Texas Gun Owners Try to Cope During a Long, Hot Summer

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  1. Actually had that happen…sort of.

    It was 103 degrees. I took advantage of the heat and was the only person on range 3 at the Rod and Gun Club. After about 250 rounds, my G17 ceased to cycle. I dropped the mag but could not rack the slide. Could not make it budge. Started the car and placed the pistol in its case but with the air conditioner blowing on it (gun safely pointed at a berm). After about 20 minutes, I could rack the slide and eject the round. Called it quits for the day. Too hot.

  2. Not a glock but I had car GPS (on dash) melt in parked 4wd during summer goat hunt in central Australia.

    • Why when a stop the car, the GPS is removed from the windscreen and placed on the floor.

      Cars parked in the sun can get fatally hot inside. Children and pets have died when left in sealed cars.

      • We’ve had a couple of kids killed in cars here in Florida this year due to the sweltering heat.

        It was an even 100 F about 30 miles from me yesterday…

  3. All kidding aside, firearms should be protected from excessive heat. I had a friend that left his 1911 in his truck. In the sun. Windows up. It was a very hot day. When he retrieved it he burned his hand. Raised a small blister. Hard on the ammo too.

    • There was a story about some people testing some batches of FNM commercial ammunition and they reported the ammunition was loaded too hot, gave severe to extreme pressure signs, and so was too dangerous.

      It turned out they had left the packets of testing ammunition on the dashboard of their car that was parked in the sun. Did someone think that was a good idea?

    • Pal of mine ran a couple 30 round mags through an AR fairly quickly, after which he leaned it up against the back bumper of his new Suburban. Bbl/fore end melted a neat spot in it. Oops.

    • Highly recommended by me! Currently over $158,000000 box office on a $14.5 million budget. Of course hollyweird hates it. Pedo Island will never be revealed🙄😕Use those glocks on perverts before they melt.

    • “These People” refers to the Demtard degenerates (as run their marxist progressive party)

  4. Thank you Grace.

    A gentle, light-hearted poke at the Glock always brings a smile to my face.

    • I am not going to make a hilarious comment about whether she uses a butt-plug, no sir, not me… 😉

      • Geoff, you ought to quit waisting your time on her. I told her recently that I found her tedious. She is a one trick pony. I found her argument on gun control/racism/slavery interesting the first ten times I read it. (Was it only ten) No longer. I pass by what used to be Rosewood often. I live in the only predominantly black county in Florida. I believe Hispanics claim second place. I’ve spoken to a few of my friends. They think her views are rediculus. While much of it was true in the years following the Civil War, those days have passed. I had lunch with Rodney a few days ago. Retired now, but former deputy sheriff, FHP trooper and chief of police of the county seat. When I brought it up Rodney laughed. He said he fills out a 4473 like everyone else. He believes there is still racism in the United States, but not when it comes to firearms. He jumps through the same hoops as everyone else. This will send Debbie into orbit. His brother is an FBI agent. I read your comments, and will go back and scan hers to put yours into context. Not anymore. I agree with most of what you say, but both of you are becoming tedious. Geoff, take the high road. Ignore her diatribes. You’re above it. Besides, this site is probably her only fifteen minutes of fame.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          I no longer read (much less respond to) her posts. I explained that the real problem we faced in the past and face today as well as into the future is tribalism. I then requested civil dialogue. Of course her response was classic tribalism.

          (For the unaware, tribalism is the dynamic where a self-identifying group claims internal cohesion, defines “others”, and then proceeds to denigrate, harass, suppress, threaten, beat, and/or murder those “others”.)

  5. Yeah, tell me about it. I have lived in Texas all my life, but the weather has been getting to me for a few years now. Thinking about moving Northwest. Maybe to Idaho or something.

  6. Where I live in Central Washington State, it got to 117 degrees F last summer. It then got down to Minus 10 below zero last winter. It’s a unique place to live with a 127 degree swing in six months. Boats in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter. Great place to live.

    • The Sahara desert has been known for 100 degree temperature swings in a single day.

      117 is still friggin hot, and -10 is friggin cold, though…

    • “Great place to live.”

      Yep. Too bad Seattle, et al, want to vote the Bill of Rights off the island.

  7. My Sar9 sunbathes with me daily 15 minute each side…So hot I think you sweat more vitamin D than you take in.
    Shifting gears…This song is why I love country music…

  8. Weapons got so hot in some of the sand box countries Uncle Sam sent us into we had to wear insulated gloves to handle them. Same with the other tropical countries my young ass got sent off to. Never had polymer frame weapons back then. Although I think some of the M-16A2 stocks wrinkled and drooped from the heat.
    Got into the mid 90’s and extreme humidity here in Lower Alabama. About the same in the Florida Panhandle. Still not as miserable as some places I’ve endured, but still dangerous if you don’t take some precautions. Hydrate and take frequent breaks if working outside. Seek shade if possible and be careful. Heat stroke is no joke.

  9. Was on the fence choosing between an FN-45 and Mark 23 a couple years ago. Went to shoot a friend’s FN-45 on a sweltering hot Texas summer day. The frame got noticable soft and easily deformable with a moderate grip. Enough so that mags wouldn’t drop free.
    No FN-45 for me.

    • Huh. I would not have imagined that 105 degree Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius) ambient temperature and moderate use would increase the temperature of the polymer enough to enable plastic deformation.

      Was the deformation temporary or permanent?

      • Temporary. Once it cooled off the flexibility went away. It was triple digit heat AND direct sunlight for over 30 minutes that made the gun turn to mush.
        I saw where Dustin “Top Shot” had a similar issue, FN sent him a replacement. This leads me to believe a production issue (plastic mix) caused the issue.

        • James Campbell,

          Thank you for the response.

          My takeaways:

          1) Ensure that I am never in such a hot environment!

          2) If I end up in such a hot environment, ensure that I have an all metal firearm for self-defense!

        • 👍
          I only have three polymer handguns. A Gen1 Walther P99 Titanium in 9mm, a Walther PPQ 45, and the HK Mark 23. All three have threaded barrels and get shot suppressed.
          My EDC is a well used 3 decade old HK P7 M13 w/a pair of back up mags. No chance of that melting unless the sun goes supernova or one of Brandon’s “buddies” (“they’re good guys folks”) decides to nuke the US.

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