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California Governor Jerry Brown just signed a slew of anti-gun bills designed to make the AR-15 — even bullet-button enabled ARs —  illegal. But guess what? The free market has already provided a solution. The creator of the bullet-button is giving a middle finger to the tyrants in California. If you can’t escape from the authoritarian mess that’s been created in that socialist wasteland, here’s an option to keep your AR-15 fully compliant.

The very act of signing the bills into law has dramatically increased the number of AR-15s being sold in that state. Golden State gun sales have surged — even as California gun sellers promise non-compliance and massive civil disobedience. The gun store in my former home town in Lassen County, for example, has vowed to continue to do business as usual, regardless of the new firearms and ammunition laws.

Californians — gun owners who will become felons by not registering firearms they already own — say they won’t comply. Not one person I’ve talked to said they’ll remove their “high capacity magazines” or register their “assault weapons.” Paying $200 per gun to register it with the state, begging for permission to keep an item that was peacefully and lawfully acquired. How anyone can see this as anything less than tyranny is beyond my level of comprehension.

The Second Amendment wasn’t written to “allow” Americans to shoot at deer. While government officials and lawmakers feel free to ignore the Founders’ intent, we need to remember it. Anyone remember the original Brexit? Maybe the reason we are all going to watch things blow up today? Hint Hint.

Remember, the 4th of July was the day we declared our independence from tyrants. Not the day we actually won the bloody Revolutionary War. Massive respect to those vowing jail time or worse in California, especially as we gather together to celebrate our freedom. Our freedom was not declared from other civilians or another species or some obscure thing. We declared our freedom from a government.

Stay strong, California gun owners. Happy 4th of July.

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    • let the real fireworks begin. set fireworks off all over the state and show how ineffectual bans really are. pop a few mortars downtown and disappear.

      • Give in , comply , and annie up my friends , because you live in the beautiful , bountiful state of California , dudes , surfs up , cool runnin and groovy maaaan . You live in the birth place of hippie Ville , LSD and Disney Land . You have Hollywood and Knots Berry Farm , Your state is protected from all harm by Brown and Karma so you don’t worry .
        DON”T CRY ~~~~~ COMPLY .
        ………………or ………………………………………….LEAVE > Your greatest power now is on 4 wheels .

    • Clog the judicial system.
      Whenever you are on jury duty, regardless of the type of case or merits or lack of merits, hang the jury. Act like a deliberate serious careful person but vote against the majority. They will have to try the case all over from the beginning and it will clog up the works with retrials.

      • Jury nullification (but don’t state that during deliberations). However, if you are a gun-rights activist, be prepared to have the prosecutor strike for cause or at least get rid of you on a preemptory challenge. Just being a gun-owner, especially of a scary black rifle, can get you eliminated if they want.

      • I understand the sentiment if voting against the majority to force a hung jury, to clog the system with retrials. However, I’d much rather just vote against every victimless crime, let the true victims get redress, and send true criminals to jail.

        And by victim, I mean real harm, like theft or assault. If the only crime was breaking a law, if there was no actual victim other than some poor buuthurt cop or government official, I will hang the jury, declaring simply, over and over, that I just don’t trust the cop testimony, the case doesn’t pass the smell test, there’s something fishy with the whole thing. I don’t care if it’s a mega dealer smuggling hundreds of tons of heroin — if all they can get him for is drug charges — no harm, no foul. If the only murder victim is a cop or border guard or other lacky trying to enforce victimless crime laws — he cast his lot with the dark side and won’t get my help.

  1. I stand with all the Patriots in California who will not comply.

    A civil society requires just laws, and educated electorate and a restrained legislature. California has none of these.

    If law makers trample on the Constitution it is the citizens duty to trample on laws created by those same law makers.

    • It is the citizens’ duty to trample the law makers. Two boxes have largely failed in CA. There’s only one left.

