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Gun Runnerz reckons they know “How We Can Save California and the Second Amendment.” Step 1: gunmakers should ban direct sales to California law enforcement agencies. To motivate reluctant gunmakers, the Runnerz want consumers to boycott manufacturers who continue to sell guns ‘n gear to CA LEOs. According to the video, Barrett, Falkor and Sebu have “taken the pledge.” GLOCK and Smith & Wesson, not so much.

(courtesy Gun Rennerz You Tube Channel on Facebook)

For Step 2, Gun Runnerz call for in-state and out-of-state gun owners to light-up the switchboards and stuff the email accounts of Golden State legislators, especially those who voted for the “Gunpocalypse” bills. Better late than never? The longest journey (back) starts with a single step? Something like that.

As for Step 3, “individual actions,” methinks a gun owner boycott of California goods, service and tourism ain’t gonna have much impact. As for “organize protests,” I wonder if any of that will involve civil disobedience and if so, what kind?

It’s good to see besieged California gun owners promoting a combination of political and economic measures to fight the forces of civilian disarmament. But this video offers gun owners little hope in the face of a cataclysmic collapse of their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Truth be told, the mob has taken the field.

On this, Independence Day, it’s worth noting that there were many times the American colonists faced the prospect that their political aspirations were doomed to utter and miserable failure. Some gave up. Those who didn’t weren’t bothered by the long, seemingly insurmountable odds. As long as there was a chance of liberation from the yoke of English tyranny, they kept fighting.

Stand strong California.

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  1. Easy enough to do (except for fanboys). Not sure how effective it would be. I’m generally not a fan of boycotts. They often target the wrong people.

    The right people should be targeted. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

    • Or not so metaphorically speaking. They will go house to house, kick in doors, and shoot dogs and family members to steal standard capacity magazines. Then finally clap on the irons and tell the innocent that it’s all his fault.

      It will always be an uneven field until you acknowledge that house to house on your “right people” is the necessary response if we wish to discourage those who violate liberties. Otherwise we will lose.

      • Not going to happen. Any such effort would be unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment and would expose any police agency that did so to substantial monetary damages awards. And as a practical matter, there aren’t that many people around who own pre-1991 mags, and the police do not know who they are. The most likely scenario is that it will be an add-on charge if discovered while they are searching your home, vehicle, or business for something else, or you get busted trying to use that mag out on a California range.

        • What Fifth Amendment?

          You’re a dreamer if you think this has ever stopped cops from doing warrantless searches, or gosh golly gee… oops, our bad… wrong address.

          Fifth Amendment my ass.

        • If you DON’T boycott, you will lose all gun rights. You think the COPS are join in with you. get a brain, most are cops because of the power agains’t the people.. They will come for you to just be the top tier.
          Gum Manufactures don’t give a rats ass for CALIFORNIA. Go talk to Barrett compant, now there’s a patriot company…

      • They have not gone house to house for the estimated 29,000 so-called assault rifles which have yet to be registered in CT. They have not gone house to house for the so-called high capacity magazines in LA, CT, NY, NJ, MA or anywhere else. As the population has grown, the ratio of police to population has continued to shrink. If they tried, the word would spread very quickly ahead of them… and I don’t see gangs/criminals giving in without a fight. Civil Disobedience well, nd growing across the country. just as it was in 1775.

        Here in the California Gulag, among the rural counties, which account for 96% of the state land mass, of Sheriffs have openly stated that they will not support any actions which violate the word and intent of the 2nd Amendment. Our own Sheriff has posted letter on the department web site to this effect, and sad that, if necessary, he will deputize everyone in the county who supports the 2A.

        Law Enforcement nationwide overwhelmingly rejects infringement of 2A. Same with the armed forces. Yes, there will be those who follow the dark side, but the majority will stand with the Constitution. Remember, a great many civilians are proud veterans. A large number of police officers started out in the military. Historically, 80% of the military is made up of conservatives. Only 10% of our elected leaders have served in the armed forces. (That is a sad comment on the state of America.)

