Senate Dems Up For Reelection Suddenly Find They’re Against The Gun Control Bill They Voted For Last Year

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Senator Jon Tester (via Twitter)

The Education Department confirmed in late July that the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, passed in 2022, allows it to block federal funding for archery, hunting and gun safety units in physical education classes. The legislation, supported by fifteen Republicans and all 50 Democrats, prohibits federal funding from going to programs that provide “training in the use of a dangerous weapon.” Three Democrats who supported the legislation have since spoken out against the move, which Biden administration told Fox News was required by law.

“Any reduction of federal support by the Biden Administration for these school programs is unacceptable,” Montana Sen. Jon Tester tweeted Aug. 2. He later submitted a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona saying that the department “misinterpreted” the statute.

Independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who caucuses with the Democrats, and Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin also pushed back on the funding cut. A spokesperson for Sinema said that the Education Department ignored congressional intent, while Manchin blasted the administration’s “radical agenda” and “blatant disregard for the law.”

All three senators are facing challenging reelection bids. Manchin, considered the most-endangered incumbent senator, has not yet announced whether or not he will seek a third term representing a state that Donald Trump won by 39 points in 2020. Polls have shown Republican Gov. Jim Justice leading Manchin by as many as 22 points, and the Democrat has pointedly refused to rule out a primary challenge to President Joe Biden rather than returning to the Senate.

— Michael Ginsberg in Vulnerable Dems Blast Biden Gun Control Move They Previously Voted For

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  1. This is all true. It is also true that every republican voted against funding to the states for, among other things, infrastructure improvements. When the money started flowing the republicans took credit for the funding. The hypocrisy is deep in both parties and none of them can be trusted.

    • You’re right, we need to primary the Republicans who supported that. I actually donated to that Tillis turncoat in NC, talk about a mistake I won’t repeat.

      • Oh God, that is a bummer. Thom Tillis is rat bastard scumbag, and so is Richard Burr. I fucking loathe them both. But that’s happened to all of us at some point, because 90% of politicians are pure excrement.

      • Oh yeah – I donated to Hillary Clinton back when she was running for Senator of NYS. If I ever run into that witch blitchh again I’m going to ask that moron for my donation back including interest. There, I one upped ya. Let’s Go Brandon!

    • Never mind democRats and Rinos doing what democRats and Rinos do. The bigger problem are politically inept Gun Talkers bashing POTUS DJT, posting finger pointing bigoted crap, barking at Defining Gun Control and entrusting the 2A with courts and so called Gun Rights organizations, etc.

      Do not reply. Simply send the following video to 10 people and ask them to forward the video. It’s called Grassroots 2A Support and without it all the courts and public sees are mobs of marching Gun Control History illterates on TV carrying signs begging lawmakers for Gun Control. That needs to change.

      • Trump will cost us the next election, because of feeble-minded fuckwits like you, deb-the-niwit… 😉

        • oldshtheadgeoff…Tell this forum how you slandered POTUS DJT and His Voters and after playing dodgeball in replies to me you tried to say you voted for DJT in 16 and 20…you blatant liar.

          Tell this forum how over a week you berated me for posting How to Make a Glock Trigger Plug on the behalf of those whose may not be Glock Ready and later after I had posted a link to the commerical Glock Plug you tried to say you knew about Glock Plugs for years…blatant liar.

          Tell this forum how you took my Gun Control History post and spun it to talk about men from the period beating women and children without fear of repercussion…You are one sick puppy…get help help before someone neuters you.

        • oldshtheadgeoff…BTW, If you think I am voting for one of your RINO candidates like Niki Haley you are dreaming just like you dream about slapping me around, etc. I live rent free in your sick head and your moniker is evidence of that…pervert.

        • This thinking that Trump “did and will cost Republicans elections” just so happens to align with establishment propaganda coming from both the left and the right. Don’t fall for it. Trump objectively expanded the Republican party. In order to even remotely believe the establishment propaganda requires you to ignore the fact that they completely changed how we conduct elections, including unconstitutionally in some instances (looking at you PA). In addition to changing the rules, there was an unprecedented propaganda campaign. Russian collusion? Russian disinformation? Search engines skewing results? The IC regularly meeting with and pushing Big Tech to censor facts in order to help the Puppet? Also see the establishment (left and right) bragging about upending election norms to “save the election” in a Time article. I can’t believe we’re still having this conversation.

