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Virginia Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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Democratic-sponsored gun bills weren’t expected to get much support in the Virginia House of Delegates. But a few pieces of legislation died a faster death than normal Thursday as the Republican House and Democratic Senate feuded over protocols for hearing testimony from lawmakers in the other chamber.

Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, who chairs the House subcommittee that handles firearm-related legislation, said Thursday afternoon that he was not allowing some Democratic senators to pitch their bills after Sen. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, didn’t let House patrons present their bills to her Senate Education and Health Committee Thursday morning.

“I don’t know how this place works if one house or maybe specifically one person decides that they’re not going to extend the same civility and courtesy to us that they expect,” Freitas said.

The move meant the House subcommittee spent no time discussing the merits or drawbacks of bills to restrict future sales of assault-style firearms, toughen storage rules for gun owners who have minors in their home, enact stronger gun bans on college campuses or expand laws meant to remove firearms from people convicted of domestic violence or subject to restraining orders.

The Democratic patrons of those bills were present for the meeting but only briefly approached the podium one by one without getting a chance to speak to the subcommittee before their legislation was voted down.

Del. Clint Jenkins, D-Suffolk, asked Freitas to change course.

“This is a different body,” Jenkins said. “And I think we should take the high road.”

Freitas was unmoved, saying he felt it was important to send a message that “civility in the process needs to be reciprocated.” 

— Graham Moomaw in Va. House refuses to take testimony on gun bills as revenge against Democratic Senate

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    • they kinda backed of the ‘everything is racism’ thing some when it became obvious most of their ‘racism claims events’ were being comitted by Black’s.

    • Nick Freitas has more common sense and brains in his pinky than ANY ONE of the dems on the opposite side. Fair is fair and if they want to play their same old tyrannical way…shoe is on the other foot now and bam !….. they dont like playing by their rules now do they !>

      • Bipartisan to the Dems means the Republican party should roll over. They only want compromise when they get their way.

      • Old Hippie saying, “What goes around comes around.” The dems got hoist on their own petard when they changed the senate rules on filibuster of judicial nominees. If they hadn’t;t changed the rules they could have filibustered Kavanaugh and the chick justice.

  1. Did anyone else notice the handful of “Republicans” who stood and applauded the other night when Braindead once again called for an “assault rifle” ban?

      • Let me fix that: Biden uses his ability to speak to be dishonest when his lips are moving.

        • The man has not told the truth since the first words rolled out of his mouth a century ago. The only difference now is that he is in a position to negatively affect the country AND he is doing his damndest to get as much damage done as possible…

      • Didn’t watch it either but every news program across the spectrum showed that shot but the focus was on Bobert so those standing and applauding had their upper bodies out of the shot, Probably find a better shot on YouTube… Should not have been any, margins are too thin if it comes up for a vote and passes the House the Senate won’t stand in the way and Braindead WILL sign it right, wrong, unconstitutional he does not care…

        • They will keep Boebert in her place if it comes to it and besides she went on Twitter and slammed into sleepy Joe. No bill will pass in the house.

          I didn’t watch it but my understanding is that Boebert was heckling Biden during the SOTU along with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

          I don’t think she was applauding, she was heckling.

        • I did not say SHE was applauding, I said the focus was on her while others around her stood and applauded Braindeads call for a new assault weapons ban, in particular the guy seated to her right and a woman sitting behind her (both “Republicans”?), I don’t know every member of congress but I do know that a loss of eleven Republican votes is all it takes to move negative legislation out of the House and on to the Senate…

      • I misunderstood and apologize.

        I know Boebert is as tough as nails and hates Biden.
        Let me correct myself. The idiots to her right will be kept in place.
        I didn’t watch it, I can’t stand Biden the senile blabbering idiot.
        They wont get 11 votes in the house or heads will role.

    • I was not about to torture myself to sit through lord senile bidumbs state of his hate address. I’ve got better things to do like living !. I sat through the next days pundits and it was as I expected a gaff prone lie filled screed of self aggrandizement and scorn. Nothing new there from that old dem sod, nothing new at all.

      • “lord senile bidumbs state of his hate address“

        Strange, even The Donald gave him a good review:

        “Biden gets the best of GOP

        “I disagree with him on most of his policies, but he put into words what he felt, and he ended up the evening far stronger than he began. Give him credit for that,” former President Trump shared on his Truth Social account just after Biden’s address wrapped”

        The Speaker of the House of Representatives is also a fan of ‘lord senile’ Biden:

        “House Speaker Kevin McCarthy admits Republicans ‘took bait’ and let Biden turn State of the Union heckling into political gold
        By Dave Goldiner
        New York Daily News
        Feb 08, 2023 at 12:58 pm

        The powerful California Republican said Biden effectively used the outbursts by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and other far-right-wingers to win over Americans watching at home.“

        • Wow, the very guy who tars every Republican or 2nd Amendment supporter as Trump-bot racist idiots is using Trump as a garnish on the brown diaper salad that couldn’t get a job as a Walmart greeter. Trump of all people complimenting a stuttering moron residing over the most compacted 2 year disaster seen in our history. And I thought dacian was stupid.

