After The Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting, Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Police Officer?

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The morning after Ma’Khia’s death, I could barely get out of bed. The heavy, haunted feeling had returned. And with it, a single thought: I’d been in Ma’Khia’s position before, dealing with violence in my own home, and I could’ve easily wound up just like her.

Already, people are viewing the body camera video of the teen wielding a knife and using it to rationalize or justify the police’s deadly use of force against Bryant. Yet police treated Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teenager carrying a far deadlier weapon openly in the streets after killing two people, with kid gloves, not arresting him and even giving him a water bottle. For such people, only the “perfect” victim is worthy of justice, and to them, images of Ma’Khia with a knife prove she deserved to die.

— Tiffanie Drayton in I could have been Ma’Khia Bryant


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  1. Police officer did the right thing. This felon had a knife and was about to stab another person. She was ordered to stand down and she resisted and refused and went after the victim. Good police work!

    • Kapow!

      Read this, take a side:

      I’m just going to leave this here:

      Cop that donated $25 to rittenhouse defense fund got fired.

  2. F’n crybabies. She had a knife in her hand (ARMED) and was going to stab the other person. She was stopped. Too F’n bad. The people there called the police – blame them.
    Another one bites the dust. HEY HEY!

  3. What the absolute fornicate is wrong with everyone? She was using deadly force on someone else and the cop shot her to protect another person. Why are the democrats and the left going full retard? What the heck happened to common sense in our country?

      • Of course they’re not sure; 19 million black babies killed in utero since Roe v Wade. More than all other causes of death combined…

    • Marxism is a delusional narrative void of common sense. Expecting common sense from a Marxist is beyond the scope of reason.

  4. The kid went looking for trouble, found it, but now she’ s saint, just like Travon, Freddy, Mike, George, etc. All dirtbags, all dead because they were criminals. Meanwhile, nobody gives a crap about a 7 year old black girl shot to death while waiting for a Happy Meal at McDonald’s by 9 hood rats out doing their “gangst” stuff. Now some police officers will be targets, again.

    • And the mother, even though the kid was taken away from her by social services, thinks she has won the ghetto lottery.

      • And her dad(foster or birth, I’m not sure) can be seen attempting to kick a young girl on the ground before shots were fired.

        It’s terrible she had to die, yes, but it was her choice to attack someone with a knife. It’s a free country, but there are consequences for one’s actions.

        Notice how the girl in pink, the actual victim, didn’t mind the cops helping her?! She got right into the back of the car to be protected and later give a statement.

        The Left has abandoned all sense of accountability for themselves and anyone they support, while hanging law-abiding citizens and most cops out to dry. Also, the girl who was shot was NOT the one that called 911. So much misinformation. Denzel Washington said the trouble with media nowadays is everyone wants to be first and has stopped caring about being right, you know, actually reporting facts.

        Is prefer a world with no police, but with behavior like this, we unfortunately need them at times. I do strongly believe that if neighborhoods don’t want the police around, the police should stop answering calls for help. If they think they can take care of themselves, no matter the color of their skin and political beliefs, I say let ’em try.

        It’s times like this I am SO GLAD I decided not to go into police work!

    • Let’s correct some of your narratives. 1) There is a huge difference between when white police decide to use deadly force. This is evident in hundreds of cases where fully armed white people shoot at, attempt to stab, beat up, and otherwise threaten police and not one of them are killed.

      For example, look at the Merak Burr video, has a gun in hand, tells officers he will shoot them, resisted / fought with officers for 8 minutes, then drove off. Philandro was shot to death by an officer 32 seconds after the stop, the officer didn’t see a gun, wasn’t threatened, and Philandro complied with every command, even volunteered information.. shot 7 times at point blank with a baby right behind him… Why?

      The plain simple fact is, White officers choose to use deadly force with Black people FIRST as if there are no other options. Another example, White kid shoots 3 people in front of police, gets sheltered, by the police. Black 11yr old playing in the park with a bb gun gets shot and killed 2.3 seconds after the cop arrives. White man in Texas guns down 4 people in a grocery store gets arrested, 19yr old Black girl and her 1yr old baby gunned down by guess who, White police officer claiming she might have a gun…didn’t see one, but thought she had one.

      There is a big difference in when deadly force is used, and it’s only when it involves white police and black people. You can’t see that cause you refuse to see it. You refuse to see it, cause black lives don’t matter to you. Not all black people are criminals, most black people are non-violent, middle-class working citizens paying the highest taxes in the land. Contrary to popular white beliefs, most black Americans support police.