      • Actually there are four boxes and I would argue that three of them have failed in California. We may very well be about to see the fourth box come into play.

        For those of you who are not familiar with the “boxes”, they are:
        (1) Soap box (First Amendment)
        (2) Ballot box (voting)
        (3) Jury box (courts)
        (4) Ammo box (Second Amendment)

        • Don’t waste your ammo . You cannot beat this type of tyranny this way , the ballot box failed because you were out numbered , the courts failed you because you were out numbered , the soap box hasn’t failed you , it’s just that > 60% of your fellow citizens think you’re a whacko . Your only natural and winnable recourse is to leave that fricking state immediately so it can be filled to the rafters with the socialist , communist progressives and whackos of every Ernst and so the newly formed free and independent Republic of Texas can conquer it in battle and rededicate it to freedom .
          aaaahhh , I just had the craziest dream .

  2. “Paying $200 per gun to register it with the state,…”

    What one of those ‘laws’ mandated a $200 registration fee?

      • These laws are fascist enough as is, but tacking on the $200 fee make sure only those with enough disposable income can keep their weapons. After all, we don’t want those poor surfs to be armed (sarc).

        • Just like in England where the wealthy can afford the permits which the serfs must use to survive.

      • Sara mentioned the $200 fee.

        SPECIFICALLY – What one of those ‘laws’ mandated a $200 registration fee?

        • I assume the author confused the cost of a federal tax stamp for NFA items with the registration fee that California will impose for each “assault weapon” which I believe is $15 or $20.

        • California used to have registered assault weapons, but I think the registration window has long closed. However, I am no expert and if I am wrong, no matter, because I will not register. There almost certainly was a fee, which may have been $200.

  3. It’s time to change that old cliche:

    “When guns are outlawed, only TYRANTS will have guns.”

  4. It’s time to change that old cliche:

    “When guns are outlawed, only TYRANTS will have guns.”

  5. Kalifornians are determined. Determined to comply with the law en mass once it takes effect. Just like Connecticut., there will be long registration lines. Just like Connecticut, there will be secret noncompliance, which will not effect change. In the land of the coward, home of the slave, we roll over. Cuz Uncle says. Moreover, the pro gun crowd will still give tacit approval to Leo enforcement action, if not the “law” itself.

    • The pro gun crowd will give approval to police action? Highly doubtful. This last bunch of unconstitutional edicts will hopefully be enough for the majority in that state to wake up. I don’t see to many LEO’s volunteering to rush out and enforce these laws. I predict a lot of them will tell supervisors who demand it to go f themselves.

      • No cop will make the millions of dollars mistake of telling a supervisor to F Off. Big salaries, Cadillac health plans and lifetime big pensions after very early retirements. Not a chance.

        • That’s correct. If you are found with an unregistered or otherwise illegal gun, it will be confiscated and you will be arrested. The cops are not on our side.

          There are a few LEOs here. Am I wrong?

    • All you guys speaking out against quiet non-compliance are missing the entire point.

      It may not be changing anything overtly in the short term, but the point is…the people of CT, NY and CA are still armed.

      Non-compliance is its own end. It’s not really a political statement or attempt at effecting ‘change.’

      Non-compliance is a HUGE statement to the tyrants that pass such laws, and they know it very well.

    • That is pretty much how I assess it also. Good summary.

      I agree with and expect the rumble of internet molon labes’, but I do not expect to see any actual revolt and I sure as hell do not expect to see ‘Lar’ enforcement’ refusing to do anything that ‘the State’ orders them to do.

      The populous and ‘gun orgs’ are infested with reverent and respectful ‘cop suckers’ who largely support our brave and intrepid hero’s (sarc) whilst they go about their predatory duties.

      Hope I am wrong, but nothing in my assessments leads me to believe otherwise.

      There just has to be a tipping point out there…I just don’t know what the trigger will be and people have largely demonstrated time and time again that they will ultimately roll-over for pretty much whatever Leviathan does.

