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America’s civilian disarmament community was already severely stressed as a pandemic and social justice rioting resulted in monthly record gun and ammunition sales. Now, in a post-election environment with a Biden presidency looming, they’re grasping for any argument they can as the demand for the tools of armed self defense are now in even higher demand.

“You have a lot of people who are desperate to feel better, desperate to feel safe in some way,” [Texas Gun Sense] Board President Ed Scruggs said. “So they are reaching out for a firearm. There’s no evidence, first of all, that that’s going to work. I think it’s indicative of the level of anxiousness out there.”

Scruggs said his organization hopes people considering a firearm purchase ask themselves a few key questions.

“Why am I buying this? Am I buying this because it makes me feel better right now, or because I really have a use for it?” he said. “Do you know how to handle it? Can you handle the responsibility to keep it safely stored all the time?”

He went on, “It’s not just something to do haphazardly.”

– Avery Travis in 2020 sets all-time record for FBI firearm background checks amid election, pandemic

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    • I visited my LGS yesterday for the first time in months, looking for an old beater shotgun to do a refinishing project on (I actually found one, mostly because it’s black powder only and mostly a wall-hangar).

      I was amazed by how empty the shelves were, and how crowded the store was (it’s a small, upstate NY shop, so “crowded” is a relative term here). Lots of young guys who looked new to the gun scene (you know what I mean) and several women, possibly the first women I’ve ever seen in there.

      This is pretty great on the whole, but I fear these people won’t shift their vote accordingly, ever after this great gun awakening… if voting even matters in this country anymore.

      • I went by yesterday. It was packed. I heard a cashier say $5,200, so of course I had to look. He had two long boxes (Benelli and Sig) and one smaller box, plus some ammo. That looked like a panic buy after the media called the race for Joe.

      • Just imagine HSN selling firearms…Folks we started 10 minutes ago with 20,000 Glocks in your 9mm. They’re going quickly. We have 100 remaining in the popular Cinnamon, 600 in your Navy Blue, about 400 in Espresso, 200 in Cranberry and only 2 remaining in your Charcoal.This item is part of our exclusive “Before Thanksgiving Black Friday Big Deal Sale.” Free Box of Ammo with your order. Free S&H. Only sale of the year. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Get it delivered to your door with the HSN Flex-Pay. No assembly required.

        • Gonna be more like get a FREE handgun with the purchase of 500 rounds of 9mm for a low price of $1200.00

      • Upstate NY already voted red. It’s NYC that gave D a lead of 1 million votes. OTOH, Staten Island is red. So is southern Brooklyn, parts of Queens, and LI.

    • How did Kyle Rittenhouse shoot Anthony Felon in the heart?
      Felon grabbed the gun as Rittenhouse tried to escape, and the two guys pulling the gun automatically aimed it.

  1. Don’t say I did not warn people about this. Happens all the time. Especially when a Democrat is elected. And this one helped draft the last AWB… so that should also be a hint.
    The days of cheap ammo are over.
    Remember what he wants to ban and restrict and reclassify.

    • “The days of cheap ammo are over.”
      Exactly this.
      I’ve grabbed ALL the 7.62×51 (168 gr and heavier 308 Win) from several Walmarts in the D/FW area (over the weekend).
      Federal Gold Metal Match 168 and 175 grain was $27 per 20 round, Federal 180 grain soft point (Elk hunting ammo) was ONLY $17 per 20 rd box.

      • DFW? I was just there for the weekend.
        Did you go to the gun show? Getting in, I thought it was the craziest i’d seen since 2012 sandy hook. I was wrong.
        I’ve never seen anything like it. booths were basically building uppers to sell on the spot. People were lined up for a looong time to get in. There were an insane number of people asking questions showing they were either first time buyers or the kind of people who keep guns in closet shoeboxes 99.99% of the time. I even saw one dude come in with a pocket full of different loaded mags, hand them over to the booth guy, and say “i need more of these. I don’t know what they go to”.
        And now I can say I went to a texas gun show on the first weekend that socialists stole the country…

      • I’m good with reloading supplies.
        The owner of the property where we shoot rifles out to over 700 yds has a reloading building separate from the small home and garage on the property.
        Almost every member of this group have a “sufficient” stock of supplies on hand. Members also help those less prepared.👍

      • As fast as you can, run back to 2019, or if you can’t run that far, February 2020.
        Buy lots of reloading supplies.

