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Diversify your investments with the RASH® technique! That’s Rifles, Ammunition, Shotguns, and Handguns.


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  1. TRASH®

    Training, Rifles, Ammo, Shotguns, and Handguns. Gives new meaning to the term “talkin’ trash”.


  2. I have often wondered how much I have invested in guns and ammo and holster and powder and bullets and and and. It’s too scary to think about.

    • Eh I try not to think about it. I don’t drink,party or do drugs. Gotta buy something! Better to have it & not need it…🙄

      • A lot of the ammo I invested in is worth more now than when I bought it. Sold some for more than double purchase price when it was hard to find at any price. Always be the Ant and not the Grasshopper.

      • “Better to have it & not need it”

        what is the point of owning something you cannot use except superficially?

    • It’s too scary to think about.

      Best cure for those “scary’s” is to buy a new gun or a couple cases of ammo… OR both..

    • Haha! You are not wrong. I started a spreadsheet with my first purchase long ago so I would have an account if I was to sell anything. I’ve logged every purchase from firearms, reloading components, parts, even membership & training fees! I couldn’t have guessed how much cake this would accumulate to, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. The only sad part is looking up the price of components I paid years ago vs what I pay now, but the I look up ammo prices and I’m at ease again!

      • I have a spreadsheet as well, with two tabs. One for ammo, showing cartridge type, location (I split storage of all cash, metals, copies of paperwork, etc at multiple addresses for security and redundancy), notes, etc. The other is for the gunz, showing S/Ns (if applicable), date of mfr, date of acquisition, type, how many rounds have been shot through them, work/upgrade/repairs done, etc.

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