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When GLOCK introduced its long-awaited sub-compact 9mm G43 to the U.S. market, naysayers were not impressed. “It’s too late to the party!” they cried, as if GLOCK’s commercial caution had offended the gods of free market capitalism. The more serious complaint: the G43 packs fewer rounds than comparable compacts like, say, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

While some viewed the G43’s capacity as a deficiency, others saw as an opportunity. G43 owners can choose from a half dozen or so options to increase the gun’s compliment of personal defense pills. Among the best (and most affordable): Strike Industries’ EMP+2 Enhanced Magazine Plate.


By now you’ve probably already cleverly deduced that the EMP+2 lets you load two more rounds in your stock G43 magazines. Why is this extension different from all other extensions? SI’s +2 extension blends in with the rest of the gun. Ish. The polymer EMP+2 nicely mimics the G43’s grip texture and general appearance. It also smoothly continues the grip’s general contour for a comfortable hold.


Installation’s as easy — or not — as any any other pinky or magazine capacity extension. Simply depress the locking plate pin, slide the stock baseplate off (keeping your finger on the spring so it doesn’t launch into space), replace the locking plate with the new one SI supplies and slip on the EMP+2.

Some other competing models come with their own spring and/or floor plate and at least one competitor requires a mag mod (by removing a couple of tabs on the mag). The EMP+2 keeps installation as simple as possible.


The only downside of the EMP+2: it’s the largest of the G43 +2 options out there. If you have big paws, that’s a good thing; the EMP+2  provides a comfy, full grip on your gun without any dangling digits.


The obvious downside: the added length makes your pistol less concealable. If you pack you G43 in an outside-the-waistband holster covered by an un-tucked shirt, no problemo. Otherwise, problemo grande.

Unless you have kangaroo-sized pockets, loading an EMP+2-equipped mag in your G43 pretty much eliminates pocket carry as an option If, like me, you sometimes carry IWB with your shirt tucked in, your modified G43 will print like a HP Deskjet. In those situations, I load a mag with just a pinky extension (or flush bottom) and carry the EMP+2 as a spare. That gives me a very reasonable 15 rounds of parabellum dissuasion.


The EMP+2 is a sensible, affordable, easy-to-install addition to a small gun that’s famous for its minimalism. While it makes the G43 a little more difficult to conceal, it provides a better grip for less gripes.

Specifications: Strike Industries EMP+2 Magazine Extension for GLOCK 43

Capacity: +2 increasing standard magazine capacity to eight rounds
Construction: Polymer
Price: $11.95

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit and Finish: * * * * *
Well-made and nicely finished polymer that’s in keeping with the G43’s look and feel.

Reliability: * * * * *
The EMP+2 comes with its own locking plate and uses the standard GLOCK magazine spring. It never failed to feed the last few rounds in the stack over hundreds of rounds.

Value: * * * * *
It gives you two more rounds for the lowest price among the half dozen or so +2 options out there.

Overall: * * * *
You get a 33 percent increase in capacity and a better grip in an attractive, very affordable package. And it works every time. As long as you’re OK with the added length, you’re good to stow.

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  1. I bought these for my Glock 42 and 43. Ghost sells +15% Springs for just such an occasion as this, so I got them to try too. It took a little bit of use to get the mags loaded up to 8 rounds comfortably, but now they work great. Strike has a lot of interesting accessories on their site for Glock and the AR rifles.

    • While loading new & STIFF mags, give the butt a couple “Wacks” to the palm of your hand after 1/2 to 3/4 full. The spring will equalize allowing the remaining fill up to go much easier.

  2. “The more serious complaint: the G43 packs fewer rounds than comparable compacts like, say, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.”

    Not really so serious. A G43 with its short magazine is smaller than a Shield. Therefore, the 43 offers someone seeking a smaller gun an option which is not available with a Shield. Add a +1 and the 43 is slightly smaller with the same capacity. Or add a +2 or +3. It’s the customer’s choice. That is, the customer gets to decide if they want something smaller, or incrementally (+1, +2, +3) bigger. From a big picture perspective, the 43 offers a wider size and capacity mix than the Shield does. Well done Glock.

  3. I found the factory springs to be a little too weak to trust the magazine’s reliability when it got down to the last round or two, so I got the extended springs that Taran Tactical sells. Much better.

  4. I just ordered 2 +2 EMP baceplates for 2 of my magazines for my g43 I hope everything turns out great? Should I buy extended Springs Aura +2 I read a couple of guys on here talking about it seemed kind of weak using the Standard g43 Spring?

  5. This review seems like more of a sales pitch for a new product. Glock was late to market with the 43 (single stack 9) because they saw no need for it, other than to fulfill a need for the guy that already had everything.

    The whole premise of the 43 is pocket carry or very deep concealment. That’s why I don’t think you’ll see Glock come out with factory “Extended Mags” as it would defeat the intended purpose of the gun itself.

    Gunsmiths have been around since guns were invented. Now the aftermarket parts industry has enabled anyone with an internet connection to become a DIY Gunsmith.

    For EDC, why in the world would anyone want to rely on any type of DIY modification to a time tested self defense weapon like Glock? Fine for plinking at a range, yeah, you get 2 extra rounds.

    But for self defense EDC, if you need/want more capacity, why not just get a Glock 26 with standard 10+1? Sure, it’s a double stack, but most don’t realize it’s only 4 Millimeters wider than the 43 single stack (30mm v/s 26mm).

    AND, the 26 is actually a couple millimeters less than the 43 on the butt length, which is the hardest thing to conceal for EDC. An added bonus to the 26 is that you can use standard factory Glock mags in 15/17/or 33 rnd capacity as your spares.

