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George Zimmerman seems destined to live in interesting times. The former neighborhood watch volunteer came upon a family of four who had wrecked their Ford Explorer last week and helped to pull them to safety. Maybe the biggest surprise wasn’t his heroism but the fact that he was out in public at all given the death threats he’s received since his acquittal. Impressive for a racist hatemonger, no?

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  1. Poor people were probably just enjoying their Skittles. He should have stayed in his car.

  2. Well it is so obvious that Zimmerman caused the crash. He has a violent history of racism against Ford and was heard on the 911 call saying “those F*&^ing Fords getting away with speeding all the time.” We need to lock him up and throw away the key!

    –>end sarcasm.

  3. The insane left is shrieking about how this was staged and a conspiracy over at that hivemind site DU.

  4. The cynic in me thinks he should have learned to mind his own business the first time.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that he didn’t.

  5. We all know this:
    He could be an out-of-the-closet klansman.
    He could have clearly said the most hateful racial epithet on that 911 call.
    But once he was on his back getting beaten to a pulp, all that became irrelevant in the context of the charges he was facing.

    • As an ACLU member I can say that I am glad to see that letter since it affirms the ACLU’s longstanding position on double jeopardy and the separate sovereign doctrine. I almost canceled my membership over Romero’s statement that the DOJ should investigate Zimmerman for the same transaction that he had just been acquitted on.

  6. “George Zimmerman seems destined to live in interesting times.”

    Clearly a Chinese person has cursed him.

  7. This is absolutely true, Trayvon has had justice already, he chose poorly(failed the victim selection process examination) committed an act of grievous bodily harm and paid the price, end of story, the rest is lefty bleating, disobeying the rule of law and thus crap.

  8. I’ll bet you that it wasn’t a black Ford Explorer ! He would never help a black automobile !! He probably belongs to the racist AAA !!!

    P.S. someone please call Rev. Unsharpton !!!! We need his help now !!!!

    P.P.S. Best line in story “Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash and left after speaking with the deputy, police said. ” I guess he’s learned his lesson !

    • According to ABC, it was a blue Ford Explorer which only makes me laugh considering it will be reported as a dark vehicle on Fox and white vehicle on MSNBC.

  9. MSNBC has posted a link to the story (the crash occurred last week) though it is not prominently featured. The story does not mention the race of the car crash ‘victims’. CNN has given the story prominent headline placement.

    • Took the comment below off the CNN site following the story:

      Jojola (wrote)
      “Big Whoop! Is there any proof other than what the county “sheriff” reported? How convenient he just happened to be in the direct location of this “alleged” accident. No matter how the “press” try and make this monster out to be human, it doesn’t erase the fact that he took the life of an innocent young man and not once did he apologize to the Martin family. CNN, shame on you for reporting this a “breaking news”!”

  10. The linked article has a laughable 5 sentences about Zimmerman’s involvement in the rescue, the rest is about riots, death threats, and horse peddling.

    • This was one of the first stories that went up, I think. There have been a couple others posted on other network’s sites, but they’re all pretty thin on detail, because there just isn’t much.

  11. Wonder if the family he rescued had an opinion on his guilt and if so, has it now changed?

  12. No lie, I mentioned this to coworkers, and one of them was absolutely convinced that this was staged.

    Ignoring the concept that he’s not going to get any traction with the public whether he saves lives or not, a guy that’s been threatened daily for over a year isn’t going to bust out of hiding to try a minor PR stunt.

    “You might get shot, but think of the minor effect it will have on public opinion!”


    • I’m not surprised in the slightest. I just took a look at Democratic Underground, and about 80% of the posters there believe that this was staged.

  13. I’m actually surprised that the MSM isn’t alleging that
    he wouldn’t have helped if the family was “black”.
    Then again I haven’t seen any pics of the family yet.
    A photo might explain why the MSM so quiet on the
    race issue so far.

  14. It’s also interesting that while this occured last week, the reports didn’t emerge until after the weekend protests.

  15. Weird. I didn’t get an email about this post, I just happened across it. If I had, I wouldn’t have emailed a tip about this story to RF 45 minutes after this post apparently went up. I feel silly now.

  16. Using the logic of Angela Corey and Bernie de la Rionda, Zimmerman just went from wannabee cop to wannabee Fire & Rescue.

  17. Hmmm, crucified in the media, yet helping save the day for his fellow citizens… sounds like most plot lines for superheroes.

