Times Square gun free zone sign gun-free
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At no point in this rush to condemn the [Supreme] Court [Bruen decision] and impose the nation’s harshest statewide restrictions on simple gun ownership did any major official offer evidence that these new laws would affect violence or crime rates. Virtually all gun crime in Gotham is committed by people wielding illegal guns, operating completely outside the gun-permitting and registration system. It’s already illegal to possess an unregistered gun, and carrying one is supposed to entail a mandatory prison sentence.

The fear that legal gun owners might take their guns to Times Square may or may not be well-founded; about 40,000 legal, permitted handguns are registered in New York City, and it would be less than ideal if their owners all converged in midtown to celebrate the Bruen decision. But it’s more sobering to consider a 1993 NYPD estimate that more than 2 million illegal guns circulate around the city. Some have been seized, but it’s hard to imagine, 30 years later, that the total number has changed radically.

With respect to the concerns of Councilmember [Eric] Bottcher, New Yorkers already live in a city where people routinely carry guns in their pockets. The problem is that New York has ceased to police its streets proactively, vigorously prosecute illegal gun-possession charges, and raise the cost of carrying illegal guns to the point that people would leave them home. Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg refuses to seek jail time for people charged simply with carrying a gun because “not every person charged with possessing an illegal gun in New York City is a driver of violence.”

Seth Barron in New York’s “Gun-free” Stunt

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  1. “…about 40,000 legal, permitted handguns are registered in New York City, and it would be less than ideal if their owners all converged in midtown to celebrate the Bruen decision.”

    That would arguably be an ideal situation, and make that area extremely safe.

    But then, who would know? The entire premise of CCW is to be clandestine; the opposite of open carry. My coworkers have absolutely no idea I have my gat with me when I’m in the office, and have had it for several years now. If it’s never drawn from the holster, never displayed, and never even mentioned, who would know, and who cares?

  2. But but but to drum up support for Gun bans Gun Control zealots must tie crime to the 2A. That’s why when sneaky Gun Control zealots hear “It’s the criminals stupid” they act all deaf, dumb and blind to the crime happening under their noses.

    The aforementioned is why defining Gun Control by its history confirmed roots in racism and genocide is the death nail for Gun Control. Anything less is patchwork peeing in the wind.

    • dude, you don’t get it. to them, the 2nd IS the crime. the rapes robberies and murders happening under their noses are just the softening-up for THEIR rule – and thus are not crime at all but in fact are righteousness.

  3. i love it
    when liberals
    are forced to confront
    and come face to face
    with their cognitive dissonance
    and their heads explode
    this is the feel good story of the day

  4. The whole “sensitive places” concept has never made a lot of sense to me.

    Granted, there are places where carrying a gun is probably a bad idea. For instance, near an MRI machine. (Except of course for a Glock 7.) Or, arguably, in a place like a chemical plant where a negligent or accidental discharge could lead to a mass casualty event.

    Other than that? They enable those with ill intent far more than they hinder them.

    • Guns have been banned from courtrooms, at least here in California, for many years. Especially in some criminal and divorce court cases, emotions can run high. Even way up here in the safer part of the state, judges have been fired upon, and they don’t really appreciate it. Many carry concealed (except in the Bay Area where even judges can’t get ccws) and benches have armor plating underneath. So I can understand a ban on carry in a court house–but they should at least provide a secure lockup so that persons visiting the court can carry between their cars and the court, where danger can lurk.

      • I think the rational for banning guns in courtrooms has its “history and tradition” in the fact that criminals would, on occasion, show up to court too bust out their buddies.

        While I think that that logic is flawed, as all gun control logic is flawed, I do understand why it exists.

      • “Especially in some criminal and divorce court cases, emotions can run high. Even way up here in the safer part of the state, judges have been fired upon”

        completely legitimate. lots of online videos demonstrating that.


    • Metal near an MRI machine? I once watched a radiology tech push a patient on an ambulance gurney into the MRI room without removing the steel oxygen bottle carried underneath the gurney. It slowly slid out from across the gurney frame, made a 90 degree turn in mid-air and then shot like a missile into the opening of the machine destroying a $12,000 headrest. The bottle was stuck so completely that they had to do an emergency “quench” to power off the machine to get the bottle out. Thank god no one was between the bottle and the machine when the event occurred.

  5. There is no rational for banning firearms. When you ban an item it goes to the black market. Not to mention, legal gun owners 99.999999999999% of the time do not commit crimes with their firearms.
    This is a lie perpetrated by those who fear guns.
    I say, if you don’t like guns, don’t buy one?

  6. illegal gun-possession = irrelevant

    illegal/felonious gun use = Relevant but no bail/let em go de be bros/prog voters

  7. LOL we could scrap the permitting system entirely (buy pistols like normal states can buy pistols shotguns and rifles without a permit) go full Constitutional carry and the overwhelming majority of violent crime involving guns would still be by prohibited persons who stole them or acquired via straw purchase. But it is a small step towards reality in the news somewhere.

    • “trump was and is president“

      So you’re saying the inflation is his responsibility because it’s happening on his watch?

      • the inflation is a feature of the foreign-owned federal reserve dollar. whether trump or hillary is president the inflation continues or the dollar disappears and the (world) economy collapses.

        the private bank owners of the federal reserve are the real enemy, of the entire world.

  8. I have never seen an illegal firearm. I have seen firearms used by criminals that commit illegal acts by misusing firearms.

  9. “New York’s Post-Bruen Gun Control Temper Tantrum Targeted the Wrong People”

    Actually, no. The CCIA is aimed at the intended demographic: legal gun owners. All of whom are simply crazed alt-right, conspiracy, Mega MAGA, KKK, crazed (did I say that already?), gun lovers who could go off in an instant, and kill everyone in sight.

    Criminals and gangs do not pose the same potential risk in places where the right people congregate. Gangs and criminals are always recognizable, with their clothing, bling, face painting, slouching gait.

    Legal gun owners look like normal people, and could be standing right next to you, with a gun in their pocket, and you wouldn’t know it; meaning you could be mass-murdered before police could get there to stop the killer.

    No one has a right to put the rest of society under that much fear.

  10. My local gunmshop had a buy one get a chance to win one. He put me down twice and my girlfiend once. I said ” Hey this could be a gunm free zone after all.”
    He said “ha ha”
    “My girlfiend said how much is this?” (to salesman), and then to me, ” HEY,, You never bought me a birthday present. ”
    I said ” Wait until next month”
    She said ” That’s what you said in June.”
    The guy looked at us a bit , sold her a box of bullets, and marked her down for another chance at a gunm free zone.
    Which I didnt think was fair.
    I hope she wins an 18inch barreled 10 gauge 6 n1/2 pound break open single shot with a plastic buttstock.
    Ha ha shoot it again.

  11. “vigorously prosecute illegal gun-possession charges,”

    Well, IMO, it shouldn’t be illegal to possess a gun, under any circumstances. The illegality of a possession should be based on A: the actions committed with that weapon, and B: prior convictions that might render a person ineligible to possess a weapon.

    A cop who spots a citizen with a weapon shouldn’t even alert on that citizen. It should be presumed that the citizen is law abiding, and that his weapon is legal. Which is a far cry from today’s presumption that anyone with a weapon is a dangerous criminal.

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