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This wasn’t actually going to become a TTAG post, but I was inspired by our IGOTD winner, Dallas Archer, who chose to conceal an NAA Mini-Revolver in a very private place on in her person. Rewind one year — almost to the day — and a new company called Speakeasy Briefs is generating funding on Kickstarter for their boxer briefs with a hidden (assuming you’re wearing pants) pocket on the front. Ideal for stashing a flask, wallet, passport, rolled up sock, “protection.” Ah…protection. I’m fairly certain Speakeasy meant condoms, but when I think “protection” I think of the ballistic sort . . .

Now, I probably don’t recommend anything that’s about to happen here. Can you conceal a firearm in your Speakeasy Briefs? Absolutely. Should you? Well…it’s a much better choice than Ms. Archer’s, that’s for sure.

Speakeasy Image

Rewind a couple of weeks this time, and I’m in the back yard taking photos of my Mini-Revolver for the review. I happened to be wearing my pair of Speakeasys and, although I had long been intending to do a somewhat tongue-in-cheek video on concealing firearms in them and had 100% decided on hiring a female model for it, I figured there was no time like the present and just did it then and there. So, my apologies for that horrific disappointment.

Turns out the boxer briefs hold up to concealing a couple different handguns just fine:

There’s probably no chance of me truly carrying a gun in my Speakeasys. However, I was surprised how comfortable it actually was (the gun is up on your ‘tummy,’ not down in your business) and the concealment factor is absolute. The only real downside, assuming you’re carrying safely, is that it’s a bit of a trick to draw from this carry location. There’s a belt and waistband to contend with, a zipper to unzip, and then drawing smoothly from inside of a pocket like this isn’t easy either.

Speakeasy Image

To actually get serious about this for a second: even professionals will rarely grope another man’s crotch when doing a pat down search — and you have to if you’re doing it right. Legit cupping and such must happen. But it almost never does*. For those of you living the movie hero life where you may be kidnapped by a gang and patted down before being taken to the leader, $10 says they miss your junk gun.

* or so I’m told


Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: $23.95
Where: Made in USA
I can’t live without my own pair(s): 

Ratings (out of five stars):

Quality * * * * *
Made in USA from quality material with strong stitching and good finish

Comfort * * * *
I’m a boxers guy, but these are as comfortable as any boxer briefs I have owned in the past. The fit is correct.

Price * * *
$24 or 3 for $60 is expensive for boxers. Right? I don’t know, I’ve always gotten mine at the Old Navy Outlet store, which is practically free. But the Speakeasys are better quality and are made in the U.S. Actually, shopping online a bit it looks like a comparable (but foreign made) pair of Calvin Kleins can run $28.

Concealability * * * * *
You’re no Dallas Archer, but you can still hide stuff with aplomb.

Okay this is mostly a joke. You know that, right? I’m not going to “officially” rate these because this isn’t a firearms product and I don’t really suggest anyone use it for that purpose. As far as a pair of underwear goes, they’re pretty spiffy and the quality is high. Please don’t shoot yourself in the junk.


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  1. They would be great if your wearing sweat pants, and don’t have much of a place to hide your piece.

  2. I’m a stripper at a women’s club on the weekends….I wondered where my ‘gun’ could go? Now I know….right next to my ‘weapon.’

    Now, I must ask the obvious [?] …Would I be brandishing if…aw,,NM…

  3. First of all, how many people have a pistol that small? Second, I sure as all get out do not want a pistol pointing there. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • My Beretta Nano will fit in there also. There are a lot of guns that size and smaller. You could always carry without one in the chamber. But again, I’m not really serious about carrying a gun in your briefs just because you could haha

  4. Gunr, give “Souped up cargo sweatpants” at duluthtrading dot com a look. Cargo pockets, double knees, zippered rear pockets, zipper in front and a belt. I regularly carry a CZ-82 IWB in mine.
    Golf shirt, etc over them and you’re good to go.

    Yeah, they’re a little spendy, but I’m clomping about with a gimp leg and they’re way more comfortable than jeans or slacks. I had to put elastic in the ankle seams to keep from tripping over them, but other than that, I love ’em.

      • I don’t know, they look comfy and useful. But then, I wear cargo pants a lot (khaki ones). But yeah, pretty spendy. $54 for fancy sweatpants?

  5. I’ve been searched a few times at checkpoints and traffic stops…. Maybe I’m just lucky but EVERY time the cop was pretty thorough in groping my junk.

      • I once experienced some “Legit cupping and such” by a lady cop who was the spittin’ image of Julie Scardina. She was so gentle, if she hadn’t found my traveling stash and rousted me, I’d have asked her to do it again. (this was before there was medicinal.)

  6. I don’t know, the weight of the piece, the weight of the other piece and the scrotum setting low, what the hell keeps your under ware on? Oh I know use suspenders on your shorts, that may work as long as your not in a hurry!

    • Dude, if the weight of your nutsack is ripping your underpants off, you should see a doctor.

  7. Or you could use a jockstrap or any pair of athletic underwear with a cup pocket. A black pair of Under Armour with a cup pocket would be less suspicious than a pair of underwear with a contrasting-color zippered pocket over your pubis. Wrap the gun in a sock or something soft for comfort and to make it look like you’re a pathetic crotch-stuffer instead of a gun smuggler. With a small North American Arms revolver you could probably wrap it to fairly convincingly pass for a large penis at a glance. It’s probably easier if you’re not already packing heat, or you might look like you’re ready for a New York reload. But hey, the ladies might be intrigued by the novelty of a double-barreled man.

  8. Sweet! Looks like pajama carry is officially within reach for me and my chunky little XDm compact.

  9. No thanks on the Tactical Boxers. Now, my Smartcarry holster – no joke, I’ve rocked a Glock on top of my….um, junk, yeah.

    Seriously – the Smartcarry holster, a Glock 26 and a spare mag, not a problem. Great for a Beretta Nano or a Ruger LCR too. No, you’re not going to present the firearm at OWB IDPA speed, but it’s surprisingly comfortable for all-day wear, it’s about as concealed as you can be under jeans without using an orifice holster (don’t look for Galco to offer that any time soon), and with practice presentation is safe and rapid. For a little extra safety margin I’ll snap a Raven Concealment Vanguard or similar rig on the trigger guard and attach the lanyard to the belt of the Smartcarry. I’ll often wear that under jeans, cargo pants, or cargo shorts, when I’m wearing a thinner or snug shirt and can’t wear appendix as I usually do.

  10. “When would you possibly need an underwear gun?!”

    “Well, hopefully never, Cyril.”

  11. I gather that Jeremy isn’t familiar with JJ Racaza’s “.Five-0” crotch holster. I’ve tried it and it is pretty comfortable. Just don’t have the “balls” to buy one and use it myself. 😉

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