      It’s easy to dismiss and marginalize the experiences of one group when you do not or will ever have the same experiences. Black Americans simply want to be treated equally, as it says in the US Constitution. Let this sink in, do you know there were Black soldiers that ran upon that beach in Normandy? Americans threw the wounded and dead Black soldiers into the sea cause they didn’t want the Black inferior blood to contaminate the beds for wounded whites. But here’s a myth you’re probably thinking.. “Black people account for most of the crime” nope.. wrong there… There are more white people being shot by police than there are blacks… why, cause there are more white people committing crimes. Black people account for most of the crime in densely populated black areas, whereas it is the exact same for densely populated white areas.

      I’m not saying all white police are bad, but it doesn’t paint a good picture when the only people shooting unarmed or non-violent blacks are white police. I’m not saying this shooting was out of line, I feel the officer acted appropriately, as he stopped the loss of life or bodily injury to another. In my opinion, the people around her should have broken up the fight vs egging the situation on. I’m sure there were several adults there, that should have acted like adults and calmed the situation. There in my opinion were several failures which led to her being shot, all of which she brought upon herself. The fight to me looks like it really got started once the officer showed up… that was a mistake in itself.

      • B.S.

        That’s nowhere near my experiences with LE on the one hand or “people of color” on the other.

        My experiences have been the exact opposite of what you describe.

  5. Literally could not pay me enough!!! Let em all kill each other and tell the “normal” people to arm up!!

  6. The urban centers of the United States are lost for at least a generation, and race relations will be set back decades as part of the fallout. The police were already starting to back off and merely drive by when called. Such minimal effort policing is only going to become more widespread when saving a black life gets you personally targeted by a billionaire sportsball player.

    • I fear that so-called “No-Go Zones” will become a regular thing in The United States very soon, just like they are occurring more and more in European countries when Muslim groups move into cities and congregate and do not integrate into their new society. It’s all very sad, but makes me glad I live/work in a rural community.

      • “Defunding and abolishing the police” will definitely impact POC, just not in the positive manner they believe.

        According to the White House and the Biden Administration “Police Violence” is a thing and it is mostly directed at POC. Which means the governmental state which controls the police apparatus is directly engaged in violence against POC, a conundrum for socialist-democrats.

        Pursuing a career in law enforcement especially at the local level which requires large amounts of time interacting with the general public when they are at their worst is a hazardous profession. With that in mind, limiting one’s initiative, proactive action and earnestness to perform one’s duties would seem to be the prudent course of action if only for self preservation.

  7. At this point, why would any police officer choose to intervene in a situation like this? Since SCOTUS has made it perfectly clear they have no duty to protect anyone other than themselves, I can just imagine the BLM outrage if a white cop simply stood by and did nothing to stop the murder of a young black girl by another.

    • The police officer is an idiot. In today’s environment, when two wild animals are killing each other, the smart thing to do is to let them kill each other. Sort out the bodies later. Instead, he sacrificed his life for nothing.

  8. Deputy Sheriff here. No im not going to use my real name and email address. You can take my word or not.

    1. We dont fire “Warning Shots”.
    2. Knives are deadly weapons and rise to the level of deadly force response on the force continuum scale most departments use. Had the girl in pink been stabbed to death the officer could be liable for that.
    3. 6 inch blades are very deadly. The average depth to vital organs on most people is 4-6 inches without any depression of the skin (meaning the more I push against the skin the deeper the knife goes)
    4. Tasers arent always as effective as people think. Obese people can take taser hits better than thin people sometimes, clothing, drugs etc all factor into their effectiveness. Also tasers are below the deadly force response on the force continuum scale.

    At the end of the day you are right. Who wants to do this shit anymore? You run the risk everyday of something like this and then even if your response, while tragically taking the life of one over another, is right you will likely be crucified in the press, forced to move etc.

    Most people appreciate the police and blacks especially want more police not less. However they cant be heard of these room temperature IQ experts.

    Are we perfect? No. Are there bad apples? Of course. But this is a VERY hard job. Anyone who says differently is wrong. Do the job. Hell do some ride alongs and see what we deal with.

    Im sure there will be some police haters lining up to comment. You had an article the other day about folks not supporting the police over some perceived notion we support confiscation and red flag laws. We love the 2nd amendment as much as anyone. Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than a self defense gun use that is justified. Ill quit before I participate in any gun grab. Im not the only one who feels that way.

    So while I get some of you perceive we are your enemy on that front (and that article didnt help…disappointing coming from this site) we simply arent.

