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Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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As far as Gavin Newsom is concerned, extremism in defense of gun control is never a vice.

California already has among the strictest gun laws in nation. Previous to this, Californians could only buy one handgun per month, with a ten-day-waiting period to pick up the gun once it is purchased and a ban on modern sporting rifles. Earlier this year, the state required background checks to buy ammunition.

The latest gun laws are drawing ire even before the ink has dried on Newsom’s signature. The new laws will:

  • Enact age-based gun bans for adults under the age of 21 who want to purchase centerfire rifles.
  • Ban gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  • Eliminate the state’s $100 cap for concealed-carry permit fees (making the fee limitless).
  • Require “precursor parts” (including unfinished lower receivers, barrels, and triggers) to be sent to a licensed dealer for background checks and fees to be assessed.
  • Expand so-called “red-flag” laws to allow school administrators, employers, and co-workers to petition courts to have firearms confiscated.
  • Expand extreme risk protection orders from one-to-five years, allows courts to issue simultaneous search warrants, eliminating the right to due process.

Even the ACLU, hardly a gun-loving organization, said the last one was too much for them. They said it “poses a significant threat to civil liberties.” Brown, who loved to sign gun control laws, rejected similar legislation twice.

– Lawrence Keane in Gov. Newsom Fiddles With Pointless Gun Restrictions While California Burns

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  1. “California’s Gavin Newsom Continues to Pile On The 2nd Amendment Restrictions”

    And he’s going to continue as such until challenged…
    The question on my mind, why isn’t anyone challenging his actions, or has CA been lost…???
    Just about all trends begin in CA, and if CA goes down, that’s just the beginning…

    • How he calls them “precursor” parts. Just like the chemicals for making meth. That’s a smart way to brand them for the public’s eye. From their point of view at least. It begins the narrative that they’re GOING to he used in a nefarious way, and they people buying them must be seedy. That’s smart marketing.

      • Let’s not be disingenuous… You don’t buy an 80% lower for any other purpose than completing it and ultimately making a functional firearm. This is an interesting adjustment of the goalposts though

        • Ordinary people have nothing to worry about when someone builds an AR but the government has much to be concerned about. That’s the 80 percent lower issue in a nutshell.

        • Oh, I don’t know about that; I’m sure there are lots of 80% lower “paperweights,” just like the brass knuckle “paperweights” I’ve seen advertised.

        • No, but I buy barrels and triggers to muck about with existing rifles I own. Sounds like precursor and replacement/upgrade parts are one and the same.

        • that law doesn’t go in effect till 2024 plenty of time buy “parts” barrels ect . but plenty of people were behind the curve when ammo purchasing law went in to effect.

        • “You don’t buy an 80% lower for any other purpose than completing it and ultimately making a functional firearm.”

          One company sells 80% (or less) lowers made out of brass as decorative paperweights. They’re not designed to be made into guns (brass isn’t good for making modern guns, as it has a low strength-to-weight ratio, which is why we stopped using it for guns after the 1866 Winchester and 1860 Henry), but brass does make attractive paperweights. They are designed for decoration. Could you make them into a gun? Technically, in the same sense you could make a block of any other unsuitable material (lead, plastic, tin, platinum, gold, silver) into a gun, but everyone knows they’re paperweights — except for politicians in New York and New Jersey!

          These brass paperweights are illegal in New York and New Jersey, and possibly other states which have politicians so stupid they can’t tell the difference between brass paperweights and guns. Probably Commiefornia too.

    • Thing with 2A legal battles in California, they can take awhile unfortunately.

      California is starting to be sued on these things, but the process can take along timebin the 9th Circuit.

      There have been some successes…like the ban on large magazines in California- or the ban on open carry in Hawaii brimg ruled unconstitutional…but even then, the States are still trying to get those pro 2A decisions over turned…

      One guy I donate to has been fighting his 2A case since 2010/2011! He is doing it without a lawyer too, even argured in court his self, and wrote and filed everything his self.

        • It’s been so long, I almost can’t picture a world in which the 9th regards the Constitution as law rather than an obstical.

        • There are no political solutions.

          Only a clown would claim otherwise.

          Just give Netanyahus puppy god Trump another 4 years, right?

        • All of this is just a delaying action. We will get to keep our stuff for a few more years if Trump wins in 2020. Once the dems get in power again, it will be a free for all to punish the wrong thinkers and individualists, court decision or not. These people have no self restraint and we have seen that the constitution is not limit on their ambitions.

