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By Ryan Frasor

“Working as intended.”

That’s how an attorney with the Gifford’s Law Center described Proposition 63, California’s cockamamie ammunition background check system which, in less than six months, has denied over 60,000 Californians their right to purchase ammunition.

That equates to approximately 20% of all ammunition sales being rejected by the California Department of Justice. So, of course, those 60,000 denials must have been violent felons who were forbidden from owning firearms altogether, right?


More than 99% of the denials were false-positives.

People whose only crime was having a change of address, a misspelled name, or simply not being in California’s registry.

These law-abiding Californians were denied their God-given, and constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms, and the Giffords Law Center is thrilled that the law is “working as intended.”

All part of the plan

While I don’t often find myself in agreement with the Giffords Law Center, in this situation we’re in total agreement. This crooked system is working exactly as the politicians who enacted it intended.

The goal of the anti-gun left is, and has always been to impose as many barriers to firearms ownership and operation as possible until it becomes so inconvenient to exercise our Second Amendment rights that gun ownership in the United States simply dries up.

Of course this type of constitutional infringement isn’t solely limited to California. In fact, the same sort of violations have been taking place on the national level for years.

The NICS system, which processes background checks on all commercial firearms transactions also has an abysmal false positive rate of over 90%.

The Consequences

The fact of the matter is that single mothers, military veterans, and even police officers are being wrongfully denied the ability to purchase ammunition because of the California registry.
One such example is Dan Logan, a 72 year-old Vietnam veteran and retired California Highway Patrol officer who was denied his right to purchase a box of shotgun shells from a sporting goods store in Folsom, California.

Mr. Logan’s story is just one of 60,000 instances of California’s ammunition background check scam in action.

However, it’s not just individual gun owners who are being harmed by California’s radical gun control laws.
The state as a whole is suffering as well.

As politicians continue to invent more insidious ways to trample on the Second Amendment, sportsmen are fleeing the Golden State in droves, and they are taking their money with them.

So far in 2019, hunting license purchases have fallen short in the last year by more than 10,000, decimating the state economy, costing people jobs and harming the states wildlife.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee;

In California, around a quarter of the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s budget is paid through hunting and fishing license sales and taxes on their firearms and gear. The funds go to pay for state wildlife programs such as habitat restoration and refuges.

Turning a blind eye

Even as his state throws away millions in revenue and denies thousands of law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights, California Governor Gavin Newsom refuses to acknowledge the failures of his state’s draconian gun laws. In fact, he wants other states to follow California’s lead.

I’d like to see them model California’s background check on ammunition purchases.

For those of us who don’t live in California, it’s easy to overlook the unconstitutional regulations that pro-gun Californians are forced to deal with.

However, if we are going to defeat the gun-grabbers across these United States, it is imperative that we stand in solidarity with our fellow gun owners in California, and nationwide.


Ryan Frasor is a senior contributor and Firearms Policy Specialist for the National Association for Gun Rights, a 501(c)4 organization representing 4.5 Million Second Amendment members and supporters nationwide.


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    • Can’t be too bad- I’ve spent over $300 in mostly RCBS, some Frankford Arsenal & Lee. Blew the dust off a Rock chucker kit we’ve had since the late 90s as we did a lot of pistol shooting. Had to update it for AR rounds.

      • I have reloaded rifle, pistol/revolver and shotgun ammunition almost for more years than I can remember, starting n 1967.With the current prices of smokeless powder, primers and projectiles, unless one casts their own, loading your own becomes questionable costwise. That said, as for the situation in California, where I once resided, what is the situation with the above mentioned, powder, primers, bullets and brass? Something I’ve also wondered about is the following. What happens with California’s Gun Owning Voters at election time? Is that a dumb question?

        • Alan,
          I haven’t bought a “factory loaded” round in 30 years. (except 22LR and I have a “ample” supply of those) years back, I could see the ‘writing on the wall” and made sure I purchased components WAY ahead of the COMMUNISTS. The only thing I have bought lately is powder, and did it while the “hazmat fee” was lifted. I DO cast my own bullets and have a supply of lead. Actually handloaded rounds are more accurate than factory.
          Actually these COMMUNISTS that are running our “government” do NOT care about the Constitution, the bill of rights OR their “sworn” oath of office. Just look at how the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are attempting to “impeach” OUR POTUS. (not done until it goes to the Senate) These COMMUNISTS ignored the Constitution (while quoting it), the rule of law, all because their “CHOSEN”, crooked “queen” got her butt “shown the door” (AGAIN by we the people that refused to allow another DEMOCOMMUNIST to infest OUR Oval office (like the last FRAUD “occupant”)

        • Some people question the cost/benefit analysis – what is the cost of your freedom?

          Oh, and for cost-benefit – the cheapest 9mm I can find is Wolf shipped to my door by TargetSportUSA for 14 cents/round (shipped).

          I can still reload 9mm for 12 cents/round.

          Considering I shoot about 10,000 rounds of 9mm per year, that saves me $200 per year. My opportunity cost is time – I can do about 100 rounds in 10 minutes on my 650XL.

          And more importantly, nobody can control my supply.
          AND my ammo is more accurate AND lighter recoiling than factory ammo.

        • Oh yeah – I also reload .38 Special for about 12 cents/round – cheapest I can find anywhere is 24 cents/round – so I’m saving 50% on that.

          Although I shoot maybe 2,000-3,000 rounds of .38 Special per year for ICORE and practice.

        • I appreciate the “ghost ammunition” comment. Points out how the antis keep making up new terms they hope will help them finish us off.
          “Saturday Night Specials.” “Cop killer bullets.” “Assault weapons.” “Ghost guns.”

          There is a simple way to eliminate Ghost Guns: Repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968. Didn’t need serial #s before that.

      • But you have to say it’s turning into a homeless, drug infested shit hole. Sad to see that. Let’s teach our babies about anal sex, and let it be OK to have sex with a minor are some of your great laws. Let’s have a free needle exchange program and a safe place to shoot-up. That state is run by warped, perverted and corrupt individuals and they are worried about bullets and straws. I feel sorry for the normal people living in that state because there are way more disturb folks living there to vote out your twisted politicians.

  1. ..and so why isn’t there any class action injunctive relief petition filed with state and federal courts? I know it ends up in the 9th communist circuit but that is what the Supreme Court is for? Why are Californians not fighting back? It seems they have just surrendered to this totalitarian afront!!!

      • A petition for TRO is pending. It was continued to allow the State to provide more data. It did, but that data hardly helped its case.

