Susan Rice
White House Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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Guiding [the implementation of President Biden’s gun control agenda] will be [Domestic Policy Advisor Susan] Rice. She’ll be heading Biden’s gun control dream team. That includes naming California’s Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra to the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He has no health experience but knows how to call gun control “a health-care crisis” and defend unconstitutional gun grabs from Californians. There will also be Judge Merrick Garland, who has ruled from the bench at every opportunity to deny gun rights.

This all fits in neatly with Rice’s personal ideas on enacting stricter gun control. She supports a ban on Americans owning semiautomatic modern sporting rifles, the most-popular-selling centerfire rifles today. She wants to make it a crime for a neighbor to sell another neighbor a gun. She was vetted by the antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety to be a possible vice-presidential candidate.

Rice won’t take the job to protect the American people. She’s proven she can’t, or won’t. She’ll be the one to set the Second Amendment on the doorstep of the White House while gun control groups march in. Rice will abandon our God-given rights just as quickly as she abandoned me in Benghazi. Then she’ll spin it on Sunday morning talk shows.

— Mark “Oz” Geist in Susan Rice Abandoned Me During A Gunfight In Benghazi. She’ll Abandon You On Guns

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      • don’t really think they care…right now they just want to get legislation on the books…and turn us all into potential felons…

    • So she’s back in the front lines of government, where reporters are supposed to ask some damn questions? I am still waiting for someone to ask the stupid bitch “Who ordered you to lie to 5 TV news shows in one day, about Benghazi?” We all know, of course, and she would never answer it anyway, but to think that since 9/11/2012 no one has ever even ASKED is literally amazing to me.

    • “PK”? Hold on a sec, I could swear you died. I recall that, there was that stroke, and you said you couldn’t write anymore and about a half a year later, gone. You used to go by PK, but you weren’t deceased at the time.

      I’m so confused …..

      You were a great writer back in the day, terrific story teller.

      Sorry you died … total bummer really.

  1. Note that the anti-gun campaign is NOT limited to the White House. Congress is ramping up the hype, with joyous assistance from the leftist press, in both Houses. Did you notice AOC claiming that Ted Cruz (R-Senator, Texas) almost had her killed, three weeks ago? It wasn’t coincidence when, just hours later, Nasty Nancy P was behind her undamaged and unstolen podium (that somehow survived not being stolen and not being damaged in the “insurrection”) insisting that Congress needed money to defend against inside threats because angry right wing members of Congress are carrying firearms.

    It is completely clear that the democrats intend to strip second amendment rights by fiat, by regulation, and by legislation, THIS term!

    • They even have a new name for the opposition. DVE. Domestic Violence Extremist.
      The first step is to label people and dehumanize them. It’s easy to persecute Those People.
      Expect voter roles, permit files, and mail in ballot envelopes to be mined for names. They are going to put a huge effort into creating The List.

      • “They even have a new name for the opposition. DVE. Domestic Violence Extremist.
        The first step is to label people and dehumanize them. It’s easy to persecute Those People.”

        Already complete. Have you noticed in their writing that they hold us in contempt?

        In a marriage, when one party holds the other,in contempt, there’s no saving the marriage. Contempt, by itself, is dehumanizing…

        • My sister is a retired cop who has always been left of center. Now she has bought into the disgust of the Gun Culture. I talked about it with her and asked if she was lying when she took her Oath of Office to defend the Constitution. She replied that the Second Amendment is obsolete and must be eliminated. I was shocked, Liberals can pick and choose among the parts of the Constitution that they agree with and disregard those which do not follow their politics. I suspect that her views were spoon-fed to her by her ultra-liberal professors and the nuns before that. I am appalled by the stupidity and the zealotry of the gun grabbers. And they call us zealots for defending our rights. The police need to hire some centrist psychologists to weed out the anti-second Amendment cops and politicians. They lie when they take their oaths.

    • “Did you notice AOC claiming that Ted Cruz (R-Senator, Texas) almost had her killed, three weeks ago?”

      Two democrat congresswomen, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, both supported the Left attacking people in restaurants and burning down cities. Where people were murdered in those riots.

    • Tinhat, you said, “she did Benghazi cover up with me.”
      You’re confessing that you were involved in the Benghazi cover up?

    • Susan Rice isn’t that smart. She and Biden are being run by Obama. Obama is the real President. Biden and the rest are merely a facade.

