George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman (Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel via AP, Pool, File)
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Since he was found not guilty of second degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman hasn’t been able to keep himself out of the news for very long. Now Zimmerman (no relation) seems to have entered a new, more litigious phase of his life.

In December he filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s parents and their attorney claiming defamation over a witness who he alleges they knew gave false testimony during his trial in an effort to incriminate him.

Zimmerman’s lawsuit…said a trial witness pretended to be the last person to talk to Martin by phone before he was killed when the witness was actually the half-sister of the caller.

According to the lawsuit, Brittany Diamond Eugene didn’t want to testify that she had been talking to Martin before he was killed. So her half-sister, Rachel Jeantel, pretended that she was talking to the teen before he was fatally shot. Jeantel ended up testifying at Zimmerman’s 2013 trial in Sanford, Florida.

That suit is still pending.

February 5 of this year would have been Martin’s 25th birthday. Two Democrat presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, took the opportunity to mark the occasion while implying that the Martin shooting was the result of racism.

Now Zimmerman has filed a $265 million defamation suit against the two politicians. According to NBC News . . .

The lawsuit claims the candidates “defamed Zimmerman for political gain in misguided and malicious attempts to bolster their standings amongst African-American voters, all at Zimmerman’s expense.”

They did so in “separate postings on their Twitter accounts” on Feb. 5 that suggested that Zimmerman killed Martin as a result of “racism” or “fear” because of the teen’s skin color, the suit alleges.

We’ll be watching.

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    • I don’t think he’s going to get as much money as he’s asking for in these lawsuits. But given that there is multiple documented examples of how the media lied about George Zimmerman I think he has a chance. After all, the kids from Covington Catholic won out against the media agencies that slandered them.

        • LOL did you pay a lawyer that much? Shrewd negotiation skillz.
          (Contingent legal fees are capped by law in Florida, so no.)

        • “(Contingent legal fees are capped by law in Florida, so no.)”

          I just bet that John “For the People” Morgan just *hates* that…

        • Better than nothing, especially considering WHY he is doing it. We should all be behind his cause. The real racism starts with those tweets.

        • This is in response to the above posters responding to Tim. This is not the kind of suit any attorney takes on contingency. This is not a slip and fall.

      • Morgan runs a finance company that is a law firm and that is how he attracts customers. The lawyers fee is capped but the expenses are not. Bringing in an expert witness is an example. 1 1/2% a month (18% annually) over a case that runs for years really adds up.

  1. They always show pictures when he was a little kid. The pictures that should be posted are of the drugged up teenage thug that he actually was. The reason he was with his father is that his mother could not handle him anymore. BeetleJuice (Buttigieg) and Warren are still talking out of their a$$ – that’s all they know how to do.

    • They are doing the same thing that Bloomberg did with his Super Bowl ad about protecting the children when the man that was killed was over 18 and apparently a gang banger wanting to and going to a fight

      • Bloomberg is completely lacking in self-awareness or how he’s perceived; that happens a lot with people who are uber-wealthy and have been bossing people around for decades. He completely whiffed at the debate. Biden’s just a moron and Alfred E. is in way over his head, he’ll implode. While we’re at it, Warren is a complete fraud and her voice (like Hillary’s) wears more thin the more she talks. Sounds like she’s on the edge of complete hysteria at all times. Bernie has that delivery problem, too, it’s not a female thing I’m talking about. “Thuh Bill-yun-ay-uhs!!” Plus a Soviet-style communist, people will never go for it beyond the Bros, who are hurting more than helping. Klobuchuckle actually seems to have more sense than any of ’em, but she has no chance and hasn’t thought things through too much. Bernie will win the nom, the Dems will panic (they’re panicking now) and get destroyed in November. Disaster for the left. So there’s my political analysis nobody was asking for.

        • About Alfred E., he may be an empty suit, but he has a very strong ability to speak for 10 to 30 seconds, sound very positive and upbeat, yet not actually say or commit to anything. The value of that skill for a politician should not be underestimated.

      • Exactly correct! That shyster Ben Crump made certain that only photos of Trayvon as a “tyke” were shown on the news. Also, the fact that George Zimmerman was forced to shoot Martin to prevent him from shooting Zimmerman with his own gun were kept out of Crump’s narrative.

