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The Trace's primary funder, Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)
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Maybe that (bogus) gun control ad in front of an audience of 100 million people wasn’t such a good idea after all.

I believe in Second Amendment rights but I don’t have particularly strong feelings on the matter, especially compared to most libertarians. All of the things that Bloomberg suggests are either already basically the law or won’t have the effects supporters claim.

As my Reason colleague Jacob Sullum has written, background checks will do nothing to stop mass shootings because “perpetrators of these attacks typically do not have disqualifying criminal or psychiatric records.” Beyond that, passing more and stricter laws generally don’t stop criminals, who don’t follow laws, from getting guns.

Researchers funded by the federal government concluded that the assault weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 2004 had essentially no impact on gun violence and crime. Most important, Bloomberg simply ignores the massive declines in gun-related crimes and violence over the past 25 years.

“There were 4.6 gun murders per 100,000 people in 2017, far below the 7.2 per 100,000 people recorded in 1974,” reports Pew. Between 1993 and 2015, “rates for crimes using guns dropped from 7.3 per 1,000 people to 1.1 per 1,000 people.” The central fact in Bloomberg’s ad—”2,900 children die from gun violence every year—is off by 73 percent.

The story told in Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad is moving and sad, but I simply don’t understand why the billionaire would focus on the issue of gun violence in such a high-profile setting. In its way, it’s as off-kilter as Donald Trump’s insistence during the 2016 campaign that violent crime was somehow out of control.

Perhaps Bloomberg is trying to signal loud and clear to Democratic primary voters that despite his past affiliations as a Republican and an independent, he is in synch with Democratic fixations and policy priorities.

Maybe the “George” ad will in fact help seal the deal with Democrats, but it leaves me and, I suspect, other independent voters wondering just how different he is from other candidates who are already in the race.

I would have much rather seen a commercial that explained how Bloomberg would draw on his business experience and success as mayor of the largest city in the country to grow the economy, tackle looming entitlement cataclysms, and reduce culture-war battles.

– Nick Gillespie in Mike Bloomberg Just Lost My Vote With His Super Bowl Ad

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  1. “I would have much rather seen a commercial that explained how Bloomberg would draw on his business experience and success as mayor of the largest city in the country to grow the economy, tackle looming entitlement cataclysms, and reduce culture-war battles.”

    So, in other words, you’re looking for a republican.

    • Yup.

      BTW, with all that is going on in the world, it’s important for the PotG to occasionally pause and celebrate the little things in life.

      For example, today (Feb. 4, 2020) is Nacho 1111 Day!

      What is Nacho 1111 Day, you may ask?

      It is a celebration of 1,111 days that Hillary Clinton is nacho President . . . . . .

      (I’m here all week. Try the veal.)

    • Seriously. I’ve had more than one exchange in person with dedicated Democrats and when they actually get past their knee-jerk outrage they always seem to want what the Republican platform says they want.
      But that can’t be because Republicans aren’t nice and they’re racist and they want to institute a Theocracy.
      So they opt to vote for the party that promotes safe-space segregation, antisemitism and the importation of bronze-aged barbarians who think homosexuals should be executed, women are property and the organs of albinos have curative properties as elixirs.

      • Pretty much this.

        Almost everyone I’ve talked to who votes Democrat has been sold a bill of goods. They’re voting based on an exaggerated fear of the other party, on what the Democrats used to be 30+ years ago, or on some feel-good notion that doesn’t translate into reality (and if it did, nobody would want it).

        I’m not saying the Republican party is all it’s cracked up to be (it sucks), but at this point it sure beats the regressive (and borderline evil) Democratic one.

    • I’m picturing some kind of dancing line featuring hundreds of big gulp sodas, to emphasize a) how Bloomberg had such concern for us ordinary peasants as mayor and b) how profoundly ridiculous he is as a candidate.

        • Exactly! “Let’s all go to the Lob-beeeee…. and get ourselves some snacks. And also higher taxes, less freedom, and a great big helping of misery.”

    • Even in the next 20 yrs if the Dems take the house, prez and senate with 61, after seeing Iowa, they will pass a ban on everything fun but will overlook oh say bullpups or something similarly stupid

    • The Libertarians were very happy to have former Massachusetts republican gov William Weld, as their VP candidate in 2016. He signed the first state level Assault Weapons Ban (1989?).
      And to this day he has never regretted it.

