recover tactical instagram
Courtesy Instagram
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Recover tactical instagram
Courtesy Instagram

Recover Tactical makes aftermarket grip, brace and rail systems. You can see our reviews of some of their products here and here. On Friday, October 30, Recover became the latest victim of random, unexplained social media exile when they lost their Instagram page.

Their Facebook page remains available…at least for now (Facebook owns Instagram).

Our contact at Recover tells us that they contacted the Instagram drones and received this message:

A Message from Instagram

It looks like your account was disabled by mistake. Your account has been reactivated, and you should now be able to log in. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let us know.


The Instagram Team

But that was over a week ago and dozens of emails to IG central command yield replies acknowledging that the page was “accidentally deleted” but provide no further help. That’s 50,000 followers down the drain for them.

In the mean time, they’ve established a new Instagram page as well as a presence at Parler.

As Recover told us . . .

It is dangerous relying on these platforms that have no recourse and the ability to make unilateral decisions without consequence.

Yes. Yes it is. It’s something that firearms-related sights have been dealing with for a long time and will no doubt continue to battle. And with the pending change in administrations, the situation isn’t likely to get better any time soon.

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    • You realize that firearms is only part of it. Big Tech social media wants to silence ALL DISSENT. If you ain’t Antifa, you ain’t worth keeping around. If you don’t profess socialism, you’re evil. If you even think about guns, you need to die. That is the stance of those smirking rich SOB’s who were called to Washington last month. They intend to impose their perfect society on all of us, and if we refuse, we will be un-personed. Eventually, when they’ve accumulated the power necessary, they’ll come hunt us down.

        • Mark of the beast.

          Revelation 13:17
          “that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

        • Take the current year 2020 divide that number by the mark of the beast, and you get?

          3.0330 <—-that is Joe Biden's text number for his campaign.

          The devil is proud of this work and will reveal him/herself

  1. What we have running social media companies are rich egomaniacs who are no longer satisfied being rich. They want power and control to match their opinions of themselves available by cooperating with the government (who will regulate away their competition) . If you are on their platform and disagree with them you get cancelled. These people are the biggest enemies of freedom in our society.

    • Dispersing your social media footprint among multiple platforms is about all you can do right now. The leftist controlled social media sites are just a button push away from killing anything that they do not like, or anything that doesn’t fit their carefully crafted leftist narrative. It will only get worse over time.

  2. Deep State control of media and just about everything else (including, now, the election results) is effing scary. Alphabet agencies, unelected bureaucrats, activist judges, globalist billionaires and others are shredding the Constitution. Anyone not on board is a pre-terrorist, lunatic, conspiracy monger. And millions of clueless sheep are already brainwashed to go along and kept ignorant. I only wish I were crazy.

  3. Yay social media! A huge, powerful entity run by libetal/socialists with no control or oversight! What could possibly go wrong!?

  4. Facebook, Instagram, Social Media……Dump it, stop breathing life into these organisations. Circumvent them then starve them out.
    Remember, the world DID work before these b******s showed up.

    • Eric, much as I agree, and much as I would like to claim I’ve written those turds off, I must admit when I need to find something I’m right back to Goggle. So while I leave the others completely alone, I don’t find squat via the Yellow Pages any more, if your business is hidden from the web, you are fucked.

    • Realistically it won’t matter until way, way more people have this attitude. FB has like 2.7 billion users. If every gun owner quit tomorrow they’d be down to like 2.6 billion which they’ll just pick back up in China and India in the next year.

  5. Hardly shocking. I suspect that a purge of the socials is in the works/offing. Twatter did the same thing to the “Angel Families”.

    Go post something pro-Trump that’s demonstrably true about, say, an actual, official election investigation. See how long it lasts. Keep doing it and see what happens.

    • Here’s a social media story, will this do for a test case?

      “An Arkansas police chief who posted calls for violence against Democrats on social media resigned from his job on Saturday.