    • Not all cops and sheriff’s deputies think like you vis-a-vis the Second Amendment. There are horror stories out of New Jersey about Pennsylvania residents thrown in jail when the cops find loose ammunition in their vehicles. Get stopped on a major freeway in California without having your gat unloaded and in a lock box and see what happens. Defend your multi-million dollar property in St. Louis by brandishing a firearm and see what happens.

      Even though I live in a gun friendly state, I don’t trust law-enforcement at all. I stay as far away from them as I can.

      • It’s a well-known regular occurrence that NY police will arrest you when you travel with any magazines over 10 rounds, including when you have proof you are just moving through the state and they stay in locked containers in your vehicle or if you were on a flight that got redirected to NYS, despite the federal protections of FOPA. If it doesn’t actually keep people from getting thrown in jail and dragged to court, I seriously feel like FOPA is 90% the Hughes Amendment. Sure, you might get acquitted of charges if you bring FOPA up in court, but remember: the process is the punishment, and FOPA doesn’t stop the process.

        • Glad to live in TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          During my education (Ph.D.) had to live and work in NJ and NY. Met my now wife there.

          Moved back to Texas immediately after the vows and glad I did.

          Wife’s a pretty good rifle shot too, after a bit of training. She seems a natural. Her carry weapon’s use still needs a bit of work though.

          Hey, I’m working on it…I’ll report back…

    • Pretty cool. Thank you, Sir.

      I rarely have encounters with law enforcement. But when it happens I just treat them with the respect they deserve. The word “Sir” is frequently heard coming from my mouth…just like it would be heard if I met any other person I respect.

        • Be an ass, get treated like one. Be chill, the officer will be chill. Usually. Unless you are a black Army officer driving a brand new vehicle with no permanent plate in Virginia. Driving while black is a thing, and it shouldn’t be.

        • Sit on a pine cone jackwad.

          I live in a civilized place principally as a consequence of suitable policing.

          I’m grateful to them. So, go screw yourself.

          I’m with the Blue.

    • Until the police unions condemn unconstitutional legislation, as well as the rank and file refusing to carry out unconstitutional orders you are not worthy of trust. Until you uphold good laws equally you are not deserving of support. Don’t tell me “I have to enforce the law regardless of whether I think it’s constitutional, have your day in court”. If you say that (and nearly every cop I’ve ever known across 4 red states HAS said that to me) you don’t get to cry about conservatives not being on the side of the police anymore. The police have selectively enforced the law against conservatives on too many occasions for them to mindlessly “back the blue” when that same blue will ignore you being assaulted, and then arrest you when you fight back.

      I will support Law enforcement again when:
      The ATF starts getting the same response from LEO’s in red states that ICE gets in blue states.
      Cops actually start doing their jobs and protecting citizens and their property.
      Police refuse unconstitutional orders.
      Civil asset forfeiture is no longer abused.
      Cops don’t show up to the range over reports of “a machine gun” or “an SBR”. All gun laws are unconstitutional. Full stop. Stop enforcing them.

      Call me when these things happen.

      Until then, hell no. I would rather fend for myself with absolutely no police presence than have a bunch of thugs in uniform show up to arrest me for defending myself or kick my door in when someone red flags me for wrong think. As it stands the police currently function as a shield for Neo-Marxist and racebaiting criminals. It’s not a good look and frankly cops in this country have the MSM and themselves to blame for where things stand. Maybe your lobbying groups should have tried for MSM accountability instead of endless LEO legislative carve outs and perks.

    • What’s the common link here between the above enumerated dead blacks?? Skin color??? NOT!!!! It’s Defective Citizens doing defective acts. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.

    • Dep Dawg….”Had the girl in pink been stabbed to death the officer could be liable for that.”

      Understanding there is no duty to protect as held in at least three SCOTUS decisions. How do you reconcile your comment against those findings???

  9. According to the FBI’S statistics, over 5 times more people are murdered by knives than by rifles, 2 times more likely to be bludgeoned to death, so obviously we need to ban the AR-15 !! How about this: since we now know that the ” victim” was a star pupil and all around good person, just have the officers do a honk and wave as they drive by… obviously just yoots playing around, having fun like kids do.

  10. Yet another reason not to live in any area with large “People of color” populations. Not racist, just fact. If you live in areas of large POC populations dramaticly increases the chance you will be victimized. High crime, poverty, failing schools, political coruption and failure of basic infrastructure. All democratic led metro areas. Intelligent police officers leave these cities for better communities with economic growth. Large Metro police departments are left to reduce hiring standards, resulting in substandard officers, reduced training budgets and reduced community policing standards. Prove me wrong, Yea, you can’t if you beleive in facts.