    • Unfortunately I had, because of wives and girlfriends, the displeasure of having (I loved each of those women very much), lived on and off for several years in California, San Francisco and Los Ángeles areas. It is a sh*thole state, as Florida is becoming. When my country went left, my father made the right choice and we left. A generation later I am believing that we are facing the same issues in our country of refuge. It is no longer a question of where to leave to.

  2. For all those in “free States” that think they’re not impacted by this, just wait. What happens in California is critical to all people trying to preserve and exercise their second amendment rights. California laws have and will continue to spread to “free states”. California is the testing ground for the legal and construction limits of gun legislation, what passes muster then infects the rest of the country.

    • I’m not so sure. I think CA’s antics are forcing the issue of judicial review. They’re no longer trying to “boil the frog” slowly, but are now pushing everything they can while thinking they have free reign. At some point, Sacramento will hit a wall. Judge Benitez’s ruling on the mags last March was a good example.

      Also, how many other States have pointed to CA as something they want to avoid, as they passed their own Constitutional Carry?

      • You make good points. However, I do worry about the entire nation being “Californianized” in 2024 if the Dems get power over everything again. I think that’s what “free-staters” should be most concerned with. Of course it would force judicial review, but that will take years to resolve. In the meantime, they’re going to try to ban all semi-auto’s the minute they can Federally.

      • Haz, that does make sense. The mass shootings seems to be the Dems favorite motivator, not suicides or gangs shootings. FBI and local LE are slowly improving their online monitoring/assess/engage. This takes time and the CA Dems will keep milking the gun control. CA is not a good example, It’s a warning to free states.

        • One state really needs to become a tyrannical government in order to teach the other states a lesson in tyranny. Having any kind of sex (public or private) you want, unless your on Welfare, and legal drug intoxication is not Liberty. But most California voters think so. The “Bread and Circus” act continues in the not so golden state.

    • The AWB spread to ‘free states’… and then it went back. State AWBs aren’t exactly spreading anymore….

      • “State AWBs aren’t exactly spreading anymore….”

        Florida will likely have a referendum in 2020 if they pull enough signatures to get it on the ballot…

    • California gun owners need to get off their @ss and show up at meetings. Wear a pro 2A shirt. Wear a “I will not comply” shirt. Prove to me that california gun owners aren’t just a bunch of whiny bitches. Support your state shooting teams with your dollars and or volunteer your time.

      The California Map map shows where clay target teams are located. Anyone can find where their state teams are. Support them dammit!

      Now Try and explain it to empty headed gun owners with no kids and who aren’t married. Tranny storytime is better correct???

      • Chris in KY.

        Are you in Kentucky, or is that just a name?

        I live in CA. We have ZERO representation in the gun sphere. We barely have representation on the right wing.

        Saying we need to “get off our collective…” Is rather like telling the Jews of Nazi Germany that they needed to get off their buts and just petition Hitler for more rights.

        There is truly no one to petition too. None of the politicians here would give a damn. Hell, they’d probably just get face shots and send “red flag” teams to collect weapons as we are obviously deranged.

        I get your fighting sentiment, I once had it.

        In CA, sadly, we’re beaten.

        Baring some major shift, and I do mean “parting of the red sea” level epic. Any hope for CA will come out of the feds. 9th circuit (gulp) or the supremes.

        • Hey Kyle. I’ve lived in CA my entire life. Born and raised here. And in fact, I *AM* actually wearing a pro-2A shirt as I type this while in my employer’s offices, which are located in the L.A. area and in a very left-leaning industry. There are two rifles across the front of my shirt, and the words “We The People” across the back.

          Everyone cheers when somebody else says “from my cold, dead hands…”, but for some reason we have many wimps here in CA who buckle when the Left cuts a fart.

          I do my part. I refuse to give up. Sounds like you already have.

        • The 9th, even if it turns, can only do so much if local and state officials ignore the law. And they’ve proven themselves perfectly willing to do that in service to their ideology. Favorable rulings might free up the more rural/interior areas of CA, though. That would be something.

        • to kyle
          “Saying we need to “get off our collective…” Is rather like telling the Jews of Nazi Germany that they needed to get off their buts and just petition Hitler for more rights.”

          It seems you have not heard of the Jewish “Rats” who came up out of the sewers in Warsaw Poland to slit the throats of nazi soldiers. These brave fighters held off a german armored division for weeks. The American 8th AF even dropped supplies to the Poles. But it was the Russian Army that stabbed them in the back by halting there advance on the city.