        • Keep on fantasizing Dave. LEO’s are not going to be on your side. LEOs will not disobey direct orders and forfeit their dam good salaries, great health care and lifetime pension benefits after very early retirements. Millions of dollars are at stake for each officer. This is not going to happen.

        • It will probably depend on whether the officers work for a large city department or a duly elected Sheriff in a conservative country. I think officers in the larger departments would be much more likely to take an ‘us against them’ attitude toward gun owners and much more likely to follow orders to enforce this law.

        • Agreed. Most rural county sheriff agencies barely have the manpower to pull normal patrols, let alone do the search every house for guns with no PC routine. Besides that, most of the big PD’s are in the big cities where most of the people who own guns do so illegally anyway.

          Still, if you are a genuine American gun owner,. my advice is to leave. Move. get out.

        • I live in Texas and my brother is LEO here but I have family in CA. Just returned from a visit there in the LA area. Because of CA’s stupid laws I do not carry there even though I have my LTC in Texas. I went through a DUI / Driver’s License checkpoint twice in one night and both times presented them with my driver’s license AND LTC. Neither officer questioned me about whether I had my gun with me or not. I told the first one that I was NOT carrying in CA since my permit is not valid there. His response? “You should carry everywhere you go. You have the permit so carry.” This was a city of Ontario LEO. I discussed this with another LEO (LA county sheriff deputy) who is a friend. His response? “Absolutely, you should carry. LE is all for it. The laws don’t take the guns away from the criminals. It’s the politicians who are the problem.”

          I said all that to say this: overall, I think most LEO’s are opposed to the laws being passed and probably won’t really enforce them.

        • That’s what I like to hear. it’s cool they were like this, but I still have to wonder how they would have reacted if had been carrying. Could they have just ignored the laws they are sworn to uphold, right or not?

        • Will, I read a story from a guy with a CCW license who was traveling through Maryland (his CCW was not from Maryland, obviously), who was stopped and his car torn apart by highway patrol because they found he had a CCW license in his home state when they randomly ran his plates. Of course his little CCW pistol was back at his house locked up in the safe. The story may have actually been on TTAG, but this was 2-3 years ago I think.

          Also, if gun-owners resist cops who try to do unconstitutional searches and seizures of firearms, their Liberalized jackboot “us vs. them” mindset will quickly change to a “screw this, I’m joining the fire department” mindset, just like it did after the NYPD cut benefits. Even if we have a few more Wacos, Ruby Ridges, or Bundy Ranches (and those guys didn’t even have really good moral ground to stand on), We the People will win against the big .gov in the end.

    • What’s your definition of a “fanboy?” Do you mean someone who has a preference for a certain brand of gun? I kind of thought most people had personal preferences for guns.

      • I have brands I avoid like the plague (Kimber, less-than-topshelf Remingtons and any other Freedom Group product, cheapo junk like Hi-Points), brands that I don’t completely hate (Glock, nice Remingtons), brands that I sort of like (Colt, S&W, Ruger), and brands I like (SIG, HK, Mossberg, FN/Winchester/Browning).

  2. How about mailing a normal-cap magazine to each of the the Cali legislators? As soon as they open the package they are felons in possession.

    • How about mailing a normal-cap magazine to each of the the Cali legislators? As soon as they open the package they are felons in possession.
      No, as they actually wrote into the law wording that wouldn’t make that illegal. You can possess any size magazine, if the time is not beyond that reasonable required to turn it over to law enforcement.
      They couldn’t open the package and keep the magazine, but simply opening the package wouldn’t be against the law.
      Even more ridiculous, is that having a magazine for prop use in filming is perfectly legal. Since I have a production company, I could technically have as many magazines as I want, as long as they aren’t loaded with actual ammunition.