    • This is the main flaw in the Constitution that our forefathers missed! There should have been a provision in our Constitution that required ALL laws, Acts, Bills, or other legislation to go through the SCOTUS, to establish constitutionality, BEFORE it become law. As it stands now, legislators simply create any law they want and the people are forced to comply until someone has the money and time to fight it all the way to the SCOTUS. A second flaw in our Constitution is the immediate removal of any and all legislators who submit or show support for any law, bill, act, etc. that the SCOTUS deems unconstitutional. What this would do is force legislators to have constitutional scholars/experts to establish constitutionality before submitting it, hence eliminating 99.9 percent of these unconstitutional/illegal laws.

      As for the SCOTUS, there should be a provision that allows for the removal of ANY justice who, in a three year period, has 50% or more of their decisions on the WRONG side! And for federal judges, if they have more than 50% of their decisions overturned by the higher court.

      • “There should have been a provision in our Constitution that required ALL laws, Acts, Bills, or other legislation to go through the SCOTUS, to establish constitutionality, BEFORE it become law.”

        That would leave us with a government oligarchy of unelected rulers.

        • “These “bills” should also have to be voted on by citizens before being enacted.”

          Think that through, for a moment.

          Who initiates the bills?

          Who “passes” the bills?

          Answer: the very same people “the citizens” voted into office. Why would they vote to reject a bill initiated by those they elected? If “the citizens” don’t like the way a legislator operates, why don’t “the citizens” vote those disfavored legislators out of office?

        • “Why would they vote to reject a bill initiated by those they elected?”

          Because they proposed something that goes against why they elected them? What kind of moronic logic is this? Why not just vote them out? Because that takes time for elections to roll around. All the while they’re throwing out bills left and right.

          Stupid, stupid logic.

        • “Because they proposed something that goes against why they elected them?”

          The same people keep electing the same people. Sounds like satisfaction to me. Why would satisfied voters vote against politicians they are satisfied with? Regardless of fantasies, satisfied voters are not suddenly going to discover first principles, and decide they must be rid of the politicians who satisfied them.

        • “These “bills” should also have to be voted on by citizens before being enacted.”
          The US is a Representative Republic for a reason.
          It would be like 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.
          Our government here is the US is far from perfect, but it’s better then the others.

  2. Roll your own as long as you can. That’s what I’ve been doing since the Draconian law went in place. Even when Walmart starting dumping their ammo at a clearance prices, I refused to take part in that background check B.S.

    I’ve stockpiled enough ammo. Now I’m trying stockpile powder and primers ’cause Im fairly certain those bastards in Sacramento are coming for those next.

    • “Roll your own as long as you can.”

      Ah, there’s the rub.

      Eventually, government will get around to controlling/banning sale and importation of primers, powder, bullets. Simple change to existing laws.

      • The way things are going, an AG could simple “interpret” the existing law to include components as well as finished ammo.

        • In DC a spent cartridge counts as a round when they charge someone so there is precedence they could point to in court.

      • Check your laws as there may be a limit on how much propellant powder you can legally store. In my part of the world it is 10kg, or about 22 lb for those non-metric people.

        • Legally store? I gave up on caring about that crap some time ago. Just don’t store it all in one place. I’ve got stuff at more than one location in the anticipation of coming hard times.

    • ATF:
      “Smokeless powders designed for use in small arms ammunition are exempt from regulation under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 40 and the regulations in 27 CFR Part 555. Packaging that readily identifies the smokeless powder as being designed for use in small arms ammunition may help in determining whether it is entitled to the exemption. Smokeless powder designed for use other than in small arms ammunition, and explosive products such as squibs, fireworks, theatrical special effects, or other articles that may contain smokeless powders, are regulated and must be stored pursuant to the regulations at 27 CFR 555, Subpart K – Storage.”

      • “Smokeless powders designed for use in small arms ammunition are exempt from regulation under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 40 and the regulations in 27 CFR Part 555. ”

        That’s only federal law. States don’t need a preceding federal law. How easy is this to enact: “Importation, sale, possession of any form of gun powder, cartridge casings, or bullets requires a state license. Individuals intending to engage in use of the items listed must pass a state and federal background check. Unless a person or entity is an FFL, no more than one sale of either gun powder (limited to 2lbs), cartridge casing (limited to 50), or bullets (limited to 50) per month is permitted.”?

        It is comforting to think of liberals as stupid, but they are cunning.

  3. >>unconstitutional regulations that pro-gun Californians are forced to deal with.<<

    Nobody is being "forced". Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission. Those who sit there and take it, will continue to get it. They've got choices. Might be inconvenient, but they've got 'em. So either leave the communist hellhole, or run for office yourself, or sue. 60,000 people filing a class-action lawsuit for constitutional rights infringement WILL get heard.

      • That would be illegal. One cannot import more than 50 rounds. It is only an infraction for a first offense, but they confiscate all that ammo you have in your vehicle, which could be a pricey loss. The State has agents watching gun stores and gun shows in Reno and Vegas and take down California license plate numbers for enforcement purposes when you cross the border.

        • How are they going to catch you? Last I heard California doesnt believe in border controls and is a “sanctuary state”

        • It works that way here for fireworks purchased in Indiana. People fill their cars with that illegal stuff and get busted crossing the border. All their stuff taken. I always wondered what happens to that stuff…..someone must have fun.

        • @me

          That only applies to illegals. Borders are very important to Californians when it comes to law-abiding citizens of the USA. They need to do everything they can to check those dangerous people.

    • Might go New Zealand where the prog buyback/turn-in has ended as an abject failure (something like 25%). Ignore the SOBs.

      Is that greaser with bracelets pose the idiot governor? Cuff him.

    • Keep saying that, The idiots who flee California still vote blue when they move to your red state. Coming to dirty up your neck of the woods because their trash fire is really hitting it’s peak. Guess what else follows?

  4. If only you all knew how absurd this law is. For months I had to take my birth certificate to buy ammunition because I didn’t have a real ID. The reason my regular ID wasn’t good enough because they gave drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Therefore I had to bring my birth certificate to prove that I was not an illegal alien. Every time you buy ammo you have to sign about six different pieces of paper After the background check and the gun shop or seller has to save that for 5 to 8 years I think.

    If my business was mobile I would have been gone by now. Can’t wait until I’m able to leave this state.

    • Do you have to bring your birth certificate to vote?

      I thought the leftists told us that requiring an ID is racist? They’re okay with that now? Or maybe, just maybe, they aren’t serious people.

