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Tired of being stopped at airports? Can you do without all the hassles of unreasonable arrests? Had it up to here )) skeet (( *cut at the neck* with all those intolerable fines and inconsistently applied regulations and restrictions?

Clear the way with


* sturdy laminate
* sun proof colors
* long lasting bands
* Large holes for clear vision
* slip proof

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    • Those come with a police baton and instructions:

      “Warning: The stick up your ass must be at least THIS BIG to parade around as these officials.”

  1. Yeah, I had permission from the BATF, yeah I almost forgot, thats right, whew what a close one./// If only one brady life is saved lets hope its not that fools, Randy

  2. Permission or no it was against local law example no NFA weapons in the state of NY permission from ATF is mute I would be breaking NYS law. I know these laws are BS but I say make a example of this idiot

    • Yes, but nothing will happen. The Obama administration had the ATF come out and lie for him, so he’s in the clear now.

  3. This is just what I was looking for. In Indiana you can own all NFA items except short barreled shotguns. With this mask I can tell indiana law to shove off, the ATF said I could have a short barreled shotgun-right??


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