        Finally, Rachel Jeantel’s testimony revealed that Martin erroneously believed that Zimmerman was following him because Zimmerman was a :”Creepy-ass Cracker.” Thus, Martin, as a gang member, felt justified in severely beating a man whom he believed to be a homosexual white stalker. (He believed he was bashing a gay man, in other words.)

  2. How about going after Spike Lee for trying to get your parents killed…and unrelated Zimmerman’s?!? If Barry Soetoro had ANY kid’s with Michael😢😩😏

  3. George is a scumbag.

    But he is a bush league scumbag compared to Pocahantis and Budeggiggiggiggig.

    I hope he cleans up. And then disappears.

    • How is Zimmerman a scumbag? Sure he was dumb for getting out of his car and leaving himself out in the open to get pummeled. But all things considered it seems like the guy who got shot is the real scumbag.

    • He’s not a scumbag. That’s a media created label. He was dumb for trying to follow a dangerous criminal but that doesn’t make him a “scumbag”, it just makes him naive.

    • Whether or not George Zimmerman is a scumbag is a matter of considerable debate. What isn’t really debatable is that the man is about a smart as the average ameba. It’s like he automatically defaults to the worst possible choice in any given situation. I have no desire for him to be a public voice for the pro-2A / Pro-freedom community. Embracing him will only ever hurt us in the minds of people that aren’t solidly with us, but aren’t solidly against us at the same time.

      • Maybe Bootjgig and Miss Cherokee should have kept their mouths shut. Bootyjig or what ever his name is seems like a snake to me and I can’t stand that stupid I can’t stop screaming while I’m on stage whatever she is. She really makes me want to puke when I see her because her whole world ius about her and she doesn’t listen to any of the rules laid out before a debate. She is the worst of the bunch and if she wins the nomination I’m going for Trump just to snub her.

    • Martin was the scumbag and got what he asked for. Aside from the prosecutorial fraud at trial which was mentioned in the article, the media also covered up that Trayvon got home safely and came back out looking for Zimmerman. That is what the real caller would have had to testify to. She was on the phone telling him No, don’t go back out. This has been covered up more than, well, the truth about charlottesville.

  4. I wonder if Georgie ever got a job, or uses lawsuits to earn a living. The numbers he claims are ridiculous. A victim suffering traumatic spastic quadriplegia can’t get that much out of a jury, so there is no way he is going to get numbers like that out of any jury in this country.m Nor do I think he has much of a case against Martin’s parents–they are not the ones who put the witness on the stand, it was the prosecutor. Too bad that she is immune from suit, as is the witness who testified. The suit against Warren etc is better, but if he is determined to be a “limited public figure,” he may have to show actual malice, a burden few can ever meet.

      • Because the very government lawyers who egged her on to do that are the ones who would have to charge her for it.

        • Plus she is a semi retarded fat girl who would present a very sympathetic picture in the media if ‘picked on’ by white political legal eagles.

    • He has been rendered unemployable. The media made him “the worst person in America”. He has been SHOT AT IN TRAFFIC.

      I hope he gets every penny.

      Your lack of compassion shows you really don’t understand George Zimmerman could have been any one of us.

    • “The numbers he claims are ridiculous. A victim suffering traumatic spastic quadriplegia can’t get that much out of a jury, so there is no way he is going to get numbers like that out of any jury in this country.”

      Of course. The object is to obtain a settlement somewhere between what plaintiff is asking for and the sum of $0.00.

      • “Of course. The object is to obtain a settlement somewhere between what plaintiff is asking for and the sum of $0.00.”

        Maybe he can sue some people into bankruptcy. Turn about.

  5. I hope he gets every cent. I don’t particularly want Zimmerman to get rich but it might teach some of these lying, leftist, anti-gun assholes that you can’t just tell any lie you want without penalty.

    I thought it used to be a fairly simple standard. You falsely accuse someone of an immoral act, committing a crime, or having “a dread disease” (my personal favorite) in print and that was libel. It seems the bar is much higher now. Maybe I’m wrong but it sure looks like that you can publicly accuse someone of having committed a crime after he was acquitted without any fear these days.