      • No, in KommiFornia you do not need to be a citizen to vote. In fact if you are not a citizen you can vote multiple times, especially if you are a deceased KommieCrat.

      • The ones in charge are VERY serious. They intend to step right in with ready-made solutions when the problems they’ve created cause a critical mass of people to lose all confidence in America’s constitutional system.

        Everybody else…not so much. Most of them just don’t think about it at all. Sounds good, feels good, no need nor desire to ask questions about where all this is going.

  5. The idea of restrictions on ammunition is nothing new. I don’t remember who proposed it, but idea was once floated that if you had more than 1000 rounds you had to register your home as an armory. Boys and girls that’s two bricks of .22 LR. Oh, that included 1000 primers. Supplies dried up. I have enough ammo to last me the rest of my life. And yeah, I get the whole Wal-Mart thing, but I laid in another 200 rds of .44 Mag, 400 rds of .45 ACP and 150 rds of 9mm. For $110 including tax. No background check. Ammo is like money. Never too much and never not enough.

  6. Coming soon to ILLinois I’m sure. Those on the border should know there’s plenty of Indiana shops who DON’T bother with ID! What a hellhole Commiefornia has become!

  7. So why not just pull out? Honestly?

    Let California be the Petri dish. Pull out all sportsman, 2a supporters and firearm manufacturers and let them experience their utopia.

    I’m sure many of you will scream that if we do that we will never get it back but I disagree. Without us and everything we bring to the table collapse or tyranny are the only outcomes. And I am willing to bet in much shorter order than some would think. It would be a perfect example of why we ( and the 2A ) are necessary.

    • The Dems will wave you good bye and good riddance. They don’t want you to hunt here anyway. You just pollute the environment with all of your toxic lead core ammo. (Oh wait, now all hunting requires copper or similar solids, steel shot for birds.) That is the end game, to ban firearms in the state, not by a direct ban, but by making it too burdensome and expensive to participate in shooting sports and hunting, or even self defense. (Next year, a new state law will allow counties to set their own rates for issuance of CCWs. I suspect the most costly permits will be for those in counties that don’t issue or barely issue as it is.)

      At the rate things are going, pretty soon they will be paying Fish & Wildlife personnel to cull a massive increase in the deer herd. Or they will import wolves. (We have a pack or two now.) They are even talking about bringing back grizzlies.

      • Hi Mark, I agree that is what they want and would/will do in regards to conservation. My point is that much like everything else they do, that they control, it will fail miserably. And I’m emphasizing a complete shut off, no firearm sales, no ammo, nothing to any entity in California. I don’t think they could even institute any type of rule without police or security being armed.

    • It’s not that simple. I have a daughter and young grandson here that wouldn’t think of leaving California and I would never leave without them! Many of us are tied to the state so you saying just leave is not only impractical but nearsided as well!

      • If your daughter is an adult and thinks California’s progressive dystopia is just peachy, let her keep living in it. You can visit anytime, and they can return the favor.

        I know how difficult it is to pick up stakes and move. I’ve done it a few times, and the thought that I might soon have to do it again, given the way WA is trending, gives me heartburn.

        But please consider it. What if CA actually started exporting something *good* to its neighbors?

        You staying in California isn’t going to change anything in that state for the better. You’re hopelessly outnumbered, and you know it. But if only half of the Californians who appreciate freedom left for another Western state, there are enough of you to tip the balance in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona for a generation or more.

        • well, come OR and buy ammo, but go home after. We,ve seen what happens when ya’ll migrate. This is why orygun is a demoncrap lib craphole. Stay and fix your own mess, dont bring it here…any more

      • Does your daughter like stepping over needles and excrement, or does she think the stink is part of the ambience? Like the ambience of Paris which was urine from open air public toilets.

      • Hi Henry! I understand never wanting to leave family or giving up on them. Providing them with a true opportunity of freedom by moving away and letting California fail would be the greatest gift you could leave to your future generations.
        Think of this:
        If it becomes utopia they are safe, if anarchy reins they have a established sanctuary you provided in a different state free of tyranny.

        I’m not forgetting or belittling any Cali 2a families or supporters, I just think y’all’s power and effort could have exponential effects if a drastic action was taken! I just gave an example of what I assume would be a successful 2a movement. You don’t have to agree but if not what would you suggest that may be done to allow the status quo to be broken and real positive change to materialize?

      • Ok how bout this. You and all the gun people convert to doing only cash business especially where the money goes to the state or county, municipalities government, now convert all your cash into two dollar bills. Every purchase made with two dollar bills milk, eggs, gas, beer, you buy it with two dollar bills. Then go public tell the merchants if they want to keep getting that money, they better straighten the politicians out or you’ll just start buying all your stuff from nevada, oregon, and mexico. Hell make caravan runs. Get some of the calipornia truckers to bring trailers full of bread, potatoes, etc. Quit buying calipornia fruit, vegies, if it doesn’t say grown in Guatamala, Florida, or Mexico don’t eat it. Three months they’ll be on their knees, broke and begging.

  8. CA”s gun control is a cancer that is actively preading through Oregon, Washington and threatening Idaho, Arizon and Nevada. When the CA dem/libs cant tolerate the shithole State they created the flee the crime, high taxes, homeless thousands, mass sanctuary and sufficating Laws for a better place. Then they immediately work tirelessly to create the whole damn thing in their new home State.

  9. “…if we are going to defeat the gun-grabbers across these United States, it is imperative that we stand in solidarity with our fellow gun owners in California…”

    Exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time. Chaps my hide when I read comments from other TTAG users here acting as if all Californians are crazy and should be thrown into the ocean. We’re doing our best to fight the dragon, and the fight doesn’t get any easier when our so-called 2A brethren from other states sit on their porches and call CA gun owners lazy.

    Help us storm the castle and win the multiple challenges we have working their way through the courts.

    • What we need to do here is get the State of Jefferson, or East California, or whatever you want to call it going. Split the state and let the commie liberals have the sinking western half (i.e. San Fransicko, Lost Angeles, and the rest of the “coastal elite” areas). The eastern half of California doesn’t think like the western half, but there are too few of us to beat them at the ballot box.

      • “What we need to do here is get the State of Jefferson, or East California, ”

        IIRC, the last map proposed by the separatists indicated a major liberal city anchoring the new territory/state.

        • Notice I didn’t include any of “those” cities. My idea would NOT include ANY of the coastal cities, nor would it give them any water from the eastern side. They can go desalinate the ocean they pollute.