    • Large Metro departments who do not lower their standards for new officers just end up with a shortage and then work who they have even longer hours – which doesn’t make for well rounded officers.
      Yes, there a bad police killings and beatings. And police officers who are on the edge need time off to decompress or need to be put somewhere else. Police need to cross the thin blue line and turn in bad apples and be able to go through channels to get help for their peers without the fear of retribution.
      I get it, a LEO needs to be able to know his back is covered and a “snitch” could be left alone in a bad situation. This needs to change. Partners of bad or damaged LEOs need to be held accountable if they say nothing.

    • I grew up in northern Harris County, TX and hadn’t been back there for some time. Then I needed to visit with a veterinary clinic there for services for my dog.

      While the wife was tending to the dog’s needs I slipped out to buy a six pack and had to drive a bit through the area to find a convenience store. In that process, I noted that the community had become one of “color”. I was shocked at the decay of my old neighborhood where I’d grown up because it now harbors mostly “people of color”.

      I’m retired now. But my training and work experience was in science, biological science. As a consequence, I had the great pleasure to work alongside of virtually every race, color and religion. I was extremely impressed with some scientists who came from Africa as through and through they were intelligent, hard working, socially adept and led strong families. The distinction between them and the average American black person is a chasm.

      Moral of the story? It’s the culture, not the color that makes the difference.

  11. “In the hopes that she’ll stop?”

    What do you mean, “hope?” When an assailant with a knife winds up to strike, you either stop them or you don’t. If all you want is to hope, you can do that without police assistance.

  12. Annnddd the light bulb comes on as to why we in all branches of law enforcement retired. It’s not just cops it’s everywhere.
    It’s what is wanted, desired and now we’ve got it. Games, tv, music, media, actions all hailing criminal activity.
    Folks even dress like it from the kid wearing gansta rap outfits to the motorcycle riders that dress like OMGs with rockers when you know you work a safe job.
    I’m glad to see there is normal comments on here but your the minority now.

    • One of my favorite books on my bookshelf is Charles Mackay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds, published in 1841. Among chapters on the witch hunts, the Dutch Tulip Craze, and the trade in fake holy relics, there’s an entire chapter on “Popular Admiration of Great Thieves.”

      There is nothing new under the sun, and people aren’t getting any smarter.

  13. We need to put up drones and cameras to watch the mayhem and destruction. Charge $50 an hour for pay per view.

    • I’ve seen a stabbing. Not fun…and Roseanne was right about Valerie Jarrett. Sorry officers but I look out for me & my own. I ain’t calling you!

  14. These communists want to federalize their police. They can’t do that until they get rid of the local police.

    • Bingo. Destroy the agencies that are rooted in the old order, chaos ensues, then ride ti the rescue with a national police force. Of course, members of this force will be vetted for ideological purity. This force will not be police, but secret police; the kind that knock on your door at 3 AM and haul you off to a gulag or worse. See USSR, East Germany, Castro’s Cuba, and current day Venezuela for examples.

    • I think ya’ll have it. I do not just BACK THE BLUE, but I hardcore support my local Police Department. I’ve told them to their faces how much I appreciate them, I’ve written letters to the local papers, my little rural community adores its police. Can’t wait to see how the Collective Centralization Fetishists try to ruin us. Sometimes you have to defend what you have and what you care about instead of just opposing things you don’t like. Because people want to take it from you. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, mostly, but if you have never thought about that position, please consider it.

    • Correct.
      The Leftists want to “defund the police” so that they are free to do their own brand of “policing”.

      • What is scary is under the current Democrat Marxist Tyrant ANTIFA and B.L.M. would probably replace the Professional Law Officers.

      • If the police are de-funded, I know how to defend myself, my family and my property…former Marine infantry officer…fully armed.

        It’s a way of security I recommend to others.

    • Obummer said: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. ” ( Anti/BKM????? ).

  15. I’ve learned from the Twatter statements of some of the most accomplished and educated people that fighting with knives is routine childs play among the black community. We must conclude that since their “culture” is apparently this way they cannot be policed.

    Give them what they want. Stop policing their neighborhoods. Let them “wild’yn out” to their hearts content. Valerie Jarrett seems to think this is perfectly normal behavior so let them have at it.

  16. “Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers.”

    What kind of F’d up life does this Twitterbrain live in? In her perverted world view it’s ok to settle youthful grievances with edged weapons!