      Lang Holland, who was police chief of the roughly 1,300-person city of Marshall, Arkansas, drew outrage from both local residents and people around the country after making ominous comments online in recent days. In addition to repeatedly saying Democrats should be killed, he shared memes from conspiracy theory QAnon and claimed that the election was being stolen.

      “Death to all Marxist Democrats,” Holland posted on Parler, a new social media site popular with conservatives and used as an alternative to Twitter. “Take no prisoners leave no survivors!!”
      One image he shared depicted a group of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, wearing prison jumpsuits. Under the image he wrote: “I pray all those in that picture hang on the gallows and are drawn and quartered!!!! Anything less is not acceptable.”

      • I don’t know if I should LOL, yawn or feel bad for you.

        Does posting a reply like that give you a headache or are you one of those sub-83 types that actually thinks you’ve made some sort of point?

        • You read his long winded drivel? I have better things to do than read the stuff from the Marxists-R-Us bunch that TTAG refuses to boot

        • Sometimes they amuse me with their antics.

          Laughing at the people who intentionally act mentally handicapped for the purpose of virtue signalling is a guilty pleasure of mine.

          You can tell they’re not actually retarded but they try so hard to convince us that they are. Sometimes that level of intentional self-harm is delicious. Like watching a soykid get a tattoo. Or try to remove one… with a cheese grater.

      • Minor miner democRat…stfu. Never mind what others say or do. You and your democRat Party ilk still own the legacy of slavery segregation Jim Crow the KKK lynching Eugenics Gun Control and other race based atrocities. The only thing we need to see from you and your despicable ilk is Monetary Reparations. PAY UP.

  6. avatar Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! is REAL! Free Speech Banned unless ur a Leftist or IRAN Threatening to bomb other Countries!

    MY IG PAGE and other Social Media accts. taken Down for No Reason!

    Followed all the CAPTCHA challenges adding new phones numbers etc….got the 24hr wait msg..after 2 weeks nothing but, now Disabled due to some IG GOD RULES broken ..but, its not clear what rule was broken…

    CANNOT MAKE A NEW IG ACCOUNT with different phone numbers/Emails,Names diff Computers,phones,IP’s etc….makes no sense…other friends same thing!


    The Leftist Run Social Media Companies are all going in hard to silence us…they should all be put in jail & assets given away or sold off & given to Veterans!

    Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! Censorship! is REAL! Free Speech Banned unless ur a Leftist or IRAN Threatening to bomb other Countries!

  7. avatar Cheaters Cheat! The only way they can WIN! I have a greater chance of winning the powerball every week for 1000 years...

    5 battleground States with Yuge Trump Leads all found bags of Ballots… ALL FOR BIDEN!!

    What are the odds of 5 States finding bags of ballots that were 100% Biden in the middle of the night were GOP Observers were blocked….. on Election Night? 0%.


    I have a greater chance of winning the powerball every week for 1000 years…

    When u have failed policies that everyone hates but, u have millions of corrupt people with Trillions of Dollars that is all u got….

    Lots of Leftist CASH being put into Georgia now to win those 2 Senate Seats to flip the Senate to the Commies!

  8. ” A Message from Instagram

    It looks like your account was disabled by mistake. ”

    Yeah — seems to be an awful lot of “mistakes” lately. OK, so they put the page back up, eventually, but that’s just a CYA move. I think they’re testing to waters to see just how far they can push this shit before they go for the full delete button.

    Years ago I had a FB account for about 3 months. Decided it was useless and cancelled it. That was my last encounter with social media. I have an old LinkedIn page from years ago that I would like to delete, but it won’t let me. These people running the shit are pure evil.

    • You should have one of your friends take a close look. I had FB back in college, deleted it fairly quickly afterwards when I realized that I was the product. Followed all the instructions to a T. It didn’t work. So I did it twice more. Still nothing. Contacted FB about it and was assured that if I deleted it one more time it would be gone and if it wasn’t I could email them and have it taken down. Final delete didn’t work and they never took it down as per my request.

      Today the account I “deleted” and haven’t looked at in more than 10 years still exists. I occasionally get people asking me through another way of contacting me why it is that I don’t respond to their friend request…

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