      • The only tipping point is when Kim Kardashian can’t tip herself out of her bed in the morning because her huge ass got huger overnight.

    • Well, California is in fact the land of “fruits and nuts” so you may be right about them, but you are misinformed about Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey.

      The numbers for the registration of newly classified assault weapons from 2013 have come in. The compliance rates in these blue states are estimated between 5% and 15%. Since all of the states already had tracking of “assault weapons” the estimates are probably pretty good. If you do a Google search, you can find the relevant articles.

      In theory, the police in all three of the states could begin kicking in doors at any time. Tick-tock…

      It makes me wonder “What are (they) waiting for?” ?

      • I may be wrong, but I seem to remember reading that members the Connecticut state police were themselves in non-compliance. State legislators were not happy, but there was little they could do and just simply stopped talking about it. At least for now…

  6. These laws are not specifically designed to throw a million non-compliant gun owners in jail. Like many of these laws, they are designed to kill the gun culture in the State. Much like NYC’s Sullivan Act, it may take years, it may take decades; but they are in it for the long game and they a counting on the fact that lawful gun owners are not the violent mass killers that they claim we are.

  7. When I lived in CA, I may have not registered any of my bad rifles when the first AWB was crammed down our throats.
    I was fortunate enough to be able to find a job in AZ, although I do remember thinking that I would make the six o’clock news if I had been pulled over before I made the AZ state line.

    • You knew that law enforcement would arrest you and throw you in jail if caught, and I agree. What amazes me are the number of people who say that law enforcement will not arrest them if they disobey gun laws because law enforcement are “the good guys.”

  8. The first bullet button was “giving the finger,” so the State cut it off when you all were defeated. Now the same guy is giving them the ring finger, a pointless exercise since the important one used to fight back is gone (archery reference).

  9. Looks like Jerry is trying to beat out obuma for “Gun Salesman of the Year” WTG Jerry. – Gun Dealers of America. It’s funny the exact thing they are trying to do backfired on them.

  10. It’s Deja Vu all over again.I’m getting flashbacks to 1934. (I can think of a couple of things that happened in 1933 and 1934 that should have resulted in violent insurrection, and the NFA was one of them)

    “Paying $200 per gun to register it with the state, begging for permission to keep an item that was peacefully and lawfully acquired.”

  11. California just let the mask fall off. Taking away the right to bear arms is all about using gangs and terrorists to control the population. Every Democrat knows that stripping away the rights of law abiding citizens does nothing to stop gangs from getting the weapons they need directly from Mexico. Does anyone believe that Leeland Yee was the only California Democrat in bed with the gangs? Every Democrat in legislature who represents a black, Hispanic or Asian district with a gang presence work for and supports these criminal organization. All but a few Democrats from majority white districts understand and support them. California gun laws should be seen as their version of New York’s Sullivan Act except the Sullivan Act was aimed at preventing upstart Italian and Jewish mobsters from displacing the Irish while these laws are designed to facilitate gangs attacking the law abiding population. Crime is a tool of social control. Democrats have learned to used it to instill fear in the people without appearing to use the heavy hand of government.

    • It most certainly “apears” heavy handed to me. It’s because votes. Sheeple vote too.

  12. California has deviated so far from the Constitution, can they still be considered a part of the US? Should we put up a fence and border crossings around California and start charging tariffs for trade between our two countries? I say yes.

    • Oh, and after we officially sever ties, we should send “advisors” in to train resistance forces. 😉

    • The events of leading up to the Civil War are repeating themselves. We have Democrats trying to diverge from constitutional authority. A compromised Supreme Court is making awful decisions that subvert the constitution. Sorry California you don’t get to have your little feudal state apart from constitutional authority. There will be a reckoning.

      • Um…enough with the phony left-right paradigm please.

        The Democrats are merely the left-wing of the single Globalist-Collectivist Party. The Republicans are its right-wing.