      Libertarians are a joke. They will compromise whatever principles they have to gain National popularity.

      At least the Democrats will stay home when Bernie Sanders got screwed by the Democrat Party. Same for the Republicans when they believed the Republican establishment is stabbing their candidate in the back they will also stay home.

      Trump 2020!

      Name a candidate who supports a repeal of the machine gun ban?
      Answer no one. Including the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and William weld.
      But they do support legal marijuana intoxication.

      • Big L Libertarians (Libertarian party members) may have been happy about it, but small l libertarians (people who believe in libertarian philosophy) were mad as hell and voted for Trump.

        You have to remember that there are two separate groups of (L)(l)ibertarians, and they really don’t agree on anything.

    • But until his antigun sentiments Bloomers was a Republican. At least in official party registration.

  2. Well, you’re one step behind me by seeing the commercial in the first place. Anyone with half a brain isn’t voting for him, going for anti gun votes didn’t work out so hot for Hillary either, remember?

  3. Michael Bloomberg relieve culture war battles? He’s dumped tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on to what is probably one of the top three to five biggest culture war battles.

    This would be like the Republicans trying to nominate the Koch Brothers for their candidacy. Give me a break.

    • Hundreds. By my reckoning, Bloomberg is closing in on having spent $300+ million so far by the end of this week. Much of that spending is for ads targeting the “Super Tuesday” population/races. He hasn’t spent much in the Iowa race, because I’m guessing he’s run the numbers on how to cut off Sanders when the race gets beyond New Hampshire.

      That’s not including the $60m he’s given to “Moms” and such. That $400m I’m reckoning is just in his tilting at the POTUS race. The WSJ had a piece a couple of weeks ago detailing how much Bloomberg is paying the staff at his election offices – upwards of double the normal pay rates for campaign workers.

      Bloomberg intends to buy the election, simple as that, and he’s doing it because he’s obsessed with gun control. Absolutely obsessed. The rest of his policy ideas are throw-away lines that will amount to nothing. But he’s detailed and obsessed about gun control – and Virginia shows that he will buy the political process to get what he wants.

      • It’s a smart strategy. The early primaries favor Sanders, and the later ones favor Biden. Biden will be hurt by the early Sanders wins, so the “moderate” types will be looking for a new savior. That’s where Bloomberg comes in.

      • Mikey is skipping Iowa and New Hampshire. The first time he’s on the ballot is Super Tuesday. The Dems changed the rules and are letting him participate in later debates regardless of donor count if he polls high enough. He’s been blasting ST states with ads for the last month. He’s promised to keep spending through Election Day whether he’s nominated or not.

    • I’m pretty sure Gillespie wouldn’t be voting for Bloomberg anyway. He’s just trying to appear like he would be open to considering Bloomberg. Gillespie has known about Bloomberg’s lack of respect for the Bill of Rights for years.

  4. B-Loon-Turd fails with his ad,not surprising, you can’t even take the stink off of that turd.

  5. If I click on a Bloomberg ad, does that cost Bloomberg money? Could we all do our part .000001 cents a click ‘stealing’ views from people that might be persuaded by the propaganda? Half serious here…

    • He doesn’t care. He’s one of the richest people in the world. You would probably be helping Google make money though. You know, the company that got rid of their “do no evil” slogan because they didn’t want to be called hypocrites since they are actually evil.

  6. There are two take-aways from this piece:

    1. Bloomberg is obsessed with gun control. Who else would spend an estimated $10 million for a chunk of time during the Superbowl to go on a political bender about gun control – or ANY political issue. Most football fans I know groaned at this (and other) political ads during the game. They just want to be left alone with a beer, some chips, and the game. Can’t they have a moment’s peace to just enjoy football? Nope, not this year.

    2. Nick Gillespie is a strange sort of libertarian, and he’s laid out for you readers why you should be very wary of trusting your RKBA to anyone claiming to be a ‘libertarian’. Look at who Gillespie claims he voted for. Mondale. Johnson. etc. None of these people cared about gun rights other than to take them away. I’ve said before that from my experience with libertarians, they talk about gun rights, but they don’t do anything other than talk. They’re actually just big-government liberals under a different name. I learned this first-hand when I used to be a member of the Libertarian Party in California.

    • I have been telling people that the people who call themselves Libertarian are leftwing. They are Anarcho-Capitalists which is a Marxist heresy. The entire faux Libertarian project can be summed as drugs, sex and abortion. Their objective is to abolish crime by abolishing the law. You just back to Ferguson to see they backed the gangs and not their law abiding victims.