    • It is probably against some law to suggest someone hide magazines on the property of these legislators, and every time they make an anti-gun speech out them to law enforcement. David Gregory got away with having an outlawed magazine, but his reputation took a hit, since he is almost as big a hipocrit as the CA Legislature.

    • Although YOU are perfectly welcome in the free states, what scares the rest of us is that there are millions of other calies who are also retiring and leaving the state but taking their gun control values with them and polluting America.

      • Exactly, seems when New Yorkers, Californians and Commonwealthers move out of state to escape taxes and laws they no longer want they seem to want all those things and more at their new home.

        • When you say “Commonwealth,” you’re talking about Assachusetts or Bongland, Canadia, Ausfailia, NZ, India, and those crappy African and Muslim countries, right? I hope Virginians and Kentuckians aren’t spreading anti-gun and libby laws.

        • Can’t be talking about Kentucky. We’re trying to pass constitutional conceal carry here. It’s working its way through the state Senate now.

          But, then, Kentucky has always been one of the most gun friendly areas. Open carry of both hand and long guns is legal everywhere outside of federal buildings. Accepting of CCW from every state and commonwealth in the country. There’s also probably more guns here then in any other single state, and shockingly enough, extremely low crime rate. Non-existent violent crime rate if you take out the gang violence in Louisville and Lexington. But, that never fits into the MSM’s narrative.

        • I guarantee you that if I leave Cali to live in your state, I will only make it a more conservative, pro 2A state. Cold Dead Hands!

        • Unlike Texas, in Ohio we have the right to open-carry handguns without having a CHL. We should share our pros and get rid of our cons.

      • Because he felt it was his duty to help the people…he was also a gun owner and believed in self defense and applied for a concealed carry permit but at the time, we blacks weren’t treated fairly so they denied him.

  3. This would be asking companies and the people who run them to put principles before profits – don’t hold your breath…

    Some might; most won’t.

    • The purpose of a boycott is to turn a moral dilemma into an economic one. If enough people boycott, the profitable choice will be to stop selling to CA LE agencies.

      • Not gonna happen.

        Too many would have to care and not that many do.

        I understand how a boycott works; I’m saying there aren’t enough people who will participate, so it would merely be a matter of principles.

      • Hahah. CA law enforcement agencies will just buy the product from an out of state distributor. Problem solved.

  4. Yep boycott EVERYTHING California. Surely all gun companies SHOULD comply-but WE know some won’t. GLOCK will whore themselves out…

      • Now that the sanctions on Iran have been lifted you may have two options for evil regime pistachios. Personally, I’d *almost* lean towards produce from Iran over Cali.

      • Pistachios are also grown in Lebanon.
        Happy 4th of July to all our American cousins and Friends.
        I am from (ashamed of the present Government) Canada.

        • Aerindel says:
          July 4, 2016 at 12:16
          No almost about it, I would rather have a Iranian for a neighbor than a Cali.

          I think that is pretty f@@ked up Aerindel. Don’t lump all Californians into your misinformed opinion. There are many hardcore 2A supporters in this state and you would be lucky to have one of us as a neighbor because we have been fighting for our rights and are experienced in recognizing the BS from politicians for many years.

  5. Besides Blammo’s point above re boycotts, speaking just for myself I don’t do Glocks – they don’t fit my hand well – and most anything I’m interested in these days are likely not made by a mainstream manufacturer like S&W anyway. (How many pistols does Noonan sell to CA LEOs? I’m not sure but I’m guessing not a lot.)

    Anyway, I think the main point of a boycott is to raise awareness and concern among the general populace, and this likely wouldn’t have that effect.

  6. CA residents don’t like to hear this but take you productive asses to another state rather than continue to feed them. You’re easily supplementing all this nonsense.

    • Atlas Shrugged should be required reading for every Californian.

      California has become a mini version of the America Ayn Rand described in that book.

