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Those AK guys are on a whole ‘nother level.


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  1. Big A K guy here….
    The stuff works. Any combat vet will tell you , they work fine. Don’t get on the wrong end of one.
    Even have some of my own . 👍

  2. As an owner of some unspecified number of firearms which may or may not include AK-47/AKM’s and/or similar, I non-the-less had to do a DuckDuckGo search for “AK Dong” to find out what the heck an AK dong actually is!:

    It appears to b a wooden handguard with a vertical grip, and the grip angles forward a bit. Here is one example sale page with one pictured:

    And here is a search for “AK reverse dong”:

    At least some of the images at some of the search result links show vertical grips that appear to angle back a little bit instead of forward (reverse dong?), while others appear to be just vertical. What is confusing is you may see some “reverse dongs” that appear to angle forward a bit which you would think would make them “dongs” instead, but, generally speaking, I think “AK dong” means forward angled vertical grip (forward meaning angling towards the muzzle end as it slopes down), and “reverse dong” means back (towards the buttstock end) angled vertical grip… I think.

    Learn something every day… 🙂

  3. My Russian AK doesn’t have that particular appendage. Don’t think I’d be comfortable grabbing a Russian Dong.

  4. when youre an ak guy
    and you spend 1000 or more on an ak
    and another 500 or more on add ons
    just to get similar performance
    and similar features
    that can be found in a 7.62×39 ar
    you can build for 500

    • All except that bolt shearing issue. Never seen an ak bolt fail…

      I love both and don’t discriminate. It’s like loving women of every color because beauty, flexibility, and utility is not platform specific.

    • Similar performance? With that, why not just use an AR in 7.62 X 35 or 300 blk? The whole idea in that cartridge was to duplicate the 7.62 X 39 performance.
      I have no intention of getting drawn into the AR vs AK argument, I have both but I tell you what, if sh– hits the fan, my main battle rifle is the Arsenal AK. I’d trust the reliability of that any day and twice on Sunday over the AR.

      • I implicitly trust the reliability of the 7.62×39 AKs I have owned over the years. I am also aware of the issues with the 5.56×45 and the Armalite platform in VN… Supposedly the issues have been ironed out over the years, but you couldnt tell that by my own experiences. The AR is accurate withing it’s limitations, tho the product-improved NATO 855/ss109 ammo has seemingly improved both down-range accuracy and lethality vs the 7.62×39. Even the cash-strapped soviets cashed in their 7.62×39 for the 5.45×39 after noticing the efficacy of the NATO round…
        Given a choice I would carry an AK chambered for the 5.56x45mm 855 NATO/ss109. cartridge.
        The problem with “Going out the door” with the AK is the problem of potential resupply of ammo and magazines…

  5. Wow, never have I paid that much for a A K,
    But I have paid over $4,000.00 for a L M T A R 10.
    But that’s a apple & orange comparison.


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