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Brant W. Williams is the owner of Frontier Firearms, a gun store and shooting range in Kingston, Tennessee. Williams read the news of attacks on Christians in mass shootings in Oregon and in Charleston, South Carolina. He read of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey’s call for Christians to arm themselves and to get a carry permit. He decided to act . . .

Williams is offering Christians a discount of five percent on selected firearms in his store. The promotion garnered national publicity on Facebook, garnering both intense criticism and fervent support . Williams claims he doesn’t deny anyone a discount because of their faith, nor does he ask for “credentials.” But he wondered if armed Christians should be more visible. As a deterrent.

Williams came up with the idea of enameled Christian Carry Pins. They simply state “I am Christian and I carry.” A bible verse is identified at the bottom of the pin. Luke 22: 35-37 is the most common:

Luke 22:35-37 And He said to them, “When I sent you without money bag, knapsack, and sandals, did you lack anything?” So they said, “Nothing.” Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one. “For I say to you that this which is written must still be accomplished in Me: ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’ For the things concerning Me have an end.”

The pins cost $5 each.  Sales appear strong. In an article about the pins, Em Chitty (yes, that seems to be her real name), an Everytown for Gun Sense Supporter, compared Christians in the United States to ISIS. From

“I am stunned that anyone that says he follows the Prince of Peace is associating with Christ and with weapons and violence,” said Em Chitty, a woman who opposed the pins.

Chitty said she is concerned with religious hatred in America, and she believes Williams is betraying what our country is supposed to be about.

“I ask myself the question — how is that different from what ISIS does,” said Chitty. “I don’t find an answer there.”

While Em Chitty is well educated, she appears to be delusional when it comes to the concept of defense of self and others. It’s hard to believe that she sees no difference between ISIS, with its policies of forced conversion or death, literal slavery, rape of women and children that are captured, burning captured prisoners alive; and literal crucifixion, as the same as American Christians carrying arms for self defense.

But that is the classic equivalence that disarmists use. They try to convince us that self defense is the same as murder, rape, and slavery. Regardless, I suspect that Brant Williams is going to sell a lot of pins. It’s an intermediate position between concealed carry and open carry, though it works with both.

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  1. Dear Brant W. Williams,

    You’re not making Christianity better. You’re making guns worse. Religion should have as much to do with guns as it should have to do with politics. Nothing.

    How would you feel if he only gave discounts to Christians that weren’t Catholics? Or if he charged 5% extra for being Hindu?

    What a joke.

    • Lighten up Francis.

      I’m not a Christian but I don’t see anything wrong with a gun dealer selling Christian pins. I also don’t think Crusaders are the kind of people Christians should seek to emulate, considering they were often petty, genocidal Frenchmen who couldn’t work together to save the Kingdom of Jerusalem, but many did manage to save themselves.

      Religion and politics don’t need to be void of each other; some of the most important political figures in American history literally could not write a paragraph without a biblical reference, like Roger Williams. John Adams was a “church going animal.” The Declaration of Independence makes reference to “Nature’s God.”

      What the founding fathers did not want was government enforcing morality or religious issues, like what was happening in Massachusetts and Connecticut and Britain in the 1600s. Compare John Winthrop’s City on a Hill versus Providence.

      • Religion is worldview, not ritual. A believer in any religion can’t leave it out of politics any more than they can any other area of life, because it is foundational to one’s person. Asking a person to leave their religion out of anything they do is ignorant and absurd.

        • Doing, being, thinking what your religion requires of you is a choice.

          Expecting others to do what your religion says is an error.

    • “You’re not making Christianity better.” Who the f are you? Do you demand that car dealers not sell sports cars to fat, ugly people because they’ll still be fat & ugly after they buy it? Stop being such a progressive, fascist. His store, his rules.

      • “His store, his rules” only means that he’s the one making the rules. It doesn’t mean the rules he’s making are a good idea, or reflect well on gun owners. Frankly, he comes like a discriminatory jerk when he makes a rule like that. You want to be associated with guys like that? I don’t.

        • If giving a discount to one group is discrimination against others, then non-veterans and young people and other groups are victims of discrimination every day.

        • I do , and I’ll take the discount .
          I don’t see how you could be offended in anyway . You aren’t losing anything , he isn’t raising your cost . If you are not a Christian you could just lie and say you are one , No worry , no one will condemn you for saying you are , unless you’re a Mooslem or Jewish , well then , that’s a horse of a different color .
          Jews always give discounts to Jews and Mooslems , well , that’s a horse of a different color .

