Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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Over the last few years, “The Squad” – comprised of Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Cori Bush (D-MO) – have worked to “defund the police.” Although they continually say stupid things, like they want to “reimagining” what policing in the United States looks like, the reality is simple: they want to do away with law enforcement agencies across the country.

Americans across the country rely on two things to keep themselves and their families safe: law enforcement and/or their Second Amendment rights. When an emergency takes place, most people call 911 and know at least one law enforcement officer will be there to help them in their time of need.

What’s amazing – although not surprising – is “The Squad” wants to do away with emergency services for you and me. But that decision wouldn’t impact them. In fact, the five women have spent a large sum of money on local law enforcement officers for private security. That’s right. Our lives aren’t worth protecting but theirs are.

But the real kicker? They spent more than any other House members on private security.

The New York Post broke down their security costs:

In the two months between April 15 and June 28, Bush spent nearly $70,000 of her campaign funds on personal security, the most of any House lawmaker. That’s almost $20,000 above the median household income for residents in her district, which covers St. Louis and adjacent communities. Bush, who often wears a Black Lives Matter or a “Y’All Gone Stop Killing Us!” t-shirt, says she believes defunding the police would prevent the deaths of people like Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor. But it’s unclear who would stop the killing that would then ensue. Of the 130 homicide victims in St. Louis so far this year, half of whose residents are African-American, all but ten victims were African-American (98 men and 22 women). The vast majority of these involved firearms — not one fired by a police officer.

Though Bush’s security payments made up a third of her roughly $200,000 second-quarter campaign expenditures, most of that portion—$54,120.92 — went to RS&T Security Consulting, a New York firm with two addresses in Manhattan and a website under construction. The sole local recipient, Nathaniel Davis, whose address is the same as Bush’s campaign committee, received three payments totaling $15,000.

Cori Bush AOC
Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., (AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades)

AOC has spent less on security and kept some of that spending local. The $4,000 she spent during 2021’s second quarter represented a big drop from more than $45,000 in the first quarter. Though she represents parts of the Bronx and Queens, about $35,000 of Ocasio-Cortez’s local spending in the first quarter went to firms with Brooklyn addresses, including three payments of $3,000 each to C’est Bon Collective and two payments totaling about $25,000 to Three Bridges, LLC. In February, she also paid a Houston firm $1,552.50 to provide personal security when she visited the city during its hurricane-relief efforts.

Cori Bush
Rep. Cori Bush (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)

Like RS&T, the firm used by Bush, neither C’est Bon nor Three Bridges provide much online information about their businesses. But Tullis Worldwide Protection, the Virginia firm that Ocasio-Cortez paid about $4,000 in January, touts the experience of its CEO, Devin Tullis, including stints with private military contractor Blackwater, whose employees were accused of committing war crimes in Iraq. Questioned about his work for AOC, Tullis said little but noted that he is “not hiring social workers”—the Squad’s preferred option to replace police.

Pressley and Omar were more modest than their colleagues in their security expenditures, but they still spent far more than most House members. Pressley spent more than $4,000 in the first quarter of 2021 and more than $3,500 in the second quarter. While some of her spending was local, she employed a Virginia company in January and a Washington, D.C., firm in March. Omar also reduced her security bills in the second quarter, from slightly over $3,000 to $2,800, all spent locally in St. Paul and nearby Ramsey, Minnesota.

This is another example of “rules for thee but not for me.” If “The Squad” truly believed defunding the police was a good idea, they wouldn’t hire off-duty cops for self-protection. If “The Squad” believed social workers could deescalate situations that law enforcement officers would otherwise handle, they would hire social workers to travel with them to handle scenarios that would typically require private security.

It’s time for them to sit down, shut up, and put their money where their mouth is. They should have to live like the rest of us, even if they are in the public eye.

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  1. Re-Imagining is an old Marx term that he used to soften the fact he wanted to change things. BLM uses it, Kamala uses it all the time and of course these 5 idiots are jumping on the fundamentally change America bandwagon.

  2. Gotta say there’s a lot of questions I have about Taylor’s spending. That seems like someone is grifting campaign funds.

    • Occasional-Cortex wearing a “tax the rich” dress at a goofy event with a $30000 + entry fee. And she takes home a $174000 salary + perks. After costing her retarded congressional district an Amazon center( and re-elected). Still waiting on her leaked bartender vids…

  3. the reality is simple: they want to do away with law enforcement agencies across the country.

    Wrong; they don’t want to do away with it, they want it strictly under their (federal) control. Reimaging law enforcement to them is to put armed Obama’s Youth Corps members in every town and city.