    • With street clothes and a PF-9? I give him credit for even doing it at all since he’s a villain right now. Modern day hero could use a sponsor (that isn’t being threatened).

      Stepping up in the face of this heat is heroic. Though a hidden lab of secret tech would be fitting too.

  18. Karma is a female doggie :)….

    The hang George crowd mus be thinking “Could this get any worse?”

    Gotta love it. Apparently, and according to Fox News the second person involved in the rescue could be his bodyguard, meaning they were the only ones involved in the rescue.

  19. Liberals think it was a staged event, because that’s what they would do.
    This is the style over substance crowd we’re talking about, the one’s with
    PR groups and managed soundbites to craft an image that’s entirely false.

    In another report, it mentioned that GZ had a fire extinguisher in his car,
    and was standing with it when the police arrived on the scene. That’s what
    you call prepared. How many of us have a fire extinguisher in their cars?
    Check out Purple K, for your auto. For A-B-C fires.

    • If I was GZ I’d have one in my car, I’d be afraid of molotov cocktails, I’d also have soft body armor and 2 carry guns at all times.

  20. Its simple I heard it from OBAMA himself when he stood up in front of a liberal media TV camera and instead of calming down the public he stated that – he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago – is this guy O.K. mentally? Seriously why would any leader stand up in front of his public and basically scream racism and add fuel to an already burning fire? One of his jobs is to keep the public calm and he cant even do that, WOW. OBAMA WANTS CHAOS, case closed. Then he will swoop in and TRY to FIX the problem somehow just like he always does, NARCISSISM plain and simple. More unnecessary laws to pass, now I cant wait to see what he has up his sleave the man amazes me at every turn with his CRIMINAL AGENDA. Our United States works when you follow 1) THE LAW – NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, NOT EVEN DEAR LEADER – 2) THE BILL OF RIGHTS 3) THE CONSTITUTION 4) THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and not in that order. Obama follows none of these things Ive just listed, why? { Why did he take the OATH and be sworn in just to completely IGNORE the OATH specifically – to protect America and its people whether they are foreign or domestic then give an order to stand down 3 times and let them be killed? THATS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE HES THE ONLY WHO CAN GIVE AN ORDER TO STAND DOWN AND CAUSE 4 AMERICANS TO DIE BY DOING SO – I STILL CANT BELIEVE OBAMA DESERTED THOSE PEOPLE.} Watch Obama first he must MAKE a problem then he must fix the problem he MADE, its madness listening to this self loathing pathetic leader. Obamas whole sloagan in 2008 was FORWARD – why is he digging/living in the PAST talking about how car doors are being locked and girls clutching there bags in elevators for dear life when standing next to a black man. The same thing happens to white men and the rest all the same no matter what race you are, maybe he didnt know that just like maybe he didnt know that during the whole Trayvon/Zimmerman case more than 4 African Americans were killed in Chicago by other Black people all seperate cases, why has he said nothing about that? What Obama wants Obama gets and he wants a divided United States of America and thats what hes getting. He knows the damage hes doing, he passed a law giving himself armed gaurds FOR LIFE and we the people are going to have to pay for it all, we already are paying for it $100,000,000 for 1 vacation, know what I paid for my last vacation – $0.00 -. Its time we all move FORWARD and leave Obama BEHIND! I think we should pass a law that states that the President should pay for his own vacations out of his own pocket. Im waiting for his terms to be up so I can see his tally for vacations over 8 years I bet you it would be close a Billion dollars, what a waste. Sorry for going off topic but it had to be said, Ive been bottled up for a while.

  21. ABC works fine on gas and diesel fires.
    Would think he would have learned there is no reward for doing the right thing by now!

  22. Rumor has it that NBC News has a tape of the rescue, and they’re running it backwards to show Zimmerman stuffing a family of four into an overturned, burning vehicle.

  23. I wonder if we’ll hear his 911 call like we’ve heard all the other ones.

    The Smoking Gun has a pic of the family from a couple years ago. Sorry – white.

    I call Z a hero. How many of you would approach a potentially burning overturned vehicle, probably wearing a light shirt and shorts, and attempt to free 4 occupants? That’s guts overcoming fear plain and simple.

    My EMS partner did the same thing several years ago off duty and ended up being Virginia’s “EMT of the Year.”

  24. Because he’s the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. So, we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

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