        • How the frack does it “reflect on gun owners”?!? He doesn’t magically speak for all gun owners. He’s one dude who owns a gun store. It’s his choice. For “someone who doesn’t discriminate”, you sure are adept at projecting one person’s opinion onto everybody else.

      • He’s someone with an opinion no less valid than yours, for all your umbrage.

        I won’t speak to whether this makes Christianity better but it sure makes guns weaker if you start discriminating against everyone who doesn’t believe in your mythology but wants to defend themselves and their family.

        Note: the fact that I recognize it as discrimination doesn’t mean I think he shouldn’t be able to do it, just that it’s not helpful to the gun movement.

        • I’m probably wrong , but I have a feeling you would have no problem with someone discounting if it was for Zeus or Apollo or some real true mythological characters , but Jesus of Nazareth was actually a real guy and the swell of faith in Him as Christ the Messiah is a real historical occurrence that could in all rights be considered a miracle in itself .
          Archeologist have unearthed signs of the cross scribbled onto the walls of the encampment used by Syrian
          ( Palestina ) and Roman forces that besieged and destroyed Jerusalem 67-70 AD. under Cestius Gallus .
          Christianity is not a mythology , being a grass roots movement of real people following the deeds , words and travels of a real man is not mythology . Just sayin .

        • mark s:

          I’ll go ahead and speak up for Hannibal and say that you ARE wrong… The problem with making the gun club exclusive is, well, it make sit exclusive.

          Everybody’s all about a ‘take a newb to the range day,” but is that only going to continue so long as they worship the same god? What happens when they aren’t of your denomination? Don’t vote the same way? Drive the same color car?

          This is the slippery slope Christians are so quick to fuss about, only this time they’re the ones leading us down it.

        • Do you ever get on the internet and see how Christians are belittled and discriminated against? Every time a muslim kills somebody or blows something up,people like you will always figure out a way to slam Christians. Christianity is a big part of American and Western culture,the culture that islam wants to destroy,if you think like a muslim and have opinions like a muslim,you are either a muslim or a muslim sympathizer. I think you’re full of shit.

    • As usual with any article that mentions Christianity or Islam, the comments below are well-thought out and moderate. /sarc.

      To the faithful, I say: nowhere did Christ command us to “win” in the world. Culture wars are distracting and save no one.

      To everyone else: the Constitution protects anyone’s right to be a clannish git. Don’t like his politics, don’t buy.

      • I don’t agree, and won’t spend money with this douche any sooner than Florida Gun Supply.

        Frankly, though, it staggers me that the same people who hoot and holler about their “rights” when business owners tell them they can’t carry on private property are quick to use the same arguments as people they disagree with when it suits them.

  2. First the Dana R ‘Godless’ video, now this?

    Sorry, I like my guns and I don’t care if someone says “Merry Christmas” – but this swirling of religion with guns is not going to help us in the end. It literally reeks of “holier-than-thou”.

    • Well Chris, hand in you guns and your liberty and pretty much anything else having to do with the benefits of being an American, because you owe all of it some way shape or form to “swirling it with Christianity.”

      • Keep pretending that and patting yourself on the back for the false notion that the founders were Jesus freaks and that “Freedom=Christianity”. If you’re crediting Christianity to the freedoms we enjoy in the US, you’re as delusional as the democrats.

        I love it how the people who freak out over Muslims are the first to be exclusionary and act like anyone who doesn’t believe exactly the way they do is the one with a problem.

        • I really hate when people put words in my mouth. Particularly when they are historically ignorant words.

          I never said anything about the founders being Jesus freaks. Since you brought it up however, the signers of the Declaration and the Constitution were to a man, (with the exception of Franklin) Christians. Their philosophies on government inspired by Locke who again was a Christian.

          This continent, if you believe the history books, discovered by Christians. Settled by Puritans who were…you guessed it, Christian.

          And all of that made possible by the simple fact that it was Christians who beat back the Islamic hordes during the crusades. Without Christianity there would be no Europe, without Europe no renaissance, no renaissance no new world, and no America.

          So yes it is through the divine providence of a Christian god that America was discovered, founded and flourished, and exactly the reason you get to say idiotic shit, carry a gun, and probably vote libertarian.