    • You have no idea how much your butt-hurt puts a smile on my face, and a *snicker* on my lips.

      Whatever you do, little ‘chewie’, don’t stop! Watching you hiss and spit like an impotent angry cat just makes my day! 🙂

        • Like I already stated, I am a little creeped out since Geoff generally reserves this level of attention to underage boys. Not a surprise that Cames backs him though.

        • I’m curious Chewboxa…. Do you know Geoff in real life? Or are you just saying that the anti gun trolls here all act like and therefore must BE little boys?

  2. Waiting to see how many guns Beto grabs….. waiting……ah yes, he almost had 1…. almost.

  3. As long as we can keep the Senate, very little can be done. EOs will be made, those will be challenged.

    Help Georgia. They are the balance we must keep.

      • Did I say Germany? Sorry, I meant Georgia.

        Somebody should tell Schumer that when someone wants to “change the world” the Tribe usually takes it in the shorts.

        • Silly me, I thought you were referencing the title line from Leonard Cohen’s song on Jennifer Warnes’ fabulous album, “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “First We Take Manhattan [Then We Take Berlin”]. At least Cohen, unlike Schumer, had loads of talent and something to say, and Jennifer sings him superbly (FWIW many use the album as a reference disc when evaluating new audio equipment, particularly speakers). And for those aficionados of good guitar playing, listen on Manhattan for the riffs – none other than SRV, in top form, but you’d probably know that without being told.

        • I refer to Generation Z and the younger cohort of millennials as the “Tomorrow belongs to me” generation and all that implies.

          If I were a Jew in Germany in the 30s I would have trusted Oberfuehrer Rudolf Diels over a KAPO like Schumer. When Diels got the order to round up the Jews in Cologne in 1940 he gave Heydrich the big FU and lived to tell the tale.

  4. I don’t think we need worry a whole lot about gun grabbing dicks for awhile. The issue hasn’t been raised recently by any of the high profile idiots in politics. The Supreme Court seems to be safely on the side of the constitution now. Public sentiment has moved drastically to our side, and even the loony-tunes Social Justice Warriors are carrying weapons. Note the SJW sitting in jail in Denver for improper use of a weapon.

    I’m not saying “don’t worry”, just pointing out that gun grabbers don’t have much going for them right now.

    • Paul,

      If Biden/Harris win the election, I figure the Democrat $hit storm will start brewing around May of 2021. They will “start the conversation” about various strategies and objectives. As the “conversation” builds to a crescendo, Biden will resign allowing Harris to take over. Amidst the thunderous applause and celebration over the first black woman President, Democrats will take advantage of the noise, jubilee, and momentum to introduce something like universal background checks/registration. That will fire up their Democrat base. More importantly, Democrats will use that to portray themselves as “practical”, “common sense”, and not overly radical — that the voting populace can trust them to not go too far on firearm restrictions.

      At that point Democrats will most likely hold at that level until 2024 when Harris will run for re-election and win — soundly defeating any candidate that Republicans bring forth (no matter how good). That also gives Democrats ample time to get a slim majority in the U.S. Senate at which point all Hell will break loose and they will swing for the fences as their first order of business in the first quarter of 2024. And when I say “swing for the fences”, I mean just that: passing new laws which declare all NFA items and all semi-auto “assault weapons” illegal. Finally, depending on how that goes, they may even try to outlaw most handguns, shotguns, and classic “hunting rifles”.

      • Not that I’m completely dumping on you, but the SCOTUS may drop a massive, stinking turd on their little plans…

      • common sense…OK you told me what I already know about sneaky democRats, etc. The question is…After all that smoke what did you accomplish? Nothing Nada.