    • “Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons.

      Not in my neighborhood.

  17. It is going to be near impossible to replace police officers as they retire and quit, and with the current atmosphere anyone who can retire is in the process of doing just that. The ones left will slow walk up to anything that could cause them this kind of trouble, that goes double for majority black areas. Why would anyone put their live on the line or risk BLM going after their family while they are in jail waiting for a tainted jury to destroy what is left of their life.

  18. The police officer did what he had to do to protect the other person that was about to be attacked with a knife!! I have never seen such Rage, Insanity, Violence, Hatred & Racism as I see from a large portion of the black race as we see today!!! The more you cave to them the more they want!! It seems they get their way through violence and threats!! This is mob rule and it should not be tolerated!!!

    • And what is the venerable GOP saying or doing about it? SWEET F* ALL. I am no longer going to give money, volunteer, or vote for anyone, let alone any squish in the GOP. Let the chips fall where they may.

  19. I wonder if this would have worked: Don’t want to die a thug death, don’t live a thug life. Seems kind of simple, doesn’t it ?

  20. I did not think that anything could surprise me anymore. The people who are condemning the police officer for shooting that knife-wielding teenager have, indeed, surprised me.

    We have arrived at the point where the good people of our nation must not–CANNOT–stand quietly any more. We must stand up and state in a loud and dead-serious tone of voice that we REFUSE to accept this kind of garbage any more. It saddens me deeply to say that the time has probably come to “get our [collective] hands dirty” and end this madness that is slowly taking over our nation.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: do not, I repeat, DO NOT let anyone shout you down with screams that you are a “racist” for resisting the evil that is burgeoning in our nation. I stand in opposition to evil–such as one person attempting to stab innocent victims–even if the attacker is a “person of color”. That does not, repeat, DOES NOT make me a racist! Rather, that makes me a good and decent person who respects the intrinsic, immeasurable value of ALL human life, regardless of skin color. Nothing could possibly be further from the actual definition of a “racist”.

  21. The people who don’t think this girl should have been shot, or don’t understand why she was shot are idiots. Clearly the gene pool they are from needs more chlorine.

  22. One of the most tactically proficient and righteous police shootings I’ve ever seen. The officer did an excellent job.

    • ^ This! This times eleventy billion!

      Anyone who criticizes the police officer (who shot that knife-wielding teenage young-woman) is either monumentally dumb or pro-evil.

  23. It should be pointed out that the cop(s) were already at the scene and the perpetrator knew it BEFORE she lunged w/ the knife. That is a determined/insane attacker.

    • Once again… Al Sharpton, head of The Church of Al Sharpton , FBI Informant, Libelous Slanderer , Loanshark Shill, and all around Nice Guy… go fuck yourself . And , please, would ALL NBA players move to foggy areas of the country and please buy helicopters ?

  24. How are federal police going to be any better for the black community? In the USSR, people informed on their lifelong neighbors just keep them from informing on them. They stomped on people that did not work at the job assigned to them and if you sold anything on the streets(black market), they taxed and punished you right there.
    How will this help the inner city?

    • rt66paul,

      “How will this help the inner city?”

      Why do you presume that the people who are pushing this agenda have a goal of helping inner cities–or anyone else for that matter?

    • They don’t care about the inner city. Communists don’t care about blacks, brown people, gays, feminists, the poor victims of “gun violence,” or any of the other causes they seem to support. These groups only serve to weaken the current system and as stepping stones to power.

  25. Valerie Jarret says that the police intervened in a knife fight. That statement is only be true where both parties have knives. What the police intervened upon was the impending stabbing of an unarmed and cornered victim. That the stabbing was impending is shown by the defensive posture of the victim and the position and angle of the assailant and her weapon.

  26. Since Blacks are only 1/8 of the population but commit over 1/2 of all homicides and nearly 2/3s of all gun homicides, we need to have a new standard for police response to crime involving Black people.

    Police should not respond to crimes in progress if the perpetrator or victim are Black.

    Police Shall NOT employ any level of force to protect lives of citizens if the perpetrator or the victim are Black. The only exception is defending themselves.

    Police should encourage Whites and East Asians to arm themselves because they are now in their own.

    • Ummm, as if you had to tell non-blacks that?

      I’ve been able to defend myself and my family easily since I left the Marine Corps 40 years ago.

  27. Biden: “If I had a daughter, he/she’d look like …/… um, wait .. DO I have a daughter??… no, wait … if I had a son, umm, is he still out of jail ?? Okay, Jen.. a little help here .. oh, I LOVE when you play with your hair,, could I sniff it ? “…..