        • Since you brought it up however, the signers of the Declaration and the Constitution were to a man, (with the exception of Franklin) Christians

          That is simply not true, and it will remain not true no matter how much David Barton, et. al., lie about it.

        • Mack B.
          Thanks for your input and clarification , and may I add one sidebar . Although Franklins acceptance of Christianity can be disputed , particularly in his youthful days , arguably he approached the topic differently as he grew closer to his death and certainly entertained an acceptance of the value of Christian commentary and it’s principles in freeing of the man from shackles of mans laws .
          I believe it was Franklin and Adams that insisted on the rewording of Jefferson’s words from ‘derived ‘ to ‘ endowed by their Creator ‘, a change that obviously shows Franklin believed our rights enumerated in the document they were going to put their signature on were given directly by God and not simply understood by the book of His name .
          Thanks and God bless .

        • @ SteveinCO

          Of the 55 delegates to the constitutional convention 54 were Christian and Franklin the deist. Thomas Jefferson,John Adams, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams were absent. However they were all arguably Christian.

          You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

        • Pssst, Mack. Christians didn’t discover America. There was a whole lotta darkly tanned non christian folk living here when it was “discovered.”

        • Mack

          Funny how you didn’t repeat your claim

          Since you brought it up however, the signers of the Declaration and the Constitution were to a man, (with the exception of Franklin) Christians

          with respect to the Declaration of Independence, where Jefferson and Adams were most assuredly present.

          Speaking of feeling entitled to your own facts, your side in this argument is far more guilty of this than I am. For instance, Jefferson was also a deist, numerous quotes can be found that make it quite clear he was profoundly skeptical of claims that were specifically Christian, though he believed in a benevolent and distant deistic “Architect.” (“Architect” and “Creator” are terms that could describe the Christian god (as many terms could) but they tended to be used by deists, who couldn’t honestly use many other terms Christians also use.) Yes, David Barton wrote a book called The Jefferson Lies recently where he tries to claim otherwise, but that title, it appears, is a description of the content not the topic of the book. It was so embarassingly badly done with invented and out of context quotes that even the Christian publisher had to admit it was a pile of bullshit and withdrew it. Barton went on to self publish and got Glenn Beck (that noted historical authority) to push it. But there’s plenty of evidence that Barton is willing to lie for Jesus,

          I should make it clear that I don’t claim that none of the founders were Christian, but only that a large proportion of them weren’t.

          Franklin, apparently, proposed opening the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention with a prayer and in spite of all the Christians present it couldn’t even be brought to a vote. ( Regardless of who or how many of them were Christians, they understood that religion had to be kept out of government…an attitude many of today’s Christians can’t seem to wrap their minds around. Thus they did not choose to found this nation upon Christianity. Indeed none of their arguments and rationales while debating during the convention, as presented in Madison’s notes from the convention, or the arguments for supprting the Constitution given in the Federalist Papers… NONE OF THEM… argued based on Christianity.

          The statement that America’s government, constitution, and legal code are based on Christianity is simply a lie.

        • Profoundly inept evaluation and synopsis of the facts SevenCO , but you are entitled of coarse . The point I would most distinctly like to make is this . Our forefathers were not so much interested in keeping religion , whether Christian or otherwise , out of government , but Government out of religion . You can’t possibly be a serious student of history and believe different . There is a profound difference .
          As far as David Barton is concerned , I have read a lot of his commentary and the book you speak of and I find it spot on .
          You may reproach .

  3. Praise the LORD! Yeah-what evidence is there for the edgjumacation level of the chitty gal? She should hang out at the bible believing large 1st Baptist Church,Hammond,indiana for an alternate viewpoint. They encourage carry and I’ve never felt so safe in a large crowd. BTW even though the gospel revelation of new testament JESUS is about peace,love,forgiveness and redemption HE is also the pre-incarnate GOD of the Hebrew bible-AKA the Old Testament. And he gets quite old testament in the Book of Revelation. Same GOD…

  4. Gun, religion, politics… Why do people want to separate these issues? They are very much intertwined.

    Remember it was Pastor Martin Luther King who pushed a political civil rights movement, A bunch of ministers who got together to form the Republican Party to end slavery… You better pay attention to what’s happening in politics because like it or not politicians will use their power to take away your rights.