    The only practical purpose I see for these Mag extensions is for those who’ve become unhappy with the 6 round capacity of the single stack 43 they purchased, and want to carry a couple extra 8 round spares in their mag pouch.

    For me personally, the main advantage to any rail gun (over a more full proof revolver) is the extra round capacity & quicker re-load capability.

  6. Since I usually carry my G43 in an ankle holster, I carry two spare mags on the other ankle. A standard capacity mag in the gun and two plus-twos would be an easily concealable combo.

  7. the vickers tactical +2 is cheaper, smaller and comes with extended springs. I have them in all my mags (8) except for one for when i dont want to print. have never had an issue.

    • Yeah I just ordered a Vickers Tactical plus 2 Glock 43 magazine extension plate and I also ordered one made by ghost I believe that’s a plus too and I ordered two extended Springs and to those EMP lower plates I’m going to do a little review of my own see what works the best and those were all under $10. So really the EMP requires you to put an extended spring in it that roughly is $3.99 so the Vickers and the ghost setup on Brownells is much cheaper and looks better in my opinion.

      • Sorry, but, I have to say this.

        If anyone needs/wants a Glock, plus deep concealment and more capacity, why not just go out & get the Glock 26 already?

        Factory mags are 10 as opposed to 6 (or a trumped up 8) on the 43, and the butt of the standard 26 is actually SHORTER than that of it’s little brother the 43!

        Spare mags for the ‘Double Stack” 26 are 10/15/17/33, and all made by Glock, not some aftermarket supplier trying to reinvent perfection.

        • You can’t pocket carry a Glock 26. Many of us use the Glock 43 as a back up gun and carry in our pocket. That’s what I do. I have a Glock 17 on my hip.

        • I realize the 26 is a little bigger (width wise) to pocket carry, and I DID think about the 43 for the pocket carry option,.I too have a 17, but consider that just a little too big for EDC, especially if you’re trying to conceal it. That’s why most carry the 19.

          However, you are now carrying 2 different configurations of spare mags (if you even carry spares for your back up 43). That being the case, Ruger’s new GEN-2 of their extremely popular LCP in .380 Mouse Gun, is worthy of more than a cursory look as a back up “Pocket Gun”, at about 1/2 the price of the Glock 43 (yes, I realize it’s a .380 v/s the Glock 43 9mm, but as a back up to your hipster Glock 17, it might be worth considering)

          AND, you can even purchase 10 rnd extra mags for the Ruger, as spares.

        • Ha Ha, I get it Mark.

          I don’t own, nor do I personally have a purpose for a .380, But with some of the highly charged cartridges, or even just plain ole plinkers, I still wouldn’t want to get hit with one.

          Ruger also makes a mouse gun in 9mm for you rail gun fans. It’s called the LC9, and all I know is a lot of 9mm folks pocket carry that model.

          Personally, for pocket carry, I prefer my J Frame S&W, 38 spl, (revolver) which is rated for, and loaded with +P cartridges for deep concealment EDC or even as a back up to my Glock hip huggers.

          The only reason many LEO Agencies abandoned the 357/38 spl platforms is because of the much higher capacity of the double stack Glock 17/19 style ect, ect, in your favorite caliber.

  8. I have several g43 mags, Y, so I can cycle magazine spring rest period. All of them have the E.M.P+2 extensions on them, in fact I liked the g43, before, BUT NOW WITH THE EMP+2 THE HAND FIT IN FANTASTIC. SUPER CC GUN.

    • Hey Bill I have been using the EMP plus two floor plate extensions for a while I’ve been trying The Ghost and the Vickers Tactical as well. Both the Vickers tactical and the ghost plus 2 magazine extension come with an extra-long spring with the kit. I ordered two Glock 43 extended magazine Springs online from a reputable company I’m researching to see if I still have the receipt so that I can give you the name. Give me a couple minutes and I’ll check my files and see if I can come up with the name of the spring company but it was only like 10 bucks for two Springs maybe a couple bucks more for shipping and it made a world of a difference on the EMP plus 2 extension on my glock 43 period something you may want to look into.

    • Bill it’s Taran Tactical Innovations LLC. The description of the part is Glock 43 plus 2 replacement Springs. Hope it helps I’ve left one of my magazines actually 2 of them fully loaded with eight rounds a piece for over a year in the only time I take the ammo out is when I clean the weapon take the magazines apart to brush them out and still I haven’t lost hardly any spring tension after a year of constantly loaded. slide still locks back last rounds out of the magazine fire not a problem even if the weapon is dirty.

  9. Read all the comments but no mention how difficult installation of Glock 43
    EMP+2 extension. Directions seemed simple. Removing the magazine bottom plate was virtually impossible. Looked at instructions on internet.
    No help. Took to my local gun store. 3 huge strong men tried sliding the plate off after using a punch to depress spring. No luck. Took magazine an extension to gunsmith. He could not depress and slide plate manually. How he installed was put punch in a vice and pull on magazine.
    Am concerned after reading comments an loading 8 if may be a problem with stock spring. Thanks for infro. on Taran Tactical

  10. hi I got your E.M.P glock 43 2 round extension and I am only able to get 1 extra round in I took it to my gun shop and the gun Smith was only able to get 7 round in the even trimmed the spring to try to make room but it did not work it’s still only holds seven rounds in an eight round capacity magazine I tried using another magazine to see if it would change it did not the gun shops told me it was a defect in the product and I had to call or email the company it sucks that I can only get seven rounds in help me

  11. not sure if I got a bad mag extension only 7 rounds fit and it is supposed to hold even a gun Smith was not able to fix it


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