        • “My idea would NOT include ANY of the coastal cities”

          Wouldn’t that mean having to defeat those who oppose separation, and those who already have maps drawn? Tough road ahead.

    • Would you like us to send you some Virginians so THEY can declare your counties 2A sanctuaries?

      Maybe they can cut your lawns and fix you a nice Soy Latte while you watch.

    • No, not all Californians are crazy. But that state has gone full progtard, and its downward momentum isn’t likely to be arrested by anything short of a violent implosion. If you stay, that state is going to take you down with it.

      Meanwhile, we could really use some more people like you out here in the rest of the West. Just imagine what it would be like if California’s net exports actually tipped toward something GOOD for once.

    • Haz-i know how sensitive you are about your California people, so give us something we can get behind and support that is going to bring about real change to your state. Something different or a new angle but preferably something that will work. The answers aren’t easy but the battles are being lost and need a turn around.

      • The first step is to get rid of stupid primary system that always guarantees only Democrats will run in the general election. That’s gotta be the worst idea ever in political history.

        • Yup. Only two states – CA and WA – have this system. Implemented by the Democrats, of course.

          However, it doesn’t “guarantee” Democrats. Last year (Nov 2018), our gubernatorial race ended up with a Dem (Newsom) and Repub (Cox), with Cox getting an astounding 40% of the vote, much more than anyone expected.

          If the new-but-criminal practice of “ballot harvesting” and the opposition to voter ID is ever eliminated, I’ll bet the odds would be more like 50/50 due to the elimination of all the illegal votes.

          Okay, TTAG/Dan, this is getting really frustrating. I *just* posted a couple of comments, and now suddenly I’m being asked again for the CAPTCHA. There are no links in this comment. Why is this happening so often? What’s the logic behind it? Same computer, same IP, same username.

    • “Help us storm the castle and win the multiple challenges we have working their way through the courts”

      What do you propose? You’re outnumbered and they stole 4 seats last time. The courts don’t care either.

    • Exactly. I’ve had friends move out of Kalifornia only to turn around and point their finger and laugh at our crazy new laws. People think that if they leave it all stops. Kalifornia is the front line in the battle for the preservation of freedom in this country. Sickens me.

  10. Commyfornia, a disease thats trying to spread to give tyrannical goverments and dictatorships around the world hope.
    All they have succeeded in doing is creating a blackmarket and underground that will soon rival the underground for non legal marijuana sales.
    Hand loaders will make their dent by producing their own and bringing the componets in under the radar of the commies. They will eventually start getting them thru the blackmarket too. This could indanger lives of good people by powders being tampered with or counterfeited. These kinda of goods make it in all parts of the free market. Amazon has been afflected by this even. Just normal goods as i dont beleave they sell powders and primers.
    Then there is the off the radar grid manufacturers that’ll supply both the good and bad peoples needs.
    Then there is all the tax money lost that dems crave so bad. Not to mention the shops that they are hurting so much,(that part they love) as they are dead set on ridding their state of the constitutional rights so they can continue raising taxes to run their goverments B.S. .
    It’s just continues to be a move for them trying to succeed from the union. Just like in a bad movie from a b grade Saturday afternoon matinee.

  11. The phrase, “Death by a thousand cuts” is a thing because it works.

    There is no limit to the number of restgrictions local, state and federal government can enact. Likewise, no limit to the number of unconstitutional restrictions that can be enacted.

    The anti-gun mafia is waging war. Gun owners are largely a debating society, with conflicting and competing goals. NRA never could, never will band all the anti-anti-gunners together into one overwhelming political force. We are saddled with being on permanent defense, fighting one battle at a time. And “time” is not on our side.

  12. Constitutionally protected, yes and I agree/support.

    God given right to bear arms and things that go pew pew, other than a church bench? No, this is not a God given right in any sense. Wish we’d get past this idea of God and guns.

    • Agreed. So tired of the “God given mantra” God isn’t going to do s**t to defend this right or any other right. It’s a meaningless concept.

      • “So tired of the “God given mantra” ….It’s a meaningless concept”.

        Without a basis in “God given”, your rights stem from what the most powerful among us will permit. It was a good enough mantra for the founders. It is a reminder that unalienable rights preexist government and human law. Cast that aside, and you have Venezuela.

        • He’s right, though. God isn’t going to reach down here and magically fix anything.

          If you really do hold that these rights are God-given, then God will help you defend them — but first, you have to actually start doing it. Too many people just point at the Bible and say “but God says.” They forget that what God says is something WE need to DO. God can’t help you do anything if you’re not even trying to do it.

          Caveat: I’m an agnostic, so take my commentary on God with a grain of salt. But either way, it can’t hurt if people get off their rumps and start working to improve the situation.

        • Not aware of anyone who claims, “God-given rights” means God will supernaturally (or via established nature around us) “reach down” and enforce those rights. The claim is that restrictions on those rights are illegitimate because government, and mankind can confer no rights.

          If endowments of the Creator are not real, certain and preexisting, we have no rights, only privileges granted by the most powerful elements in society. Thus, the Constitution is folly, a fairy tale in bad taste. The end game of that is individuals have no right to oppose government, because individuals have no preexisting rights granted by an authority greater than man-made government. The founding is then illegitimate because the rebels had no superior right to throw off the existing government, only the force to do so.

        • I’m not saying that’s what they claim. I’m saying that’s how far too many people act.

          Having been raised in the Mormon faith, I’ve heard the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” so many times I still reflexively believe it. Too many people out there are just invoking God’s name in vain and waiting for unearned grace to drop like manna from the heavens, as if signaling their wish to receive were all it took.

        • “…as if signaling their wish to receive were all it took.”

          Seems to work for Dimwitocrats. Why not us?

      • Please proove to me that God doesn’t care about law abiding citizens in places like Chicago, who are dying and having their homes burglarized at rates ridiculously higher than other areas which do not make it near-impossible to own and carry a firearm? My point is obvious. God forbids murder, but He does not forbid a man to protect his family. As a matter of fact, God’s scripture commands it. God and guns do go together. Banning them as the demon-crats want will be a prelude to genocide. Massive genocide.