        • Yep using MARXIST SOURCES as “YOUR EVIDENCE” doesn’t make you “EVIDENCE”, as “THE TRUTH”!!!!

          They have been “BLATANTLY LYING” for 6 years!!!!

  2. It looks like people are just simply getting tired of all the anti-gun craziness. Even Virginia residents are moving to other states.

    • Thank you governor of Virginia for the new Ford battery plant and 2,500 jobs at the plant and another couple thousand ancillary jobs in beautiful Marshall.

  3. No surprise…democRats crying racism risk embarrassment because history confirms Racism circles back to the slavery, segregation, kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party…Providing there is a Republican around with a pair who would mention it.

    • Wow, you make no sense at all.

      Who is this dude posing as a woman?
      This that dacian idiot or maybe that Miner moron.
      One of you guys aren’t fooling anyone “Debbie”.

  4. All these idiots are just Maximilien Robespierre at different stages.
    Bitch and moan, blame everyone else, heads filled with fantasy and make believe, no real plans for anything, will end up beheading each other and everyone else if/when they get any real power.

    Even their bullshit Jacobian calendar was just an example of wokism.

    • since all revolutionary sentiment
      is inherently expansionist in its nature
      i cant wait for the part
      where the earlier partisans
      are devoured by the later ones

      • “i cant wait for the part
        where the earlier partisans
        are devoured by the later ones”

        I second that…

  5. Typical Dems: rules for thee, not for me, why won’t you take the high road when we’ve been using every slimy and corrupt tactic all this time? Next it will be some version of MAGA White Supremacy or pearl-clutching “Why won’t you ever think about THE CHILDREN???”

    Never mind that the most recent studies show that 96% of all “mass shootings” – itself a term which has been diluted to include every gangland incident ever – occur in “gun-free zones”. That’s right. Mass shootings almost never happen (4%) where there might even be one armed defender. These criminals are probably horrible human beings or seriously mentally disturbed but they are NOT stupid.

    • Thank you for your concise explanation, CadeyRN. I wish all of us (‘specially me) could bring forth an idea so clearly and with a sparse word count.
      We have powerful Demo-operatives in my town. In meetings they will NOT let you speak, and when they speak, they build an ice cream castle in the sky…made of falsely hustled together poles, and vomitous steams of lies.
      They are evil.

  6. A democrat crying the “high road” is laughable, since they do not afford any courtesies to Republicans when they steamroll their odious agenda.

  7. Leftists believe that “civility” and “compromise” mean you give us some of what we want now, more of what we want later and we give you nothing in return.

  8. Del. Clint Jenkins, D-Suffolk, asked Freitas to change course. “This is a different body,” Jenkins said. “And I think we should take the high road.”

    Jenkins is being deceitful, but even if he weren’t, his “high road” is in reality the one paved with good intentions. We all know where that one goes.

  9. Good for the republicans! The despicable demoncrats did this when they had control of the House, they kicked republicans off committees and now, when they are kicked off, they still have the insane gall to get up there on the floor and yell, scream and even cry. They’re a bunch of disgusting children. No more playing nice with those spoiled brats!

  10. Until the lawgivers Enact, a law, and begin a production line method of executing monsters, 30 days after conviction (30 days for the appellate court to review the case and assure due process was given), then this is just more tyranny.
    With fewer monsters running around, and a good object lesson to children, on what happens to monsters under the “Law”, lawgivers would not have to bother with new tyrannies against the People.

  11. Any political action, no matter how small, that publicly slaps Dimwitocrats in the face gets my approval and support !

    Time for real hardball: when Republicrats rule, no Dim gets any influence in day-to-day activities of the legislature. I expect Dims to return the favor. So be it until doomsday.

    What’s the point of gaining political power if you don’t use it to wipe out your political enemies? We are no longer a union of states, but a collection of factions. High time we acted like it.

    • I’ve been waiting for them to grow a pair and fight back for 50 plus years. Sam I hope you’re right. It would be nice to see for once.

      • “I’ve been waiting for them to grow a pair and fight back for 50 plus years.”

        Reality is the Republicrats value losing with grace and honor. Better to be “right” (correct), than rule.

  12. @Rob S

    Bobert and Greene remind me of the 12th General Order for Guard Duty:
    “I will walk my post from flank to flank,
    And take no crap from any rank.”

  13. Its about time that some Republican finally understands that dealing with Democrats who have a rigid my way or the highway attitude can only be dealt with by getting into the gutter with them and giving them exactly what they give us, nothing but grief, pain and agony. My hat is off to this Republican Legislator for having the guts to do the right thing and go eye for eye with the Democrats. Only thing they are going to understand, believe me. Latest news from FBI whistle blower is they are going after Christians as threats to the Country. Civil war is approaching so lock and load as these people are insane.

  14. or expand laws meant to remove firearms from people convicted of domestic violence or subject to restraining orders.” — Except for one problem, those laws are illegal and were struck down at the Federal level just last week. Also, if you smoke pot they can’t take your guns away either. That too, was struck down in Federal court last week. Open carry is going to be the law of the land very soon no matter what these liberal say or do.