    Any lawyers care to chime in? Has the standard changed or I do not remember it correctly?

    • Going for $100M is really stupid for a lawyer to do.
      Why not go for 100B$?
      Why not go for a simpe 3-4M$ and go for the jury to teach the target a lesson.

      But when you go in at 100M$ you make yourself seem like an idiot.

      Just goes to show you that lawyers are as stupid as the general masses.

  6. In regards to the G. Zimmerman case (and just about every other case ever discussed here), the final, universal verdict has been rendered.

    “There is no such thing as justice — in or out of court.”
    – – C. Darrow

  7. Will Mayor Pete ask how many 25th birthdays have been lost due to (minority) gang violence? I’m sure it is many, many times those lost to that rampant white supremacy that is raging across the country.

    • How many 25th birthdays have been missed by legalized infanticide? That is what they should be talking about, not some wannabe thug who got what he was begging for.

      • “Legalized infanticide”? Abortions are such a rarity, and have been decreasing for years. Christians care so much about unborn babies, but don’t give a damn to what happens to them afterwards.

        • …”such a rarity…”

          Yup, 875,000+ abortions in the USA in 2018…that is a lot of 25th birthdays missed. A whole lot of children who will never experience the first day of school, sleep overs, sports, chocolate cake, their first kiss, the joy of their first car, being a parent, the joy of their first child in their arms, even old age, etc.

        • Just like I care if you get shot in the face on the street, but don’t much give a shit over your own inability to support yourself. It’s called “murder” it’s objectionable to every rational person because it reduces the value of human life. After all, it’s a small step from genociding the unborn because of “women’s rights” to genociding political dissidents because of “the people’s rights”.

        • If you call the 640,000 annual US abortions (CDC number, the Guttmacher report says over 800,000) a rarity, you should take up Russian roulette. A fetus residing in the United States has the same chance of death. There are 3.8 million live births in the US annually. Do the math. If Guttmacher is not an inflated number, it would be Russian roulette with a 5 shot revolver.

        • If adoptions were easier and cheaper good people would solve a lot of problems.

          But that’s not the way it is.

        • Infanticide decreasing? There was a single doctor convicted of 2400+ abortions, and the remains of those in his garage. Over a 3 year span. That puts the average, assuming he worked every single day, at 2.2/per day. That’s ONE guy.

      • I should have been more specific. Mid and late term abortions as terrible as they are, are a rarity. The Guttmacher Institute and the CDC use different statistics, but indicate abortions are decreasing. Regardless, how poorly people are treated after they are born based on race, sex or political affiliation is my point. I was raised Catholic and understand Christian values. Trump, some of his die-hard fanboys and commentators on this website rarely demonstrate those values. Just spit out hate speech, bigotry and other bullshit. And yes, I’m college educated and own 20+ semi-automatic rifles(ARs, AKs,) and pistols(1911s, HKs, Sigs, etc). Because I disagree with you doesn’t make me a low IQ Liberal.

        • “I should have been more specific”

          Nah you were fine, nothing would have appeased the anti-choice zealots short of pitchforks in front of a clinic.

        • There really is no such thing as a late term abortion. It’s called an emergency c-section and you people won’t even agree a baby born, wanted or not deserves medical attention. If the mothers health is at risk it’s going to be a c-section. There is no time to perform an abortion. It’s an utterly false narrative. As long as people have a right to kill inconvenient babies you are happy.

  8. The lawsuit, if based on those tweets, has no merit. The statements are simply not enough to form the basis of a successful defamation suit for a variety of reasons. And that’s good, because free speech is implicated there.

    Sounds like a publicity stunt instead of a real lawsuit. And if he picks the wrong defendant he’ll end up regretting it due to anti-slapp statutes.

      • He’s bringing a frivolous lawsuit in court, not voting in an electoral booth, it doesn’t matter if he puts an R or D next to his name. If that’s all he’s got, I hope he gets legally slammed for it. The court system has enough nonsense without one more BS lawsuit to try and make a point… or get attention.