  28. Yet police treated Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teenager carrying a far deadlier weapon openly in the streets after killing two people, with kid gloves, not arresting him and even giving him a water bottle. For such people, only the “perfect” victim is worthy of justice, and to them, images of Ma’Khia with a knife prove she deserved to die.

    There is a difference here, but it isn’t black and white. It’s “actively in the attempt” and “compliantly turning himself in”. Bryant was shot because she was currently engaged in attempting to kill someone. Rittenhouse wasn’t shot because the first time he tried to turn himself in, he was a guy walking with his hands up, in a situation when people all around were rioting, looting, and burning. He wasn’t shot the second time because he went to the station and just turned himself in. In neither interaction with the police did he present any resistance or threat to them.

    It’s not rocket surgery, and at this point I have to think the people not getting it are not getting it on purpose.

    • Oh, all CAPS. You must have something in very specific to add to the conversation… Please Proceed….

      • Yeah, I was trying to use the blockquote tag, which in the previous theme would set the text off with indented margins on both sides, and I think, italics and a different text color. It made referencing a couple sentences in a post easier because they’d be distinctive, and easy to read.

        Not doing that again, obviously. I would have fixed it, but TTAG doesn’t have an edit function anymore, so… Oh well.

        • Check the “Save my name…” checkbox when you post and it’ll allow you to edit for 5 minutes after you submit. It’s broken but it’s what we’ve got right now.

  29. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. BLM, Talking Heads, Pro Ball Players etc are outraged! a White cop shot a black girl. This can be exploited. What can’t be exploited is a black girl stabbing another black girl. It’s really that simple. Black lives matter only when they are snuffed out by non-blacks. Where’s the outrage every week in any major city when the bangers are shooting it out with their rivals? No money or political clout to gain so nobody cares.

    • I ask this every time some idiot makes an ignorant statement on a new shooting of a POC, all I get is blank stares. Lotta ignoramouses out there, and I think its in the water.

    • 91 million black babies killed in abortions since 1973; BLM couldn’t care less about those black lives either. BTW, that’s more than black lives lost to old age, car accidents, gang-banging, drugs, alcohol, suicide, cop shootings, murder, and every other possible cause of death COMBINED…

      • Hmmm….add 91 million to the current black population of about 66 million (~20% of 330 million) and no one hear “press 1 for English; press 2 for Illegal.” It would be “press 1 for English; press 2 for Government Plantation Dweller.”

  30. Please, officers, I’m begging you — let the lowlifes kill each other. Consider it a public service. Nobody ever rioted because the police didn’t shoot someone.

    • I hope to see this shift as well, as another posted, let wild animals kill eachother, dont get involved.

  31. If I was a cop, It would take me a minimum of 20 minutes to get to ANY call. We really should just give the democrats and communists (is there even a difference anymore?) their own state or two and they can all kill each other, loot their own stores and burn their oelwn shit. To hell with em.

    • Walker Texas Ranger would have knocked her out , didn’t look like she wanted to do it the easy way.

    • Patience, Ed….working on that is Kommiefornia and Chillinois…..almost there…..just gotta get rid of those last few pesky Productive Conservatives.

  32. its not a bug
    its a feature
    once all the cops that believe in america as founded are gone
    the ranks will then be fiiled back up with marxist revolutionary types
    THATS when the fun begins

    • Yup, hence the culling of the ranks of the National Guard recently that protect the capital. Anyone who believes in the Constitution is nullified, makes filling the ranks with antifag/bldm jackbooy cowards.

  33. US army 35n, even overseas in trashcanistan we would yell “clear the scene” as code for optics, like saying don’t stop resist, why are you fighting don’t fight use etc, Troops with us rarely got it, especially nasty girls. No matter what happened we made sure we looked good on any potential cam phone or whatever, the training is at Fort Belvior cops need it! Say something to make you look like the good guy!!!!!!

      • Alan Watts said once the need for war shifted from kill everyone and take their stuff to ideological reason we lost our way in regards to warfare, it became perverted. No doubt having to behave on camera while fighting for your life is just another bs stressor put on troops trying to just survive and do their jobs.

  34. No more policing of the crime ridden areas of the country.

    They made their beds, let them sleep in them.
    It’s amazing to me that very few people talk about how the kids got that way.

    Today’s parents don’t give a crap about the kids. When you are free to murder little babies any time you want, why would you care about kids as they’re growing up.

    All the inner cities are savage, violence ridden hellholes. They must obviously like it this way, otherwise they would try to do something about them.