  15. Many Republicans just want to play ball with the Democrats, they are already beaten and cowed by their “friends” across the aisle. The Uniparty is in full roar. By the way, the Constitution gives the House the job of writing an annual budget. If an annual budget is passed, there are no debt limit fights because the spending is approved for the entire year when the annual budget is passed. Isn’t it amazing how that works?

    The Republican controlled House will ignore the Constitution and not pass a budget, and why is that?

    • The Republican controlled House will ignore the Constitution and not pass a budget, and why is that?

      Probably because the Democrats passed that obscene 1.7 trillion dollar Omnibus Bill (a combined appropriations bill that funds the Govt through Sept 23) in place of an itemized budget just before they went home for Christmas, it passed the Senate with 16 “Rinos” voting for it and Braindead signed it while he was laying up in Bahamas or wherever he ran off to…

      • There is a lot of pork in that Bill and we didn’t even manage to secure our border. Ukraine gets all kinds of cool stuff and still loses in the end.
        Eggs are $5 a dozen and natural gas prices are obscene here.
        No giving away money to other countries until we get OUR country in order.
        We got screwed on that one large.

        • The question was “why won’t the Republican House pass a budget”? I provided an answer, I don’t agree with the way they did it or all the BS that was crammed into it, but at least some folks are paying attention… $43 billion to Ukraine is negligible to some of the REAL garbage stuffed in that turd sandwich.

        • You can put all kinds of things in 1.7 trillion dollars and I haven’t read the bill because there isn’t a thing I can do about it.

          There is enough room for so much pork in that bill that it would put ham at pennies a lb.

          The money to Ukraine is just an example of one country, we give a bunch of countries a bunch of money that should be used here in OUR country.

          The old keep your own house in order philosophy.

          We give 157 different countries money and that comes out OUR pockets and most of the USA is in shambles.

          Politicians are not “normal” people so they don’t do what an average American does like shop for food or pay for utilities. John Q Citizen is freaking out over egg prices, the cost of gas is higher but the cost of natural gas is insane. I have NEVER paid so much to the gas company and we had a mild winter where I live. My gas bill is double of what was last year and that was a colder winter. It’s like I have all my windows open.

          Trickle down economics is out because US corporations have to make up for loses because of Covid lol. Inflation is through the roof and some people are barely making ends meet and it’s only going to get worse. They aren’t paying people more and here’s a perfect example. Every store is going to self check out. In the past they had to pay 5 cashiers to check peoples purchases out.
          Now with self check out ONE person can watch the self checkouts which means the loss of four jobs.

          I lived long enough to know that once something goes up in price it never goes down. The country has to reduce spending and not just raise the debt ceiling and spend more.

        • Now with self check out ONE person can watch the self checkouts

          And with newer cameras and sensors you can soon kiss THAT job good-bye… Whole foods has scanners that check you as you walk out and just charges to a credit/debit card on file, only people involved are receivers and shelf stockers also soon to be replaced. AI is coming and humans are rapidly becoming obsolete…

        • The same with Amazon Fresh. The best part of that is in my neighborhood pretty much everyone has Amazon Prime. I was a member of Amazon for years, going back to when they mainly sold books. Amazon Fresh is the same thing as Whole Foods but I think your credit card is on file with Amazon.

          I had a dog that had hip dysplasia and would order Cosequin from them every two months. Did it work? IDK but my vet said it couldn’t hurt. Long before Prime they had free shipping on anything $30 and up. The Cosequin was usually a little over so it shipped for free. They dropped the price to $29.99 to hit me $7 shipping, I would call and get an American, they would add a penny and bam free shipping.

          Then Amazon started outsourcing to a call center in India. I called and got an Indian. They wouldn’t budge, it will be $36.99 with shipping. I said you know what, look at my purchases and how long I have been with Amazon. The guy wouldn’t budge and I said If you don’t make this right I will cancel my membership or whatever they called it back then. The Indian at the call center said so you want to cancel your membership? To which I replied yes and haven’t bought a thing from them since plus Apu did cancel it so screw them.

          Jeff Bezos can kiss my ass.

    “… $43 billion to Ukraine is negligible…”

    As I understand the funding mechanism, the vast majority of the money goe to US corporations, who then move support items to Ukraine (or keep the money in the US as training for Ukrainian military). Then trickle down economics kicks-in (corporations buy stuff, pay employees; employees buy stuff which goes to other companies who pay employees,) and the band plays on.

  17. You can’t be “civil” to spoiled, entitled punk children who’ve never heard the word “no.” These Demonunists need to be dealt with in like fashion at EVERY turn. THEY are always on the wrong side of the argument and hate this country as currently structured.

    The ends justify the means, just like they did in their big heroes’ (Stalin and Mao) dictatorships. People be damned; we’re just an obstacle to be swept aside.

    Good luck with that.

  18. You can bet your sweet bippy the dem/communists will mess their britches over that one good for the republicans give them a little taste of their own kool aid.The dem/communists think they have control and maybe they do but it looks like to me they have stepped on their own dick.

  19. Anybody want to bet how long it will be before the left starts spewing that gun ownership is racist and oppressive to minorities?

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