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Greg Ellifritz wrote a stellar post regarding the Molotov cocktail situation in Palestine and why it is absolutely relevant to our currently tumultuous times. Check it out (link below):

When in your vehicle, do you carry your gun on your person? Or do you keep it in the glove compartment “just in case I need it.” I have news for you. You won’t have time to access your piece from the glove box or locked safe in an environment like this. You will either try to get it and be fried or escape into hostile territory without it. Neither are good options. Carry your gun on your person!

When is the last time you’ve sprinted? Could you run away fast enough to avoid the flying flaming bottles? Some of you need to be doing more sprinting and less surfing on gun forums.

– Greg Ellifritz, Your Tactical Training Scenario – Dealing with Molotov Cocktails and Fire Bombs

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  1. I try to take a holistic viewpoint on life. The average American is more likely to die of a self inflicted illness due to poor diet or exercise then have to dodge Molotov cocktails. That’s why I work out. I also use my jumper cables more then I have ever have or likely will have to use a gun. I think in life it’s about priorities and probability. Yes I have full trauma kits in my vehicles now but first I had band aids and before that I just had a job to afford the gas that goes into the car. It’s about reasoned steps and not getting overwhelmed.

    • You cant talk common sense and facts on a gun blog ! Not good for business…

      Reality is that 80 % of counties in America have NO MURDERS PER YEAR. That literally a handful of s-hole neighborhoods in s-hole cities account for the vast majority of murders. That if you don’t live in these handfuls of neighborhoods, are not black, not into drugs, not an ex con, you will live a quiet life unmolested and have the little house with white picket fence. Just facts. But that doesn’t sell on the interweb.

      • If we could just get rid of all the precincts which voted over 85% democrat in the last couple of presidential elections 90% of crime just disappears.

      • Yup,

        You are far more likely to need a fire extinguisher in your car than a gun and that tourniquet will most likely be used due to a car wreck or machinery accident than a gun shot wound.

        Its always good to prepare, but like stated, its just background prep work.
        Truth be, if the SHTF, there will be plenty of time to increase your sprint, not going into work will give loads of time for exercise. Just stay healthy until then, no need to be a marathon runner 24/7 just in case you need to dash to your car before a nuke goes off….

      • I’m white and live in a rural afluent county in central Texas. I have witnessed assaults and even had a murdered (white female) body dumped on the side of the road near my property.
        Violent crime happens everywhere, to every demographic. Some much more than others, but then again, nobody leaves their house thinking it’s their day to be murdered. And yet, sometimes it is.

      • Interesting (if true). 80% of counties in America voted for Trump in 2016. Do we suppose anyone has correlated those counties with the 80% which had no murders?

    • After seeing the BS going on in Portland, it’s not too far of a stretch to think this may happen in lesser areas…especially if the midterms don’t exactly go the way of the leftist.

    • “The average American is more likely to die of a ‘medical mistake’ then have to dodge Molotov cocktails.”

      Stay out of hospitals, my friends.

    • Joe in San Antonio <<<
      We'll remember your stupidity and absolute BS when they throw the FIRST shovel of dirt onto your ashes .

  2. Few people think that something like this might happen…until it does. I always stop far enough behind the car in front of me so that there’s room to exit should it be necessary. Will I need to? Probably not. But, statistically we’ll never need to use a firearm in self defense, and yet we carry one (or more) just in case.

    • My hubby tries to stop in the middle of the intersection when feasible (when the other idiot in front doesn’t stop before the intersection!). Sure it might be inconvenient for other drivers BUT it always gives us several escape routes in case we need it.

  3. “Some of you need to be doing more sprinting and less surfing on gun forums.”

    I’ll have you know I resemble that remark!

    Anyways –

    We have an *interesting* update on the shoplifter-shooting case :

    “LAKELAND — The lawyer who defended George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin has been hired to represent former Lakeland City Commissioner Michael Dunn.”