    As a child, I was brought up in an extreme poverty environment.
    No TVs, no cars, no washers, no dryers, no refrigerators, almost no toys, 1 outside toilet for the nine of us. We had 5 adults and 4 children.

    4 of the adults worked full time, and grandma took care of the kids. We made just enough to live on.

    And yet, no violence, no murders, no robberies, no rapes, no crime that I remember. My adults were responsible and religious. We were taught the right way about the world and the hereafter. All of us kids went to Christian schools.

    I feel no compassion for self-made pain and death. You broke it, you own it…

    • The knife-wielding girl was in foster care. Few people are talking about that. You have to have a pretty chaotic home life to be taken away from your parents and put in foster care.

  35. Our government has become a 3rd tier banana republic laughingstock.

    The only thing that defines our “American exceptionalism” today is our exceptional level of stupidity.

  36. Let’s stop policing black neighborhoods….as many have asked for…
    black on black? sorry…police have decided not to get involved…let us know when it is over and where to send the hearses.

  37. A couple things will happen if a city/State cannot handle crime on their own.

    The first thing is that Martial Law will be declared and NG and/or Federal troops move in to restore order. That could take a long time in a big city – possibly a year or more, and if the cit/State cannot reconstitute their police forces it could be permanent..

    The second thing is that citizens will take matters into their own hands in their neighborhoods. Blood will flow freely.

    The third thing is that a LOT of people will get killed – and not just the bad guys.

  38. I can’t describe how gratified I’ve been in reading the above comments expressing opinions about how vile and self-destructive the black community is in today’s world.

    For all the forbearance I’ve felt I needed to use not to offend them so as to be politically correct and at the same time seeing clearly that they are real serious dangers I’ve been reassured by the above comments as they’re consistent with my previously guarded opinion.

    I left a comment on expressing my disdain for the mayhem, burning down, vandalizing they seem to visit on our communities. No response yet.

    If you feel as I do that they’re out of control, you might want to visit that site and tell them your feelings. The conduct of blacks today would be a monumental affront to Martin Luther King were he still alive.

    • Sound awake….BINGO!!! Obummer said: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. ” (Burn/Loot/Mayhem, Antfarts ). Listen to the Socialists, they always tell you what they are doing. That civilian national security force and those national security objectives aren’t in America’s best interest. Horde and keep your powder dry.

  39. Let the health care industry answer the call next time. Maybe the girl with the knife would want to share her feelings.

  40. If you do not like outcomes like this, don’t call the police. Defunding the police is fine with me. Until the police can be perfect in every situation, let people work out their own problems.

    • “In the dimness of the shadows
      Where we hairy heathens warred
      I can taste in thought the life blood
      We used teeth before the sword.”

  41. Whenever I think about all of the hullabaloo that occurs whenever some White person shoots a person of color, I’m reminded of how grateful I am when Black and Brown folks take the initiative and shoot each other instead. Same result but no fuss, no muss, no bother.

    • I know and half the time they toss them in the dumpster.
      Not one to complain. But, It would be nice if they’d use more knives or bullets , bleed out a little better. They bloat up to much and get to stinking the blow flies come and I get them stuck in my nose.

  42. I thought that the movie “The Purge” was far fetched, not anymore. Maybe we should try it for a week, see what happens when police or any services don’t respond. .

  43. Perhaps its time for Citizens to clean up there own Communities. Politicians are working overtime to destroy LE, Disarm Law Abiding Citizens, and Free Criminals. All of which is being allowed to happen right before Our eyes with No Push Back. Unless you count all the Pissing and Moaning on the Interweb. The again that’s easier than actually getting up of ones ass and cleaning up the Mess that’s been allowed to fester and metastasize due to Complacent Cowardice of the Populace. Hell at least BLM and Antifa are willing to put it out there for Their Causes. All of which seems to be getting them what they want and more.

  44. @Darkman, because antifag/bldm are jobless, incel, welfare etc. POS that contribute nothing to a better society and have zero to lose, no skin in the game. Folks who bought into the American Dream are heavily invested in homes kids, jobs etc and giving back. Asking them to let it all go to push back is exactly what the Founders were up against when they rebelled. Sadly today, we’ve become complacent to the point of stagnation.

  45. Just a few miles away on the same day, two 15yo black boys shot each other. One died. Nobody is rioting about that far more common scenario. Murders in Columbus are way up this year. Mostly black offenders and victims. Nobody is rioting about that. These people are idiots.