      • Within legal and political philosophy principled libertarians certainly exist. The problem IMHO now is that there are a ton of people who say “libertarian” and mean “I don’t like either major party but I can’t bring myself to be non-affilliated”.

        It’s not a popular position and never has been since it requires people to have actual bedrock principles and stick to them which means defending the right of people to do things which you do not personally approve of. “I like it so it should be legal. I don’t like it so it should be illegal and the punishment should be in line with the strength of my disapproval” is way easier for people to deal with and therefore easier for parties to sell.

      • Don’t forget open borders, the centerpiece of Koch/Reason libertarian philosophy!
        Gillespie is such a joke of a libertarian.

    • One thing about Bloomberg is at least he shows he is a gun grabber from the start. There is no pretending to care with him. He wants to run your life and has a proven track record of doing such. Unfortunately the writer of this article does not seem to correlate that Bloomberg is litterally diametrically opposed to pretty much anything the Libertarian platform stands for.

      It is unfortunate that the Libertarians cannot come out with a decent candidate. Especially on Gun Control as that is directly against Libertarian beliefs like small Government and more personal freedom. California is a particularly bad example for any political party to be honest they are all “tainted” there. I was introduced to the John Birch Society there but only because my grandfather was a member in Wisconsin.

      • That’s because most faux Libertarians are like Gillespie. “Yeah, the Second Amendment is nice but I will trade drugs and sex for guns any day.

      • To Phil
        I have a great deal of respect for the John Birch Society. Because their members did stand up in 1966 to support the civil rights of a black panther party for self-defense. When the Republicans and Democrats would not.

        The JBS was an early victim of the media smear campaign that we now have today.

    • Your comment on Gillespie is spot on. I enjoy reading Reason for the comment section. They savage the writers who I would pretty much call 1980’s Democrats (Shikha Dalmia is one of the worst). They are soft on the 2A and only seem to begrudgingly write in support of it. They also do a lot of hand-wringing about the how there are no Democrats to vote for, and yet totally ignore the Republicans that are more on their side than the Democrats. I considered myself a libertarian since the 2000’s, but have see the mainstream or corporate Libertarians become infested with Democrats without a home. They didn’t change their bad ideas, they just changed their name.

    • The “Libertarian Party” are just Democrats who hate the 2a slightly less, and it sounds like the “libertarians” you’ve been talking to are in the same vein as someone claiming to be vegan who routinely eats steak. In other words, massive liars. At the end of the day, it’s simply a philosophy that malum prohibitum laws are largely unjust and immoral. Frankly, a good chunk of TTAG readership seems to lean heavily toward that philosophy (saying “why should my freedoms be restricted if I’ve done nothing wrong and my choices hurt nobody?” is very much a libertarian mindset) and yet refuse the label. Libertarianism is the opposite of statism so embrace it!

  7. Anti gun, Anti Big Sodas, Anti fourth amendment, Mr Anti Constitution except for Himself, his closet is as full as Epstein’s was.

  8. I have said it before, I will say it again::::::::

    We DO NOT have an epidemic of “gun violence.”

    We DO have an epidemic of sensationalist over-reporting of every crime involving a gun (that does not also involve a young black male – those crimes are ignored). We also have a significant problem with radical extremists and the media mis-using facts and statistics and outright lying.

    Gross liars, misinforming extremists, like Bloomberg are the core problem.

    Actual facts support the opposite of what they claim.

    FBI statistics prove beyond any question that murders involving firearms have been on the decline in the USA for over 35 years. The only area of concern is the number of murders of urban young black drug gang members (and the “collateral” murders of bystanders) perpetrated by young urban black males who are also member of drug gangs. (less than 1/2% of the population committing over 50% of all crime) Even including the growing problem of drug gangs, firearm related crimes continue to decline.

    There is no “epidemic” of school mass shootings, or school shootings, or school violence. Again real statistics from the Dept. of Education, CDC, and NHS establish that schools in the USA are safer than they have EVER been. There is no discernable increase in school shooting or deaths occurring from school violence. The opposite is true. All crimes on school grounds have decreased. Bloomberg and his “moms” are lying. Not just wrong, lying. They can look up the real facts just as easily as you or I, and they have, based on the “counter arguments” they proffer.