          During “freedom Week” Magpul and other companies “dropped” 100,000 plus normal capacity magazines to you folks behind the “Iron Curtain”. Have you forgotten this???

          Don’t F*cking quit on me. This is a “cold War” You need to get activated. It’s time for you and the others to become “Guerrilla fighters”. Like the person or persons below. Only make sure you wear rubber gloves so you don’t leave fingerprints. Use Gov Newsoms face and the rest of the California tyrants.

          Broward Coward” Posters Plastered All Over Broward County Sheriff’s Office

        • @Chris T in KY
          The Broward County Sheriff issue is not a good example. It is one of the few issues that the very divisive local Pro2A and Anti2A communities agree upon. No one here but the Sheriff of Nothing-ham and the deep pockets supporting him want him anywhere but in prison.

        • “The 9th, even if it turns, can only do so much if local and state officials ignore the law.”

          Well… We have some history to draw on concerning civil rights being ignored after the civil war.

          They can be made to heel, especially if we loudly insist they do so.

          Justice Thomas was starkly insistent that the 2A not continue to be a “disfavored right’. He may have something up his sleeve concerning the ‘NY Pistol’ case to be argued in December…

      • We can “petition” all we want, and the Democrats, who have a supermajority in both houses of the Legislature, will continue to ignore and/or insult out representatives who speak before the various committees reviewing the latest batch of anti-gun bills. It is a function of population. The agricultural and natural areas are typically red, while the urban areas are blue. But the populations in the blue areas outnumber the red areas 2 to 1.

        • Un-capping carry permit prices could well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

          I hope a seriously Leftist county jacks the price sky-high, because that may be the leverage to get SCOTUS to act on taxing a civil right.

          They could probably get away with a modest price hike, since they could argue the price offsets their actual expenses in issuing them. An outrageous price increase with no good explanation as to why the price is as high as it is good grounds for challenging it…

      • Paraphrasing Chris T in KY’s comment:

        California gun owners need to get off their @ss … and prove that California gun owners aren’t just a bunch of whiny bitches.

        I agree.

        And they should begin with an epic exercise of their right to petition their government for a redress of grievances. I have suggested on this website multiple times that California firearm owners choose a few politicians (could be their Governor and a few key Representatives) and a three or four day window where over 500,000 firearm owners all send a HUGE envelope or (even better yet) a shoe box (via certified mail with return signature required) with their demand that California stop infringing on their right to keep and bear arms. And that very same 500,000 firearm owners should also call those politicians and send them an e-mail during that same three or four day window.

        Those politicians who receive half a million envelopes/boxes plus phone calls plus e-mails, all in the course of a three or four day window, will be unable to do anything for weeks. THAT is a heckler’s veto of epic proportions. (Think about it: how does their staff try to sign for half a million envelopes/boxes and where do they put them???)

        The only time that I ever received any feedback at all was when someone said that those California politicians would not care. How do we know if no one has ever tried it?

  3. Just wait until this guy runs for President in 2024; it’ll be him or Andrew Cuomo leading the Democrats by then.

    • No worries in ’24.
      One of the Donalds children (or the current FLOTUS) will have no troubles retaining the Oval office for the Republicans.
      Kinda funny how the Dumbocrats/swamp dwellers paved the way for family dynasties in politics, it has now become the VERY thing that will cause their demise. Viva la Trump Dynasty!

  4. Beautiful state with so much to offer run by complete lunatics.
    What a shame. I would love to live there but it’s never happening. And it isn’t just guns it’s everything else really.

    • Yup, been to Cali several times and the state is just gorgeous. However, like a beautiful woman who’s overbearing, stupid and insane, the beauty fades to utter insignifigance rather quickly.
      It’s to the point that I refuse to even go there anymore because I don’t want to support any aspect if their economy, not even buying a drink at a gas station. The state is just completely and utterly ruined.

      • Born and raised in California. I joined the Army and latter decided not to retire there. I’m a free man, MG owner now.

        Eternal vigilance is the price for Liberty. Or something to this effect.