        Both wings, the entire party (get it?) are directly complicit in destroying the Constitution and abrogating Liberty itself.

        Because so few grasp this and they remain hopelessly caught up in the carefully staged clown-circus, it has effectively negated voting from having any hope of being an avenue of a restoration of the Republic.

        It really is that simple.

        • Actually, no.

          I’ll be the first to say that on many issues the Republicans aren’t worth a cold flatulence in a transgender bathroom, but on second amendment issues it is the Democrats who are the tyrants. The Republicans are simply cowards.

        • Political separation is the oldest form of segregation. It’s the old divide/conquer scheme that the gov has been using for many years. And it seems to be working very well here in the Golden State. Retirement is not far away and I can escape this “political kingdom”. Don’t worry free-staters, I will not be bringing this crap with me.

        • As a whole the Democrats are empirically worse than the Republicans on the 2nd amendment and for freedom in general. If you don’t want to get involved in the Republicans because you think they are involved in a shadowy global conspiracy that’s your prerogative. But establishment Republicans can’t control the signal anymore. We are finally seeing some dynamism in the Republican party that had become a spent, ossified force. Suddenly the platform is up for grabs and everyone is back to square one and has to prove their arguments all over again. One thing that is refreshing about Trump is he is willing to go and listen to advocates to form his positions. As long has he continues to go to the NRA for his gun platform and Heritage for his Supreme Court picks, that’s great in my opinion. Now would be the best time to engage if you want to see some real change.

  13. The fourth of July means nothing. It’s a day on the calendar.

    Happy Independence Day.

    • ‘Happy Irony Day’

      A day where people who live in a nation where there are routine:

      Warrant-less searches, indefinite detention without counsel or habeus corpus, massive voter fraud, NDAA, endless wars, staged created ‘terrorism, a police state, a surveillance state, the un ‘Patriot Act’, all manner of textually unconstitutional gun laws, secret lists, a usurper SC’R’OTUS abrogating the Constitution by judicial fiat, a rogue Executive Branch, a complicit Legislative Branch, a host of regulatory bureaucratic agencies that have been given administrative law-making powers and also policing/enforcement powers, almost total abrogation of the Bill of Rights, Globalism with a drive toward killing American Sovereignty and instituting a world-state, and on and on and on….

      …celebrate their ‘Freedom and Independence’.

      Yep…’Happy Irony Day’

      • Yeah, you’re right. Let’s all just give up on her then. I’ll be in Canada of anyone needs me.

        • Who the fuck said anything about giving up?

          It would seem to me to be a critically necessary first step in restoring the Republic to bluntly point out the facts of where we are, what we are facing and the ridiculous slack-jawed, slope-headed, drooling-lipped, mindless ‘patriot’-drone fest that is directly complicit in allowing the burgeoning totalitarianism.

          Perhaps Canukistan is actually a good place for you, since it is peopled by globalist-pussies who long ago actually did give up.

  14. If California patriots hold the line and practice civil disobedience against this tyranny, it could put state government in the awkward position of having to arrest millions of otherwise law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. Imagine the protests (and riots, when they get to certain lower-class communities). Lots of hoods have guns, and unlike the nice conservative people these measures are meant to oppress, the hoods will shoot back. The government would have to basically rewrite the law.

    This could be very good for Californians’ civil and Constitutional rights…if people hold the line.

    • It is estimated that there are millions of AR and AK style rifles and pistols in this staye, plus an indefinite number of 80% home builds. Prior to 1/1/13, the State knew you bought a long gun, but not what kind (rifle or shotgun), caliber, or manufacturer. As a practical matter, the State simply does not know nor have reason to suspect who has all of these rifles. There is no way that they will hire tens of thousands of LEOs to search them out. Instead, what the law anticipates is that a) people will register (which will render them nontransferable in California), or b) people will take them out of state to store or to sell, or c) a small number will be turned into the police on death of the owner. Whatever route it takes, in a generation these guns will be gone, and that is hunky dory to them.