    Religion (Christianity and the church), is the best, last hope this country has. Wanting to push them out of the conversation is a terrible, ignorant idea.

    • Not.

      And it’s because they are intertwined that we need to work hardER to keep it from that. The Founding Fathers knew and tried, to their best, to put forth a resonable solution. We’ve been screw’n with it ever since.
      BTW, this religous zeal is EXACTLY what terrorists hope to evoke. It plays straight to their hand…

      • Religious zeal is what terrorist are trying to evoke? In Christians? I’ve never heard that before. Maybe amongst other terrorists to get more volunteers for the suicide vests.

        Christianity has been the single greatest catalysts for freedom in America and the world. Although, as Christianity fades in America and force it out of the conversation, so will our freedoms.

        • Yes, of course the cross preceded the gun. I am not sure what point you are trying to make. I suggest that you read “The Conquest of Mexico” by Bernal Diaz del Castillo. The 1956 English version that I have is excellent, perhaps the best history book that I have read. It is the only detailed first person account of the conquest of Mexico by Cortez. Diaz was a foot soldier. Cortez wrote five letters to the Spanish Emperor, and there are a couple of other short and partial accounts of small parts of the action.

          What is interesting about the Diaz account is the first hand evidence he presents of ubiquitous, massive human sacrifice, cannibalism, and slavery. The Church and Christian belief would not tolerate human sacrifice and cannibalism. The Church worked hard to prevent enslavement, but could not immediately stamp it out.

      • “BTW, this religous zeal is EXACTLY what terrorists hope to evoke. It plays straight to their hand…”

        Are you saying that giving people a 5% discount is “zeal”? Or do you define zeal as playing up the role of Christianity in the founding and liberty of America?

        Either way, what dictionary are you using?

      • Yes , and they want it to happen in the valley of Armageddon .
        They ( ISIL ) really do . They are actually under the assumption that they win that battle , and in my understanding of scriptural prophesy , they are partially correct , it’s the part where Yahweh becomes ‘Akal ‘Esh and consumes their armies Himself , just before He anoints His Son with all that is and is reconciled to be ,
        EL ha’ Elohiym .
        This is the future that Abaddon hid from Mohammed in his deceit of the fallen .

    • Gun, religion, politics… Why do people want to separate these issues? They are very much intertwined.

      At an individual level, not separating them is precisely how one will function, one will operate in accordance with what one believes to be truth, and one bit of it will affect others.

      But consider someone trying to form a single issue advocacy group.

      Some group that is formed to advance gun rights (or try to prevent their infringement, to be more precise) should remain neutral on other issues, including religion. Sure, you may be able to muster all sorts of reasons why you think Jesus wants you to be armed. But that’s not to say that other POTG would even agree or even find it relevant, and a gun rights group should bring in anyone who, well, believes in gun rights for whatever reason. Putting into their mission statement that it’s justified by Religion X implies that people of Religion Y might not be welcome, which cuts the size of their group.

      But this is about a gun store, so that was really an aside. A gun store may well piss off non-Christian customers by offering a five percent discount, which could be net bad for business (but, then again, perhaps not). In addition to that, it’s likely a violation of civil rights laws (the discount discriminates against non-Christians), not that I think those particular kinds of laws are proper.

      • Why should any non-Christian be angry about Christians getting a discount? That doesn’t make sense.

        If a Jewish gun dealer gave discounts to Jews, should that annoy Gentiles? I don’t understand.

        • It shouldn’t , but it apparently does .
          Bankers making money pisses off a lot of people too .
          Businesses making too much profit .
          There were a lot of occupy wall street type people in Germany in 1933 that were convinced that Jews were responsible for all their woes and there are a lot of people that believe it today .
          There are a lot of Progressives ( liberals ) in this world and they don’t know it until someone points it out to them , I think it’s internal and inherent in some peoples nature to be this way because they feel inadequate in some way themselves and therefore try and force their choices onto others .
          Anyway , yes , people get put out over what they perceive to be unfair .

        • There are only two groups that you are allowed to make fun of nowadays,Christians and Southern White men.Make that three,gun owners.

  5. This Christian won’t be wearing one of those pins. I don’t mind being open about my faith, but if I want to advertise my gun, I’ll open carry.

    • Right. There is a way to win others over to your faith, and a way to win others over to the pro 2A side, but I don’t think this is it. But he is free to do in his store as he pleases, just as we are free to practice whatever religion we want.

