Germany Carnival attack
Police and rescue workers stand next to the scene of the accident with a car that is said to have crashed into a carnival parade in Volkmarsen, central Germany, Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. Several people have been injured, according to the police. The driver had been arrested by the police. (Uwe Zucchi/dpa via AP)
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Last week, Germany saw a shooter attack two locations in Hanau, killing eight and wounding five before being shot and killed by police. As night follows day, that resulted in calls for more gun control in a country with already strict laws governing civilian firearm ownership.

Today, an unidentified man used a different weapon, a silver Mercedes wagon, to “intentionally” drive into a carnival crowd in central German town of Volkmarsen. It’s still early and his motives aren’t yet known, but we await the calls from the usual suspects for stricter automobile control laws across the European Union.

From the Associated Press:

German police say a man who drove into a crowd of people watching a Carnival procession did so “intentionally.”

Police spokesman Henning Hinn said “there were several dozen injured, among them some seriously and sadly also children.”

Some of the injuries were life-threatening, he said.

Hinn said police couldn’t immediately provide further details about the man’s motivations.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. AP’s earlier story follows below.

A car slammed into a crowd at a Carnival procession in a German town on Monday, injuring several people, police said. The driver was arrested, but a cause for the crash wasn’t given.

Police told the dpa news agency that no deaths have been reported in the crash in Volkmarsen, about 280 kilometers (175 miles) southwest of Berlin. Police said they couldn’t provide a specific number of injuries and they refused to release any details on the driver.

Police told dpa it wasn’t yet clear whether the driver had suffered some sort of a medical issue, if there was a mechanical problem with the car or whether the vehicle was intentionally driven into the crowd.

Local media reported at least a dozen injuries, including children, but police couldn’t immediately confirm the information.

Emergency responders set up a makeshift clinic in a town pharmacy to treat casualties with minor injuries, the regional Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper reported. Witnesses said the car drove around a barrier blocking off traffic from the parade, but that it wasn’t yet clear whether the driver intentionally headed toward the crowd, according to the paper.

Video from the scene showed a silver Mercedes station wagon with local license plates and its hazard lights blinking on a sidewalk, while emergency crews walked by. The crash occurred on the south side of the town, outside a supermarket.

The crash came amid the height of Germany’s celebration of Carnival, with the biggest parades in Cologne, Duesseldorf and Mainz.

Volkmarsen, which has a population of 7,000, is east of Duesseldorf, near Kassel.

Police in Western Hesse state tweeted that all other Carnival parades in the state Monday were ended after the crash as a precaution.

Police shut down the area to allow emergency crews to deal with the crash. Police said they couldn’t immediately provide further details and urged people not to spread “unconfirmed reports.”

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    • Communists NEVER change their rhetoric no matter how much or often it fails.

      SOS here with the Socialist Democrats supported by the Globalist Elites like Steyer and Bloomberg (BOTH running for Commissar on the Socialist Democrat Ticket).

      Stalinist Merkel is no different.

  1. Cars kill more people every year than guns do. The former East Germany socialist leader, Andrea Merkel, and the Libertarians Liberals and Left all agree.
    Open borders are a good thing.

        • You must not be familiar with SoCal freeways. Half the drivers on the 405 are on the offense, and the other half are on the defense. All while sitting in traffic and crawling along at 10mph. Add smog, CBD vape, cell phones, shake, and enjoy.

      • The facts show that government conveniently ignores death rates for anything other than guns. Alcohol kills, on average, 88,000 people per year and legal pharmaceuticals kill, on average, 106,000 every year, yet only 33,000, on average, die due to guns. It’s important to note that 60% of gun deaths are due to suicides and another 3% are due to “other”, like law enforcement acts. That means that only around 12,000 are associated with murder, but murder and self-defense shootings are not separated, so the number of actual unjustified deaths by guns is considerably less. It’s also important to note that neither the government nor the left EVER initiates stricter laws against either the pharmaceutical companies or the alcohol industries due to those death rates.

        • “It’s important to note that 60% of gun deaths are due to suicides”

          Politicians can’t talk about this. Self reflection would require them to admit that their crummy policies have contributed to the problem. It’s a WHOLE lot more convenient to just blame it on the NRA and bitter clingers.

    • The white man that murdered 9 people in his (white supremacist) mass shooting against “invaders” is likely the motivating reason for this attack. The gunman copied the New Zealand attack… Now it’s likely a Muslim copied previous car attacks as revenge. There was also another white man that went into a Mosque and attempted to stab “invaders” to death.

      Political division leads to murder, brought to us by government. What a great concept… but Europeans say it’s a necessary evil.

  2. We get it, Germany, you feel bad about that whole Hitler thing, but you overcorrected and now seem dead set on Cultural Suicide.

    • Well, their culture was white supremacy and a one world government. Do you want them to attempt to take over the world again?

        • Both the commies and the Muslims think they should be in control of a one world government. There’s more out their wanting the same thing. Their idea never dies.

        • Erm… no… Nazis, commies, jihadis… all cut from the same cloth. Don’t think Nazis are in anyway better simply because they also fought commies… they certainly loved tyranny, subjugation, and gun control just as much as Stalin and Mao did.

        • … and you prove my point. You can’t even call out Islam, all Islam, when you have no problem calling out all communists and all Nazis.