      Further, although the ban on 80% lowers was vetoed, it may be that as a practical matter these home builds will have been banned after 1/1/18. Prior to that date, one will be able (meaning required) to purchase a serial number from the DOJ prior to starting manufacture (which also acts to register the lower), but as I understand it, the “AW” registry will close December 31, 2017. With bullet button ban, the only legal configuration of an 80% lower is a “featureless” rifle. (Funny thing, these featureless rifles can have detachable mags.) I anticipate that this means there will be a lot of Ruger Minis sold, and Ares rat tail tang configurations. Or someone could design a recoil system that replaces the charging handle with a spring and guide rod, and use a side charger that hooks into the gas key, thus making the upper adaptable to a standard stock (the down side being the need for a trigger bar link resulting in a mushy trigger pull).

  15. What forms of Civil Disobedience are available to everyone? Stay away from work for a week or two. Don’t comply with registration requirements. What does the government need that we can withhold?

    • What we have that govt needs is our money, our compliance with its tyranny and our consent to be governed.

      That said, a scant few will even withhold their consent and refuse to obey and comply.

  16. Feliz Cuarto de Julio, Californians. You just took another step toward making California Mexico again.

  17. The “progressives” in charge in California are crazy enough to start arresting people and seizing weapons. They may be smart enough to do it one at a time, at night, with trumped up charges for the media to trumpet about a criminal. It will not be announced as a violation of the new gun laws.

    100 people arrested each night, spread out across LA would not be noticed by the general population and it would take time for the word to get spread around what was really going on.

    The first person to actually resistance with a firearm would make headlines as a “suspected terrorist”.

    I suspect they will try it. I hope not. Eventually it will come to a bad end for a lot of people, not just gun owners.

      • And the massive effort needed just to determine who owns “illegal” rifles after January 1, 2018 (the close of the registration period).

  18. They say that when you are on a jury, that, no matter what your emotions on the subject, you must adhere to the law, period. But honestly, if I was on a jury over some guy with an illegal “assault weapon” where we were supposed to convict him, I wouldn’t do it. Because “the law” actually does not have to be adhered to when it is blatantly unjust. Some laws are so unjust that not only does a person not have a duty to abide by it but they have a duty one could say to disobey it.

    I remember reading a woman who was saying about the stupidity of the gravity knife law in New York City and how she’d had to, as a member of a jury, convict certain people over it. But if I was in her position, I would have ruled against conviction, because such a law as that is utterly absurd.

    • Even it’s twenty cents or less, it is still wrong, unconstitutional and nothing more than a path to confiscation.

  19. Your politicians sure seem to prove the old adage that California is indeed the land of fruits and nuts. Sucks to be you today.

  20. This is from a debate against an anti gunner who thought he was clever by comparing alcohol sales to minors with gun sales to felons…….this was my response…

    Thanks to *************…who thought he was being clever by trying to compare selling acohol to minors with selling guns privately without a background check……..

    Here is the solution…require checking the drivers license for gun sales..the same way you do for alcohol sales…

    minors can’t buy alcohol, felons can’t buy guns…

    you check a drivers license to make sure the buyer is 21…

    you can check the drivers license to make sure the gun buyer is 18 for long guns, and 21 for pisols…..


    if you put….Felon…on the drivers license…you don’t have to do a background check…that the felon will get around with a straw buyer anyway….

    Problem solved all the way around…..

  21. I don’t know what the recall laws are in Commiefornification, but if these “leaders” were to lose their jobs, including the Brown, that would send a clear message. The problem is, the percentage of the voting population that own these type of rifles or take exception to these new laws is small and I seriously doubt a recall election would prevail as it did in CO. Even in the last election in CO. Hickenlooper hung on to his job…barely. The problem is, these types of weapons just aren’t popular enough to influence a majority of the population.

