldn’t allow….”

    There it is. The government shouldn’t allow “we the people” to possess firearms that can threaten a tyrannical government. The implication is not repeal of the Second Amendment, but more legislation to moot an enumerated right.

    • “We shouldn’t allow ”
      They have no right to disallow anything.
      Let them pass a handgun ban, a 9mm ban, a magazine ban.
      I would imagine there will be mass non-compliance.
      What are they going to do arrest us all?
      Hahaha theres not enough cops.
      When every politician has crowds of patriots following them everywhere things will change.

  20. OK, he can go first.

    Pres Biden should create an executive order to completely disarm his secret service detail for himself and his entire family or at a minimum, give them all access to .22LR pistols with 10 round max magazines….see how far that goes.

    If I don’t “need” those 9mm bullets, then neither does he or anyone else in Federal service. Remove their paid for by our tax dollars protection details and see how they like it.

  21. Keep Talking Biden, you are telling everyone what you and you DemoRat Party really want; a ban on self-defense and the tools that make that possible. Look at the UK to see what they really want to do. In the United Sates of course, they have to do things incrementally.

    The DemoRat Party was the party of the KKK, Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crowe and Racial Discrimination. Now they are the party of the “Global Elites” who want the “Great Reset”. The party’s military arms now include the “Just-Us” Department, the FBI, BATFE, ANTIFA and BLM. Americans have seen the actions of all these groups and their illegal activities that have resulted in billions of dollars lost, businesses and homes destroyed, catch and release of criminals and the deaths of our fellow Americans, for what???

    Gun Sales have spiked among women, liberals, rich, poor, straight and gay, etc. These folks now understand, thanks to the DemoRat inspired and funded political violence, that they must be responsible for their own safety.

    Please Joe, say that Americans just need Nerf Guns and a Baseball Bats for self-defense. Say it loud and clear, as your party continues to run to their political doom. Print all the ballots you want and register all the cats, dogs and dead people to vote for you. In the end you will lose.

  22. This mother fucker really thinks he’s gonna get re elected after talking about banning 9mm and menthol cigarettes.

    • The reason they’ve been going all out from day one is because they know he won’t be reelected. They’re gettin while the gettin’s good. As soon as a Republican comes into power, they’ll hamper any progress with something like the Russia Collusion Hoax. RINOs won’t lift a finger to hold them accountable. Then expect the constant media sob stories about how we can’t deport any of the new 5 million plus illegal immigrants. As a matter of fact, we have to protect them and give them a pathway to citizenship. Then the media and Big Tech collude (again) with the Dems to get them back into power. Rinse and repeat. The trajectory remains the same.

      • As bad as Hillary is, she would have been better than the Puppet. At a minimum, we would at least know who was in charge, and we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world. Last, but certainly not least, her (first term) administration wouldn’t be as radical as the Puppet administration. Why? Because she would have her eye on reelection.

  23. Joey Obiden is conflating this DOD briefings regarding potential weapons transfer to Ukraine and the hatred of guns by his handlers. The pathetic dumbass.

  24. “…thinks he’s gonna get re elected after talking about banning 9mm and menthol cigarettes.”

    Obama easily told associates, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up.”

    There is a corollary: “Don’t underestimate the ability of Republicans to avoid a victory.”

    • Waiting to see what the RHINO’S do during their collaboration with the demons on their quest to do ” something” Sam.

  25. Nothing bigger then a tweny two. That’s what their going after.
    I reckon the hunters with a 30-30 will be allowed so many shells and they get them when they apply for their critter tag.
    .22’s and not more then double barreled shotgunms is what theBiden wants for our gunms.
    theBiden wants a lot of things, it appears its succeeding. $8 gas, $5 milk. Yeah buddy.
    ” I’d drill if theyd let me , but hell I’ve not got the pipes if they would.”
    Feel the pain mortals.

    • It all I can have is a .22 fine.
      Won’t take long for me to trade up to an m4 and a fancy car with all the lights, sirens and radios.
      Sounds ridiculous and it is but if the shtf all bets are off and no rules apply.
      As Mr. Nuggent says “it’s a free for all !!”