    • You might want to di a little more research there, Kahlil. The RKBA is only Constitutionally protected because it is a God given right. As the Founders explained in so many ways. You have the right to defend yourself, your loved ones and your property from those who would take it by force. By any “arms” you choose to employ. And the Bible has plenty of references to the actual defense of self and loved ones. Abraham rescued his nephew Lot from kidnappers with 318 armed men in Genesis 14. The Book of Nehemiah talks about carrying weapons while the men were rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. And Jesus told the disciples to carry a sword at the Last Supper in Luke 22:36. A gun just happens to be the MOST effective way of defending yourself. And it makes a 100 lb woman equal to a 250 lb man.

      • Don’t forget that when Jesus was arrested he also told Peter to put away the sword and stated that those who draw the sword will die by the sword. Scripture cuts both ways. Granted there is no scriptures on guns directly (weapons, ok) but it it still far stretched to claim the 2A is God given.

        • Kahlil, Jesus told Peter to put away his sword because it wasn’t time for violence. Jesus had to complete his mission to die on the cross for my sin and yours and the whole world’s. Jesus told his disciples to have a sword since he was going away and they would need to defend themselves on the roads they would travel. Peter and many of the other disciples thought it was time for a revolution. And it was. But not the physical kind. It was and is a spiritual revolution. We may be arguing semantics here. The RKBA isn’t directly taken from scripture but it is referenced. And, as I said before, the right to defend yourself is God given.

        • “the right to defend yourself is God given.”

          If any government has the right to use armament to defend itself, the citizens of that state must have preemptive rights to armed self-defense.

        • “but it it still far stretched to claim the 2A is God given”

          Only for someone uneducated about the framers, the times they endured, the stake they drove into the ground….all rights flow from the “Creator”, not government, not the ballot box, not the King, not any human or human social structure. Under your construct, there was no point in throwing off rule by Britain.

        • Kahlil, if you believe that life is given to us by God, how can you also believe that God wouldn’t give us the right to defend his gift?

          It seems obvious to me that everyone who believes in God as the giver of life has not only the right, but a sacred obligation to defend that greatest of all divine gifts.

    • “Wish we’d get past this idea of God and guns.”

      Take that up with the founders, who had great respect for God. All those unalienable rights you love….

      “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”

      “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,”

      “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence”

      But, hey, what did a bunch of white guys know?

      • Very good, and you are correct. But note that there are actually four references to Him in the DOI:

        “…appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions…”

        • “But note that there are actually four references to Him in the DOI:”

          True. Just thought a couple were sufficient to underscore the point that without a being superior to humans, all law is man-made, and can be fashioned to serve whatever purpose man intends. Without a supreme being, the constitution (and the revolution) were pointless waste of lives.

    • “No, this is not a God given right in any sense”
      You couldn’t be more wrong!
      The Bible speaks of taking your money and buying a sword…what could be more God-given than that? (the right of self-protection)
      This country was founded on rights given to us by God, how do you not understand that?

        • “Funny how this God given right can rendered utterly moot by mere political machinations. Thanks God.”

          In the immediate sense, you are right. Gov’t will always try to usurp power. However, if there is no higher power than human law, all life is a permission of government. Hence, there can be no appeal above government for justification of human rights. “Nature” is no more able to stop legislation than any other fiction.

          If human government is supreme, there is no point to this blog, and you should make better use of your time.

        • “So when is God going to join the fight ?”

          According to the Shia flavor of Islam, right after the arrival of Muhammad al-Mahdi, the 12th Imman, who is believed by the Shia Faithful to be alive today…

        • God won’t do everything for you while you just sit there with a stupid smirk on your face, Jabber. Show some respect.

          You have to actually join the fight first — and when you do, God will join the fight WITH you.

          I’m a fallen agnostic, and even I know that.

        • Ing

          I have more faith that James Madison and the founding fathers are going to rise from the dead to defend the Bill of Rights than I do in your God ( or any other god ) manifesting himself in any tangible manner. The fight is exclusively in human hands.

        • “You have to actually join the fight first — and when you do, God will join the fight WITH you.”
          Some truth dropped right there ing.

          The creator is in each and every one of us, and therefore works thru us.
          The only enemy the creator will overthrow is the enemy we choose to take on ourselves.

  13. As a aerospace engineer in Dallas with three cars and a double lot with the ability to send my sons FA guns online I declare this an awesome gun! Off the my Christmas cards and sniffing hairless nutsacks.

  14. Admittedly California’s law could have been better written. A gun owners i.d. card good for 6 months or even a year would have been a better system. Simply swiping your card would have run an instant check on you and then you could buy the ammo. In other words you do not throw the baby out with the bath water and scrap a system because it is not working the way you want it to rather you improve it.

    No mention was made by the Author on how many gang bangers were turned down from buying ammo because to the Author it is “an inconvenient truth”.

    The authors attack on the Brady Bill was pure lies and propaganda. The Brady Bill has proven it worked for decades. It has denied 10’s of thousands of criminals and nut cases purchase of new firearms but it does not cover second hand sales which is an absolute absurdity.

    Although I would not support limits on the amount of ammo one could buy if this were the law a special i.d. card given to people who are proven to engage in competition with firearms at registered clubs would then enable them to buy large amounts of ammo. Really I do not think a law like this would be necessary if one had a firearms card because you would have already been vetted for purchase of guns and ammo.

    Get used to reality. In 2020 more restrictions are coming and it will be bi-partisan no matter who is President including Trump who has been a fake supporter of the Second Amendment just to get elected and after 2020 if he still is in office (highly unlikely) he will no longer be protecting gun owners and blocking any gun legislation.

    Yesterday a large Christian group who formerly endorsed Herr Drumpf condemned him after the impeachment and said they would be voting against him in 2020.

        • Vlad, if you actually had any clue as to what you were talking about, you’d know that CA *does* offer an I.D. card for ammo, and it’s good for four years, not just 6 months. Costs $50.

          Your avatar is appropriate for you.

    • What do you mean the Brady Bill worked?

      The best study of the Brady Bill effects showed absolutely no change in homicide or suicide rates in states that were affected by new background check requirements vs. states that already had similar requirements. The comparison is especially powerful because it is like a randomized clinical trial, not based on associations or confounded by unrelated factors. (Ludwig, Cook, JAMA 2000).

      Background checks in California are particularly comprehensive and cover private party sales and misdemeanor violence. They surely would have changed the State’s suicide or homicide rates, right? Nope. Background checks in California, however comprehensive, have not changed gun violence rates at all. (Webster, Wintemute, et al, Annals Epid 2018).

      Background checks have denied people a purchase. We hope most of those people are prohibited for good reason and hope that not too many law-abiding people were denied mistakenly. The more complete and accurate the database is, the more effective it would be in balancing public interest with constitutional rights.