        If you want to end the never ending cowardly tyrannical threats against the 2A you need to take Gun Control and yank it out of society by its racist and nazi and marxist roots. Gun Control is just as racist and genocidal as slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, consecration camps, gas chambers, forced labor, the SS, etc. It all came from the same big ball of insane sht. To argue with a gun control zealot only gives the zealot standing. No different if you argue with a pile of dung. You’ll only give the dung standing while making yourself look like a fool.

        If someone talks Gun Control you talk racism and genocIde until the only choice for politically inept history illiterate useful idiots who fell for years of slanderous, libelous democRat butt spew is between a despicable agenda rooted in racism and genocide or Their American Freedoms.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • That hinges on keeping the Senate, which Stacey Abrahams has confidently claimed she will provide to the Democrats.

        I wouldn’t bet heavily on keeping that chamber at this point. You know, with us being at the point that people can openly admit to engaging in “irregularities” and get cover from the media and big-time Lefties calling for retaliation against… well, anyone they don’t like.

        An interesting year for sure.

        • “I wouldn’t bet heavily on keeping that chamber at this point.”

          I don’t dismiss that possibility one bit.

          The weapon we do have that trumps any law passed is the SCOTUS. There are challenges to the various AWB and magazine capacity laws out there. The Hawaii carry permit challenge may get there first.

          Then we will see them lose their shit…

      • Biden will only be president for 6 months or a year, then his own party will deem him incompetent and he will step down for health reasons. Kamaltoe Harris will become president and then possibly Pelosi as Vice Pres?. Either way, they will employ new taxes and destroy the economy. Stock market will become a bear market. Why invest, when your own government will penalize you for being successful. I see tough times ahead.

    • Good points but I can’t help remember what they did with bump-stocks. Everything is on the table with demonCrats

  5. It’s still not at all clear the election is over, but I anticipate widespread non-compliance if it ultimately goes to Biden. A Dewey … er Biden administration … er Harris administration, if it happens, will have a very weak mandate and lots of headwinds.

    • Almost no one is a single-issue voter. And of those who are, even fewer of those care about guns (I’d say most single-issue voters are on the question of abortion). When you put up a bad enough candidate, don’t complain about people not voting for him.

      Of course in the past few elections it’s been a question of which candidate can be worse.

      • Hannibal, you’re often the voice of reason, but I have to disagree with you here. This was probably the largest one-issue vote of all time. No one cares about Joe. No one is inspired by his ideas or his VERY long stay (5 decades!) in D.C. What are Joe’s signature issues again? What has he stood for (other than segregation) in his political career? That wasn’t on the mind of most democrats. It was one issue…Orange Man Bad!

  6. All the usual pro Trumper posters seem pretty quiet on these last few post. Licking their wounds I see.

    • Just waiting patiently for the courts to sort out OUR/TRUMP’S victory over you sleazy election stealing commies. Once they eliminate the illegal votes, the dead votes, the double and triple votes, and the ones that were just completely made up Trump’s victory will be overwhelming.


      If that fails, see you in the revolution.

      • I have a feeling that alot of you trolls that voted for sleepy Joe and the Oakland hoe will be as dissatisfied with the quality of your goods a year from now as most everything else that you were sold that were produced by a foreign country… sorry, no returns on defective goods.

        • That’s true, but the media will brainwash them into believing everything bad is because of republicans. Black bloc leftists were rioting in the northwest while Obama was in office. Occupy Wall Street was while Obama was in office. What happened after that? Even more income inequality. Big banks and Wall Street put their money behind Obama (both times), Hillary, and yes, Joe. Yet the media will portray everything as the fault of republicans. Do you think the ignorant youth is going to investigate this? The tech companies have now put right leaning sights at the bottom of search results. If you search politically related questions, you’re going to be presented with left wing views and half truths. There were more unarmed black men killed by police under Obama compared to Trump. Why did they wait until Trump was up for reelection to turn that into a nationwide movement that they pretended was Trump’s fault? There’s a reason for all things…

        • By the way, that black block leftist riot was toward the end of Obama and Joe’s 8 years in office. Why would they be upset after Obama “fixed” everything?