    • Black on black crime is merely “cannon fodder” in the Lefturds agenda. Blacks are expendable, plenty available with replacements being bred daily, especially that Libturds have perfected voter fraud to steal elections. Doesn’t further their goal of Divide and Conquer America into a Socialist/Elitist/One Worlder shit hole. Move along, nothing to see here.

      • Ooops, omitted in above response…..Black Lives Matter …..ONLY where it furthers the Lefturd agenda of Divide and Conquer America.

  46. Wilson, North Carolina. Sunday, August 9,2020. 25 year old black male Darrius Sessoms shoots 5(FIVE) year old little boy White neighbor Cannon Hinnant IN THE HEAD while he was in his own front yard on his bicycle IN FRONT of HIS SISTERS. My local newspaper reported nothing about this vile hate crime. I’d never heard anything about this up to yesterday. Is something totally fucked up here or is it just me?

    • Nothing wrong with you. Just that you and this scenario don’t support the Lefturds’ propaganda agenda to motivate the Government Plantation Dwellers’ hatred toward whities in the civil war brewing on the horizon. Move along, nothing to see here.

  47. The country of Liberia in Africa was founded in the 1800s by black Americans. They had over 150 years to make their country great and prosperous.

    Currently, the average income of US blacks is around $47,000.
    The average income of Liberians is under $1,000.

    Liberia is #6 from the bottom out of 228 countries in per capita GDP.
    I wonder why that is? What is it that many people don’t see?

    • They dont care.

      They want “equality”.

      I’ve made this point numerous times. Tbh, the 14th should have also included “any freed slaves who wishes to be transported back to Africa will be obliged, in first class seating”. Seriously… It would have been the best thing for America. The father’s who wanted freedom knew this would happen, and they failed to prevent it. Our nation can never recover from slavery and now the target is poverty too. Until everyone is rich and doesn’t have to work for it, and as long as police exist, this argument will never end. They will never be happy.

      The saddest part is none of that though. It’s not the “racism”, or the poverty, or the “inequality”… It’s the fact that everything they do allows the government to grow bigger and out of control. That’s the main reason this will never end. It’s profitable for those in politics and “activism”.

      • “A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public purse.”

        Don’t know who originally said this, but it’s manifestly true, and might have a lot to do with what we discussed.

        • “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”
          ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

  48. As a former police officer myself I can honestly say there is no way in hell I’d take that job today. On top of crappy hours, bad pay and the never ending piles of paperwork, court appearances and B.S. you already have to deal with, now, you are villianized, fired and/or prosecuted for doing the right thing. Eff the public. While I certainly feel bad for the decent people they are not standing up for law enforcement at all while these crazy liberals rain down hate, lies and contempt for them.

    It’s not just this knife attack situation either, this same crap has been going on for years as liberals take more political power. The situation in Windsor Virginia is a perfect example of how bad it is. That black army officer refused to stop for police, then refused all their commands during what he caused to become a felony traffic stop, then got himself pepper sprayed all while refusing to comply over, and over with the lawful orders of the police. THEN once he was finally forcibly removed from his vehicle they found he had a gun on him.

    That piss poor excuse for a military officer did EVERYTHING wrong and the police did everything right but guess what happened? The police officer was FIRED! And now this turd is suing the police department and I guarantee they will give him a big settlement. For what? For breaking the law while black. When your own department throws you under the bus for doing exactly what you were taught to do and exactly what was required, every single cop in that department should have walked out. It makes me sick.

  49. ” they are not standing up for law enforcement at all while these crazy liberals rain down hate, lies and contempt for them.”

    Personally, I stand with the Blue, Officer, because the blue has stood with me.

    All is not lost. Balance will return…one day…somehow. I’m going to work towards that goal.

  50. The caller was Black, the victim was Black, and the perpetrator was Black. Why did the police show up. They aren’t wanted. They should have never gone to that call.

  51. The problem with that approach is that the generalized lawlessness that you advocate in your post will not merely result in the “animals” killing one another.

    In the absence of potential consequences for criminal and assaulting behavior by any group is that that behavior will ultimately spread widely and impact all of us no matter what our race, age, religion or ethnicity.

    That can’t be allowed.

    Just look at Mexico for an example for how that approach can go decidedly wrong. I live in Texas which has a very long border with Mexico and we feel the impact of the corruption of their police every day. Even the previously reliable Federales are corrupt.

    It just can’t be allowed. That said, keep your guns well-maintained, practice regularly at the range and buy, load and properly store dozens of magazines for your weapons…as a fallback strategy were the worst to happen.

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