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George Zimmerman (Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel via AP, Pool, File)
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By the Associated Press

Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin, is suing the teen’s parents, family attorney, the attorney’s book publisher and prosecutors who tried his case, claiming he was defamed when they allowed a witness to give false testimony in an attempt to incriminate him.

Zimmerman’s lawsuit, filed Wednesday, said a trial witness pretended to be the last person to talk to Martin by phone before he was killed when the witness was actually the half-sister of the caller.

According to the lawsuit, Brittany Diamond Eugene didn’t want to testify that she had been talking to Martin before he was killed. So her half-sister, Rachel Jeantel, pretended that she was talking to the teen before he was fatally shot. Jeantel ended up testifying at Zimmerman’s 2013 trial in Sanford, Florida.

Sybrina Fulton,Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump
Tracy Martin, front left, Sybrina Fulton, center, parents of slain teen Trayvon Martin, and attorney Benjamin Crump, right, and family members, speak in a news conference prior to opening arguments in the trial of George Zimmerman at the Seminole County Courthouse. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Martin was killed during a struggle with Zimmerman, who was a Neighborhood Watch volunteer.

Martin was black. Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is Hispanic. Zimmerman’s trial raised questions about race and Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense law which allows people to use force without retreating if they feel threatened.

Zimmerman Prosecutor Re-election
State Attorney Angela Corey, special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case. (AP Photo/Rick Wilson)

In a statement on Wednesday, Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump called the allegations “unfounded and reckless.”

“This plaintiff continues to display a callous disregard for everyone but himself, re-victimizing individuals whose lives were shattered by his own misguided actions. He would have us believe that he is the innocent victim of a deep conspiracy, despite the complete lack of any credible evidence to support his outlandish claims,” Crump’s statement said. “This tale defies all logic, and it’s time to close the door on these baseless imaginings.”

Zimmerman’s lawyer in the lawsuit, Larry Klayman, was planning news conference in South Florida on Thursday to discuss the complaint. The lawsuit seeks $100 million, alleging malicious prosecution and conspiracy.

Klayman is a conservative activist who founded the watchdog group, Judicial Watch.

Last July, an ethics committee of the bar in the District of Columbia recommended that Klayman’s law license be suspended for more than two years.

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    • This documentary was recently released digging into the witness fraud and other corrupt actions of the prosecution at trial

      It’s only available on Vimeo as other streaming services are trying to blacklist it. Roku won’t even allow it be shown by Vimeo on a Roku device. Communist censorship at it’s finest.

      • Thank you very much for the link, Crimson P. I was not aware of this documentary. Fascinating. Just when you thought this case couldn’t get any more twisted…

        • George is a punk who had little man syndrome and strutted around armed as a neighborhood watch gangster. Pushed Martin too far and the kid reacted. Then the alt-right kicked in elevating him to god-status and freaking out like the hard-right did with Bundy, McVey, Koresh, Weaver, and…
          Black helicopters
          Korean Air Lines Flight 007
          Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
          Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17
          Deepwater Horizon
          New Coke
          New World Order
          Denver Airport
          George Soros
          Üst akıl
          Israel animal spying
          Harold Wilson
          Malala Yousafzai
          Bible and Jesus
          Extraterrestrials and UFOs
          False flag operations
          Sandy Hook
          Barack Obama
          Jeffrey Epstein death conspiracy theories
          African National Congress
          Cultural Marxism
          Deep state
          Sutherland Springs
          Trump and Ukraine
          Alternative therapy suppression
          Artificial diseases
          Global warming
          Weather and earthquake control projects
          RFID chips
          Flat Earth
          Technology suppression
          Targeted Individuals
          False history
          Space agencies
          Rigged selection processes
          1984 Pepsi 400
          Ronaldo and the 1998 World Cup Final
          New England Patriots

        • ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!