  6. While our pastor and a fair number of members of our congregation either carry or shoot fairly often, I wouldn’t call it so much a Christian thing as a *human* thing.

    I think that the only people who should carry or own firearms are those who are persuaded that
    – all people are created equal under the law;
    – that they have been given inalienable rights by their Creator;
    – that these rights include the right to life, liberty, and the ownership of property;
    – that the purpose of government is to secure these rights for their citizens in the face of threats to deny them.

    There may be some quibbling as to wording or exact definitions, but that pretty well sums it up.

    Oh, I think that those pins as an overt display are rather silly: not my cup of tea, anyway. I could see something similar made into a plaque to display on the wall at home, but to wear one? Don’t think so.

    • FYI- christians are not wearing suicide vest. They’re not killing anyone. Christians have charities, hospitals, food pantries, and many other life giving and enhancing programs. Muslims have kill squads, hate, no free speech, promote child porn, murder, multiple wives, and the list goes on. Although to be fair, not all Muslims follow the violent version of the Muslim occult that their “prophet Mohammed” promoted. Not all agree with his teachings.

      • Just goes to show that after spending 400 years disputing some sandy mid-eastern real estate, followed 100+ years of putting Europe to the torch over nailing a grievance to a door, people get tired of all the blood shed and decide instead to get themselves a bit of humanist enlightenment and chill the fuck out. Christianity has already had its shining moment of intolerance and butchery and finally rejected it – now Islam is having theirs (perhaps again). With any luck they might come to similar conclusions. But you can’t go around pretending that only some religions are violent and intolerant because you enjoy to luxury of being a member of one that finally had their shit straightened out, ideologically speaking. And personally I would never make the mistake of presuming that a religion can’t undergo a regression to its former appetites.


      • Aaannd 33 comments in we have our first Islamophobic comment. And we had been doing so well, other than a couple inflammatory comments which I suspect were likely trolling. Congratulations to you, Adam, for being the first person to make such a comment. And congratulations to Accur81 for following in your footsteps.

        Now, you may find these interesting:

        • Let me wreck your argument completely with a couple of quick points. 9/11 was undoubtedly a massive death toll. Islamic terrorism. Boko Haram, Al Queda, ISIS, and ISIL are on the move all over the world. Islamic terrorism. Christians are being targeted. Although Islamic terrorists will happily also target Jews, homosexuals, and atheists.

          And I don’t support white supremacists in the least. On a separate note, whether one considers the massive death toll by Mexican drug cartels terrorism or not is more a matter of definition.

          The point I was making, and that others have made, is that Christians are indeed targets. Violence is alive and well in this world, and responsible citizens ought to be armed to defend against it.

        • It’s hardly a phobia when you have all of human history since the invention of Islam to back your claims rather than a couple links to the Times and metro pages.

          Keep trying.

    • Not necessarily xenophobic, they just somehow think YOU’RE the idiot if you don’t believe in THEIR specific imaginary man in the sky.

      • There isn’t proof either way. One can certainly prove that Santa doesn’t exist via the scientific method. Proving theism or atheism can’t be accomplished. Both require faith.

        • Wait….What…There’s no Santa? Thanks, thanks for dropping that turd in my punchbowl on the 15th of December.

    • Yeah…that’s not steryotyping a whole class of people at all. Did we learn nothing in the tolerance camps?

      Also, if you want to learn a thing or two xenophobia- study China and Japan.

  7. Bashing Muslims in one article and offering discounts to Christians in another? TTAG, you guys are doing an awesome job of MAKING FIREARM ENTHUSIASTS LOOK LIKE REDNECK WHITE SUPREMACISTS. STOP.

    I am a proud 2nd amendment supporter, however I consider myself “liberal” in nearly every other aspect. I want legalized marijuana across the country. I want local clinics where heroin addicts can shoot up with synthetic heroin and clean needles. I want to see legal prostitution expand beyond Nevada. I want to see people LIVE AND LET LIVE (heretofore referred to as LALL). I believe there is a general attitude of “LALL” in my generation (perhaps the saving grace of selfish millennials). This LALL attitude, in my opinion, is the reason it has been hard for the President to garner support for gun control. There are many non-gun-owners who simply don’t think gun control is necessary because they’ve lived around so many responsible gun owners.