    • That’s a very simplistic approach to the problem. Not everyone can simply leave the state. They have jobs that they can’t leave and easily replace elsewhere. Some are still trying to vest their retirement. Others simply don’t wish to leave a place where their family’s been for generations. We need to join with these people in their time of need. We also need to understand that if California succeeds in repealing the Second Amendment, other states will follow suit until there won’t be gun rights anywhere in this country. Personally, I’ll never travel to the state again, and I’ll boycott gun makers etc who who conspire with the state.

      • Ultimately, leaving or not leaving is a choice. There is nothing literally forcing people to stay.

        “They have jobs that they can’t leave

        Then don’t complain about how bad x is there. That’s a choice, and yes, they CAN leave.

        Geez…what’s with the ‘can’t leave’ language here? Social programming…your job is worth more than both your principles AND your family’s life?

        “and easily replace elsewhere.”

        Any job can be replaced. It’s not like CA is the only state to employ workers…even good salaried workers.

        And, as someone else pointed out recently, take that pay cut you think is SOOOO BAAAAD because you will find the cost of living is generally lower elsewhere.

        (I recall in an early 90’s visit to LA that ‘similar’ apartments were running about $1500 to the NC equivalent of less than $500).

        ” Some are still trying to vest their retirement.”

        Yeah, who gives a sh1t. That’s all smoke and mirrors anyway.

        If THAT is someone’s excuse to stay in an oppressive, overpriced area I’d say they deserve everything they that comes to them and they should stop b1tching about ‘how bad things are.’

        The first three ‘excuses’ you offered are weak selfish whining.

        Either gun rights are important to you or they are not. Either RKBA (for whatever reason, such as personal/family protection) is important to you or it isn’t.

        This sounds like a whole of Fudd crap to me…”guns are fun and all, but I’ve got to stay here so I can be vested in my awesome retirement package!”

        Yeah. Right.

        Others simply don’t wish to leave a place where their family’s been for generations. “

        The single reason to stay and fight. It’s your home and you don’t want to give it. THAT makes sense.

        But…and this is just a thought…there are times that one is “right” to choose to leave. The Anglo migration in the 1600-1700’s to the US was just an example. Some of them were leaving homes they’d occupied for centuries, not a generation or two.

        It’d be a tough decision for sure. But at least this reason as backbone rather than sophistry.

        (And, for the record, I’m not in the “Just Leave” camp…I can see both sides of the argument. But “I love my job” should, in my way of thinking about principles, be pretty low on the priority list if RKBA really means all that much in the first place).

  7. That hurts nothing but our choices and our gunshop owners. Sounds good but the result is not what folks think it would be. The idea is stupid because it relies on people not thinking about it for even a second and being emotional instead of rational.

    • Those losses in profit by gun shops will theoretically be passed on to the manufacturers and distributors. Once shops sell less and less of a product they will purchase less.

      • Yes, but a large manufacturer can absorb a reduction in sales much better than a small retail shop can.

  8. Firearms manufacturers are in the business of manufacturing firearms – why put the burden of political protest / change on them? That’s a job for the citizens of California, IMHO.

    • Exactly. This citizens of California have the government that they voted for. A lot of republicans sit out elections becuase a cantidate is not conservative enough. How do you like it now?

      This is a problem of voter turnout. Why there is not 100% voter turnout for republicans in CA is puzzling to me. Republicans in CA have to go out in huge numbers to the polls and take their state back.

    • You can look at it as putting the “burden of political protest” on manufacturers, or you can look at it as pressuring them to reject the hypocrisy of gun laws that exempt police from their draconian rules. Seems to me that selling something to a cop in a jurisdiction where that same thing would be illegal for a non-cop citizen to own is implicitly supporting the idea that police are a superior class. Such codified stratification is poisonous to a republican, egalitarian society such as ours is supposed to be.