      What I strenuously object to is Democrats thinking that “background checks” are going to do ANYTHING about gun violence. We should admit that background checks will not change violence AT ALL, but that other things like enforcing current laws, stronger penalties for law-breakers, and targeted violence intervention programs would help.

      Anyways, just throwing that out there.

      • “What I strenuously object to is Democrats thinking that “background checks” are going to do ANYTHING about gun violence.”

        You do not understand the genius of background checks.

        Every time a purchase is blocked, that person is forever prohibited to buy a firearm, anywhere. Additionally, a purchase denial saves lives because a denied person obviously is the kind of person to be a criminal, and prone to using a gun for violent purposes. Every denial is a criminal who cannot buy a gun. Every person denied is a criminal who will not be able to use a gun to take the life of another. Once a person fails a background check, it is illegal to buy a gun. That stops crime.

        How can you not see the elegant beauty of requiring background checks for gun purchases?

        • To Sam
          “””””””””””””””””””””””””””Every time a purchase is blocked, that person is forever prohibited to buy a firearm, anywhere””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          For Christ Sake Sam quite making a fool out of yourself. I have known people who were blocked by the Brady Bill and yes they now are purchasing firearms and one in my opinion was blocked for a legitimate reason. If I had been a government man I am not so sure he would even today be allowed to buy a gun but the governments suspicions were just that suspicions and not proven but it showed the Brady Bill did indeed work because he was flagged and should have been flagged.

      • To American Citizen.

        “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””What do you mean the Brady Bill worked?”””””””””””””””””””””””

        Wake up to reality. Yes the Brady Bill works and works very well. It is not a panacea because the NRA blocked it covering all gun sales when it was passed. When the Brady Bill blocks someone who is prohibited from a gun across the counter sale it is working and that is exactly what it was designed to do. Do not condemn this bill because its been deliberately watered-down by the NRA. The Stats prove beyond all doubt that over the many years the Brady Bill has been in force it has indeed blocked criminals and even nut cases from getting guns. Could the vetting system be better, more detailed and more in depth, yes but that is no reason to suddenly thrown out the bill or block its adoption for all gun sales. That is long overdue and its pure insanity not to and soon.

      • Yes, and this is what makes the ammunition background check requirement even more of an affront.

        If it actually worked, it could be acceptable to some gun owners. But many people (myself included) have grave reservations about the integrity of this system. I’m hoping it will get overturned in legislation.

        Interestingly there was a study looking at all types of firearms regulation (dealer licensing, gun purchase background checks, ammo background checks, assault weapon bans, magazine capacity restrictions, child locks, etc) and comparing the associations of each with firearm-related deaths. The authors found that states with ammo background checks were associated with a statistically significant decline in firearm-related deaths. But I’m so annoyed by this study, because the authors ignored all the other very strange associations they picked up. For instance, states with laws about child access prevention (locks, restrictions, etc) were associated with increased firearm-related death! And states with assault weapons bans, that type of regulation was associated with increased death, yes increased. (Galea, Fagan, et al, Lancet 2016).

        Gotta love firearms research.

        • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””Yes, and this is what makes the ammunition background check requirement even more of an affront.””””””””””””””””””

          Good God you cannot be serious. That was 101 times criminals or nut cases could have walked in bought the ammo and walked across the street and robbed a bank or shot up a school. Yes California’s system needs to be fixed, modified or changed but do not throw out the baby with the bath water.

    • Gang bangers don’t buy ammo retail unless through straw purchase. If drugs can be brought in by the tonne, a thousand rounds of pistol or rifle ammunition is also an easy package to smuggle or steal. It does not need a semi-trailer to move and storage shed to store.

      And the NICS, produced about 30000 denials a year but fewer than 30 actual arrests. Nearly all of the NICS denials are FALSE POSITIVES which are quickly overturned.

      • Sorry Commissar of the people. Your propaganda is false. What did happen was that many criminals and nut cases even if they were “not prosecuted” were denied a purchase. Stop lying between you teeth, dancing around the real truth and trying to lay rectum gas smoke screens covering up the real truth.


        Almost 1.5 million prohibited purchasers have been denied at the point of sale since 1994.

        Between 1999 and 2006, 11,058 denied purchasers were arrested by the authorities after they attempted to purchase a gun, with 1,314 arrests in 2006 alone.

        Nearly 40% of the denials in 2006 involved individuals with felony records attempting to purchase firearms. (In fact, 6 out of every 1,000 applications in 2006 were made by felons.)

        From 1999-2006, 183,714 NICS denials were appealed, or 15.5% of total denials during that period (almost 1.2 million), and of those appeals, only 65,695, or about 5.5% of total denials, were reversed.
        Even in 2006 – 12 years after enactment of the Brady Law – over 125,000 people prohibited under Federal law from buying guns tried to buy weapons from licensed gun dealers. That includes felons, domestic abusers, the dangerously mentally ill and others.

        Despite arguments from the NRA that gun control laws only affect “law-abiding Americans,” the statistics above show that criminals and other dangerous people often do try to buy guns from licensed gun dealers, and background checks instituted as part of the Brady “Gun Control” Law do stop these sales and do lead to arrests.

        At present, however, the Brady Law requires only Federally licensed firearms dealers (FFL’s) to run background checks for the firearms they sell. Unlicensed sellers don’t have to run any checks at all, and gun shows, with their built-in customer base and changing venues, provide some of the best opportunities for prohibited purchasers to buy guns. (Watch this investigative news video to see how it works.)

        One issue that comes up when I discuss our efforts to extend background checks to all sales – including at gun shows – is who should have access to the NICS database, and exactly how unlicensed sellers should be expected to run background checks on gun buyers.

        As the state of California has shown, the process is simple. In that state, a background check is required for every sale, with no exceptions. For every unlicensed sale, buyers and sellers find an FFL to run the background check for them. At gun shows, usually there’s one at a nearby booth. Sometimes the FFL charges a nominal fee for running the check. After the background check comes back as approved, the sale can be completed.

        Have gun shows been harmed by this law? The answer is clearly “no.” In fact, one recent study shows “that gun shows can be regulated … without greatly diminishing attendance or commercial activity.” In fact, when compared to shows in nearby states, “the number of attendees per gun vendor was higher in California,” even though comparison states had larger shows.

        The same process, by the way, would work for any unlicensed sale. If somebody wants to sell one of their guns to a neighbor, all they both would have to do is find the nearest FFL – usually a gun store – to get the background check run and finish their transaction. Obviously, Federal law enforcement authorities do not want just anyone accessing and possibly corrupting the Federal database.