        • Dude-that’s a pretty fair assessment, not to mention also that DJT had more votes than any previous presidential candidate except (perhaps) o’Biden.

          While far from perfect, DJT’s America First policy is never duplicated by any other candidate to date, as if MAGA is wrong, racist, homophobic, antisocial, poisonous, etc., etc. Or as if the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. would ever put the interests of other nationalities first. Ours are obviously being paid off by foreign entities.

        • “I live rent free in your sick head…”

          Methinks otherwise. Animus has its own price.

      • Well at least you’re doing something about it now, instead of just chanting it over and over.

        I dont know if i know 10 (non business associates/customers) email addresses but I’ll send it around

    • @M̶i̶n̶e̶r̶4̶9̶e̶r̶ Subway

      “It is also true that every republican voted against funding to the states for, among other things, infrastructure improvements.”

      That’s not true.


      30 republicans voted against the funding for states for infrastructure improvements. 19 republicans and all Democrat senators voted in favor of the Biden bill.

      • These voted against it.

        John Barrasso of Wyoming
        Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee
        John Boozman of Arkansas
        Mike Braun of Indiana
        John Cornyn of Texas
        Tom Cotton of Arkansas
        Ted Cruz of Texas
        Steve Daines of Montana
        Joni Ernst of Iowa
        Bill Hagerty of Tennessee
        Josh Hawley of Missouri
        Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi
        James Inhofe of Oklahoma
        Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
        John Kennedy of Louisiana
        James Lankford of Oklahoma
        Mike Lee of Utah
        Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming
        Roger Marshall of Kansas
        Jerry Moran of Kansas
        Rand Paul of Kentucky
        Marco Rubio of Florida
        Ben Sasse of Nebraska
        Rick Scott of Florida
        Tim Scott of South Carolina
        Richard Shelby of Alabama
        John Thune of South Dakota
        Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
        Tommy Tuberville of Alabama
        Todd Young of Indiana

      • And they were right to vote against. Yes, we need infrastructure improvements, but that bill was so bloated with crap that our economy cannot afford. If it had been a reasonable bill with a reasonable price tag, the votes would likely have been different.

    • I’m 81 years old and if I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that the Democrats and the Republicans, both parties, make suckers of all of us voters by never agreeing on important issues. When elected, they never solve these issues because they love to run on them. They know that these issues will get them re-elected, so solving them is out of the question.

  2. I assumed Manchin’s political career was going to be over come reelection. He’ll be able to rake in the cash as some type of lobbyist or consultant. I have no idea about Sinema. Arizona has to be the most confused state in the Union. Can Montana get rid of Tester?

    • Dude,

      My best guess is that Arizona was rock-solid Conservative 20 years ago and then California transplants began invading in droves. And I can only wonder how many illegal aliens settled in Arizona and somehow got voter registration cards. Both categories of people often favor Democrat candidates.

      The other WHALE in the room (not gorilla in the room, whale in the room) is the masses clamoring for legal and unfettered ability for mothers to kill the unborn baby in their wombs. That is THE mother of all “single issue” voting situations. That alone, unfortunately, is costing Republicans the nation.

      • “And I can only wonder how many illegal aliens settled in Arizona and somehow got voter registration cards. Both categories of people often favor Democrat candidates.”

        That’s changing rapidly, among the Spanish-speaking folks. In fact, the trend rapidly accelerated under Trump’s administration, nearly *doubling*. It’s expected to be nearly even next time around, and the one after that, they will be voting conservative.

        It seems the Spanish-speaking folks that live there have a real problem with immigrants pouring across the border… 🙂

        • oldshtbreathgeoff…
          When I change my never once changed ever moniker then you can tell me who lives rent free in whose head…I see it in your words you savor the thought of slapping me around. First savor the thought of losing your hands pervert.

        • Like you’re gonna do it, gutless one?