          No witness should ever be able to get away with a statement about what someone sounded like over the phone being described as a “creepy ass cracker” and be allowed to further produce “evidence” against that person. The entire trial was racist as fuck, and zimmerman is not even fucken white!

          Fuck all you Trayvon Martin family member/friends/ and anyone who supported this bullshit. I hope you go bankrupt and turn to suicide so tax payers can get a fucken break. Fuck you.

    • The prosecutors, the Martin family, and Ben Crump KNEW THIS WASN’T TRAYVON’S GIRLFRIEND.

      They put a false witness on the stand—their star witness.

      Your comment is dismissive and idiotic.

      • At the same time, their “star witness” turned out to be a Get Out Of Jail Free card for Zimmerman. She single-handedly made Martin the aggressor in his final confrontation, justifying Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense.

        Why is Zimmerman trying to upend her testimony?

      • Hey B.D . Go back and try third grade again ! Maybe if you pass it you can learn how to get your point a cross without all the asinine vulgarity ( you can look that upon Webster’s – should be close to your picture.

  1. “According to the lawsuit, Brittany Diamond Eugene didn’t want to testify that she had been talking to Martin before he was killed. So her half-sister, Rachel Jeantel, pretended that she was talking to the teen before he was fatally shot. Jeantel ended up testifying at Zimmerman’s 2013 trial in Sanford, Florida.”

    If true, I hope he cleans them out. Trayvon’s family ended up making a nice chunk of cash on his attempted murder of G. Zimmerman…

  2. So the half-sister, Rachel Jeantel, committed perjury — and the Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump called the allegations “unfounded and reckless.” Isn’t it time for dishonesty to pay the price?

    • I hope so. The mother and father ended up rather wealthy from the actions of what their their thug kid did, while Zimmerman is for all practical purposes permanently unemployable. Clean ’em out, George…

    • I remember reading about Rachel’s testimony.

      When the Defense Attorney gave her a document to read, she couldn’t read it in cursive so he gave her a type written version which she STILL couldn’t read.

      Just look at the ‘family’ picture. A picture is worth a thousand words about these Ghetto Baboons. Don’t worry. They can’t read this.

      • “Ghetto baboons” sounds racist. Surly you didn’t mean it in that manner…then again maybe you did. I really enjoyed TTAG before people posted shit comments like this.

        • It’s an accurate description. I’m sure you’ve only lived around whites you’re whole life and are completely ignorant about how the average black behaves.

  3. It was an open and shut case of stand your ground until they threw in the race card, and the media added fuel to the fire

    • I’m astounded that to this day so many people bring up stand your ground. That had nothing to do with his case and it was never his defense.

        • Was just talking with a couple of coworkers about this. They’re absolutely convinced that George Zimmerman shot a 12 year old boy in the back for running away with a bag of Skittles.

          It’s astonishing how completely the Big Media machine can disinform people.

        • It’s still amazing that the media still has never posted the real picture of Trayvon. It’s always his grade school picture. How old was that picture?

        • It was over 5 years old. More recent pics off his facebook were him holding wads of cash, holding guns sideways, and weed as well as middle finger pics. The family edited his page, obviously.

    • Open and shut case of self defense. Zimmerman never invoked SYG, because retreat wasn’t possible anyway. Zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle when the thug ambushed him and knocked him down. Martin was on top of Zimmerman and beating his head into the sidewalk.

    • Dear Leader Obama added to it.

      “If I had a son he… would look like Trayvon.”

      May as well have come out and revealed he had pyrokinesis, because a lot of shit burned while he was president.

    • Let us not forget that Obama got involved, ordered a civil rights violation investigation JUST because the little drug pusher was black! It was NOT Obama’s right to make public comment or order an investigation while declaring Martin innocent without knowing FACTS! I hope Zimmerman gets a huge settlement. He lost his job, his wife and kids, his home, everything he had was lost because of this.