  9. 💰💰💰Hope he gets a very 💵💵💰💰large settlement💵💵 💰💰from everyone one that opened their mouth to defame this guy and those that took a dump on the 2nd amendment….💰💰💰💳💸💸

  10. An armed man, chasing an unarmed kid? Sorry people, Zimmerman was nowhere near to being in the right. He should have been convicted of manslaughter, or maybe third degree murder. The prosecutor screwed the pooch when he went for first degree. He aimed too high, and missed. Every time Zimmerman gets into the news again, proves that he’s a dirt bag.

    I’m no bleeding heart liberal, nor am I self loathing white, but if you support the right to self defense, then Trayvon Martin had a far greater claim to self defense, than Zimmerman did.

    Anyone who follows me down a dark alley, or into the dark backyards of a housing complex late at night will be asking for trouble. Being stalked by some strange asshole is cause for concern.

    Anyone doubting that Zimmerman is a spineless pussy needs to ask himself, “Why didn’t Zimmerman talk to Martin when Zimmerman was sitting on a lighted street, and Martin walked within 15 feet of his car?” Fear, cowardice, and maybe racism.

    • Trayvon was “casing” houses for future burglaries. He was walking between houses, not just walking down the street. Zimmerman would have given Trayvon a ride home if that was all he wanted.
      Zimmerman did the world a favor by “taking out the garbage”.
      As far as Zimmerman’s lawsuits against those who defamed him, he is not a “public figure” and as such, will have a much easier time collecting from those who defamed him.
      Zimmerman deserves a medal…

    • Wow Paul you sure took it up rear on that one. You’re quite the idiot. Trayvon lived as a violent criminal, and then died as one.

    • Martin needed killing. All Zimmerman did was save us the expense of a Martin’s eventual and inevitable lethal injection.

    • Where did you get the idea that Zimmerman was “chasing” Martin? That’s nonsense and I challenge you to support that with any evidence.

      Similarly, the liberal talking points always use the word “stalking” but none of you seem to have any idea what it means. It’s not even related to this situation.

      Also, neither “stalking” nor walking on a street looking for somebody (which is what actually happened, based on the best available evidence) is ever legal justification for murder, which is what Martin attempted to do to Zimmerman. Sneaking up behind a guy on a public street, knocking him on the ground, straddling him, and beating his brains out on the concrete is murder, plain and simple.

      • Paul echoed some of the dumbest Facebook talking points, but GZ (who was the head of the neighborhood watch) did in fact *initially* try to follow Martin. As soon as the 911 operator told him they didn’t need him to do that, he stopped and was walking back to his vehicle when attacked.

        God damn, I can’t believe people try to re-litigate this every time GZ is mentioned. This is why POTG can’t get shit done. They just end up blaming each other for everything while the opposition enacts infringement after infringement.

    • You have it backwards. Zimmerman called the cops to report a suspicious person. The police operator asked him where the suspicious person was and Zimmerman left his truck to look for him. As soon as the operator realized Zimmerman was out of his truck, he told Zimmerman it wasn’t necessary for him to continue looking. Zimmerman headed back to his truck but Martin jumped Zimmerman before he made it. Had Zimmerman been unarmed, Martin’s attack on him would have ended with Zimmerman disabled or dead and Martin headed to prison.

    • The key difference is you’re imagining yourself peacefully walking down the road at night, while Travyon Martin most likely had other plans. I am not a fan of Zimmerman, I think he went a bit out of his way on that one while he was defending property, at best.

    • All of you who see that Treyvon was a troubled punk with lazy parents who apparently were incapable of keeping his ass in line are right on target. That’s all this was, it was an act of white supremacy or racism.

      GPS tracking places Trayvon exactly where he was. In other words his exact path was mapped out and he was walking around, following Zimmerman and so on. he had also been bragging on the phone about having had a fight with a kid earlier that day. Despite being told to stay home (At the house of his father’s girlfriend with her son) he ignored his father and went out.

      The neighborhood people are cowards who did not run to help Zimmerman and even gave the Martin family a million dollars before the trial even began. They were rich before the trial ended, but the media played that down as well as the photos of Treyvon we all saw online and TV. He had been expelled and attending another school. He was no angel and he was taller than Zimmerman at 18 years of age.