    The Dunn family is from some money, it looks like they are starting to spend it…

    NOTE – Heard in the news about the the two Satan-worshiping schoolgirls who were plotting to kill their schoolmates and drink their blood?

    That’s *another* local story from here as well :

    “BARTOW — Two girls at Bartow Middle School plotted a failed scheme to attack fellow students with knives in a campus restroom Tuesday, Bartow police officials said.

    The plan, deemed credible by investigators who recovered knives in the girls’ possession, included drinking victims’ blood, dismembering the bodies then killing themselves, police Chief Joe Hall said Wednesday morning at his headquarters.”

    It’s almost like Florida is actually living up to its well-earned national reputation…

    • A shopkeeper who is exercising his or her right to detain a thief, fleeing with their goods, must be permitted the use deadly force if the thief has a deadly weapon and refuses to drop it. This was documented in the video. This case will hinge on that reality. The prosecution will try to make it all about the optics of the video and the perception that thief was a harmless victim. The shopkeeper was the victim.

      • I’m sure that angle will be exploited to maximum advantage by the defense at the trial…

      • Don’t forcibly arrest the shoplifter has been the standard advice for decades, but what does the law allow in Florida?

        Are you legally empowered to grab a shoplifter in the doorway of your own store?

        Even if you are authorized to grab and arrest, I’m having a hard time justifying shooting the guy for resisting arrest without violence, just like I’d have a hard time justifying a cop shooting him for that.

        • The thief refused to drop the weapon. It is not the shopkeepers responsibility to divine whether he will use it or not. He absolutely has a right to detain the person and defend himself if need be. Even if it spills out into the parking lot. It comes down to one undeniable fact. You can argue all day about wether the thief was willing to commit violence or not. It matters not. He refused to drop the weapon.

    • ” I resemble that remark too ” now seriously , what T F is this country coming too , girls with knives , plotting to kill other girls , drink their blood , then dismember them & commit suicide. Barbaric parents maybe ? Yes it is a good idea to be vigilant , prepared , and allways armed. First aid kit , a must. Flashlight , edged weapon allways. You never know what some nut job may be lurking in the shadows has planned for you & yours. Just because of some view you have ,that they disagree with better safe than not ! And yes keep that fire extinguisher in the car along with your psycho extinguisher. Because you just never know.

      • Seriously disturbed teens and I don’t see a whole lot of press on this one. Had it been a gun and male students, it would have 10x the exposure and news, but knives? Meh. Chicks with knives don’t fit the scary gun narrative.

  4. I keep my gat in the glove box…don’t have a CCL YET. I do carry pepper gel on me,a knife and a very deadly axe is available on the floor. Not in great shape anymore. It is what it is…

  5. Thankfully we’re not being occupied by an army of politicians and religious settlers bent on our genocide. The USA isn’t Palestine, South Africa, or any number of countries at this moment. Unless training for the zombie apocalypse I don’t think this is terribly relevant at this time. Training “advice” most people in this country won’t use, ever.

    • I’d bet Reginald Denny would argue the point with you. How about the people pulled from their cars or attacked after 2016 election?

      • I stated most people. As a nation we have not yet descended into the unrest and violence that is found in other nations. Situational awareness and common sense will take you further than some tacti-cool blog post.

    • We are being invaded on a daily basis by people who don’t give a shit about our laws, language or customs. They also think life is cheap.

    • The Dems aren’t talking about genocide yet.
      They want to do away with a lot more of your rights before they get to that point here.

  6. It seems to me that if you take deliberate aim and take down one or two attackers, their bone fires should act as very good distraction for the others.

  7. Gun on me at all times. I always tell chicks who want to carry to do likewise, forget the “convenient”, cutesy CCW purse- chances are you’ll get that snatched or have to dump all the makeup and crap going for your piece.

    I got castigated around here by some of the worthies for advocating personal physical fitness since my dog and I put in 5 1/2 miles on the running path every day, even at 66 yrs old. (Mutt is 10) If nothing else I can out run most whack-os with a knife or club and not have to worry about all the paperwork… More people ought to get off the couch and heed this. Good advice.