          • Personally, I don’t care what you call them, be it Islamists (or any other religious freaks), Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Nazis, Hippies, Anarchists, Kings, Queens, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greenies and anyone else not covered by that group of wanna be rulers, I don’t WANT anyone ATTEMPTING to impose their will upon me or my little world… Well, I might make an exception (with strict limits) to a pretty young female, especially if her name is Mercedes..

      • Their White Supremacy was very specific, only blonde haired blue eyed “pure” Aryan blood need apply; this according to their fearless leader, a short, black haired, brown eyed, Austrian Jew….. Hmmmmmm… Hell I would love to dominate the world, who doesn’t?

        • The Hanau gunman was on the same page as the Germans before him. He wanted his people to take over the world and murder those not desirable. People are saying he is clearly crazy, but he was able to maintain his gun license for 7 years.

          The government/media wiped the internet of his videos and manifesto. Then downplayed the whole event because they don’t want anymore uncontrolled attacks and they don’t want to look bad in the eyes of the public.

          They recently passed more gun control to stop such an attack. So far…

        • I have no interest in world domination. I would be happy if the busybodies of the world just left me alone.

          • In my world “busybody” would be a Capitol Offense… There are MANY types of world domination… My kind would ensure that as long as what you are doing does not interfere with or endanger anyone else then by all means proceed…

  3. Ya , show the world how Woke you are, take in a bunch more third world creeps.
    Make your citizens real proud & happy, Merkle.

  4. I am demanding an immediate BAN on the import and sales of ALL Mercedes Benz automobiles AND all owners of MB cars MUST turn them in within the next 30 days.. I also declare myself to be the sole person in charge of collecting these obviously dangerous vehicles, failure to comply will not be tolerated under penalty of…………………….. Well, something not very pleasant, I can assure you, be mindful of scammers who just want your Mercedes and have no intention of destroying the evil beast… Pease have title in hand, current maintenance records and a note from your mother when turning in your Mercedes (Young adult females named “Mercedes” may be accepted at my discretion) at a location to be determined at a later date…

    • Sue Mercedes out of existence! Don’t they have historical ties to Nazi’s or something? I’m sure there’s something somewhere…

      • Absolutely, Hitler’s staff car: was a 1939 Mercedes-Benz, The Mercedes-Benz W31 type G4 was a German three-axle off-road vehicle first produced by Mercedes-Benz as a staff/command car for the Wehrmacht in 1934. the Daimler-Benz G4 was used as a general staff car as well as centerpiece in many of Hitler’s propaganda-driven military parades, Himler (daring to be different) used the Wanderer W11 mfg by the Wanderer-Werke Co. manufacturers of bicycles, motorcycles and civilian and military motor vehicles… Off with their heads

        • I saw Hitler’s staff car once. It was touring the United States. Don’t remember many details. I would have been about 13 +/- at the time. It was found in a barn I believe. I was more interested in the MP-40 that was left on the front seat than the car.

        • Mercedes made the motors used in the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the most numerically produced fighter of all time.

  5. When the time comes to defend the nation, will don my Made In China tactical pants boots and misspelled T shirt that says (MOLON LABIA), grab the Chinese SKS with Chinese 4x scope, and jump in the KIA to report for duty.

        • Almost everything Americans buy has Chinese made parts. They got America by the balls. Corporate service economy for the win.

        • “Almost everything Americans buy has Chinese made parts. They got America by the balls. Corporate service economy for the win.”

          Wrong on every account. They need us more than we need them. Who do you think buys their stuff? American consumers spend a tiny fraction on Chinese goods compared to American goods.

          We need to be able to manufacture things here so that we aren’t depending on other countries. As an extra benefit, we put people to work. What if some virus all of a sudden shuts down the manufacture of items we depend on, like say medicine? Sound familiar? You’ve been drinking too much of the greedy globalist Kool-Aide. They love exporting American jobs to countries with little to no environmental and worker protections. Then those same people pretend to care about those issues here. Hypocrites

  6. Maybe we should ban Mercedes Benz instead of guns. What nonsense the Germans already know every gun owner in this country maybe NATO should stop importing Mercedes Benz instead of fire arms getting nutz.

  7. Imagine the disposable time some people have to cruise the internet and lurk on comment sections; on articles in which they have no genuine interest. I hardly have time to think twice about what I’m doing at any given moment.

    I’m jealous.

    • I didn’t have the internet growing up, gotta make up for lost time dontcha know. Besides I like fckn with the sea eye aye and eff bee eye that monitors this site

  8. Interestingly, Germany has one of the most stringent licensing requirements for guns and automobiles. Just goes to show that they only restrict the good guys, and bad guys will find a way to so harm regardless of the law nominally meant to prevent them.

  9. We all know who did it and will always do it, DON’T we. Just like all of media, if a white middle age republican male does something that’s the first line or words out of their commie anti America mouths. BUT ANYONE ELSE, It’s buried at the bottom or not even mentioned until five days later when they hope everyone forgot about it.

  10. We must ban these rolling death machines to protect the children! Cars used to have manual transmissions, now they’re making them FULLY AUTOMATIC. But I won’t stop there, I’ll ban features that contribute to their killing power. High capacity engine ban, hood scoops, dual exhaust, air intakes, and last but not least turbo and super chargers. You don’t need a Mercedes when a perfectly acceptable smart car can get you to your destination. I’ll also ban marketing of these dangerous vehicles pushing toxic masculinity with their V8 or v12 power. We must DO SOMETHING!

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