  5. Only the Californians can set California straight by “Recalling” ALL Socialist Lib TARDs and holding them accountable for constitutional infringements! Prison would be a good start…

  6. Are there any gun laws left to pass in the state that hasn’t been conceived already by a lib-tard?

    • In his statement after signing every single anti-gun bill presented to him, Noisome stated that there was still a lot of work to be done. So no, we aren’t done yet. One thing they may do, after the Ninth declared that concealed carry is not within the scope of the 2A, is to remove the authority of county Sheriffs and police chiefs to issue CCWs and have that taken over by the DOJ, thereby assuring that there will be very few issued. They have already passed a law to make it hideously expensive to obtain one (which will primarily be used in the cou9nties that do not issue anyway to further limit that number of guns on the street).

    • The situation is never so dire that it couldn’t get worse.
      Total civilian disarmament is a necessary step on the road to the glorious socialist utopia.

  7. How do you enforce regulation on “precursor” parts that are not serialized? There is no possible way to track them or determine which have been background checked and which have not…

    • The same way you enforce drug paraphernalia. It’s just an extra charge or the only charge when stopped or looking for something else. All at the discretion of the DA of course.

    • The precursor parts bill only applies to 80% receivers and anybody who wants to sell them on a regular basis. If you only sell one 80% reciever a month, then the law doesn’t apply to you. It doesn’t apply to barrels or triggers like the above article states. It’s a typical liberal social engineering law that applies to *things* that are impossible to track, creates a *law* that is impossible to enforce, and the only consequence for violating the law (and actually getting caught) is a citable misdemeanor and possible fine. Read the law from the website….

      • See CA P.C. Part 6, Title 1, Div. 2, Section 16531(d)

        As per AB 879, Section 16531(d) is now added to the CA P.C.:

        “(a) As used in this part, “firearm precursor part” means a component of a firearm that is necessary to build or assemble a firearm and is described in either of the following categories:
        (1) An unfinished receiver, including both a single part receiver and a multiple part receiver, such as a receiver in an AR-10- or AR-15-style firearm. An unfinished receiver includes a receiver tube, a molded or shaped polymer frame or receiver, a metallic casting, a metallic forging, and a receiver flat, such as a Kalashnikov-style weapons system, Kalashnikov-style receiver channel, or a Browning-style receiver side plate.
        (2) An unfinished handgun frame.”

        “(d) A firearm precursor part is not a firearm or the frame or receiver thereof.”

        This language between the two subsections (a) and (d) seem to be incongruent. One says the precursor part is the frame only, while the other says it’s not. Previous discussions of this bill included the words “any part that affixes to the frame or receiver”, which now doesn’t appear in the final version of the law. In fact, the bill states that the CADOJ will need to publish guidelines so everyone knows what the heck to expect.

        This will undoubtedly be challenged in court, and hopefully overturned for various reasons, one of them being “void for vagueness”.

        • Subsection (d) is simply clarifying that an 80% receiver a.k.a. a “precursor firearm” is not classified as a “firearm” and vice-versa. “Firearm” has a unique definition in the California Penal Code separate from “precursor firearm” or “precursor part”.

        • Subsection (d) states that it’s not a “firearm or the frame or receiver”.

          And yet an 80% receiver *is* by intent the frame or receiver. What’s confusing is that the law’s text refers to an 80% as an “unfinished receiver”, then also states that it isn’t one.

        • AR ‘forgings and castings’.

          How you define a ‘forging or casting’. In what scale? How close to your final part does it have to be?

          AK flats and Browning sideplates…

          So sheet metal?

          >This language between the two subsections (a) and (d) seem to be incongruent.

          That’s the point. A logically-inconsistent law that’ll be on the books for the next 20 years preventing anyone from doing much of anything, in the name of “progress”.

          Hopefully the black death kills this shithole by then.

    • There’s a flip side to that, though. The creation of so many laws in CA that restrict average citizens but not agents of the State has now reached the point where it might be successfully argued that Sacramento has created a “second class” of citizenry. For example, we normal plebes can’t drive and text, but LEOs can. We can’t drive without a seat belt, but LEOs can. We can’t purchase any new off-roster guns, but LEOs can. We can’t purchase full-capacity mags (aside from last March’s Freedom Week), but LEOs can. We can’t open carry, but LEOs can. We can’t transport a loaded firearm, but LEOs can. We can’t have a fully functional AR-15 without those stupid restrictions or workarounds, but LEOs can. Etc. Etc. And that includes retired cops, so even though they’re no longer in service and no longer agents, they continue to enjoy the rights the rest of us have been stripped of.

      So many of our laws (especially gun control laws) literally contain the text “this bill creates new crimes” while exempting agents of the State that it’s becoming clearer every day to anyone who cares to look.