  8. I’m 65 years OLD and overweight. But I can sprint may be 50 yards before dropping dead. If that’s not far enough. Then I guess I’m a deadman. I do carry IWB 20/7 strongside.

    • I don’t have a big name, but my miraculous advice would be, shoot the mofo 2-3 times before commencing your escape run. He will be easier to outrun.

  9. The linked article is a worthwhile read. Molotov Cocktails can have a splash effect which wets your clothes and gear bags with the accelerant and sets them on fire in moments. It only takes a small amount of gasoline to seriously set a person on fire. The idea of flash mobs appearing suddenly, throwing a bunch of MC’s and scattering away as quickly as they appeared is very disconcerting.

    • Should that scenario ever arise in real life, the response would quickly become, first MC thrown, shoot everybody who looks like a candle, several times, won’t last long. This is silly. MCs are not a sudden weapon. You start to light one, I shoot you. Was that fun? Can’t we find actually threatening scenarios to worry about?

  10. Certain parts of Israel are more dangerous to be in than others. Northern Israel is especially dangerous. However if you live in southern isreal you’re less likely to encounter these types of dangers.

    Just as you’re less likely to encounter criminals if you stay out of known areas were crime happens, in the USA.

    The best car defense is a 00 buckshot blast from a judge revolver.

    There are many stories of people continue to fight after being hit by a 45 ACP. Or 9 mm. But How many stories have you read of someone continuing to fight after a shotgun blast?

    You might even hit the burning glass bottle in their hand, and spread burning liquid on the attacker.

  11. Being an Over weight, Out of shape, disabled Combat Veteran I will pull my weapons and hit everything I can before I become dead! Semper Fi do or die! carry a Keltec Pf9 and a Buck 110.

  12. I track my diet daily, exercise every day and shoot several times per week. I’m an Elder Law attorney – I get to see the results of poor self-care on a daily basis. It’s not pretty and it winds up being expensive (and keeps me employed).

  13. Keeping in mind the target audience of this blog, I ask the following (excluding military, vets, or police in the line of duty)-
    How many of you have been held at gun point?

    How many of you have witnessed or been st the scene of a bombing or violent attack?

    How many of you have had rockets fly over your residence and knock out the power grid?

    How many of you have to plan your daily trips/errands around check points, military, or militia presence?

    How many of you have experienced rioting, violet crime, or something along that line?

    Allowing for some variance due to the type of reader I will still assume that most of you have not experienced those things or anything like it and will likely never experience those things. Just like “preppers” people get off on writing these sort of contingency plans, like some sort of twisted fan fiction.

    For non military Americans our lives will be generally peaceful and not face this sort of thing. Unless you’re a missionary, ngo, journalist, or other likeminded person that travels abroad you don’t generally get training for hostage taking situations or how to plan your life around expected or sporadic violence. I am nobody special, nothing exceptional, but I have lived overseas working for an NGO in a “hot” area. I’ve been held at gunpoint, checked over by militias and detained while my papers were scrutinized, had rockets fly over my home and take out power lines, been at/present during the aftermath of violence and riots and protests. I’ve walked towards the sound of perceived gunfire as easily as walked away from it. I’ve had hostage training and learned how our decisions impact not just us but others. Ive planned my day and route on potential for violence and unrest. The best preparation is being aware of your abilities, environment, and how to plan accordingly. For most Americans this is not overkill, but a how to on getting away from a fire bomb? That is.

    • Yes, but how can you sell training courses and materials by appealing to common sense and realistic statistics? 😉

    • The vast majority of “combat veterans” in any of our wars since and including WWII never actually saw combat either. It’s an administrative term used to encapsulate anyone that deployed to a combat zone; guys just play it up online and in bars. Generally speaking being a bouncer or telephone lineman puts you in much more danger than most “combat veterans” or cops were ever in. In America selling status delusions and subculture identity is big business. That’s what TTAG is primarily about.

