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“My kids played travel baseball, too, but there is appropriate and inappropriate,” Hamlin told The Washington Post. “How can you ask kids to have active-shooter drills in school and after school ask them to sell raffle tickets to win weapons that you are trying to protect yourself against?”

Now, after days of people expressing disappointment and questioning the decision to move forward with the raffle, the team announced it was no longer raffling off the guns this weekend. In an email to The [Washington] Post, Kevin Yankovich, commissioner of the Hilliard Baseball Association, said that while “the raffle was completely legal and being run in a responsible manner,” the organization’s board of directors decided late Thursday that there were other ways for the youth team to raise money.

“I totally understood why they wanted to do a raffle, as it is an excellent way to raise money,” Yankovich said. “However, we felt the items being raffled didn’t reflect our baseball organization.”

– Susan Berger in A youth baseball team planned to raffle off three guns, including a semiautomatic rifle. A backlash changed that.

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  1. “How can you ask kids to have active-shooter drills in school and after school ask them to sell raffle tickets to win weapons that you are trying to protect yourself against?”

    The same way you teach them to drive a car responsibly and also be a defensive driver, protecting themselves from dangerous people on the road.

      • Jr. you posted the same analogy I came here to post, Just like we teach kids to look both ways before crossing the street to get into Mom’s and Dad’s car.

    • Interesting analogy with cars. Same holds true for a lot of things. Still I learned to drive watching Rat Patrol and the Rockford Files. Must people today “learn” about guns watching a police drama. They are handicapped young.

    • There is NO place for BS “active-shooter drills in school”. This is shaved head wannabe operator ramboesk cop nonsense.

    • But how would we teach them to obey authority without question or believe the breathless media’s story when they are not too scared to think rationally?

      • The answer is “you do not teach them to obey authority without question.”
        That is why there are so many victims of sex crimes by people in authority. You have to teach children to watch for danger and to be aware that not everyone is good.

  2. Please stop linking to articles with a paywall. I’d like to read the details but I’m not going to subscribe to Bezos’ rag to get them.

  3. Ask those who complained to pony up the lost money.
    I can think of lots of other ways to raise money that they would approve. Sell “gender switch hitter” shirts. “Novelty knee pads” for the Anti-Anthem crowd. Custom “Antifa catcher masks”. I’m sure there’s more.

  4. Some of the problem kids have today is adults, either we force our prejudices and dislikes on them, or we ignore their quest for learning how to make it in this world.
    I grew up in a world that was taught to duck and cover, like that would protect us from atom bombs, then as very young adults we not asked, but forced to pay for atom bombs with taxes.
    Young people are a lot more resilient than given credit for. And they know a hell of a lot more, a lot younger than we did. One thing they should be taught is about firearms. The best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. So that don’t make guns good or bad, it’s the person using one. One question I have, actually more than one. Have tickets for the raffle already been sold, and if so , do they intend to return the money?

    • The linked to article said one kid had already sold 80 tickets in 2 days, and he was excited to try and win the gun. He already bought two guns with his own money, according to his mother.

      You do understand the duck and cover was social engineering to make the people surrender their Liberty for false government security. It was the same thing as me giving my dog a treat or behavior correction, to instill what I want him to do. The government found out on soldiers after WW2, how behavioral conditioning can be used to get a desired result in a person, aka overcoming the resistance to pull the trigger because you are ordered to no matter if it is moral or not, and then they used that process on the populace.
      That social engineerimg is how previous generations of material driven useful idiots set up this party faction over nation two party democracy, and executed the Constitutional Republic.

      • Duck and cover was never intended to save people at ground zero, it was meant to protect those farther away from getting burned or blinded from the heat and radiation waves and to protect as much as possible from falling debris or a collapsing roof.

        • And it worked! I made it all through the Cold War, without a single scratch from an atomic blast.

          I did, however, end up with lymphoma from working at numerous Department of Energy sites later in life, but that’s another story….

        • I think it was mostly security theatre much like we have today with the TSA. The intent is to make people feel less helpless, right up to the point they become toast, if it ever came to that.

      • “You do understand the duck and cover was social engineering to make the people surrender their Liberty for false government security.”

        You never give up, do you, PeeGee2?

        Still trying to push your whack-job conspiracy theories… 😉

        • I always thought that duck and cover was just a way to get us kids out of the way so that staff and admin had a clear shot to un ass the place and head for the hills. But i was always kind of cynical.

  5. “How can you ask kids to have active-shooter drills in school and after school ask them to sell raffle tickets to win weapons that you are trying to protect yourself against?”
    Its more the deranged murderer I’d be interested in protecting myself or the kids from, not the firearm itself.
    You can teach kids to use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing the street to significantly mitigate their chances of being hit by a car AND still allow them ride in cars with their parents. It’s not hypocrisy.
    These people are becoming a caricature of themselves.

  6. I would rather buy some gun bash tickets than some shitty pizzas for 15 bucks. I think it’s a great idea I must’ve spent like 400.00 bucks on gun bash and ATV tickets last year. I mean i still buy whatever else the guys in the shop were selling for their kids but I go back the next payday for gun bash tickets.

  7. The comments section (dominated by anti-2a types) at the end of the WaPo story is alternately hilarious, infuriating, and just plain kinda sad. It amazes me how dumb these people are.

  8. Simply irrational and without reason. We will ultimately prevail, with that kind of epic stupid animating your cause, it eventually chokes itself.