      • Your greatest wish. A politicized police force. Be careful of what you want because even you could be among the victims.

    • “Reimaging law enforcement to them is to put armed Obama’s Youth Corps members in every town and city.”

      Tests have already been done, and the results have been sub-optimal.

      Example – San Fransisco. If you’re homeless, the local police won’t prosecute and incarcerate you, they will simply release you as a ‘kindness’. Get caught stealing over 1,000 dollars, and then they will jail you.

      By de-criminalizing theft, drug stores (and others) are closing up shop and leaving the city. Along with blatant theft, they are free to defecate on the city sidewalks.

      How much worse does it need to get before they finally say “Enough!”?

  4. That white dress that Congresswoman Cortez recently wore to some high priced event certainly provoked the need for private security. To quote from YOUNG DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN

  5. When an emergency takes place, most people call 911 and know at least one law enforcement officer will be there to help them in their time of need.

    I do not believe that statement is accurate.

    Even the absolute best police response times are at least two minutes from the time that a person starts dialing 911 until an officer arrives on scene. (And that assumes that a police officer just happened to be less than a mile away and was not tied-up with something else.) Such a response time would be the exception, not the rule. A more typical “outstanding” response time would be at least four minutes from the time that a person starts dialing 911.

    Of course those response times only apply to urban and some/many suburban areas–and even in those areas response times of 10 to 30 minutes are common. Once you get into more rural areas, “excellent” response times easily exceed 15 minutes and can often be in excess of 30 minutes.

    It should be obvious that a violent criminal can inflict a LOT of serious injuries in that wide range (two to 30+ minutes) of “excellent” response times. With those facts in mind, I do not understand how anyone could think that they could depend on a law enforcement officer being there in their time of need.

    I like the simple and incredibly accurate characterization of police that many people (even police officers themselves) have stated: police officers are historians and janitors who document what occurred (well before they arrived on scene) and clean up the resulting mess. That is not intended to be a slight or an insult: it is simple fact stated in a way which is designed to shock people back to reality.

  6. Believe the saying is “having a weapon is better than not since when you have seconds when LEO is minutes away”

    Or just ask any woman who has an abusive person in their lives.

    These women are an embarrassment for all of us able to open up a can of wumpass, my choice for that has an handgun of sufficient caliber to stop the theat!

  7. but these legislators are critical to the countries continued operations. therefore they deserve protection that really can’t be afforded the masses. in fact, when we’re relieved of our ballistic burden(s), it would probably be simplest to deliver them directly to these, our most prestigious overlords.

  8. Don’t forget that AOC, Jamaal Bowman, and Rashida Tlaib voted present, allowing a $1.9 billion budget for the Capitol Police and Capitol security to pass. Any one of them could have voted no to stop it. But they didn’t.

    Police for me, but not for thee.

  9. “Y’All Gone Stop Killing Us!” (Note the brilliant syntax….Government Plantation Dweller dialect) Should read…”Y’All Government Plantation Dwellers, quit killin’ each other….You Dumb Fucks!!!”

    Follow the money. Bettin’ Bush’s security payments went to someone she has a pre-existing relationship with. (Recall Moocho OBummer paying 21 exorbitant salaries to long time pals for her assistants.) Bush has been a Government Plantation Dweller most of her life. They are pros in knowing how to scam and skim the system on your dollars.

  10. basically Pressley and Bush are saying Black Lives Matter if your name is Ayanna Pressley or Cori Bush and the rest of ya can just die

  11. So “The Squad” is working to abolish the police?

    Could this be a good thing since without police, no one would be around to enforce gun control laws?

    “…the reality is simple: they want to do away with law enforcement agencies across the country.”

    Really, Beth, is that what they REALLY want?

    Thank you so much for interpreting someone else’s words for me.

  12. “the reality is simple: they want to do away with law enforcement agencies across the country.”

    Am I supposed to take your word for it, Beth? Because they never said any such thing.

    • “Because they never said any such thing.”

      Yes, they did.

      AOC on Twitter said (to the effect of) “Abolishing the police means exactly that. Abolish the police”…

  13. By the way, what does this opinion piece have to do with gun control anyway?

    That’s the what the category reads, “Gun Control.”

    It would be nice if this site would remain focused on firearm-related news without having to sort through rightwing opinion pieces about unrelated matters. That’s the same reason I canceled delivery of American Rifleman and resigned my life membership in the NRA.

  14. avatardacian September 16, 2021 At 18:28
    Defund the cops does not mean eliminate the police. How many times do we have to go over this with you uneducated hillbillies.