  4. George Zimmerman may not be a nice guy, maybe he’s a jerk, BUT that doesn’t allow anyone the right to defame him or abuse his rights because he defended himself from an attacker. Now he is defending himself a again. He will win again, millions and millions of dollars. So, now George Zimmerman will be a very rich jerk, and the taxpayers can thank an over zealous D.A. for their new tax bills for the next 20 years…

    • From what I’ve read, Zimmerman is a decent guy. He’s had some problems after the shooting but I would attribute them to the stress of its aftermath. On the night of the shooting, he made one mistake which was to get out of his truck to look for Martin when the dispatcher asked where Martin had disappeared to. That made him vulnerable to being jumped by Martin. He was returning to his truck, on the advice of the dispatcher, when he was attacked.

      I hope Zimmerman’s lawyer can get this into court where he can force the misbehavior of the prosecution, Martin’s family and their lawyer into the open. Martin’s family didn’t sue Zimmerman because they would no longer have been able to conceal their son’s misbehavior.

      • Kendahl,

        Martin’s family didn’t sue Zimmerman because …

        Don’t some states provide civil immunity to someone who acts righteously in self-defense, especially if they went to trial and the jury returned a not-guilty verdict?

        If true, is Florida one of those states?

        • The Martin family didn’t sue Zimmerman because they targetted the HOA’s insurance. They settled for two or three million dollars. Zimmerman just didn’t have deep enough pockets.

      • Not sure Zimmerman would agree to a non disclosure, he shouldn’t without an extra large boatload of money, his reputation is shot to the point he is completely unemployable. This is what happens when the media, and a corrupt prosecutor, and a left wing US President conspire to deprive someone of their civil rights and ruin their life.

        • AMEN!! I am sick to death of thugs and criminals being made the victim when they get what they asked for! Ferguson, Mo is another prime example of this crap!

  5. 🤣😅😂😅🤣😂😂😅😂
    That Rachel Jeantel testimony was the time I realised that there are really really dumb people in this world. I knew there was dumb people, but that dumb is sad.

    • That whole case is what confirmed to me there was a concerted effort to disarm the American people. The repeated bewailing of the unused stand your ground the white hispanic label once unedited pictures of Zimmerman got out to further the race baiting and using Martin’s picture of 5ish years prior to the event to further the narrative of evil white man murdering an innocent black child and that’s why no one needs rights.

      • Exactly! If fools get their way, anybody who justifiably kills a black will be lynched for daring to protect themself!

  6. Just to clarify, even though the left was trying to make this about Stand Your Ground Laws, the defense never used that law. This was a case of Self Defense from the start.

    There was no Stand Your Ground, especially while you are lying on your back getting your head pounded into the pavement after being bum-rushed and cold-cocked from the shadows.

  7. I look forward to the Martin family and their lawyer being forced to pay for the hoax they created. Race was used to cover up the criminal actions of a teenage boy. And everyone has a right to patrol their own neighborhood. It’s a tradition that’s hundreds of years old and is tied directly to the 2A. You have a civil right to bear arms in this country. You can travel where ever you please and carry a gun. Except in New York City.

    The martin family was surprised their criminal son was killed while attacking someone. Just as the family of three boys in North Carolina were surprised when their criminal children were killed while trying to rob the family next door.

    • “You have a civil right to bear arms in this country. You can travel where ever you please and carry a gun. Except in New York City.”

      There’s a very good chance we will make substantial gains in that department in about 7 months, and a whole lot of Leftists are gonna be very unhappy… 🙂

      • President Trump’s court appointments are our last hope. The old woman will be gone soon. And he will have another pick for the Supremes. Justice Thomas needs another person to talk to.

        • Chris T in KY,

          Let’s hope that Trump wins re-election: I have to imagine that Justice Thomas would like to retire in a few years and would certainly like to see a conservative replacement.

          It would be utterly fantastic if Trump could appoint (and the Senate confirm) young conservative justices to replace Thomas, Ginsburg, and Breyer. That would put a rock-solid and YOUNG conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court which would shape our future for probably 100 years or more.