        We go through required governmental filings and approvals when we buy a house or a car – even with private sales. All gun sales have important public safety implications which should justify the minimal intrusion of a background check.

        This should not be controversial. Nobody wants dangerous people to get their hands on dangerous weapons, and one of the ways we prevent this is to require background checks for all gun purchases.

        As Senator John McCain said in 2000 in endorsing efforts to close this loophole: “Convicted felons have been able to buy and sell thousands of guns at gun shows because of a loophole in the law. Many were later used in crimes. That’s wrong.”

        The real question our lawmakers should be asking is, with about 40% of all guns sold in America coming from unlicensed sellers, how many more prohibited purchasers would a stronger Brady Law be catching?

        A little “red tape” at the time of a gun sale should help us see less police “yellow tape” at crime scenes in the future.

  15. I have been able to purchase ammunition, but I’ve certainly had to wait in long lines and been at the mercy of the database system they are using.

    I have concerns about the integrity of the database because I had to register the country of my birth. I said “Vietnam”. Apparently, this is not in the California database as a choice. The store clerk even showed me the drop down on the computer screen and it wasn’t there.

    Another clerk suggested we try “Republic of…” and sure enough what showed up was “Republic of South Vietnam”. That’s what I had to choose as my birthplace. I’m not kidding.

    What kind of crap is that? There hasn’t been a Republic of South Vietnam since the Vietnam War. Does California think that’s still a country? Why wouldn’t Vietnam suffice? If they can’t even get their geographic choices straight, I don’t know how they can have faith in other information fields they are collecting on us.

    • The law requires that you have an instant background check against one data base to see if you have a gun registered with the Dept. of Justice, and a second to see if you are a prohibited person. Should be easy peasy BUT there are millions of firearms in the state that have never been registered because they were purchased before we had gun registration, particularly with respect to long guns, as that law went into effect, as I recall, January 1, 2014. That’s why the retired CHP officer couldn’t buy shotgun shells–he’d had his shotty for longer than the registration law. The remedy is for him to voluntarily register his shot gun (an intended effect os the law).

      But the regulations are far worse than just this. The Ca.Dept. of Justice requires the vendor to identify all ammo sold by amount and caliber, and as to each separate type of ammo, the type (JHP, FMJ, etc), the bullet weight, the velocity, the manufacturer, and the intended use (plinking, hunting, or range). (I don’t think that there is a use category for self-defense). It is unreal. And all this date goes into a massive new computer system that will have no functional law enforcement use.

  16. I see many of the common refrains in the comments here, the main one being “just move”.

    California is a model for how the Democrats are going to run the entire country when they eventually manage to recover a majority in both houses of Congress and retake the Presidency. Won’t happen in the next election, but I fear it’s coming. They’ll cheat to do this, but the means are irrelevant, all that matters is the end. All of these horrible, ineffective, emasculating anti-gun laws will be implemented Federally when that day comes. So my advice is, quit kidding yourselves. Move if you’d like, but you’re better off preparing for the worst case scenario in the future, because the odds are it’s the most likely one.

    • Meh. Look at the UK elections. They told us for years that Brexit was fake, a fluke, we needed a second referendum, etc. Then they ran an actual out-of-the-closet Communist, Jeremy Corbyn, as the opposition leader trying to take down “Britain’s Trump”.

      So they had an election. The damn commies got slaughtered at the polls. Worst results for them since 1930. And British Trump got the majority and the mandate he needs to get Brexit done without delay.

      And that was BRITAIN — a country that’s been thoroughly emasculated over the last several decades. Over here, we have actual red-blooded Americans. I am thinking 2020 might not turn out the way the commies think it will over here. If the R’s can get pick up 8 senate seats and flip the house, you’ll have an outrageously energized right that will be anxious to fight back against the hell the D’s have inflicted on us the last few years. National Reciprocity will be the least of the things that will likely get passed.

  17. Well, we’re on to them: the point is burdening the deplorables.

    In case anyone forgets, they crow about that now.

  18. This is why the Democrats are openly creating a National Gun Confiscation Plan. The next Census, according to an active ongoing study by the Washington Examiner, shows that the 5 most Partisan States (MA, NJ, NY, IL, CA; all good ‘ole Scumbag Democrat States), through Race-Based, Tribal, Identity Politics will fix the next Census Electorate in favor……of DEMOCRATS.

    America’s future of becoming a Maoist Shithole is coming. Virginia is the spark.

    • Unless there’s something I don’t quite understand, this article seems to suggest that NY is going to gain 4 seats in the House. This makes no sense. NY State has suffered a loss of roughly 50,000 residents a year and has been for quite some time. It’s getting worse by a considerable margin since Trump took office. People are leaving. Even NYC’s native population is leaving, the only things keeping the population at somewhat the same level is immigration. Upstate is bleeding residents. Prior to this article, I had actually heard we were losing a seat in the House and also losing an electoral point. How then, with the massive population loss the state is suffering, is it possible that it’s going to pick up 4 seats? Is there something in this article I’m not understanding?

      • Illegal aliens being counted in the Census? A good number of CA seats are from illegal aliens. Why do you think the Dems objected so strenuously to the citizenship question on the census?

        • Pretty sure the “immigration” figure that is keeping NYC’s population roughly the same/slightly larger is taking into account illegal immigration as well. Something doesn’t add up. In another generation, upstate is going to be a forested graveyard, that doesn’t compute for adding Congressional seats.

  19. In what used to be pretty darn 2A friendly Washington State, the governor (Jay “My Presidential Candidacy Fifteen Minutes Of Fame” Inslee) and the attorney general (Bob Ferguson who just launched his 53rd lawsuit against the Trump Administration) are already promising to push through ammo background checks, an AWB, standard capacity mag ban…they’re drunk with gun control mania after getting Initiative 1639 rammed through the last election. And THAT was after getting 594 through, enhanced/extended background checks that has led to exactly zero people being prosecuted over the years.

    Just bought a 10/22. The favored weapon of criminals and crazies everywhere, right? NRA instructor, CPL holder, but I had to wait for days for the local PD to do a background check (with an extra fee), then the ten day mandatory wait started. And I had to show that I had completed a 1639-compliant safety course (thank goodness you can take a free one online. No matter that the NRA courses I teach cover the same material).

    Yup – burdensome and expensive delays that hurt law abiding citizens and have no effect on criminal behavior is definitely a feature and not a bug in Washington State these days.