    Unfortunately for the 2A community, there are a lot of cranky old white men who want to live in 1950 when women and minorities “knew their place”, the “damn Federal government” didn’t have as much control, and they didn’t need pharmaceuticals to achieve an erection because they weren’t a senile geezer. There’s also a decent number of younger crabapples that have fallen from those geezer trees. These people do not realize that they are digging their own graves in terms of the 2nd amendment.

    Continuing to associate Christianity with guns and the 2nd amendment is a BAD idea. It leads to major Islamophobia and homophobia, for one. It essentially continues to promote the idea that guns are for Old Fat White Guys in the midwest. I look at these Christian concealed carry pins, complete with bible verses, and I get frustrated that the same people who want to carpet-bomb all Muslims are, just like ISIS, “taking their orders from God.” Then you have idiots like Jan Morgan, the cunt that declared her gun range a “Muslim Free Zone.” Does this cunt not understand what a tiny fraction of Muslims are actually terrorists? The reality is that if every Muslim adult in the United States went out and bought an AR-15, this country would be SAFER from a terrorist attack because more citizens would be properly armed. Gun sales would continue to skyrocket. The increased number of gun owners would create a political climate even more opposed to gun control than it is now.

    I call on all progressive gun enthusiasts: speak up when you hear the kind of rhetoric that’s going to ultimately lead to an Australian-type gun confiscation. If you hear or see intolerance by anyone (gun owner or not) speak up.

    Embrace your fellow Americans.

      • I think I understand a little bit about his rant , I have 5 children that range in age from 20 to 38 and have had long discussions with them about a lot of the stuff in this rant and more issues of that generation he didn’t mention .
        I know he would find it difficult to believe but there are a vast number of Christians that lean Libertarian , not Liberal and definitely not Progressive . These are twisted and not interchangeable terms ( descriptions ) of political leanings . Christian ideology is very much in line with Libertarianism , not Catholic , not Protestant , or some other denominations view of Christianity . The fact that there are over 300 denominations is a testament to this fact .
        I may be an old geezer by now to some people at the ripe old age of 57 and I consider myself a Christian in every sense and I have no problems with decriminalization of pot or needles or prostitution . I don’t have a problem with someone eating poison ivy or dropping a hammer on their own temple either . The Progressive left are the control freaks and true conservative Christians could give a flying fritter what other people do in their own private worlds , those issues are personal issues and fall under the umbrella of constitutional , God endowed freedoms .
        I was one of the young long haired freaks that started the free revolution of the 60s and 70s , I probably consumed more weed and drugs than a Rolling Stone in my life . I was all about free love in the 70s when I was a young buck and visiting the taverns and clubs along High Street in Columbus and as far as women’s and minority rights , Christians are admonished to honor women . I was raised to treat women with respect , open doors for them , dote on them and never raise a hand to one in anger and on minority rights , If the progressive left had remained in total power going back all the way to Andrew Jackson , through Woodrow Wilson , Black Americans would probably still be struggling to sit beside a white on a bus or eat next to me in a restaurant . Christians Methodist were mostly the reason slavery was abolished in America and ultimately , the world .
        As was stated earlier , Christianity brought us hospitals , adoption , libraries , and the Declaration of Independence in America .
        It has only been in the last ten years or so that I decided that pot was counter productive to my Christian faith along with cigarettes , alcohol and viewing nudity and pornography and I cannot judge other people who may feel that they can be both a consumer of the whacky and still be a practicing Christian , EVERYONE sins , and most of us daily . This is a process that the Spirit of God aids us in muddling through , as Christians . It is false to accuse all Christians of bigotry and closed mindedness just as much as it is false to accuse all Muslims of being terrorist .
        The Federal government will take away the entire constitution if left unchecked because the US Constitution is basically anti Federal government , being a document that enumerates what government can not do to it’s citizens rather than a document that stipulates what government should do for it’s citizens .
        All our duties , as citizens of these United States , are to uphold and defend our constitution , Christians , Muslims , Jews , Hindu , Buddhist , atheist , and everyone of us alike .
        This store owner , as a person who identifies herself as Christian , has every right to give a discount to anyone she chooses to , in my humble opinion .

    • “I look at these Christian concealed carry pins, complete with bible verses, and I get frustrated “

      I’m sure there is some medication that can help with that.

      What, exactly, is it about a PIN that a Christian might CHOOSE to wear that frustrates you so?