    Defund the police means that police should go back to community service and interaction with the people, not be armed with tanks, flame throwers, battering rams and rocket launching helicopters and burn up to 80 women and men to death as they did the Branch Dividians whose church was not BATF approved. The U.S. is not Vietnam and the police do not have the right to murder civilians for having a burnt out tail light bulb or torture and strangle them to death for passing a bad check like George Floyd did.

    Defund the police means that we should emulate the training of police that civilized countries give their law enforcement officers. Germany vets out all the sadists, bullies and other murderous sadistic psycho’s that are drawn to this profession like flies are drawn to shit.

    Civilized countries like Germany and France give training as long as 3 years which includes deescalating confrontations and training in the law on when you can and cannot shoot. It also involves training in mental health emergency interaction that is why some bigger cities are now sending out mental health experts to people in crisis rather than send in the untrained cop thugs who are trained to shoot first and ask questions later. Some Cops in Capitalvania get as little as 4 weeks training before being given a weapon and turned loose on the public.

    Too many times people in need of help were shot up with drugs that killed them, or suffocated with bags over their heads, beaten up, or shot, earning what we used to call cops in the 60’s which was “the pigs” which many of them sure as hell still are. We need to purge our police forces of these types of murderous maniacs and thugs which are often the lowest scum of society. As one of my colleagues told me decades ago cops are just “thugs in uniform.

    In 2012 German police shot and killed just 12 people, and China that has 4 1/2 times the population of Capitalvania U.S.A. shot just 4 people while the U.S. cops killed 1,250 people that year. A horrific record that shocked the world. On average U.S. untrained thug cops kill 1,000 people a year most of which should never have been killed. In Capitalvania life is considered cheap and expendable and the Squad has said enough, is enough , we are going to start acting like a civilized country which means better police training and swift incarceration and procesuciton of sadist thug murders like Derick Chauvin who shocked the entire world with a broad daylight , torture murder of George Floyd, while Chauvin smiled and sneered at people begging him to stop killing Floyd who was handcuffed, helpless and begging for his life. it was right out of both Nazi Germany and Vietnam. Two wars and two countries both employing mass murder as an everyday tool of standard procedure. Zero difference.

    I cannot help but recall the classic movie by Stanly Kubrick called “Clock Work Orange” back in the 70’s which portrayed young thug punks which when they grew a bit older all joined the police force and where they now were legally able to do what they did when they were teenagers and that is brutalize people to get their kicks. In my own small town the same exact thing happened. Only the lowest of the uneducated thugs became cops.

    As far as security for all Congress people, of course they need armed guards, look at what the Nazi Proud Boys did when they stormed the capital, built a gallows, and tried to even kill Republicans like Pence. The Far Right are so out of control they really do represent a far greater threat to the American people than Kim Jong-un or prostitute Trump’s master Vladimir Putin.

    When the Far Right Nazi’s attack duly elected Congress people the security guards should be there, only this time lets hope they start using the full auto weapons they had on Jan 6th but unfortunately did not use. If the people who stormed the capital had been Black or Latino the Capitol police would have killed hundreds. We cannot tolerate and more 1923 style Hitlerite beer hall putsch’s by modern day Hitler’s like Herr Drumpf and his gang of jackbooted Republican Storm Troopers who supported the Nazit thugs that tried to take over the government by force.

    • “Civilized countries like Germany and France give training as long as 3 years which includes deescalating confrontations and training in the law on when you can and cannot shoot.”

      “When the Far Right Nazi’s attack duly elected Congress people the security guards should be there, only this time lets hope they start using the full auto weapons they had on Jan 6th but unfortunately did not use.”

      It makes sense in my mind and that’s all that matters!! 😂

      • “Defund the cops does not mean eliminate the police.”

        de·fund (dē-fŭnd′)

        To stop the flow of funds to:

        defund (diːˈfʌnd)
        vb (tr)
        1. to remove the funds from (a person, organization, or scheme)
        2. archaic to pour down

        to withdraw financial support from

    • Oh sht Dacian. I want the cops to have tanks and planes and flame throwers and rocket launchers and catapults and battering rams and Rome plows pulled with bulldozers, mortars and artillery, nuclear bombs. buzzing zip zips slinging death in every direction. Fire and death, blood and guts, the sweet smell of carnage , screams for the dead and screams of the dying. No citizen remains safe.
      I want the police force to be the most feared faction in the entire world. Nations tremble at the mention of dialing 911. City’s quake, criminals shake, and all that are not us are criminals.
      Feel the pain, Mortal

    • You start off with non stop BS and continue it. Wow there is a reason I changed my TTAG name. Stopped reading after about the first paragraph. Did you also write Bidens Covid speech? It would explain a lot.


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