      • You can look at it as “implicitly supporting the idea that police are a superior class”, or as “selling what little product they are still allowed to sell.” Seems to me this would be using the wrong tool (firearms manufacturers, instead of the citizens of California) to go after the wrong target (LEOs, instead of idiot lawmakers). The LEOs didn’t write or pass these stupid laws, the fact that they get exempted from them doesn’t change that. Getting S&W on board, for example, wouldn’t effect these stupid laws at all. All it would do is move a few LEO sales to Glock or some other manufacturer. Makes sense from a political point of view, maybe, but not a business point of view.

        • True, cops don’t write or pass the laws, but their unions work very hard to assure that they are exempted from having to follow them.

  9. First, as of yet the Cali LEOs are not our enemies. It remains to be seen which organizations in the state will aggressively enforce ANY of these new laws.

    Second, if a gun manufacturer is boycotted for selling to Cali LEOs it is unlikely that the result will be more financially painful than the loss of sales to government organizations.

    Third, If one manufacturer determines not to sell to Cali LEOs the only result will be that some other manufacturer will get the business. The chances of every manufacturer deciding they will not sell to Cali LEOs is effectively ZERO.

    • “The chances of every manufacturer deciding they will not sell to Cali LEOs is effectively ZERO.”

      I agree with this 100%, however, if their major suppliers stopped selling to them it would cause a major, major problem for the LEA in question.

      For the most part LEAs rely on in-house armorers who are company certified to work on a specific brand of gun. This is why a PD will say your choices for a duty weapon are limited to say Glock, S&W and Beretta. Now they only need to have armorers trained to the standards for three brands of firearm. Even though a cop may love an FN pistol they can’t have it as a duty weapon because the department doesn’t have an FN armorer and isn’t going to pay to get one.

      So, if let’s say a department goes with Glock and S&W. If both companies agree to stop selling to that LEA, then the LEA is forced over time to find a company that will sell to them and have their armorers retrained by that company. Then the next time they need pistols/parts they are forced to change over to the new company rather than just order spare parts from Glock or S&W. This becomes an enormous cost to the LEA in question.

      That’s how such a boycott, if done properly, would get a message out to the government(s) of Cali. The police departments would scream bloody murder over the costs the new laws were incurring for the department.

  10. “Stand strong California.”

    In the words of Daniel Day (D-Day) from ‘Animal House’:

    “Don’t get mad – Get EVEN.”

    Use your collective and individual twisted and sick imaginations, California… 🙂

  11. Color me happy to participate in boycott of anyone selling to CA LEOs. Because Glock and Smith are well known they are easy to remove from my personal buy list, but there are lots of other choices and we don’t know where they stand. It would be helpful if there was a list we could refer to on line that would tell us who was selling to anti-freedom states and who had pledged to cut them off.

      • Ruger still sells the LC9, but all of its other handguns sold here are revolvers. Smith & Wesson sells the SD9 and 40, the MP ( and 40, and a .22, but otherwise all the rest are revolvers. This was the result of California’s microstamping law.

  12. I love San Francisco – a lot.
    Don’t think I’ll be spending any time or money there ever again.
    Will keep my money local where we have sensible gun laws and criminals go to jail – real time sentences.

  13. I am here in CA. A consumer based boycott of named manufacturers will be difficult. CA buyers whether they know of Gunpocalypse or not are trying to buy anything and everything here in CA.

    Now what may work is if all of the LGS and FFL’s in CA works together and agree to boycott these manufacturers. But even many LGS work against each other, and some who are high volume Glock dealers, for example, may not be willing to sacrifice a significant portion of their survivable business to make a political statement.

  14. Once again. This is not a CA problem. It is an American problem. Injustice, slavery, ceding territory to the oppressors are problems that effect us all.

    The grabbers have found a formula that works because of the cowardice and self centered selfishness of a large number of gun owners. 1 state at a time. All it takes.

      • Primarily because this is not an apples to apples comparison.