      Stupid people keep crying that Zimmerman was a white racists who gunned down a kid. No, he was a Latino who wanted to protect his neighborhood and was a good person who met with a scumbag that taunted and challenged him. If Treyvon had been shot by a Sanford cop it would be a different story.

      Also consider Treyvon did not have one single friend other than that rude, phony girl, who came to court to say how nice he was. Where were all his adoring friends or teachers to talk about how nice he was? None because when you’re friends are thugs they don’t want to be near law enforcement.

      And now his once fat, ugly mother works in a nice office with nice clothes, her hair is done up and she’s fancy now. His father also has new clothes. And during the whole event, I noticed they NEVER once looked or talked to each other. They had a bad marriage and failed with Treyvon, yet they are hailed as victims and role models now. These people’s lives got better and they’re profiting from their son’s death, but nobody will call them out on it. And the media circus was disgustingly biased and in my opinion interfered with the investigation and the trial. And Zimmerman suffers while the Martin’s are rid of their problem child and live like celebrities.

        • Eric, thanks for correcting that. I am very careful when I type, but computers mess up all the time. People made this about race when it was just one guy trying to be a “do gooder” and a troubled young man with inept parents. I live in Florida and I followed this case closely. The media and race conscious people made a simple case into a big mess.

  11. I thought that the standard Libertard dogma was that minorities cannot by definition be racist. Blacks are not racists, Hispanics are not racists. Women (although not mathematically a minority) cannot be racists. Only old white men are racist. But, wait, in spite of his name Mr. Zimmerman is technically Hispanic. So a minority male kills a minority male, who was trying to kill him, in self defense, and now we have a racist hate crime and murder. Whoa! I must have been asleep! Repeat that.
    Good luck to Mr. Zimmerman, I do not envy him.

    • “I thought that the standard Libertard dogma was that minorities cannot by definition be racist.”

      Correct. Just hating other ethnic groups is not “racism”. You can only be racist if you have political and police power to make life miserable for other races. So, regardless of your actual attitudes and actions, if your ethnic group holds the political and police power, you are by default a racist. Zimmerman presents an interesting case because he is apparently an ethnic group of one – White-Hispanic.

  12. brother/half brother to many on bloc. What is to concern Bloomberg $$ Zimmerman take sue Bloomberg’s enemy. iZ smart man this dictator

  13. “George Zimmerman hasn’t been able to keep himself out of the news for very long.”

    That’s a bit unfair. Granted a few times he was largely responsible but for the most part, it’s Others who have done something or said something to place him back in the news. And let’s face it, the media is eager to do so at the drop of a hat.

    I think it’s good that he goes after the demagogues and racists and puts them on notice that they can’t get away with saying untrue things or that which is meant to harm him and a whole bunch of other folks who are definitely innocent.

  14. Like him or not, he was found innocent in a court of law, and we have no proof that he’s a “racist white supremacist”. I’m fairly certain he’s not even white.

    Making a tweet saying that a racist white supremacist murdered Martin is certainly defamation.

    • registered hispanic whose mother is from peru.

      He was acquitted TWICE. The trayvon case, and when someone shot at him, the same guy who assaulted him a year before saying that zimmerman was “wrong for killing that little black boy”. Also, his GF’s have tried pulling that court case shit and failed miserably.

      He also sold that gun from the trayvon shooting for $250k. Donated every penny to combating the violence against police officers by members of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as “ensure the demise of Angela Corey’s persecution career and Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric”.

      Way to shove that middle finger in their face. Good for him.

  15. What makes you think Warren was talking about George Zimmerman? Technically he isn’t “white”. That was something that even Rev. Sharpton admitted once when he referred to him as ‘light skinned’. George’s ethnicity should have never been an issue. But being twisted, it sold papers. Meanwhile close to 500 people a year died in gang, drug and crime violence n Chicago and no one pays attention.

    I think Zimmerman has a case here, but it won’t pay off much, if anything it might settle out of court. This is proof that even a clean self-defense shooting can change your life forever, but at least George is still alive. The media distorted every thing about this case. It was known within days that the sister testified against George and it was known even before trial that Trayvon was astride George raining down blows and banging his head on the concrete. But for the most part the Lame Stream Media distorted those facts.