    • Nope, we are just deciding how far down the road to tyranny we are willing to go. What has happened here is much bigger than any one election.

  7. Why am I buying this?
    Because it’s my right.
    Because leftys keep releasing criminals.
    Because government has killed more people than any war or plague.
    Because people in positions of power don’t want me to.
    Take your pick.

    • “Because government has killed more people than any war or plague.”

      It would be more accurate to say:

      Because religion has killed more people than any war or plague.

      It’s not a pleasant thought… but unfortunately true.

      • I don’t think that would be MORE accurate, just ALSO accurate. Government and religion both are just your idiot neighbors who couldn’t get real jobs making a living by convincing bigger idiot neighbors that they somehow know how to do things, neverminding the correct way is always to do what they want and not what you want.

  8. Only an enemy of the Constitution runs on a platform of eliminating the Second Amendment and assisting the destruction of the rest (First, Fourth, etc.). Only enemies of the Constitution vote in favor of such an illegal and Unconstitutional platform. Only and idiot votes for someone not knowing or believing that’s the candidate’s platform. Regardless of any party BS or Trump/Biden hate, one half of the country is clearly either an enemy, an ignoramus, or both.

      • Biden on his first state visit to China will bend the knee, bow his head, and say to Xi “What is thy bidding my master?”.

        • Old Joe will appoint Hunter the graft czar and send him around the world shaking down other countries for more money.

    • And Sig, Ruger, Glock, H&K and the rest.
      All winners and will be busier than a whore on nickel night. 😂

      • Meanwhile Remington is busy being bankrupt and selling itself off, missing the chance to make massive profits on ammo and gun sales.

        At least Colt realized people actually want to buy its revolvers.

        • Remington’s bankruptcy shows what savvy investors have always known — you invest in the company’s management. Big Green’s management sucked. In fact, the degree of suckage is almost unparalleled in American history.

  9. Here, I fixed it for the First Amendment……………….

    Does this offend you? It should, and it should offend just as much when the Second Amendment is spoken of as the original quote stated.

    “Why am I opening my mouth? Am I saying this because it makes me feel better right now, or because I really have a reason to say it?” he said. “Do you know how to not upset people? Can you handle the responsibility to keep knowledge safely stored all the time?”

    He went on, “It’s not just something to do haphazardly.”

    • You realize that reading that doesn’t seem at all dystopian to a Lefty, right? That shit gets them hard.

  10. Anyone who says “there’s no evidence” in regard to opinion is a charlatan.
    If you want evidence, just ask the person and you have it; “Do you feel safer now that you are a gun owner?” “Why yes I do.”
    There you go evidence.

    • It was a means to an end. It was nothing but running interference for the same group of people (democrats) that have been in charge in these cities for decades. It isn’t the fault of democrats that their very loyal electorate are having the same struggles every year. It isn’t the fault of the people in charge of democrat cities. It’s, um, Systemic Racism! Yeah, that’s the ticket! It’s not us, look over there! If you squint really hard, you can see it! We don’t have to prove individual cases of racism because it’s systemic! Just accept it. Hey “Believe All Women” worked (until Joe was up for election), so why not? It worked so well that super woke white girls were yelling at black cops for being racist toward black men.

      • Second City Cop posted a map cross indexing murders and results from the States Attorney race. The Wards with the most murders all voted for Crimesha. Go figure.

  11. “You have a lot of people who are desperate to feel better, desperate to feel safe in some way. … There’s no evidence, first of all, that that’s going to work. I think it’s indicative of the level of anxiousness out there.” – Could be talking about gun restrictions there (and the no evidence claim would be justified). Wouldn’t be so much anxiety if the MSM weren’t pushing the moral panic about “gun violence”.

  12. The demand firearms will be moot when all private gun ownership is banned by the end of next year at best. After all the Complete and total ban of all private gun ownership will full blown door to door confiscation and the execution of all United States citizens that resist is what they want and will get.