  20. California gets what they deserve.. You people in California lived with this BS for years. If you do not have enough backbone to move, then lick the boots that kick you. California is to far gone, what it will take is the majority of the state to leave.

        • “It’s vertically-integrated ‘societal recycling’ ”

          Can’t we suspend the requirement for technical accuracy just for a bit, to have some fun?

    • Not really. It just takes the downtrodden, taxpaying right to leave.

      Communist hellholes cannot exist without extorting taxes from their victims. So leave. And take your tax dollars with you. When all that’s left are illegal immigrants and homeless, the whole stinking structure will collapse in on itself.

      Go Galt. But by all means, STOP PAYING THEM TO DO THIS TO YOU. Stop paying state income tax to support that government. Get out. Let them reap what they have sown.

    • I guess Virginia got what it deserved, too?

      “Move to a free state!” – the rallying cry of the coward.

      Imagine if the founding fathers had been so craven.

  21. I’m glad I left california when I did. When I was there I saw many Liberals coming from other states to live the “California (welfare) Lifestyle”.
    Vote for Trump so he can continue to replace the Liberal judges in California and in the rest of the country.

    • Judges won’t help California. It’s a one-party state, and it needs to fulfill the measure of its existence. Judges might rein in some of the most egregious violations, but democratic voters can amend the state constitution all they want to bring about their socialist utopia, and judges can’t say anything about that.

      California has fallen too far, there are only two ways out — either an utterly massive “hidden vote” turns out and throws out the current leadership (which is nearly impossible), or — self-respecting, freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens refuse to continue to support and enable the California government to oppress them, by leaving and taking their tax dollars with them.

      To the rest of us — if we want to do something to help our California brothers and sisters who are trapped behind enemy lines, quit using Google and Facebook. Stop drinking California wine. Don’t smoke California pot. Don’t pay into the tax system that is enabling and feeding the oppressive government.

      • Judges can help. But the citizens (voters) in California need to grow a spine. What’s wrong with these rural counties? State of Jefferson????
        An outsider like the President of the United States can only do some much. Its up to the voters.

        I remember when 200 very ugly trannies drove to Kern(?) county to protest the conservative voting to ban homosexual marriage in the state.
        So you can’t get two hundred 2A supporters to show up at any county council meeting anywhere in California????
        I already know those ugly trannies were anti gun civil rights from SF.

  22. Perhaps it’s time for citizens in free states to do ammo-runs into the state of California? You know, help out patriots who are trapped behind enemy lines.

      • “An ammo convoy? ”

        “Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the rubber duck. you gotta copy on me, pig pen, c’mon? ah, yeah, 10-4, pig pen, fer shure, fer shure. by golly, it’s clean clear to flag town, c’mon.”

        • They were nice enough to put the 12 long-haired ‘Friends of Jesus’ in the chartreuse microbus behind the suicide jockey hauling dynamite… 😉

  23. Quote: “What do you mean the Brady Bill worked?” Doesn’t matter if it worked or not, it is unconstitutional. “Shall not be infringed,”not ‘it would be really nice if the government didn’t mess around with it.’

  24. “They put the 12 long-haired ‘Friends of Jesus’ in the chartreuse microbus”

    Actually, it was only 11
    “Well, we shot the line and we went for broke
    With a thousand screamin’ trucks
    An’ eleven long-haired friends a’ jesus
    In a chartreuse micra-bus.”

  25. Humor me a moment please. Lets play time warp game, the year is now 3030 unbelieveable I know but the climate stabilized, there was peace around the globe, no annihilations, no world wars, no nukes irradiating the land. There is still strife, unemployment it at an all time high, the economy has tanked. The liberal gun grabbers have won, the only people who have guns are the police. Even the black market has dried up, there are no guns. I’m a young guy with two girlfriends and four babies. I quit school to try and support the children. Now I can’t get a job there are none. I’ve been getting by doing some petty thievery, but now I need a really big score. If only I could buy a gun. That’s out since 2021. I got it. I’ll hide around the corner, when the beat cop walks by I’ll smack him with this two by heavy. Take his gun and ammo. That was easy. I might sell this or maybe just rob a bank or anyone I want to. Maybe I’ll just shoot the girls and the kids, then sell the gun and what’s left of the ammo. Wonder how many other young men have thought of this. Must be alot because there are way more prisons than before. Ok warping back now. Thanks for playing ”where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

  26. I’m of the opinion that all gun manufacturers and ammunition suppliers need to cancel all contracts and refuse to do business with any state or lower-level entity in California until these ridiculous laws are repealed. No business with an entity that refuses to acknowledge and accept the Second Amendment. Just cut them off. Then, cops would have to go to gun dealers to buy new firearms and ammo and would get caught up in these cockamamie programs. In essence, if the goal is to disarm some, then force their system to disarm all. Then, let’s see where gun laws go in that state where the elites live by the rule of “What’s good for me is only good for me; what’s good for you is illegal.”

  27. The only way you’ll have an effect on illegal gun control laws is to fight back, literally.

    Any LEO that enforces gun control is fair game for lethal force response. When that becomes commonplace, they’ll quit enforcing their Oathbusting crap.

    I’m not anti-cop, I’m anti-tyrannical cop. They should stand down on this one.

  28. As a resident of Northeast Los Angeles since I was less then a month old, my theory is that people from New York, Boston, etc. are further ruining California, in many different ways.

  29. What an awful place to live. This states sole purpose has literally been reduced by its own legislature to a buffer to an an amphibious invasion for the rest of the country.

  30. The PRC (People’s Republic of California) sucks. And it is only going to get worse and worse.

    As a 57 year old lifelong resident of this state (San Diego area), I’ve watched it literally go to shit.

    That is why I’m retiring and leaving the state for friendlier territory (as are many, many, MANY others).

    When I was in elementary school (early 70’s), I actually carried a Japanese Arisaka type 99 to school for “show & tell”, without anyone batting an eye. If that was attempted today, the cops would be called, my parents would be detained and likely charged with something. I would have been remanded to counseling (along with all of the other students who were traumatized by the exposure), and my dad’s collection would have probably been confiscated under some sort of “red flag” protection order. And that’s only IF I made it down the block to school, carrying the rifle.

    My, how times have changed…(and NOT for the better).

    I like to think that, I’m not leaving California, California left me…

  31. I genuinely wish we would just declare war against the insane demonrats and start shooting. Before allowing them any more irrational actions.


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