    Even including drug gang crimes, the USA ranks no higher than 82 out of 190 countries on any list of firearm involved violence. The US does not rank in the top 50 on the list of 83 nations reporting school violence. When looking at total violent crime, including total murders, only a couple of dozen nations report a smaller crime rate. Every nation credibly reporting a lower total violent crime rate is overwhelmingly single ethnic, heavily armed, and tiny. The USA – in spite of drug gang violence – is among the safest places in the world.

    I know most of you know all of this. I am just ranting – but – it wouldn’t hurt if people kept spreading facts. I really hate lying politicians like Bloomberg and all the democrats!

    • Yep. It’s amazing how flimsy the gun control case really is. There is literally *nothing* factual to back it up.

      I was actually on the gun control side back in the 90s, but about 10 years ago I had a flashback to Boy Scouts, when the rifle range was my favorite haunt, and bought a .22 rifle. After a while, as I accumulated a few more guns, I thought I should look into the facts — I didn’t want to put my family in grave danger or contribute to social ills.

      Time and time again, as I hunted for verifiable facts and solid information, I found it…from pro-gun sources. Never from the other side; they had attractive websites and slick copywriting, but as a copywriter myself, I know when I’m looking at style with no substance.

      Shiny, attractive lies — that’s all the anti-gun “gun safety” people have.

  9. Bloomberg dreams of a world where only he and the elites are protected by guns and the Great Unwashed calls 911. A beautiful place where we all hide in our fortified homes and don’t answer the door because evil could be lurking in the hallway. His life is protected by a proper army, after all his life is CLEARLY more valuable than some schmuck with a day job. A bloomberg presidency would start off with mass gun bans that would take years to overturn in the courts. NZ or OZ on steroids.

    She spent a fortune in 2016 and lost anyway. There comes a point where all the ads, canvasing, media buys, publicity, and in your face bullshit just become too much because it can’t change key facts about someone.
    He isn’t a nice guy, he insulates himself from ordinary people, he only listens to special friends and his record as a politician will haunt him. Don suffers from some of the same problems but he connects better with ordinary people, you see that again and again. Don also ignores advice, good and bad, making him more genuine than past robot presidents. Don has jacked up the economy, people have jobs, things are better in a myriad of ways and they can’t take that away from him. NYC has fallen through a hole because nothing Mike did had any lasting permanence. It’s rather amazing DJT enjoys the support he does but he has the support neverless. Mike has a long way to go and his heartwarming ads touting all his humanitarian bullshit are designed to endear him to ordinary people who he steps over while exiting his limousine.
    It would be interesting to watch a battle of billionaires spend 25% of their fortunes convincing people to vote for them. Outside of direct cash payments in return for confirmed absentee ballot entries i don’t see how it’s guaranteed. But the democrat machine has ways to spend Bloombergs money on the election process in big cities that nearly accomplishes the goal.

    I’m hunkering down financially this summer for what could be potentially a bad night. By then I should also have enough ammo to last for years or at least until we get another R. Biden would be the safest choice for us because the others are really out of control. Amy is a little better but clearly out of her league. The others are completely unacceptable.

  10. Soooo…is the midget billionaire going to actually join the race? Or just spend $? Or is he just a stump…er? The Dumbocrats can’t even do a freakin’ Caucus😃

    • And the news reported last night that Bloomberg is skipping Iowa and New Hampshire entirely (considering the Caucus fiasco, that probably worked in his favor) to focus on “Super Tuesday” instead with a big step out onto the political stage. Be on the lookout for Bloomie to ramp up his presence in this race.

    • I’ve been keeping an eye on Bloomberg’s spending priorities and he’s pushing big money, huge money, at “Super Tuesday.”

      Here’s the thing about Iowa and NH in the presidential race: For those candidates who need to raise money from donors, they need to show early that “they’re the candidate that the money men should back” by the results closing in New Hampshire.

      Bloomberg does not need outside money. So he can ignore Iowa and NH – and focus on getting delegates. The place to get delegates in the first, big group is Super Tuesday.

      This is where Bloomberg has been focused, and here is where he is spending money like there will be no tomorrow.

      Bloomberg is an evil control freak. But he isn’t stupid. His undergrad degree was in electrical engineering, so you know from that he can do math – big math, hard math – in his head. What I see him doing so far in his spending pattern shows me that he’s actually serious about getting delegates – and that he doesn’t worry about taking donations to get those delegates.