  8. Should be tried and convicted of treason with firing squad armed with single shot. 22’s.or at least thrown out of office. Preferably from tenth floor window. Does this idiot have any idea what the oath he swore means? Can he even read?

  9. So just for clarification;

    If you discriminate based on age (under 21) is there not a lawsuit that can be filed?

    Chip? Any other lawyer??

  10. hear the crickets coming from Fairfax Virginia

    Its the NRA completely silent about the happenings in cali AGAIN!

    anyone from that state that donates or pay yearly for membership…you are wasting your money

    Go local and pay only for IN state organizations, as the big national one has turned its back on the state

    • Not at all. either directly or through its in-state affiliate CRPA the NRA-ILA had filed multiple lawsuits over the years, a number of which are now pending. They do lobby, but all of the committees are dominated by Democrat majorities who are openly hostile to the NRA, and even rude to doctors who have appeared in front of them. The hearings are a joke, since the votes are decided by party affiliation; the hearings are held only because the law requires it. The decisions are foregone conclusions.

  11. Ive been following him for years. Ever since he was on the Adam Carolla show. He doesnt play with a partiuclar deep bench. Hes a very good political operator for his state: All show and no substance.
    He is very dangerous due to his stupidity. Just another turd in the literal california shit show.

  12. Stupid laws by stupid governors coming to a state like yours shortly, particularly on the west coast, every thing that happens in californicatia , works it’s way into Oregone & Wash. eventually… ,

  13. Newsom has made it plainly evident just whom and what he is! He is no different than any other petty puppet dictator that sees himself as a “god” that must be adored by the people! California was already looked down upon by most, if not virtually all of the rest of the country, as the looniest place in the nation…but running a close bottom race with a few of the North East and the North West States! He is pushing very hard to ensure the place of the state at the bottom of the garbage pile!

    The day is coming when the “people” will just say “NO”! “We’ve Had Enough”! And it won’t be a pretty sight when it happens! I sure would not want to be anywhere near Sacramento when the tide turns!

    Mr. Newsom needs to look at his constituency and see its makeup. Many of those people came from countries that were run by dictators and tyrants! Millions of them! They will only take so much! They will not tolerate being treated as if they were still in the lands that they came from!

    What goes around, comes around! You reap what you sow! And Mr. Newsom, you are sowing hatred… and it will eventually rebound!

  14. They need to loosen up on their bull-sh!! Laws and let the law bidding people alone, see that’s the problem they spend all their time trying to make new ones to take away rights, in place of enforcing the ones that is already passed. That would knock down crime by more then 75%,every good law that would make the different is lighten (weaken )by another new law (example )murder, old law, death, new law, life in prison, out in a few years, costing taxpayers millions of dollars for them to watch tv and support them with their wants, so they don’t mind it so badly, now if they had to do hard labor to support their self, for lights, food, ect. People wouldn’t look at committing a crime, the same way as they do now,

    • Not really. He is like Clinton, and has a hard time keeping his zipper up. He even schtupped the wife of his chief of staff, a guy who also happened to be his best friend.

  15. I live in a state relatively supportive of gun owners, but have relatives and friends in CA, NY, and other anti 2A states. I can see the day coming, especially if Dems control the White House & Congress, that this happens: I go to visit relatives; even if I leave my guns at home, police in my destination state (and even states in-between) know from data mining that I have a carry license in my state, or have ordered parts online, or have posted to this site, so automated traffic cams flag my license plate, my wife and I are arrested and detained without due-process on a red flag order. So much for visiting loved ones! Technology exists now to make that happen, and soon leaders and laws will back that kind of action.

  16. It’s a crying shame that our Constitution does not give us the means to vote a state out of the Union. CA needs to go. It’s a disease.

  17. Maybe some bits and pieces of this will be struck down years from now, but make no mistake, the 2nd Amendment continues to take an absolute beating under Drumpf (Trump).

    There are no political political or legal solutions.

    The sooner Trump voters start admitting they have been made fools of and been double crossed is the sooner they can report to the near nearest tall building and jump. Meanwhile he will be applauding and handing power to the next pretender President.

  18. Shall not be infringed!!!!. This man and his friends think the constitution is merely a suggestion.

  19. The Government is there to make certain that our guaranteed rights, as stated in our Constitution, are preserved, upheld, and not infringed upon. To do otherwise, as Mr. Newsom does, is to commit treason against our Nation and our citizens. This man needs to be arrested and prosecuted for his crimes. (And we all know what the punishment for treason is.)

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