        Black folks not having equal human rights in America is much different than being required to undergo a background check prior to purchasing ammo. To conflate the two is the epitomy of narcissism.

        The people of California, via voting for their preferred politicians, have created the state they desire (and deserve). Take the good with the bad in your particular location and move as you are quite free to do.

        I will not be giving you Meaningless Internet Support and certainly wouldn’t raise a rifle against our government leviathan because of California, a state full of liberal fruits, nuts and narcissists.

      • Because blacks in the 50’s had no risk of losing their rights. Gun owners face losing their rights forever if the government decides to charge them with a felony for protesting.

        • @Michael

          Going to jail is a lot different from going to jail AND permanently losing rights. Blacks were pretty much in a “nothing to lose” situation.

    • So true. The loss of respect for individual liberty is a plague that has struck in every corner of our country. It must be treated or the free nation will be lost.

  15. I have a close relative and good friend in CA who is a major gun distributor and who used to work the LE market in CA for Beretta. His view is basically CA LE is a huge gun market where every brand is either selling a lot or trying to sell. I doubt you would ever get the major brands to boycott CA LE. It’s just too lucrative.

    • I highly doubt it’s as lucrative as the civilian market that sells millions of pistols a year.

      If they want this boycott to be effective they first need to figure out what companies are doing business with Cali LEAs and then put the pressure on the middlemen, FFLs not to sell those brands.

      If Cabela’s, Gander Mountain and other large chains, along with even 15% of the Mom&Pop LGSs simply stopped selling, say… Sig Sauer products over this the companies that make the firearms would rapidly stop selling to Cali LEAs because there’s no way the LEAs in Cali can make up the difference.

      Think about this. Cabela’s (just using them as an example, not trying to pick on them) has 82 stores nationwide. If they sell two Glocks a day on average for each store and are open 360 days a year, then they’re selling 59,040 Glocks a year. How many Glocks per year do you think are sold to Cali LEAs each year? I’ll bet you it’s nowhere near 59K. Now, Gander Mountain has 156 stores. Figure each one sells just one Glock per day on average and they’re also open 360 days a year. That’s another 56,160 Glocks. Those two stores get on board to boycott Glock for selling to Cali LEAs and Glock just lost 115,200 sales. Even if you assume each gun costs a mere $400, that’s $46,080,000 in lost sales.

      Do you really think Glock does $46 million in business with Cali LEAs? Now think about all the accessories and extra barrel sales that would be lost.

      If you manage to get just a moderate percentage of FFLs on board with this and the companies will stop selling to California.

  16. The manufacturers are the ones who can really make a difference. if Glock, smith & Sig refused to sell any firearms to california LEO’s may, just maybe, the cops would tell the legislature, WE WONT ENFORCE THIS CRAP!


  17. Boycotts work great. Doesnt anyone remember when Smith and Wesson made that deal with the Clinton Administration? Hell it drove them into practical bankruptcy. Gun companies are nothing without civilian support. If Glock thinks for a minute they can survive solely on LEO and Government sales, they will get a quick lesson.

  18. How about a list:

    Companies are continuing to support the CA government’s asymmetric gun laws vs Companies who do not?

  19. How many professional shooters you watch at TV or You Tube will ask their gun manufacturer sponsors to boycott California government agencies????

    If a professional shooter leads a public protest in California how many California gun owners will attend since I have seen not a single public protest in the last two or three years????

    Many people bring up the civil rights protests of the 1950s and 1960s. The difference now is no one is marching in public protest for their civil rights in California.
    You are not getting on TV showing the face of law abiding gun owners.

    If you go see the fireworks this 4th of July wear an empty holster and carry a sign about the loss of gun civil rights.

  20. There is no way that Gaston Glock will ever give up on the California LEO market, where it has a near monopoly. Smith & Wesson is highly questionable even though they don’t sell nearly as many pistols as Glock. Everyone else is a minor player, for example Kimber selling special edition .45s to the LA SWAT team.

