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Sig Sauer P716 pistol in .308 with a JP GoGun Supercomp on the front and a Glock 21 in .45 ACP. Below is an actual Mk 13 .300 win mag rifle. Only difference is a Timney trigger and a Thunder Beast suppressor. It’s a Stiller’s Precision action on an Arctic International chassis with a Dan Lilja barrel and Schmidt & Binder glass on top.

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    • The PTO on that bad-ass KitchenAid can power a progressive reloading press…

      That’s a sweet mixer, I used to have one…


  1. This picture is really a his/her picture of effective marriages. Mom gets a $10,000 kitchen upgrade, Dad get’s $10,000 in guns.

  2. Looks like the Kitchenaid Mixer in Winter Camo is a real weapon of war, the crock pot looks deadly as well. I do love the camo on the countertop, just sneak up on ISIS and bake them.


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