          Ha! I live every moment of every day rent-free in your head, and it drives you INSANE… 😉

        • Deb-the-threatening-dingbat wrote :

          “First savor the thought of losing your hands pervert.”

          That’s a physical threat. Someone who makes physical threats needs to have ALL their guns taken away from them.

          Enjoy a visit from the FBI or police, dumbass.

          If I were you, I’d keep peeking out the front window to see if they will kick your door in… 🙂

        • “That’s changing rapidly, among the Spanish-speaking folks. In fact, the trend rapidly accelerated under Trump’s administration, nearly *doubling*. ”

          Two things Geoff.
          First: Above you were complaining that Trump did/would cost us in elections. Here you are admitting that more Latinos are voting Republican under Trump. How do you reconcile that?

          Second: I’ve previously responded to your comment about that voting trend at least twice now. How many times have Hispanics majority voted Republican in the history of this country? Answer: zero. Blacks have. Asians have. Hispanics NEVER have. Democrat strategists aren’t stupid. They made this calculation a long time ago. Do you understand why we now have an open border? It doesn’t matter how many Hispanic American citizens start voting Republican. Do you know why? For every new Republican voter, there five more illegals coming here and having babies. According to all relevant data, guess how that first generation will be voting?

          Furthermore, the Hispanics that you’re referring to having a problem with the illegal invasion mostly don’t live in Wisconsin or Michigan or Virginia. They mostly live in Texas and Florida. All of the Republican Hispanic voters in the world will not help win a national election if those new voters live in Texas in Florida. Do you understand that? Again, don’t fall for the hype.

        • Dude

          Yep all around to those excellent points. In harsher terms – illegal immigration is a racket. and those who enable it are racketeering. This ain’t the elephant in the room so much as the crocodile in the pool. That would be tge pool our children swim in. Maybe all criminals are not leftists, but all leftists are criminals.

          RICO RICO RICO

    • Is Manchin angling for a Bloomberg consultancy? He should talk to Shannon Watts and David Hogg about what he has to do for it.

      But p0liticians are all wh0res of different types.

  3. “… [West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin] has pointedly refused to rule out a primary challenge to President Joe Biden rather than returning to the Senate.

    Oh wow, I never thought about Joe Manchin running for President of the U.S. on the Democrat ticket. Given his image that he is a “moderate” who leans toward Republicans on some controversies leads me to believe that he would have an OUTSTANDING probability of winning the election no matter who the Republicans ultimately choose to run against him.

    Manchin’s current position as a U.S. Senator suggests that he has very relevant experience and thus qualifications to be the next Commander in Chief–that makes him appealing in general. Couple that with his “centrist”, clean, and virtually drama-free image and a lot of Independents and probably even some “moderate” Republicans would vote for him.

    Besides, who else would Democrats run as their candidate? The only stand-out at the moment is California Governor Gavin Newsom who obviously appeals to True Believer Pr0gre$$ives and yet does NOT appeal to Independents or “moderate” Republicans. If the Democrat Party ultimately puts Manchin on their ticket, we should be VERY afraid.

    • I think moderates are highly overrated in politics. You know who was a moderate? Jeb Bush. Moderates don’t excite the base, so they stay home. Modern day Dems would NOT be happy with Manchin as their candidate. I’m not saying Hillary was a moderate, but she didn’t excite the base like Obama did. I think Trump won Wisconsin with fewer votes than Mittens. He won it solely because dems weren’t excited about Hillary.

      • The political parties nationally are about 1/3 Dem, 1/3 Rep, and 1/3 independent/unaffiliated/3rd party. A candidate could have 100% of their party’s support and still lose the general election. With only 24% or so actually voting, 8% goes diehard to the respective parties, and the 8% in the middle makes the decision. 2% vote for their 3rd party, leaving the 6% to make the decision. If you can get 3%+ to turn out, you win. That’s where I see Trump losing — he doesn’t have anything to draw the middle, and many outright hate him. That actually drives turnout for the 3% against him. Unfair prosecution, media bias, and election irregularities get his Republican backers riled up and can win him the nomination, but do little to inspire the Dem or independents. His only hope seems to be if Biden remains the nominee and is hated more because of a poor economy and the media no longer able to cover for his corruption and infirmity.