  21. My best advice is to support secession and the new State of Jefferson. Cali needs to break up and let the dregs drown in the cesspools they have created.

  22. It’s not about enforcement by CA LEO’s here. It’s about CA LEO union support and exemptions for CA LEO’s in the bills. And all union bosses are political creatures, and in the pockets of the politicians

  23. I’ve been saying this for years, although I also include NJ,NY,Hawaii, etc.
    I do not own a Glock and will not as long as the situation remains the same.
    The problem here is that as much as the POTG like to spout of on how much they support the 2A very few of them will actually “put there money where their mouth is” figuratively and literally speaking.
    Frankly speaking the “math” is simple, it the POTG boycotted all the companies that sell to these states they wouldn’t be able to arm their police force. No firearms company can survive on government contracts alone. If the POTG cared as much as they claim to and supported the 2A as much as they claim to, these states would either have to change or their police forces would not have weapons period.

  24. LEOs didn’t make up this law, vote for it or pass it. Many LEOs are enthusiasts. They may in fact look the other way. So chill. Wrong target.

  25. There is a guy here in town thinking about making these compact (holds 30) hard shell mini-pad dispensers available to anyone who wants them for a very reasonable price. They have many uses but they are only sold for the described use. They would be normal retail price plus shipping and several will fit in a priority mail flat rate box.

  26. Have you noticed that every other action movie (made in California) has a promotional poster with someone holding a gun?

    What a retarded state California is. Most, not all California residents, want the government to control and restrict their lives. That is why they continue to vote for their clown politicians. How many decades have the residents had to change who is in office?

  27. The gun companies are money whores just like the politicians. There is no unity among the manufacturers. They only have the appearance of unity at gun shows.

    Daniel Defense recently issued a press release essentially saying that they are boycotting rifle sales to Academy Sports. Not one supportive word or action out of any competitor or distributor !!!!

  28. Just a data point from SWHC’s most recent 10-K filing:

    During fiscal 2016, 6.5% of our firearm net sales were to state and local law enforcement agencies and the federal government, 3.1% of our firearm net sales were to international customers; and the remaining 90.4% of our firearm net sales were through federal firearm licensees to domestic consumers. Our domestic firearm net sales are primarily made to distributors that sell to licensed dealers that in turn sell to the end users. In some cases, we sell directly to large retailers and dealers.

    So in my letter to Investor Relations (I hold a not-insignificant amount of stock — for now), I asked – risk a fraction of 6.5% or a fraction of 90.4%? It’s simple math, SWHC.

    Now, on to Ruger.

  29. About 12% of all Americans live in California (38.8 million). Florida is third with just over 20 million and New York is fourth with just under 20 million. Bad news: these three states have almost 80 million people, about a quarter of the entire US population.

    This means you need to turn out the vote heavy in Texas (27 million), in Florida (if possible), in Ohio (11.6m), Georgia (10m), and North Carolina (maybe, but 10 million). Even then Illinois and Pennsylvania, with about 13 million each strongly tend to shift the scales toward the phobics and hand-wringers.

    Confiscation is coming if you don’t act. It’s a pure numbers game and the bottom line is: the urban centers and dependents are flat-out winning. You cannot count on the police to refuse to follow orders. They have families, bills, pensions, and are heavily invested in doing what they’re told. You cannot count on the Army, the National Guard, the Coast Guard or any other entity to do your work for you.

    We, the People, must do it ourselves. We must get every Second Amendment supporter we know to register to vote and go to the polls this year because the next President will nominate between two and five Supreme Court Justices, hundreds of judges, and thousands of executive branch personnel. They will, as we have seen, determine what laws get enforced, how strongly, if at all, when, where and how. The senators you vote for will approve or deny the appointments of judges along with international treaties and nationwide laws. The representatives you vote for will determine how much of your salary or earnings, and by deficit spending, your children’s and grand-children’s earnings too, will be taken and applied to what purposes.