        • uncommon_sense –

          That will motivate them to try and stack the court.

          But it won’t be anywhere near as easy as they think it will be. They have to control the Senate and the White House at the same time. The WH nominates, and the Senate confirms.

          A Leftist president can nominate all the justices they want, but without the Senate votes to confirm and seat, *nothing* changes… 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • “Packing the court” would require an expansion of the number of justices, as the President cannot appoint additional justices to nonexistent seats. To increase the number of justices, Congress would have to pass a statute doing so, and so to pack the court the dems would need control of the House, Senate, and White House.

          In addition, they’d either have to have a fillibuster-proof Senate majority (60) OR be willing to nuke the fillibuster for non-budget bills. Neither of these is likely to happen. The chances of the Dems having 60 in the Senate any time soon is zero, and they have learned the hard way that nuking the fillibuster would definitely come back to bite them.

          But the biggest reasons I think the threats of “packing the court” are just so much howling at the moon are ones that even lots of dems and left-leaning legal commentators and academics recognize. First, once you uncork that bottle, you’ll never get the genie back in. Ergo, when the GOP gets control of Congress and the WH again (recall that after 2008, everyone was convinced that could simply *never* happen again . . . until, of course, it did in 2016), the GOP would just repack the court, and the cycle would continue until eventually the Supreme Court got so big and unwieldy that it would become ineffectual. Second, the Court would have to discard any pretense of being a neutral arbitrator of legal cases and become a nakedly partisan institution — which would be incredibly corrosive to society, and would likely lead to constitutional crises where Supreme Court decisions are simply ignored by the other branches of government.

    • “Except in New York City” cracks me up, but you are so right. I’m here in Communist Kalifornia. I’m waiting for Young v Hawaii to go en banc in the 9th, then hopefully to the big court if the 9th doesn’t stand up for the 2A..

        • Chris, if it goes our way, they won’t just submit, they will fight it any way they can.

          I bet it will look a whole lot like the 1950s, when segregation was being shut down. There were a whole lot of folks who refused to honor the spirit of the court decisions. Not so much overt, but a lot of little insults, like when whites refused to even acknowledge Blacks in their stores and restaurants.

          That bigotry will take *decades* to overcome…

      • Considering that the en banc petition was stayed after cert was granted in NYSR&PA, methinks you’ll be waiting for a long time. No matter which way NYSR&PA ultimately comes down, CTA9 will likely just sit on it for years, and there really isn’t much anyone can do about that.

  8. While I have ZERO use for Treyvon Martin and the cottage industry he spawned, I am not a fan of George Zimmerman. In my opinion, he went out of his way to cause a problem that he had to solve with deadly force. As useless as he is, Martin was made famous by Zimmerman.

    In my opinion, Zimmerman is not the Great White Hispanic Hope of 2A activism. Following his life from wretched place to wretched place is not productive.

    • “In my opinion, he went out of his way to cause a problem that he had to solve with deadly force.”

      Out of his way to cause a problem = calling the police on a budding young thug casing houses in a neighborhood which had already suffered 47 burglaries. Got it!

  9. Zimmerman should also sue NBC for the deliberate editing of the 911 calls to make him sound like a racist. That is what started this whole mess.

    I agree with others above, Zimmerman sounds like a jerk, but I hope he wins big in this lawsuit.


    • Unfortunately the court said because Zimmerman was a “public figure”(only because the libelous media made him a public figure), he was not entitled to damages.

      • Ironic that the media made him a public figure by manipulating the tapes, and then his behind the ‘public figure’ garbage..

      • Same with that poor high school kid (Sandeman) on a school tour in D.C. They made him into a “celebrity” harassing a poor Indian vet. I’m glad his law suit is going forward.