        • “he doesn’t have anything to draw the middle”

          Does the middle like the economic boom, low inflation, no new wars, dare I say “normalcy” of 2017-2019? Or do they prefer the woke tyranny, pedo pushers, crap economy/uncertainty, high inflation of the current administration? Is the middle so dumb that they don’t notice these things? Where did Trump get the extra votes over Romney and McCain in 2016? I personally don’t think we’re having a battle of “best ideas” to win the middle. That ship has sailed.

          I think Covid gave them an opening in 2020 to change things around. It was a Color Revolution. The Agency that Shall Not Be Named was even involved, just like they are overseas.

    • “The only stand-out at the moment is California Governor Gavin Newsom”

      It would be so funny to watch them ditch the “checks all the boxes” Que Mala for some rich white dude. Do it. Please.

    • commonbozo…That’s right you turn to machin who is an outstanding self serving democRat ratbassturd that has and will fold again like a cheap tent especially for the 2A. No wonder you laid “tribal” on the table. Bottom line…If you were not filled with demoCrap you’d be standing for DJT.

      • Look at you, just *dripping* with hatred for the esteemed uncommon_sense, who, unlike you, contributes to the social discourse here.

        Really, is this the way your mother raised you?

    • Joe Manchin is an old man. No real future except raking in $. I would never vote(or support) a Dim who votes Dim 90+% of the time.

      • Yep on both accounts. His financial future is very secure. He’ll get his reward for voting for the crazy spending with imminent inflation on the horizon. Never forget that the experts (who are still considered the experts!) told us we wouldn’t have inflation. I hate to say I told you so, but I said we would have it as soon as the Covid bux began rolling out with the economy shut down. I was anti-shut down and anti-“free” money from day one.

    • Joe Manchin may run for President? In any other Presidential election in history, Joe Manchin would be the oldest candidate running (he turns 76 this month!), but for the 2024 election, he’s considered a youngster at “only” age 77 on election day 2024, compared to age 78 for Trump on election day and age 81 for Joe Biden on election day. We’ve become a gerontocracy.

      Joe Manchin probably can’t win a Democratic primary, because most Dems I know hate him for being a DINO. He absolutely is a DINO, and that’s why I like him, so I’d change my party registration to vote for him in a primary if he runs. if Manchin runs as a 3rd-party candidate, it would make things interesting, but he’d probably just ensure a Republican victory in 2024.

      • Manchin cannot win a Democratic primary, that’s absolutely true. And he cannot win his Senate seat in the next election either. But a 3rd party run is not out of the question. The 3rd party group No Labels has publicly discussed running a split ticket of one D and one R, and the D they’ve talked about is Manchin. And No Labels is no joke, they’re well funded and may actually pull it off.

        • I haven’t looked into them very closely yet. If they understand politics, and I bet they do, then they understand that a legitimate third party run is a joke on a national level. Then why do it? Have you noticed how much money there is in politics these days?

        • when both parties put forward candidates that lack popular appeal…the possibility of a splintered vote becomes very real

        • That’s why the pro-Biden crowd is so scared of them. Manchin as a third-party would pull more from the moderate D side of the house than the moderate R side.

      • And I thought the 1980s Soviet Politburo was a geriatric ward.

        Locals would joke (an extreme sport at the time) about why one premier traveled while his successor didn’t? The former ran on batteries (pacemaker) while the latter needed an extension cord (dialysis).

        By the time Gorbachev was appointed the Kremlin guard were very well practiced for state funerals.

  4. “gun safety units in physical education classes”

    yep, they say they are fighting for gun safety but certainly not actual gun safety training. That might save lives or something, plus maybe even show kids that guns aren’t magical evil voodoo talismans that corrupt innocent youth and make them shoot people. They might even find guns can be safely used and are a fun hobby, that would be no good at all!

    • Actually, it just comes down to logistics. There just isn’t time to teach gender fluidity, parental hatred, and progressive appreciation and still be able to study the evil arts like hunting and outdoors.

      • I loved my archery class (actual credit class) and club in high school. And that was in fairly blue suburban Chicago back in the late 80s/early 90s.