  11. I think people have forgotten that Gillespie was one of the faux Libertarians pushing a grand alliance between Libertarians and the Democrats in 2008. I repeat myself: Libertarians are not of the right. They are radical leftists who believe we can directly to the abolition of the State without going through Socialism.

    • The problem with mainstream libertarian ideology is that it only fully works in an ideal world that ignores humans (sort of like communism and socialism). One area they love is uncontrolled immigration. The problem is that is immigrants to the U.S. overwhelmingly vote against enumerated rights. This happens for multiple generations and education doesn’t change it. If so, we would see voting habits even out over a few generations. They also find their way onto government assistance programs at a high percentage, which means they are taking money that should be used for citizens. You can’t have uncontrolled immigration and also a welfare state. The writers of Reason want that uncontrolled immigration now, and we will try to get rid of the welfare state later. It’s a losing proposition as immigrants become voters, and continue to vote for a piece of the treasury.

      • Libertarianism is just an opposition to most malum prohibitum laws and there’s absolutely nothing about that mindset that compels one to be an advocate for open borders. Or, to put it another way, there’s no inherent contradiction between believing in strong individual freedoms and strong border security. If anything, those two necessarily go together because it’s impossible to maintain personal liberties while importing hordes of assholes who refuse to assimilate to our values. I’m a libertarian and a nationalist, and that’s less rare within the Republican party than you’d think

      • There is now a debate within faux Libertarian community about the universal basic income. When you cut through the rhetoric it is simply a recognition that drug addicts can’t hold down a job to support the purchase drugs and provide for their basic needs.

        • Actually this is mostly based on a recurring fear in the West that automation will replace people and leave them with no means to generate income other than the black market.

          Chicken Little’s have been selling that idea since the start of the Industrial Revolution and it returns in various forms from time to time. The current iteration is that AI is going to replace nearly all human jobs from fast food to manufacturing and leave huge masses of people with no way to support themselves.

          Many of the current proponents of a UBI buy into this idea and argue that the UBI means that people will be free to pursue art (or something) if they don’t have to resort to crime to make a living. It’s fear-mongering to advance a statist position.

      • The Libertarian Party has been hijacked, just like most of the other parties in this country. There are many people(like me) That believe in conservative fiscal values and socially liberal values. I do NOT support all the platforms of my party – specifically the open border BS.
        I do support term limits, keeping corporations out of politics, and freedom for the common man. I have my book of rules, the Bible. Government should have the least controls on the people, just enough to keep society together. Moral issues are between you, your church and your faith. Just because something is legal does NOT make it moral(and shouldn’t – we can’t legislate morality). What adults do in privacy is their business, I don’t have a horse in that race. Our constitution and BORs is the law of the land, any new law should be tightly watched and should have an expiration date(If it is a good law, it will be law again, if it isn’t, it won’t stick around like a bad penny.

  12. When he and his armed security detail arrive in Washington State, they should be arrested for violating the state constitution. Article 24 states explicitly that the my right to be armed for self defense shall not be impaired. But, a private army or militia is banned. Therefore he and his cohort of defenders are, by definition, violating the law and should be imprisoned. I would suggest a minimum of 20 years to discourage others.

    • But he is ( allegedly ) a democrat so he is immune to local gun control laws.
      Bloomberg has all the makings of an absolute dictator; all Americans beware.

  13. Does kapo bloomberg have no adult supervision? No board of directors to answer too? He’s spending vast sums of money on this vanity project. Somebody in his family/camp should be looking into having him declared incompetent so they can save his fortune from him.

    He’s not going to win. He’s a racist white billionaire with a God complex, basically a socialist, who turns people off just by showing up.

    I guess i should be grateful. He’s going to completely derail the lefts chance at the white house this go round.

    The tards that proudly claim they’re socialists must be pulling their hair out in frustration and rage.

    • Quote: “He’s going to completely derail the lefts chance at the white house this go round.”

      Don’t discount the benefits of his millions helping communist candidates across the nation, he bought Virginia for them.

      Think about all the groups working for him and his gun control agenda. They will spend full time (funded by Bloomberg) working to get out the vote for communists.

    • Bloomberg is probably taking votes from Biden which would ultimately help Sanders. It may end up being Sanders vs Trump. Sanders would have a shot at the general election because “free” everything, plus the people that don’t like Trump really hate him.