  10. Last time I checked the Florida State Statutes, PERJURY was a crime! But the left, BLM, gun grabbers play by different rules, even in a court of law. If these folks already think they are above the law, imagine what they would do without a 2A…

  11. Simple summation. Zimmerman did get a raw deal but he got himself into a lot of legal trouble when he tried to be another Bernard Goetz and ignored the dispatcher that told him not to get involved as the police were on the way.

    There are far to many people out there that think when they get a concealed carry license that there will be no consequences when you shoot someone even when you are legally in the right. It does not prevent you in most cases from being sued. The bereaved will find a way to do it.

    • The dispatcher asked Zimmerman where Martin was. Zimmerman replied that he had disappeared and got out of his truck to look for him. As soon as the dispatcher realized Zimmerman was looking for Martin, he told Zimmerman, “We don’t need you to do that.” It wasn’t an order not that the dispatcher had the authority to issue orders. Zimmerman immediately started back toward his truck but was jumped by Martin before he reached it.

      This was a very simple case. A punk, pissed that someone dared to report him to the police, tried to teach that person a lesson by beating him up. Doing so turned out to be a fatal mistake. Had Zimmerman not been able to shoot Martin, the latter would have gone to prison for aggravated assault or, if his victim died, murder.

      Whether Zimmerman wins or loses on this, I hope enough about the prosecution’s behavior is revealed to get some of the lawyers disbarred.

    • That’s not what happened at all.

      Besides, Bernie Goetz shot four thugs who were trying to rob him. He didn’t go out hunting thugs. They came for him.

      I think you should do more research before you share your incorrect opinions.

  12. Well…Zimmerman’s LAWYERS sue. That dude owes them a lot of money. Doctrine of the Deepest Pockets. They’re gonna get paid one way or another and I doubt Zimmerman himself had any real power to stop the suit if he chose to.

    Goes to show that you can “win” but never really win. His entire life has become dominated and defined by this incident and there’s nothing he can do to change that. Next time, stay in your car.

    • Underrated post right here since, IIRC, it was the prosecutor who decided to charge after the police let him go because they believed it was self defense.

        • Thanks, it was too long ago for me to get the specifics rights without looking it up.

          I don’t think you need to be too cynical a person to see that a political and a prime example of let me bring the weight of the state down upon this individual to see if you can get something to stick.

        • The governor who appointed Angela Corey, overriding the State’s Attorney who declared it a self-defense shooting?

          Rick Scott.

          Florida’s new RINO Senator. He’s also the one who signed all the post-Parkland gun restrictions that took away 18 year olds’ right to purchase firearms, among others.

          The Republican Party cannot be trusted when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

  13. I guess emptying a few bank accounts is ok, but I would really like to see some asses in prison if Zimmerman’s attorney allegations are true 25 to life strikes me as very appropriate.

  14. If anybody can sue somebody it’s probably going to be somebody with the last name Zimmerman

  15. I’ll never forget Michael Savage claiming George Z had deadly intent because he had a round in the chamber. Seems like one take away from the whole thing is the wisdom of carrying with a round in the chamber.

    • He’d probably be dead if he hadn’t had one in the pipe. Using that to say Zimmerman was looking for trouble just shows how incredibly thin the case against him was without doctored evidence and outright lies.

  16. less a question of should he have shot him and more a question of “how long will America continue to coddle roving bands of feral ‘youths’ with no interest in being civilized human beings?”

    • Well Mr. Gerbert,
      Not sure how long it will continue, but if you check out ” Colin Flaherty’s” videos on “You Tube” you can see some of the places to stay clear of.

  17. The evidence from that night led me to believe that Zimmerman, though perhaps guilty of stupidity and being a neighborhood Karen, was not guilty of murder. Everything he’s done SINCE that night has led me to question whether I was wrong about him being not guilty. Or perhaps the incident drove him completely nuts.

    This lawsuit brings accusations which, if true, are staggering. He better have enough evidence to meet at least an initial burden.