        Sadly, I think it’s been cut long before this debacle, just like most of the arts and vocational classes that so many would take and not waste their time raking up six figures in college loans they can’t pay off.

  5. I’m waiting for the socialist-democrats to say that the BATFE is “misinterpreting” 1968 Gun Control Act and The National Firearms Act.

    • “Right up until they send a squad of average IQ jackboots to your door.”

      Why you need to keep part of your stash off-site… 🙂

      • acquiring all you can, any way you can and hiding them everywhere you can would seem a sound strategy to prevent you from being disarmed….

    • I’m hearing that Dianne Feinstein has signed over power of attorney to her daughter as her health has deteriorated.

      • She just fell and has been admitted to a hospital. I don’t think she has very long. But she is “proud” to resign.

  6. The average American did NOT know what was in this Bill. Every under 21 year old now has an automatic 3 + 10 day delay. The Bill changed federal definitions so the ATF can now proceed (VIA a RULING) to ban all “private” sales by claiming anyone selling a gun for whatever reason is automatically a “dealer”. ALSO, since cars are “dangerous weapons” that kill 35-40K people in the USA every year, are driver’s Ed classes now banned from receiving federal funding? I’ve personally met Tester once and have driven by Big Sandy, MT many times over the years but, he needs to grow some BALLS and not bend over forward to Chuck Schumer & Nanci Pelosi. Remember where you are from Mr. Tester.

    • That’s what happens when our representatives aren’t allowed the time to actually read the f**king bill.

    • @Ss

      A little search reveals that Tester was the Number One recipient in ALL of Congress of “Dark Money” for his 2012 and 2018 election cycles. He is a political whore. He helps a couple of veterans every cycle with the understanding that they will shill for him in his advertisements….the rest of Montana’s veterans despise the dirtbag.

      His balls are kept in a carefully padded DNC drawer. The Party allows him to deviate a couple of votes on non-issues…fully expecting that he will toe the line on important issues (issues that are delineated in the DNC Party Planks). Reading the Planks is like viewing a Marxist’s wet dream…if you have not read them, you should take ten minutes and educate yourself as to the depth of their Propaganda.

  7. Considering Debbie W. and the gang, I have to say I’m glad I have a spare mouse because I think I’m wearing the scroll wheel out on this one.

  8. Politicians of either party are going to support whatever benefits them, their fundraising and their party. Forget doing the right thing or actually solving a problem without causing more and greater problems.
    Second issue in the comments are the comments on Trump. Sorry folks. Trump is not the savior of the Republican party nor the country. DJT is a self serving, self absorbed, self centered, egotistical ass. Sure, I agree with most of his policies. Problem is he implemented very few of them. Nor did he do anything to even begin draining the swamp. If anything the swamp rats became stronger and more numerous.
    Trump barely squeaked past the most hated woman in politics in 2016. He lost the 2018 mid terms. Cost us the Senate and a couple state houses and governerships as well as losing to a brain dead moron in 2020, nearly lost us the House and did lose the Senate in 2022, and while he is likely the GOP primary winner, he will likely lose the general election in 2024.
    He has said nothing to change any minds in the swing states and can’t stop complaining about the 2020 loss. Guarantee he will be convicted on something either shortly before or just after the general election.
    Now, should Trump be the GOP nominee, yes, I will vote for him. As I will vote for whomever is the GOP candidate. As bad as some Republicans are, I see nothing in the Marxist Democrat party I would not prefer to remove with extreme prejudice.

  9. If Trump is able to become our president again, I hope he realizes that just replacing the heads of all of the government agencies is not the answer. It is the next level of these agencies that have to be replaced. It’s the Lois Learners and Peter Strucks who have to be replaced. The corruption runs much deeper than he realizes and that’s why he lost the election in 2020. I hope he gets it right this time around.

  10. Seems all politicians are excrement. The few that actually, really have good pro-America intention and get Washington either get in line joining the Swamp or get pigeon-holed with zero responsibility/authority, get frustrated and go home.

    Maybe, we shoot everyone filing for office, remove all the world’s warning labels, and let nature take its course… without politicians. Now we’re talking utopia.


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