    • It exposes a major problem, millions of Americans are brain dead. Too many people are lazy when it comes to forming their own opinion and verifying info. They just want it all chewed up and they swallow, whatever it is. I think most folks purposely look for a version of the “truth” that will fit into their own spectrum of what’s acceptable or what fits a certain agenda. It’s serious and dangerous.

  16. Good luck “Creepy ass cracker”.

    Seriously. Not a doubt in my mind it will be a win, just not as big of a win as it should be.

    The real racism starts with those tweets. Zimmerman is not even “white”… his mother was from Peru. Zimmerman is a registered hispanic even, always has been. Just goes to show that racism is overlooked when it’s towards someone with a fair skin tone. Still to this day cannot believe they allowed a witness to submit evidence in saying “He sounded like a creepy as cracker” when referring to his voice over the phone. Regardless of why or how it happened, the REAL RACISM here should not be forgotten.

    • To be fair, the court is going to be a lot more impressed and terrified if you say “creepy azz cracker” vs “azz cracker,” or “just your regular azz cracker.” A creepy azz cracker, now that’s scary! Particularly when Latisha or Latonya says it with the accent.

  17. Mayor Pete is a combat veteran who bravely faced the horrors of Afghanistan.

    Those bacha bazi werent going to take control without his help.

    We honor our veterans in the US.

  18. your on the ground getting your head beat and you blow the beater away, then beaters parents try too frame you and now your the asshole because of it!!! Pure Media BS and fake reporting tried to get you railroaded, for pure self defense. Mommy and Daddy just trying too get some bucks out of their sons death

    • In Missouri (Ferguson) Mommy and Daddy raise Defective Citizen (who within 45 minutes pulls off a strong arm robbery of the local convenience store stealing Cigarillos to make marijuana blunts, attacks a Police Officer in his car, fight officer for his gun, runs from officer, charges officer….gets killed by officer) and gets $1.4 million for raising the Defective Citizen. They should have been given an invoice for the 100’s million cost for Defective Citizen mob rioting damages and LEO costs.

  19. A lot a cranky old white guys spitting racist shit as usual on TTAG. We millennials are changing the world for the better. Get used to it just fucking die already.

    • George Zimmerman’s grandfather was very obviously black. Back in the antibellum, segregations South, it would have been illegal for George to even date a white woman much less marry her. I don’t support Mister Zimmerman because Trayvon Martin was black. I support George Zimmerman because Trayvon Martin was a violent, drug addicted thug who was committing a potentially deadly assault.

      In contrast, President Obama demo strated his racialist motivation with his inflammatory “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin” statement.

      • Yes, I agree with that assessment and it was inappropriate for Obama to even suggest that he favored Trayvon. He’ll claim he did not, but he never said that we should all wait for the trial to learn the truth. He showed sympathy for the Martin family, but none at all for George Zimmerman thus he passively showed favoritism.

        He also demonized people in law enforcement and then out of the other side of his mouth he praised the brave people who serve the people, blah, blah, blah while Eric Holder showed his fangs and went after the police while punks like Treyvon and Michael Brown were made out to be innocent victims.

        • Just like he invited the kid who made a “clock” that just so happened to look like a suitcase bomb to the white house. He is literally 100% the reason BLM got away with all their racist protests. Sad.

    • Point out one racist comment. The only shit people are talking here is the exact opposite of how racist the whole movement sparked from this bullshit really is. Also, there are diverse people here. Do you consider jews white? Hispanics? Asian? The only one racists is you. Sad you think you can see someones skin tone through an internet comment.

  20. Warren and Butthead are idiots. George Zimmerman is of Afro-Peruvian descent and identifies as Hispanic. It’s about as fraudulent as Warrens’s college application.

  21. Mayor Pete Buttigieg actually meets Trayvon Martin’s definition of a “creepy-ass cracker.” Too bad that Martin didn’t meet Pete instead of George Zimmerman. Does Mayor Pete usually defend gang-banging teenagers instead of the gay men whom they attack and beat mercilessly?


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