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Pieslapper took last week’s prize of a Black Arch holster. The good news: you have another chance this week. Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you could win a new rig for your carry gun. Have at it.

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  1. This is my rifle, this is my gun
    This is for shooting, this is for…
    What the hell is this thing for?

  2. Some people believe that a meteor strike killed the dinosaurs. There, are, however, different theories……

  3. “Hey look, one of those rifles that can take out an airplane the gun-grabbers have been crapping their pants over!”

  4. Pony tail? Check
    Moustache? Check
    Long Gun? Check
    70’s porn career here I come!

  5. “say hello to my little friend” is a bit obvious. That being said, I’ll swipe a line from Ian himself.

    “Since the range is obviously not where this weapon excels, lets try it in its natural habitat; a drive by shooting.”

  6. Shown above is the Y00RFSKD model rifle. Thanks to Loretta Weinbergs efforts, beginning 13 May 2016 will be the only NJ legal firearm for sale or ownership. Included is the convenient trailer mounted generator for the rectally inserted biometric safety mechanism, the puckerfactor (patent pending).

  7. The enemy is 400 yards away. Watch, with THIS the bodies will have powder burn on them.

  8. WW 1 French anti balloon/dirigible weapon system. Excellent condition, only dropped once. Best offer takes it.

  9. “No worries, it’s just a .22lr.”
    “I SAID, Get OFF My Lawn!” Said lawn being the back 40 acres.

  10. Shot Show 2016 introduced a new rifle from a new company. So far reception for the new Schutzenfahr 31.15 millimeter has been lukewarm at best.

    So the company has decided to put the word “Magnum” in the name.

  11. To keep up with the increased popularity of “Forgotten Weapons” we have started production of the “Pocket Ian;” seen here is a prototype “Pocket Ian” with a youth model 22.

  12. Forget zombies. If the dinosaurs ever come back this guy’s prepared.

  13. The rifle, of Russian production, will cost $395.

    The requisite top glass has been bid at $15,000 for optimum range.

  14. They enlisted every member of munchkin land to fight against their sworn enemy the wicked witch of the West!!

  15. After the medieval lance of jousting fame and before the arquebus, there was … this.

  16. Jim decided to end the Sweet Meteor of Death’s presidential campaign a little early.

  17. It was at this moment, young Jeb knew he was going to have to marry his pregnant girlfriend…

  18. While being wheeled in for reconstructive shoulder surgery, it dawned on Ted that he should have indeed paid the extra $40 for the adjustable composite stock.

  19. According to Ballistics by the Inch, I should be getting about Mach 3 outta this baby!

  20. Winchester introduces the public to the testing platform for its newest cartridge, the 22sdxlr, or 22 super duper extra long rifle.

  21. Jim never knew if he made the shot or not, because when he woke from the recoil induced concussion he couldn’t remember what he was shooting at anyway.

  22. After discovering google flight tracker, Tom hatched a plan to insure that his inlaws would never ruin his vacation again.

  23. Whew… thank goodness it’s a straight-pull. Otherwise, it would be difficult to handle.

  24. Nobody knew why it took such a long barrel to take full advantage of Eddie’s acute eyesight, but many suspected that it had something to do with the fact that he was raised by eagles until the age of 9.

  25. This rifle dates from WWI, and the little known pole vaulting brigade. The idea was that the gun could be used to fire at a fortified position, until they could get close enough to vault over the wall.

    The program was discontinued when almost a third to vaulters suffered from self inflicted gunshot wounds.

  26. I wanted some 22 long rifle…. Unfortunately Ed hasn’t been wearing his ear protection and thought I want a 22 foot long rifle.

  27. The engineers explored the the concept of bringing the targets closer by lengthening the barrel, but eventually ran into diminishing returns.

  28. Homemade hardware store guns are getting out of hand. Remember guys. Just cause you can do it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

  29. “Additional accuracy can be achieved by resting the muzzle firmly on the target itself”

  30. “I’ll just leave it in my truck till she goes to bed and sneak it into the safe.”

  31. Wait until I can see the white in their eyes? F That! I’m getting them as soon as they cross over the horizon.

  32. Let me introduce my newest invention. By moving muzzle far enough it eliminates the need for ear protection.

  33. Johnny Dangerously: “This is an 88 magnum… it shoots through schools.”

    Big deal, this is an 888 magnum, it shoots through school districts!

  34. Being the jokester that he was, it made astronomer Ted giddy knowing that if timed correctly, this shot would have the worldwide scientific community talking about “the crack in Uranus” by lunch time tomorrow.

  35. “Above: A recently unearthed photograph of Tom Cruise on the set of The Last Samurai before post-production editors make him look like an average sized man.”

  36. “If this condition lasts more than four hours, seek a professional gunsmith immediately, to avoid permanent injury.”

  37. I’m a hard core insurrectiontionist and my fetish rifle is greater than your fetish rifle.

  38. To celebrate Independence Day, Chuck decides to reenact “The shot heard ’round the world”.

  39. Say ‘compensating’ one more time…


    I can’t tell…big gun, or little man?

  40. In an odd collaboration, the R&D on Barret’s new rifle is being fully funded by the National Association of orthopaedic surgeons.

  41. UAC is proud to present the BFG 1 for military and law enforcement sale, remember, when you think UAC, think “Rip and tear!”

  42. “He stole my balloons! Why didn’t anyone tell me he had one of those… things!”

    Poor Bob…

  43. No bayonet lug, flashhider, pistol grip or detachable mag. I may have found the only rifle legal to own in CA.

    Try fitting it in a prius, tho.

  44. Rick Moranis finally acknowledged that he was in a rut after Disney halted production of “Honey, I shrunk some hipster dude”.

  45. According to the LA Times, Democrat Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez commented: “This rifle sure looks like what my ancestors carried in California and Texas. It’s single shot, has no magazine, no pistol grip, no scary flash hider, I think it’s called a black powder long gun and for sure it should be legal for concealed carry in this great state of California.”

  46. “I saw a werewolf with a Chinese Jingal in his hand/
    and his hair was perfect.”

  47. Impressive. Til you pull the trigger and the flag with “BANG” printed on it jacknifes out the muzzle.

  48. Ironically, it was “Jingal shells” that forced Santa Clause to train his reindeer in evasive maneuvers.

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