      You claim to be “progressive,” and just like a true progressive, you hide behind the claim of tolerance and open mindedness all the while being the most hypocritical form of bigot on the planet.

      • I don’t give a shit about the pin itself. My problem is with the broader concept of some people in the so-called “gun community” categorizing all Muslims as terrorists only to turn around and blindly embrace anything to do with Christianity (in this case, “Concealed Carry Pins”).

        I made NO general disparaging comments about Christians in that comment. My problem is with the seemingly growing number of stereotypical angry white men that hide behind religion. THESE are the people that will cost Americans their 2A rights. If Pro-2A voters don’t speak out at the polls and Trump wins the Republican nomination, it will certainly mean 4 years of Hillary. More than likely, 8.

        Finally, in closing, I feel compelled to acknowledge that defines a bigot as one who is “utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion” and assuming white supremacy falls into any of those categories, then by definition you are correct and I am a bigot. Thank you for an opportunity to learn.

    • Mr. Zupcak, I wish the edit function allowed you to go back in time and just post this bit of wisdom:
      “The reality is that if every Muslim adult in the United States went out and bought an AR-15, this country would be SAFER from a terrorist attack because more citizens would be properly armed. ”
      Because just about everything else you wrote was truly asinine. Really, I thought about going line by line, but you contradict yourself repeatedly, make sweeping, ridiculous accusations of Christians and our beliefs, and generally just make so little sense as to make only this general rebuttal worth my time.

    • Not really dude. None of that is remotely accurate. You “gun toting liberals” need to do some real research on what a real conservative is. Hint: what you think of when you think “conservative” isn’t one. It’s in fact a NeoCon which is in fact a liberal.

  8. Wow the trolls wasted no time today…if us regulars ever wondered how many bloomie/soros/soetoro/everygoof loons are around just look. It’s a PIN and a nothing discount-deal with it losers…Ted Cruz for president(that’ll rile ya’).

  9. “I ask myself the question — how is that different from what ISIS does,” said Chitty. “I don’t find an answer there.”

    I’m pretty sure the only pins ISIS are giving out are the ones they pull from hand grenades before throwing them into rooms full of innocent people who dare to believe in a different religion.

  10. How do they distinguish who gets the discount? Do you have to type the Lord’s Prayer in the comment box at checkout or something? Psssh! Seems like anyone willing to sell-out on their religious conviction for some publicity and sales, lacks some measure of sanctity. IMHO, anyways. Also, was that website created in 1996?

    • Do you have to type the Lord’s Prayer in the comment box at checkout or something?

      I know you meant this facetiously, but I actually imagined having to do this and realized what a nightmare it would be for all involved. F’instance, what if there’s a typo? Which translation’s version of the Lord’s Prayer? Must it be the one found in KJV, or is NIV, TNIV, Living Bible or NRSV acceptable? How would one write the software to interpret it and realize it’s an alternate/equivalent phrasing of the prayer? Maybe it wants the prayer in Koine Greek (to match the original manuscript)? Or Aramaic (almost certainly the language Jesus preached in)?

    • Do you have to type the Lord’s Prayer in the comment box at checkout or something? Psssh!
      Well, if you type the Lord’s Prayer correctly, you do get the discount.
      If you get it wrong then you are a witch and will be burned at the stake.

  11. Just open carry. Nothing says “I carry” like having a gun on the hip. I mean if you are going to advertise and all…no religion needed.

    In the new religion I am forming, we pledge to defend the constitution (all of it, not just the parts you like), and must carry a gun to protect others. The only requirement is that you are homo sapiens. Proof of membership is that you carry a sidearm.

    • Your new religion will need a symbol, a fairly simple graphic that identifies it.

      Be careful which gun silhouette you select. A glock silhouette will piss off the 1911 people, and vice versa. Any other silhouette will probably annoy both the Glock and 1911 people (because you’d force them to acknowledge that they both push a false dilemma).

      Actually I see a schism happening almost immediately.

  12. It’s sad to see the intolerance of some “live and let live” types and of some of their opponents on display in these comments.

  13. Good for that gun store. And to those intolerant to Christians, way to act just like the liberals and the gun grabbers. P.S : Jesus still loves you.

    • I missed Christians being intolerant. Perhaps you could offer a citation. Perhaps TTAG deleted it. I’ve always believed that a person has the freedom to choose their religion or lack there of. The recognition that Christians can be targets requires only an objective view of recent human history. Certainly Jews have been targeted as well. So also have homosexuals. All by Islamic terrorists.