    It has, quite literally, never been this crucial in our lifetimes. Think about the consequences, then go vote so you can say in good conscience that you did your best to prevent what is coming.

  30. I’m not saying we should put violence on the table, but. You can’t fight a police dept. head on. You have heard of the Hakuna ( spelling ?) .I presume. They fought the British in Palestine, now Israel . Look it up, but you better be for real.

    • How about the American colonists who decided to go against the most powerful nation and army of 1776? They definitely were for real. Ninety percent of LEOs and the military are going to support the Second Amendment, regardless of what some posters here believe. Take it from someone who has been there.

  31. Once again amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics. You want to have an impact? Pressure ammunition manufactures to boycott California LE agencies. No ammo, no firearms.

    • Very good point. This would likely be a much quicker and easier outcome. Ammo companies could go without ammo sales to Cali law enforcement very easily, ammo supply is still barely keeping up with demand, so there is many other places that ammo companies will be happy to sell too.

      Plus most police departments go many years between gun purchases, where I would think they would go no more than a year or two or maybe less between ammo purchases. So if the ammo companies that Cali law enforcement favors stop selling to them, the impact would be noticed much quicker.
      Just think, most police departments only use a few brands of duty rounds, as I understand, Federal HST, Speer Gold dot, Winchester Ranger make up the vast majority of LE duty rounds, if the company’s that make and sell these along with whatever brand fmj they buy would stop selling them, we would hear about it very soon.

  32. This is stupid. All of the California LEO organizations (sheriffs, police, and correctional officers’ unions) gave public support in opposition to both Newsom and these gun bills that just passed.

    Know your enemy. Don’t react blindly.

    • Hahahahaha. The enemy is the police and the politicians they serve.

      What really happened was that the cops struck a deal to get exemptions to these laws for tacit support. Hence the pony show of resistance so the law-and-order fetishists in the 2A community stay dumb and continue their bootlicking.

      Watch the police unions support the exact same anti-gun politicians in the next round of elections. But no one will remember, because cops are heroes. Or something. 🙂

  33. Have fun with the new laws. This law abiding gun owner finally reached his bullshit limit. I am leaving California for good. 🙂 Perhaps if enough gun owners left or if these firearms manufacturers ceased to sell their war in communist states, things might change. Anyways, I had enough of the loony bin, It’s all yours.

  34. Dear Conservative California Firearms Owners:

    Come to Oregon … we have cookies!

    We need conservative voters to combat the thousands of welfare-queens in Portland who have helped turn Oregon into a “Purple State”. They actually imposed a Background Check on private transactions last year!

    Your vote will help. Or at least we have more gunners to commisserate our infringed 2nd Amendment Rights.

  35. Most here don’t really think it through. If every gun owner and 2A supporter left Ca it would leave a state full of anti @A and gun haters that would STILL attack the gun laws and push for total removal of all guns in the state except for LEO’s. You can bet your ass that the LEO’s that stay will be in the pocket of the anti gunner s left. After the State of Ca goes down, it will start to spread to Ore, Washington, even Arizona will start to be pressure. California is controlled by the Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Sacramento Liberals. Then throw in the liberal biased Entertainment fields and you have the set up of a cancer that will spread across the country. Most Hollywood actors call for gun control, even Stallone ( who makes a fortune using guns in his films, along with the likes of Liam Neesom, and Mett Damon. )
    Calif. State has re-drawn its voting boundaries so many times to just cherry pick who votes for who,(all in the name of “Racism”) and the top areas have the majority of the votes, so the vast area of Ca has NO say in what is elected…It comes out that the “minorities” are in control of the “majorities”. Then to make matters worse, the Politicians actually act as if they were given total control of every thing… The people have no say.
    Who among you ever thought that Austrailia would ever had its guns TAKEN away….. Oh yeah, you think the COPS will be on your side. I bet the Germans thought Hitler was on their side also.


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