  22. ” And I swear to defend
    I will fight to the end,
    And I swear that I’ll never be taken alive”

  23. Californians are not going to do anything to change that state for the better. That’s why they are where they are now. Just whining and excuses.

    • That’s also why they are leaving in droves, which in some cases means polluting CO, TX and other areas with their way of thinking.

      It’s like the modern-day Carpetbaggers here…

  24. If one decides not to conform, the practical result is that that person will not be able to take his/her rifle anywhere where a police officer may stop to examine the rifle for its compliance with the law, and to run its serial number. If it is not registered with the state by 1/1/18, it will be confiscated on the spot as contraband and the owner/possessor arrested or at the least cited with possession of an illegal assault weapon, which just so happens is a felony. With the arrest, a warrant will likely issue to search your home for any and all other firearms, which will be seized. Upon conviction (and who will doubt that judges will convict) one may not actually spend any/much time in jail, but one will lose ALL of one’s firearms, including any black powder firearms, as well as the right to own any firearms for the rest of one’s life. Further, if one happens to have a professional license, it is possible that one will be brought up on “morals” charges, and face the potential of losing that license temporarily or permanently. [As a licensed attorney, I could be disbarred for being convicted or a crime of “moral turpitude.” I have no doubt that an illegal weapons conviction will qualify, resulting in unemployment, loss of home, etc etc etc.] Now you could always take your “assault weapon” to another state to shoot it, but when the state line is hours away, is it really worth it? These are questions each California AR/AK owner will have to decide for themselves.

    For me, I have to register or ship it off to my daughter in another state (or my son if he decides to move across the border to Nevada).

  25. Ugh @ clichés like “wake up call”, “send a message” and “tipping point.”

    Nobody is going to do jack squat of substance, either at the polls or in the streets, until everyday life for a great many people takes a serious hit.

    Sorry, but slight disruption to plinking every so often and admiring your safe queens doesn’t cut it. Millions of Californians will continue to wake up at the crack of noon and collect their welfare EBT cards, business as usual.

    Millions of other Californians will continue trudging to work so they can pay their taxes, because the welfare state doesn’t support itself, you know.

    Meanwhile, millions of other Californians, the ones who’ve ensconced their abundants butts in lifetime state sinecures, will continue to sit, smug and self-satisfied, very pleased with the modern plantation system they’ve erected:

    They conscript the middle class serfs to do the work and pay the taxes. Then they dole out gratis a subsistence living to the underclass and the underclass keeps them and the bureaucrats in office to oppress the serfs. Repeat as needed.

    Nothing will change this, because this changes nothing. This is just a little pin prick, that’s all. Until the State’s infringements actually make a sustained, unbearable impact on the daily life of the middle class wealth generators, then those serfs will never act. They’ll just blog and take it.

    You don’t have the votes to change it legally. You don’t have the guts to change it via other means. All you can do is vote with your feet and leave that socialist hellscape to crater and collapse on itself.

  26. The only way to have some kind of change is for the conservatives to use every nasty tactic that the Left uses.
    Identify a handful of the worst gun-grabbers, post any perosnal data you can on them, and publicize that you’re going to make their life hell.

    You F#$% me…I’m gonna F$%^ you.
    You made it personal…. I’m going to respond in kind.

  27. California gun owners who oppose tyranny are NOT the voting majority. If they were, then this 2A battle in their state would have never occurred.

  28. I guess it would asking/wishing too much for those outside of CA to blow off every CA specific gun or ammo rule and due business via the internet and mail order with Californians? Would it be asking to much to treat Califus like Wyoming and ship accordingly? If enough do it . . . I remember something about Irish people voting . . .

  29. Yeah I cannot believe that ANYone ANYwhere is okay with the full on confiscation and destruction of private property without due cause or justice. It’s absolutely mind boggling. It truly is textbook tyranny.

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