      I don’t believe anyone here is saying that all Muslims are terrorists. However, an objective view of Muhammad’s life dies reveal violent conquest which one does not see in the recorded life of Jesus.

      • No, he said intolerant TO Christians. I actually missed that the first time myself. Goes to show how often we hear how intolerant we are. But the rest of your post is spot on.

        • Ah. Mea Culpa. I’m going to stop commenting and get some sleep. Then I have to figure out how to fix $800 worth of screwed up uniforms I just got back from the tailor.

  14. “Jesus affirms the commands of the Old Testament, which *requires us* when it is in our power to rescue those who are in mortal danger. If we disobey God by not using lethal self-defense to protect judicially innocent life, we are not acting in love and forgiveness, but perpetrating injustice and evil.”

    A worthwhile read on the Christians and Guns “issue”.

    “You shall not commit murder (unjustified, deliberate homicide). (Exodus 20:13 AMP)

  15. Interesting new crop of trolls weighing in (or ranting) today.
    In my time in the Army, there were numerous, highly vocal, anti-religious folk in my battalion. Then the Gander Airfield crash happened, and we were the next military flight scheduled to fly following the crash.
    One at a time, quietly and in private, each and every man who had been a vocal objectionist came into the Chaplain’s group and asked for a Bible.
    Not a lot of atheists out there when the shtf. Because like Mark Twain towards the end of his life, if you’re not religious, you can at least look for loopholes.

    • The hope of the world already rest on his back Marc .
      I really believe that .
      Not that I don’t welcome the return of Jesus for his Church or the end of confusion . I most certainly do , but if this experiment of humanity , having control over all the earth , is to continue without a blood letting of global scale , America must regain it’s position of the beacon of freedom for all as a light shines upon a hill to show that man can truly be free and govern himself morally with freedom and justice for all .
      At this point in history , only a return to true constitutional government will pull our country and in turn the entire world , out of the hole we have dug ourselves into , and I personally believe Cruz is the person God has offered us for this challenge . God always provides a way to Him and a hope for a future in time such as these but history is replete with stories of us choosing to plow our own courses , and choose the path of least resistance or the path that seemingly advances our own self interest .

  16. Amazing vitriol poured forth-get a grip girls. I don’t get annoyed when veterans get discounts/chicks at bars or senior discounts(before I became one he he). BTW I just saw possibly the funniest movie EVER-SPY with Melissa McCarthy&Jude Law. Very gun heavy action too. I busted a gut for 2 hours-better than Naked Gun(the ultimate compliment). Better than watching the debate…

  17. And now for something completely different. Living in the area, I stop in at Frontier semi regularly. When you enter, you will be pleasantly greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff. They have a great selection and an extremely nice indoor range. After a few trips there, I took my wife to pick out and purchase her first pistol. They let her handle several that caught her eye, answered questions and made her comfortable. She enjoyed the experience and so did I.

  18. How is it that by Divine Providence America was discovered? Those particular people needed Divine Providence to find a continent with 112 million people on it? A continent that had been visited by Vikings, Chinese (on the Pacific side), other Europeans, Africans and Mediterranean people. It is now known that Ferdinand & Isabella knew the world was round and thought that Columbus’s estimates of the distance of the trip were wrong.
    God created all of the people. It is myopic and European to think that everyone was just sitting around waiting for the Europeans to discover them.

    The cross is a symbol centuries older than Jesus’ time. That facts differ shouldn’t take from your Faith. That’s why it’s called Faith. Belief is changeable. It doesn’t matter whether Jesus walked on water or was in the front of a boat. Why? Because his example of love is what changes our hearts. If you are scared to learn that one story or another about Christianity isn’t true then you need to turn your belief in facts into Faith about what Jesus’ life meant.

  19. This kind of bullshit rhetoric only widens the gap. He can keep his discount and shove his pin where the sun doesn’t shine. Proudly carrying atheist.

  20. “I am stunned that anyone that says he follows the Prince of Peace is associating with Christ and with weapons and violence,” said Em Chitty, a woman who opposed the pins.

    Right… because when Jesus chased the moneylenders from the temple with a “whip of cords,” we’re all quite sure he used it exclusively against the furniture, don’t ya know.


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