    • I’m sure the aftermath of the shooting has affected Zimmerman. You should evaluate his character based on his behavior before the shooting.

      • Some of the evidence for his behavior before the shooting wasn’t great either. Much can be explained away. Exes sometimes lie about abuse. Sometimes people get drunk and assault cops. But, at best, it seems like Zimmerman is the kind of guy that just draws trouble to him. Probably something to do with being what is called a “whacker” in my neck of the woods.

        Maybe the incredible stress from that night and all the issues that stemmed from it have taken their toll. Even in that case, given the allegations in this lawsuit, I sure hope his lawyer has some goods and isn’t just trying to make a name for himself. Because this isn’t going to help if it just gets summarily dismissed.

        I wonder if some of the allegations may fail because Zimmerman has become a libel-proof individual. His reputation is simply unable to get any worse.

    • Mr Zimmerman was not perfect and had his problems, which he cleaned up. The reason he has problems now is due to people harassing him and doing things to get reactions from him so they can make claims he did this or that. A number of the harassment actually made the “news” and when it worked through the propaganda Mr Zimmerman was the victim.

  18. Good. The ENTIRE fiasco he was subjected to was agenda based and politically motivated.
    He doesn’t stand a chance in hell of prevailing in todays victim minded entitlement motivated
    society but at least his tormentors will now experience a little bit of the hell they inflicted on
    a normal man for having the temerity to defend himself.


    No witness should ever be able to get away with a statement about what someone sounded like over the phone being described as a “creepy ass cracker” and be allowed to further produce “evidence” against that person. The entire trial was racist as fuck, and zimmerman is not even fucken white!

    Fuck all you Trayvon Martin family member/friends/ and anyone who supported this bullshit. I hope you go bankrupt and turn to suicide so tax payers can get a fucken break. Fuck you.

  20. Actually he may not be white at all. Half Hispanic, and half Jewish. Some people don’t consider Jewish white, I’m not claiming any racists just saying. I wonder, would he wear his yamaka to mass?

  21. When one took and takes the time to learn the truth about this event one finds there is one victim – Mr Zimmerman. He was attack by Mr Martin who was trying to get rid of a witness to his apparent scouting of houses to break into. Remember, the community where Mr Zimmerman lived, and Mr Martin was sent to live, is a mixed ethnic community so the initial lie that Mr Martin was simply walking on the sidewalk is clearly a lie. Mr Zimmerman would not have given him a second glance since a Black individual, or ANY individual, walking on the sidewalk at that time would have been normal. Mr Zimmerman noticed someone up against a house that had been found open the day before. Then remember, there had been various robberies in the community as well as one home invasion. The original prosecutor reviewed all of the facts, which includes the full conversation with the police, and determined Mr Zimmerman was the victim and innocent of any crime. It was only after Mr Martin’s parents, and people like Al Sharpton, started creating a fake racial controversy that the State Attorney, who was known to be a political grand stander, got involved and opted to prosecute Mr Zimmerman. The jury in the case wanted to convict but the facts showed Mr Zimmerman was innocent. People need to learn who Mr Martin really was – remember the photo the Mr Martin’s parents passed out was Mr Martin somewhere from age 12 to 15 – and did not reflect his real appearance. And Mr Martin had attack a bus driver and the school apparently covered it up. I could write 5 or 6 pages from the information I collected to learn the real facts of the case .

    All of Mr Zimmerman’s current problems are rooted in the lies related to this event and I hope he wins.

  22. It is my understanding that Zimmerman is walking the streets now and is able to carry a firearm. My question is why? He should have gotten at least manslaughter for shooting Trayvon. Trayvon wasn’t carrying a firearm so he could stand his ground. Zimmerman was losing the hand to hand combat when he pulled his firearm and murdered Travon.

  23. And,This didn’t work out too well, So, On to the deal ,in Missouri !! And that one got a monument!! Sad! #44 !!


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