      • This is Obamas third term or his scripted return if you prefer.
        What a deal. He and the Beast get to live in luxury and count their millions while his bidding is done by minions in DC. Hillary would have many of the same controllers around her but she would have replaced a lot of them with her own trolls. None of them would have our interests in mind.

        • Obama may have been a Manchurian Candidate. The puppet master(s) then are pulling the strings again.

  2. Honestly – these people are going to bring every nonexistent thing into reality and then they will entirely regret it. And not a single person will care, after the next 2 years of stupidity we’re going to have to go through.

    • If the Rs get power back they can shove the big one in Chuck as well. Add 2 more on top to the court.
      What they don’t seem to realize is two can and do play that game. Dingy Harry thought he had the senate and everything else forever and years later it came back to bite them. Witness the new Justices.

      They need to increase that senate majority a bit more. 51/50 is a bit close and that’s if they already get rid of the filibuster.

      • “two can and do play that game”

        Then impeach former President Obama for allowing Russiagate to happen. Hey, they set the precedent. Then, I guess we’d have to impeach Dubya and Cheney as well. I imagine the establishment would suddenly lose their appetite for impeaching a former President.

      • “They need to increase that senate majority a bit more. 51/50 is a bit close and that’s if they already get rid of the filibuster.”

        DC and PR statehood isn’t polling in positive numbers…

        • Unless they have some marvelous spin, pretty sure DC statehood requires a Constitutional Amendment, since the Constitution prohibits the government from being in a state, and specifies DC.

      • So with KommieLa Whorish as the tiebreaker, it’s 51/50… 5150 is the section of the California penal code that deals with mental cases who are a danger to themselves and others. Fits this congress pretty well, doesn’t it.

  3. Dusting off all the Obummer criminals, Rice, Kerry, Brennan, etc. Yeah, his third term, wont be any part of the bill of rights safe. They’ll show us!!!

  4. “Throw under the bus” is the wrong phrase. It means to betray an ally for selfish, expedient means. It’s “stabbing in the back.” Kami suddenly releasing info on Joe’s senility would be throwing Joe under the bus. Dem were never on the side of gun rights. Joe calling for Yellen to resign when the economy tanks after following Joe’s plan would be throwing her under the bus. Destroying gun rights is Dems’ goal, not something they have to do to cover up a mistake

  5. Susan Rice, as is typical for democrats, is a born liar, fraud and thief and murderer.

    If her lips move, she is lying. The Obama underground is flexing it’s muscles in order to totally eradicate , destroy or kill the 80,000,000 Trump voters, by any means necessary, whether legal or illegal.

    These anti Bill Of Rights terrorists are well on the way to destroying whatever is left of the Constitution.

    450,000,000 guns, mostly owned by Trump voters, are the last bastion of freedom left. We have better get off our asses and begin to do what needs to be done to protect our cherished way of life and the Constitution.

  6. Iowa: Both Chambers Pass Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment
    “We the People” of Iowa take care of Our Own Rights. Screw D.C. At the end of the day it will all come down to what people are willing to do to Protect Their Own Rights. Even if that means from the point of a Firearm. Courageous Sacrifice for something greater than Oneself or Complacent Cowardess for continued life under the Boot of Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  7. Two points.

    You idiots that supported Trump for the GOP nomination in 2016, this is your fault. You were warned, you gleefully screwed us over anyhow.

    Now, it’s a court fight. Push hard for cases to rise to the Supreme Court while the needed votes are there.

    Oh, and put your MAGA hat on, stand in front of a mirror and yell as loud as you can “YOU DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. Enuf says:
    “Oh, and put your MAGA hat on, stand in front of a mirror and yell as loud as you can “YOU DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!”

    I stood in front of a mirror, and looking at me I realized that I am a GREAT PATRIOT!

    Enuf , I see that you’re all for Making America LAST Again.

    Obviously, you’re not a REAL American…..

  9. If anything is to be thrown under a bus it’s Susan rice, the people of America is tired of the corruption in the Government parties, the law state’s that NO-ONE is to empower a government official without the permission of the American people, YOU work FOR us the people not the other way around. BIDEN AND His Stupid advocates,associate’s, are in FOR A RUDE AND HORRIBLE AWAKENING. GLORY IS GOD’S


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