  9. How can you ask kids to have active-shooter drills in school and after school ask them to sell raffle tickets to win weapons that you are trying to protect yourself against?”

    How about teaching your kids that it’s the asshole WITH the gun (or knife) that they need to worry about and not the gun itself… I own a shitload of guns of ALL types (some are even foreigners), most are kept under lock and key but a few are permitted to roam free and in the 50 years or so that I have been accumulating firearms not one of them (to my knowledge) has slipped out on its own and terrorized anyone or partaken in a mass shooting at a school, bar, walmart, courthouse or anywhere else on the planet.. Now, do I just happen to have a well behaved group of guns (could I unknowingly have a cold blooded mass killer locked up in a safe?) or is this a common experience amongst ALL gun owners? Teach your kid how to handle a firearm safely and responsibly and how to react if some dickhead threatens their life, NOT to live in fear of an inanimate object incapable of functioning without some sort of human interaction… Guns kill, knives kill, baseball bats kill, chainsaws kill, hammers kill, cars, trucks, motorcycles, a poorly masticated chunk of beef, water, fire, insects, arachnids, snakes, sharks, wild animals, (sometimes domesticated animals), airplane crashes, smoking, drugs, alcohol abuse, a big mouth, misinformation, sports and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time (aka chance/bad luck) can make you dead. The one thing all of these have in common is either the malicious interaction of a living creature or a persons bad judgement … Do you lock your kid in his/her/its room? No you teach them that a scary gun will kill them and send them out into the world.

  10. Geez, my daughter’s school athletic boosters just raffled of a shotgun*. Glad we didn’t draw the attention of the shrieking harpies.

    We have very few parents out here who would want to cross the overwhelmingly gun-owning, hunting population.

    *Yes, I bought two tickets. No, I didn’t win!

    • I didn’t notice before that it was Hilliard, OH. That’s a very nice, pricey suburban area on the West side of Columbus, the kind of place where successful business professionals live. They’re the outer West fringe of suburbia in Columbus, so there are farm communities literally five minutes drive away from them where raffling off a gun is normal. Save us from the rule of hysterical soccer moms.

  11. Is the heading picture to this article hinting that the Japanese have something to do with the no gunms raffle?. I guess it’s their school and the board can do as it chooses. My how the years have changed things, 40 years ago this wouldn’t have even caught a blink.

    • 40 years back guns in school kids cars was *normal*.

      (And marsupials knew to stay the hell out of the roadway late at night… 😉 )

  12. How can you have active shooter drills and yet have police officers just walking around freely with loaded weapons of war. If we’re going to ban these types of weapons we should start with the ones who have the most firepower, the police! What if they come shoot up the schools?!?! Then what, who will protect us then?!?!

  13. Call these people out, don’t let them hide their mental illness. Face it, If you are afraid of a inanimate object, you have a mental illness. I love calling people out on this. Cars kill more people than any firearm, maybe they shouldn’t be buying cars, those death machines, makes about as much sense. Morons.

  14. I had a relative killed by a drunk driver. I don’t avoid cars. I’m not afraid to drink responsibly. Obesity is an ACTUAL epidemic, but scouts still sell TJ”s pizza and cookies. Competitive youth sports, including shooting, teach valuable skills, and can score some decent scholarships. Pearl clutching, shallow-minded, emotional knee-jerking, short-sighted parents just cost their kiddies some major coin. It would be awesome if a local shooting club or gun shop made a donation to the team!

  15. I agree with the concerned mother- active shooter drills could not be more inappropriate. Kids who would have otherwise had uneventful High School years are forced to participate in realistic, terrifying simulations. They are all subjected to traumatic, unpleasant experiences, made to run for their lives, and no legitimate threat makes such frightening theatrics necessary. I suspect part of the real intent is to condition future generations of voters to be hostile towards gun ownership. The sick irony is that a school shooter is usually a part of the student body, a fellow teenager. For them, the drill is probably an exciting rehearsal. These exercises need to end- they do real harm and offer no benefit.

  16. when are the grownups going to start running things again!? OMG, my emotions! CHANGE EVERYTHING?!?!?!!!!!

    • “Hey, candy and Girl Scout cookie sales can make you fat.”

      At the table outside the supermarket one year, I asked how many boxes of girl scout cookies I had to buy to get a girl scout.

      The mother of the little girl at that table gave me a hateful look.

      (And yes, I actually did that, JWM… 😉 )

  17. “However, we felt the items being raffled didn’t reflect our baseball organization.”

    So they are just sticking to baseball equipment and baseball related clothing then?

  18. Same thing happen in Wicksburg Alabama. The booster club for the high school baseball team was raffling off ten guns. One woman started a stink and it was canceled due to negative press,

  19. The people who bitched about the raffle should be made to come up with the money that would have been made from the raffle.

  20. So what, the harpies would rather the baseball team sell cupcakes to raise money instead? Obesity is a FAR greater threat to the lives and health of children and teens than so called “gun violence”

  21. The proper response to these people is to tell them to pound sand. It’s a legal product, it’s a legal raffle. If they don’t want their children in the school, they can pull their children out of the school.

    This is the proper response to the left in all things: Do not give an inch. Tell them to pound sand.

  22. This is my sons baseball team.This is all because of the middle school principals wife. She constantly references sandy hook.Its really pathetic.All these boys are trying to do is get to the Cal Ripken experience in Myrtle beach.She has pretty much ruined that.

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