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  1. If MrColionNoir was any smarter, he wouldn’t have time to do these viddys. He’d be too busy curing cancer and inventing practical time travel.

    Honest to god — who is this guy and why isn’t he in Congress?

    • The NRA should have him doing outreach to people they’re not reaching right now, in particular the non-OFWGs. He’s very good, he’s persuasive, and he can’t be immediately (and ignorantly and arrogantly) dismissed as another old redneck.

        • +1 call it like it is, he isn’t dumb enough!

          I would love it if he was like an inner city NRA spokes person, him and Ice-T can go knock em all down with logic and common sense!!!

  2. It was a sweltering evening at the dojo what with the air conditioning unit on the fritz, all 15 of us had assembled on the matted area sitting upon our shin & knees facing Sensei as was tradition or at least as the pedagogue always expected. He talked while I watched the hands tick by on the clock face, counting our dollars being turned into micro moronic soundbites. It was always the same cheap rhetoric for the punters, like hollow toy dolls they sat arranged in rows ready for their factory grade stuffing of itchy hope.

    “Fo reel cheelrundz, now we’z gunna tawk abowt da tech-neeks to suvife the gubbament conspeerasees” the newbies blinked and listened closely. I had heard it all before you see, this was the part where Sensei would teach daisy fresh newbies how to throw fifty dollars at a crook and not even bother recording his particulars such as his height, his weight, his age or what his alias was. This group would just as the last class happened to, fall into a trance. Trances such as these refuse the afflicted an ability to fight back much less get their money worth. All it would take is a single interruption from an impertinent student “Time is money! Get to the POINT!” but that never happens here, not here in the great WunChu GibsMeDat Dojo, no sir crimes like these aren’t usually noticed until its far too late for the victim to react.

    I groped inside my dobok and maneuvered the inert plastic training pistol into position, it was sweaty but would do what was needed. I’d out Sensei the moment he ticks over to the $150 range, the students will no doubt never see their money again but at the least neither will Sensei.

    Almost time to change dynasties

    • Are you a writer for that cartoon/comic, The Boondocks? Because it read just like an episode.

      Id hate to feed a troll but I did have one scooby snack left over and although off topic, this was kind of hilarious.

    • Pretty straightforward humorous piece of political commentary.

      While I don’t necessarily agree completely, I am more concerned that the world has become so short-attention-span that no one could spend the 30 seconds to read that from start to finish and comprehend it.

    • He has definitely earned my subscription on YouTube. I’ve really, REALLY, liked his videos recently. He speaks in common sense- something that many people of our country seem to be lacking recently.

  3. This guy makes more convincing arguments than Wayne Lapierre. The NRA should hire him as an adviser and media pundit. God knows they need some new blood. Get this guy on some talk shows and debating the corporate-funded talking heads. Awesome.

  4. Watched the video. Watched some the other videos he had. Subscribed to his channel on you tube. Show people this guys video. He may not be able to change an true anti gunner’s mind (logic scares them)but I think he can change the minds of people who think be anti gun is the right thing to do.

  5. All lost on deaf brady ears. I’d like to see mandatory defense. I think we’ve put up with the BS long enough. The Swiss don’t ask an 18 year old male if he’d like to have a weapon, they are issued a Sig assault rifle, like it or not. Let say someone breaks into a house with little kids & they are hurt because the male said tough sh.t I’m not going to defend them. I think they should go to jail, no more depraved indifference. Last I heard the Sikh temple people were looking into CC, apparently that butter knife thing really didn’t seem to be the way to go, Randy

    • Was there a Firefly marathon on cable recently, or did Santa just bring everyone a copy of Serenity for their stocking?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor. Just curious why the quotes are popping up everywhere.

      • Maybe because were getting ready to fight our very own Battle of Serenity Valley against a U.S. government that adumbrates many of the qualities of the Alliance with every passing day? Mal sticks to what would seem to most to be an outmoded code of conduct and never stops fighting, even though he has lost his faith in God and the cause he fought for. It resonates.

        For me, I find the show one of the few that illuminates the central fallacy of any progressive government, i.e., that heaven on earth is obtainable and human beings are like blocks that you can move around to create the perfect world. Human beings, like facts, are stubborn things. As fallen and limited creatures, they eventually fail to live up to the utopian dreams of their masters, and more extreme steps need to be taken. As both God and morality, whatever the source, is abandoned, nothing is forbidden.

        Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: “Why? Do you even know why they sent you?”

        The Operative: “It’s not my place to ask. I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin.”

        Its this same ideology that, if you look deep down in the heart of everything, is driving the current attempts to disarm us. You cannot create a perfect world when the serfs are armed.

        In the 20th century, this ideology has led to rivers of blood. In Russia, when the tundra warms up the bones of those who died in the gulags poke up from ground a mute testimony to those who would lead us to some progressive future where water is not wet and fire does not burn. In the 26th century, we have the Alliance and its murderous experiments on Miranda.

        Anyway, it is a great show.

        • I know the themes in the show, and timely or not, I hadn’t been expecting to see as many as I have lately. If it takes Joss Whedon to remind our citizens of the nature of freedom, fine with me.

          Mal: “Y’all got on this boat for different reasons, but y’all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better.”

  6. He’s quite a slick spin doctor. I can see why you guys like him, those of you who are not racists that is. Those of you who are must be facing a terrible dilemma. Those of you who are honest could see the exaggeration he uses when mimicking the gun control response and the over-simplification he uses in his examples of arming good guns as a solution.

    The one thing that’s often overlooked in these discussions is that armed good guys are often the perpetrators of these mass shootings. By your own definition of “good guy,” one who has no felony convictions or wife-beating history, I would say most of them qualify. Considering that, how does arming more “good guys” make sense?

    Even if you gave credence to my idea about “hidden criminals,” since we can’t read minds, we still have a problem if we arm more people and allow guns in more places.

    The only answer is a comprehensive set of gun control laws, which would raise the standards of which “good guys” can have guns.

    • I’ve read quite a few comments on this site, #302000, and the only racist comments I’ve ever seen are yours.

      “good guys are often the perpetrators of these mass shootings”
      -Interesting definition of “good guy”. And no, most of them don’t meet the nonsensical definition you’re trying to pawn off as someone else’s idea.

      Personally, I don’t want to arm more people, good guy or otherwise. I just won’t stand to be disarmed, which is what you want.

      “The only answer is a comprehensive set of gun control laws”
      -Pretty sure murder has been illegal since, well, forever, and that hasn’t done a damn thing to stop it. Neither has 500 years of gun control.

    • The person that shot up the police station was under arrest and snatched the gun away from a cop. Not quite the same scenario as a Holmes or Lanza deliberately targeting a police station.


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