      • I agree. I was in 3 wars, shot at in only one, the same one my brother died in. Most “combat vets” (in my service time, 1970-1992) never strayed more than about 100 yards from the bar. In Vietnam, a compatriot and I had to go to Saigon for a weekend, everybody looked at us like we were from outer space, in muddy flight suits walking past the Olympic pools with American chicks in bikinis and the guys in starched blue uniforms with glistening epaulets, and we were carrying (oh my god) loaded GUNS! We could not believe what we were seeing, gathered they could not, either. Probably 90% of *actual* combat vets (as opposed to liars) never got within 20 miles of actual combat. I’ll leave it to more recent vets to comment about today’s situation.

        • I’m an Iraq Vet from the mid 2000’s and a combat arms m.o.s. no less and guess what? I didn’t see anything I could look in the mirror and really consider as combat. I was in city and now federal law enforcement most guys I work with are vets. The amount of VA ratings I see for PTSD and just generally high (over 30%) ratings for guys who did 4 years often non-combat m.o.s. and are now only in there late twenties, early thirties are just way out of proportion with reality. Then there are the guys that start to seek higher and higher ratings only once retirement looms; most of those ratings can be attributed to un healthy lifestyle during and after service. It’s all a big game. It’s sad but I’ve seen it so often from 75 year olds down to 25 year olds that now when I hear combat or disabled veteran I generally assume theyre a liar unless independently confirmed.

        • Dunno if I’m a “disabled veteran”, at 72 I am now disabled, and I am a veteran, but I was not disabled while in service and have never considered myself a “disabled veteran”. Whether I would be, under the rules, I don’t know or care.

  14. Folks who talk about needing jumper cables, fire extinguishers and such more than a gun miss the point: when you DO need a gun, you need a GUN and it had better be on your person.

  15. “You won’t have time to access your piece from the glove box ”
    Yes, I will. But then, I don’t drive into a mob of psychotic hairless apes with flaming bottles in their hands. OFC, I can imagine that this author hasn’t the slightest idea how short of a range molotovs have, or how dangerous they are for the wielder, and how easy they are to counter.
    But that’s just me… Ya’ll do whatever strikes your fancy. Just let me out of the car first… I’ll take my chances naked in the woods over being in that particular car.
    I’ll be the one with the pedal on the floor and my wipers on.

    • I agree Molotov cocktails can be dangerous to the user.

      But please note it is possible to make Molotov cocktails that have contact fuses rather than the traditional burning rag. So no obvious signs of attack.

      Also there are lots of ways to make the petrol more like napalm so you need at least one fire extinguisher to put it out.

      Plus various groups around the world have used catapult / sling devices to give a lot more range.

  16. Since I can’t carry at work, driving to and from the office, I keep my carry gun in a small sling bag on the passenger seat. The gun/holster is in a dedicated pouch and the main pouch has a first aid kit and a bottle of water. I can draw the gun from the bag faster than I could draw from an IWB holster. There are some issues with retention after a sudden accident, but there are trade offs with everything.

    Depending on what is going on in Charlotte dictates what I carry as my CC gun that day. Events like the riots 2 years ago over a police shooting meant a bigger sidearm and more ammo. Not sure what I will do when the RNC is in town in 2020, probably plan a vacation for that week.

  17. You can poo poo all this about Molotov cocktails
    I agree it is highly unlikely
    I lived through the Miami Riots when I was a college student
    I lived thru several hurricanes, one of which knocked out power for 2 weeks.
    It’s very easy to imagine a temporary breakdown of society before the rest of the nation can come to our relief
    Prep directed at that kind of event seems warranted

  18. Egads hopefully people don’t discover bar b que’d possum ain’t that bad……………………………………………….( I’m changing screen name from el possum guapo Standartenfuher ect as those in Germany and Israel may have been offended by it)


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