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Wait. It takes a while to figure out the GLOCK Safety Action trigger? Safety schmafety. Point the gun at the bad guy and pull the trigger. If that doesn’t work, then use the firearm as a blunt weapon. Or something. But hey, if you prefer to go straight to beating the snot out of the perp with his own gun after you Wing Chunned it from his mitt, gopher it. Yeah, about that disarm. Good luck with that. I just hope bad guys watching these videos don’t see the disadvantages of holding a gun inches from their victim’s chest.

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  1. Real fights don’t happen like that…

    What is it Tyson used to say, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face…”

  2. See. How much training do you need. None if this is an example of what you’re paying to learn.

  3. This guy is a pro! He figured out before everyone else that the Glock does have a safety. So stick that in your pipe, all you who say Glocks don’t have safeties!

    HEAVY /sarc

  4. The Duke just pitched his Peacemaker at the knifeman and picked up a pitchfork/shovel(?)

    Manly, and not cologne manly.

  5. Yes you should train in only open handed tactics from my school. No reason to become proficient in weapons.

  6. Without watching it; as a general rule ANY empty hand vs ANY weapon is a last resort; if it’s all you’ve got of course, go nuts!

  7. While attending the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Academy Advanced Officers Course, part of our training included how to disarm someone who has the drop on you, whether face or not. Because your brain has already figured out what you are going to do and primed your muscles you are ready to act. The bad guy has to recognize your move tell his brain, and his brain has to tell his muscles to react. During the disarming process you will likely remove the perps trigger finger, or, at the very least, break it.

    They also taught that if you are armed, go to the ground, feet toward the perp, draw and fire until the threat is neutralized. Never take the subjects gun and try to use it against him as it may not even be loaded, while you know yours is. Never give up your weapon. Better to take the bastard out with you than to die alone.

  8. Just detonate your bomb vest. Take the bad guy to Allah. He can’t rob you if you’re both in pieces, sheesh.

  9. No self defense expert here but I was taught something similar early in life (but it also involved rapidly covering the distance between you and the attacker – create distance if possible but if not possible/desirable, close distance, disarm and attack without hesitation). Later, I taught it to others. As a non-professional, I don’t belive this to be the best choice over all other techniques taught out there. I had the displeasure of having to use something similar more than once. It was the only technique that came to my mind in the adrenaline dump. I was attacked from behind in the assaults and it worked but I only chose it because it was what I knew best. It was automatic. Knowing how readily grabs can be accomplished taught me to create and maintain distance in confrontations.

    (For the record… I am short, usually out of shape, and never could fight worth a damn. Observation and avoidance has been my best friend over the years. No operator operating operationally here. 🙂 )

  10. This sort of thing works well against an attacker who 1) doesn’t want to shoot you, 2) doesn’t understand that getting this close to you is a bad idea and 3) is expecting passivity from you based on the intimidation factor of the gun.

    If the attacker doesn’t meet all three of those conditions, which you can’t really know, this is a bad idea. That said, if you have good reason to think the person is going to shoot you regardless, you might as well take a stab at it.

    Personally I’d rather face an attacker who has a gun than one who has a knife.

    • That’s about the size of it. I remember my Krav instructor spent a lot of time explaining how not to wind up in that kind of situation to start with and recommended complying with an attacker before he showed us any disarm maneuvers. That says a lot about your odds of success, but if life rolls a snake eyes and you still have a gun in your face after handing over the wallet, I think a 10% chance of disarming the bad guy beats a 100% chance of him killing you.

  11. Look, if you already f*ed up and got in that situation, you have a judgement call to make about whether or not you are about to die. Quickly. If you are willing to risk compliance, I hope that works. If not, this is not bad technique. I’ve run this specific technique for about 6 years, and a variation before that. If you know how to do it, you’ve got real muscle memory, and are f*ing FAST, it works.

    Even with a well trained partner, who is expecting it, and plans to counter it at full speed, it works. Its not perfect, and if you screw up, you’re dead. But, you were dying already, and at least this way you’ll look cool while you do it.

    I don’t know that dude or anything about his school, but that technique in that video is definitely not tactical tomf*ckery, if you do it right.

  12. The guy is a kind of a DB, but he’s not completely wrong. Assuming you can successfully disarm your attacker, there’s a good chance the trigger got pulled but your hands kept the slide from cycling. A brachial plexus stun may very well buy you the time to disengage, make the pistol functional and reassess the threat.

    I am a certified PPCT/DT instructor and although a lot of the stuff is really hard to do dynamically, it can be very effective. Obviously it’s best not to get yourself into a situation like this, but we do teach similar tactics in case of a really bad day. You have to be ready to risk injury and commit fully to your actions. It’s better than being led off to an execution.

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