    • Was looking at the county newspaper here in Texas where i live. Noticed there are 22 drilling permits issued in one county, not counting other counties. Twenty one completed wells in several counties. The only shortage in this country is truth and morals. Same ” oil shortage” b s as when Carter was president. Production is still going on as well as exploration.

    • ne – it depends on a LOT of factors. For instance, the school district I live in is one of the largest – area wise and numbers of students – in the state. It also covers multiple cities and towns as well as areas in the county. Many school districts are not that all encompassing so yes, for them it is likely way more logical to contract out rather than having their own department. That same reasoning can also be applied to a lot of the small town departments around the country. I won’t even get into the turf wars having too many small agencies with overlapping jurisdictions can result.

  26. Hey Joe, what’s the point of a firearm that does not have the ability to end the threat? Seeing as all you anti-gun folks think guns are designed to kill, why would you limit people to owning firearms that are incapable? That would be like giving me a wrench that does not have the ability to grab the nut . . .or a screwdriver without a point. I think maybe most of you anti-gun people are Nuts without a Point.

    • If they outlaw the nuclear powered 9 mm., guess i will have to rely on my puny 357 mag.

  27. Clearly the senile old man confused and thus reversed the loaded statement some political hack, low information trauma doctor was trying to convey. If it even happened, which is dubious.

    Because the statement almost makes sense in reverse. It’s still political BS out of context “truthiness” at it’s finest, but lets not get caught in the trap… trying to argue his idiocy here concedes the underlying argument. That somehow if 9mm were to blow the lungs out of bodies, it were therefore not suitable for civilian “defensive use”.

    The argument SHOULD go something like this…

    “9mm blows the lungs straight out of bodies”…

    “No, but even if it did, Fuck you. Try and take the guns and find out.”

    To my fellow POTG: Stop arguing idiocy that concedes that underlying arguments are even worth having. I beg of you.

  28. Come on guys, why talk about Biden trying to take away your handguns? Don’t you know that it’s just a Right Wing Conspiracy about Democrats trying to take your guns?

    I bet ya’ll don’t even remember that one time Trump said something about Red Flag Laws. Why talk about the current president and current anti gun bills? Don’t you guys know that Orange Man Bad?!?!

  29. “…. A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body,” Biden said.”

    Really??? Stand up nice and straight, be really still, Joey. Let’s check out your point……. In the interest of science of course.

  30. Good Lord! What’s old Joe gonna say when he finds out about 44 magnums?

    It’ll give him a case of the vapors!


    • From the reports of his trip to England, and the Vatican, he already has the “VAPORS”

    • not many 7-11’s held up with .44’s…..remember how New Yorkers went nuts over some guy running around shooting people with a .44 Special?…you would have thought he was using a cannon…..

  31. We shouldn’t allow low caliber mental midget politicians who blow the country apart and trash its economy, but there he is in all his skeletal splendor.

    Washington’s own babbling village idiot has spoken.

  32. As I’ve said before on TTAG. The “gun Community” has never supported machine gun ownership in the General Public of the United States. You guys said, “the bump stock was just dumb”. “It’s worthless”. “Why do you need to have a bump stock anyway???

    So when Donald Trump banned something that you didn’t think people needed in the first place!!! You get mad at him anyway???
    I was a proud of bump stock owner. And somehow I lost my bump stock in a boating accident.

    And I still voted for Donald Trump for re-election. Because I knew that any Democrat would be far worse. President Trump had a great record (minus the bumpstock) on Second
    Amendment civil rights. And besides gasoline was $1.37 a gallon back then, where I live at least.
    We had no new wars and full employment. Trump pulled soldiers out of Somalia. And now Joe Biden is putting them back in.
    The European navies where the ones primarily conducting anti-pirate missions in that part of the world.

    Donald Trump was supporting gay marriages at is Mar-A-Lago Florida hotel back in the early 1990s. He also was supporting interracial marriages at Mar-A-Lago at the same time. He was the first major Republican or Democrat candidate for president to come out in support of gay marriage.

    But he will never support drug legalization. Because he saw his brother destroyed by drugs. And that’s what this is really all about. The drug legalization crowd views the Second Amendment as not being very important. To them the Second Amendment is only a minor issue compared to the legalization of drugs, which is far more important to them.