    After that passes they can then pass legislation mandating not only the end to private gun ownership but the mandated extermination of all. United States citizens that poses firearms, there families as well as mandate the extermination of all United States citizens that opppose the mandated extermination of all gun owners.

    Since they are already advocating fur the extermination of all Trump supporters it’s only natural they want to exterminate all gun owners, family members of gun owners, all who oppose exterminating all gun owners, all registered Republicans culminating in the mandated complete and total extermination of the entire United States citizens that oppose them. They WANT RIGHT NOW the extermination of 70 million people what’s another 150 million if not 250 million?

      • Actually it would since they would simply deploy the nuclear arsenal. The military leadership is as far left as. Any democrats and share the opinion of them and would probably be pretty gleeful about using the full force of the military including the deployment of the full nuclear arsenal to exterminate the entire population of the United States that opposes the government. Sure most of the military would be opposed to that but they are not running it and the military brass would just declare all members of the Armed Forces not in full support of the killing of the entire United States population that opposes the Democrats to be traitors and all to be exterminated. Sure the military would have the bases and hardware but The Democrats have a nuclear codes A visceral hatred of the military and the drive and ability to nuke are military bases killing as many United States military members as possible. You would think that is counterproductive but the military is a barrier to the ultimate goal of the mandated extermination of the entire population that opposes the so the nuclear extermination of the entire United States military A proper action to take. Also they need to make sure that the entire United States military is exterminate for when the Chinese come in.

        • Yes, military leaders, and most of the military are complete dunderheads, but…..

          The lesson of gas warfare is not lost on them. Using nukes on the US populace is politically and militarily unsustainable. Waco killed “all the right people”, but a nuke will take out the desireables as well (and many left-leaning voters).

        • LOL there won’t be a self-nuking and the numbers are stacked so heavily against them that this is a joke.

          1% of gun owners pop one grabber on their porch and all your cops and half your combat troops are gone.

          I’m in no way suggesting that people do this but there’s a hell of a lot of people here so the arithmetic just doesn’t work out for the grabbers unless 99%+ of gun owners just surrender their firearms.

          2.3 million military, 80% logistics means 230,000 actual usable troops (this includes reserves and National Guard). 900,000 sworn LE with all levels combined. 1% of owners have had enough, all your sworn LE is gone and you have 130,000 actual combat troops left to control a country of 330+ million people spread over 3.8 million square miles using a military that failed to subdue Afghanistan, 37 million people in a quarter million square miles and never fielding a fighting force of more than 50K in one fighting season… in 19 years. So when it comes to actually trying to go full jackboot in the U.S. without massive cooperation from the citizenry, well, good luck with that.

        • “2.3 million military, 80% logistics means 230,000 actual usable troops…”

          On our side are 500,000 + combat experienced troops that retired out over the last 20 or so years.

          Bring it… 😉

    • If that’s a trial balloon for your novel/script/screenplay idea, no, it’s not believable.

  13. God help us if the DEMS are allowed to steal the Potus Election & Steal Georgia!

    Gun Companies and Gun Rights people along with all of us gun owners need to help out the Senators in Georgia!

    Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler need to win these two U.S. Senate races, and we will defend the Republican majority…to maintain the Supreme Court & Stop Biden & Pelosi….

    Although i don’t think we can stop Biden/Harris them from joining the Brown Old Deal & the Paris Climate Accord Which will cost us Trillions!


    • The races are already decided. Expect more of the same. Meaning that the Democrats will win every single runoff election from this point going forward you need exact same tactic they used to give Biden the presidency. Expect him to stop counting votes at midnight, start again 2 to 4 hours later and expect just enough new balance to magically appear that give the Democrats a win.

      Also expect they do that in the midterms as well. At this point Venezuela or China would have more fair elections.

  14. avatar Not accounting for Green New Deal & Potus Harris Destruction here is the Massive Debt! Just add 150 Trillion or more for Harris Destruction!

    Not accounting for Green New Deal & Potus Harris Destruction here is the Massive Debt! Just add 150 Trillion or more for Harris Destruction!


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