    • “…a racist white billionaire with a God complex, basically a socialist…” So the quintessential modern Democrat, then.

      • Yep. Wealthy white people that have managed to convince young folks and poc that they are the party for the working man.

        The only working people they know are the illegals they keep locked in their estates to do the menial work.

        • “The only working people they know are the illegals they keep locked in their estates to do the menial work.”

          Well have you seen what you have to pay Americans to do the same work? If anything, we need more cheap labor. Oh, and raise the minimum wage! People can’t live on that!

    • ” Somebody in his family/camp should be looking into having him declared incompetent so they can save his fortune from him ”

      The thing is, even with all the millions the Bloomer is putting out, at $54B he’s probably increasing his fortune faster than he’s depleting it.

      Turning $100 into $110 is work; turning $100M into $110M is inevitable.

  14. Nick Gillespie is a strange Libertarian for even considering Micro Bloomberg. Lil Mac 3 has never had any reverence for individual rights of any kind. Gillespie’s time would be better used writing an op ed about whether he will change that old leather jacket of his instead of even thinking about Bloomy.

  15. Bloomberg is not a socialist, Marxist or fascist. He has no identifiable political allegiance, except to his own glorification, accumulation of power and contempt for common people.

    He’s our Putin.

    • Bingo.

      Bloomberg is a man with narcissistic personality disorder. You can look it up in the DSM if you want to know the details.

      The long and short of it is: Mike Bloomberg is about Mike Bloomberg.

  16. Seems like the whole article could basically be boiled down to “I won’t vote Bloomberg because he’s a statist asshole… except… I really get feelz about the guy currently running the country so I’m thinking about doing something I know is a bad idea.”

  17. The Libertarian Party is not libertarian. An “anti-gun” libertarian’s position would be, “I’m not into guns or feel the need for self defense but I have no objection to them. Just don’t shoot innocent people or damage their property.”

  18. I figure Trump will win in 2020. He’s not had his full term of eight years yet. Then the Illuminati will put in a Democrat for eight years, then a Republican, the cycle remains the same but nothing really changes. We the U.S.fiight wars with small countries that do not actually have a chance to put the hurt on us. China got North Korea and Viet Nam, and a whole bunch more,they are the ones who draw the lines. And when Big Red steps in the U.S. military runs back to the porch. The U.S. military IS NOT the strongest nation on earth. In fact the United States supports the only major Communist country in the world, whys that?

  19. If that asinine commercial is the ONLY reason you’re not gonna support Bloomie, then either you know nothing about him or you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Speaking of only reasons… I know people who support Trump, donate to his campaign, have multiple signs out(some for the past four years) for Trump and they think D.J.Trump is a tv actor who had a game show. Some people are so …..shallow.

  20. “…tackle looming entitlement cataclysms…”

    Does the writer realize that a Democrat candidate absolutely does NOT want to “tackle looming entitlement cataclysms”…these cataclysms are Program features of the DNC platform…not a bug.

    The Left says that they will “tax the rich”…the low-info voters seem to overlook that the power elite (Bloomberg, Sanders, Warren, et al) are the rich and they are not going to cut their own power basis. What “tax the rich” really means is tax the Middle Class out of existence thereby restoring Feudalism to the world…two classes: the Aristocracy and the Serfs.

  21. Libertarians are globalists. They say human beings have the right to travel wherever they please. They are lying hypocrites. They have never supported the 1st amendment. They have supported blocking military recruiting centers. But don’t support blocking an abortion clinic.

    As atheists with a socialist political orientation, they have never supported the First Amendment right of Christians.

    They are big supporters of homosexual marriage. But re not supporters of the traditional family. And Libertarians are big supporters of the Welfare Industrial Complex. They are happy to have a woman being “married” to the state. With the husband being replaced by government $$$ and his guns replaced by the guns of a big city police department.

    Historically it was religion that helped to keep the family together. It was religion that provided private welfare for the community. And it was religion that built the hospitals and medical support systems that we have to this day. The only hospitals the government ever build were military hospitals for wounded soldiers in battle. But all that was destroyed by people who believe the government should take over.

    I don’t care if you believe in God or not. That’s between you and God.

    • I forgot. Tom Woods is a Christian Libertarian with quite a large Internet space. He is very active in promoting Libertarianism. But he is also attacked by Left wing Libertarian (socialists) Liberals and the Left all the time.
      I wonder why????

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