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Ruh roh. Time to slam the door shut. Another horse has just exited the equine boarding facility. Reader Travis writes that, “the ‘Shuty’, named after the ‘Luty’ submachine gun design, uses a reinforced, printed AR 15 lower and a Luty inspired upper, to make a 9mm semi-auto pistol. It is designed to use a Glock or similar barrel. They may also switch to a metal bolt. So it’s not fully printed, but still.” Seems the viral aspect of gun printing has, well, gone viral. Here’s what someone calling himself shadowfall posted this at the site . . .

I finished this design the other day and gave a copy to #defcad. You should join us in the chatroom if you aren’t already there.

This is a fully semi-auto 9mm upper designed for the ar-15 lower. I borrowed many of the concepts from Philip A. Luty’s “Expedient Homemade Firearms, The 9mm SMG”. Mr. Luty is no longer with us but I recommend anyone that is able to purchase his book off amazon for $12 The proceeds help his family and assist in keeping the site online. If you cannot afford his book, volume 2 is available online for free.

The Shuty will work with the Defense Distributed v5 Lower and all renders are based on that. If it is placed on a standard ar lower, it will stick out a bit on the sides. A glock barrel or similar is required as plastic will not have the required tensile strength to withstand the chamber pressures. The bolt is in beta and may change in the next few days as I am still working on a decision for the final firing pin. If you plan on printing this design, I recommend doing that last.

Bolt BOM:
2x m3x40 bolts
2x m3 nuts (nylock preferred)
1x m3x20 bolt (for ejector)
1x m3x50 bolt (charging handle)

v1 source files
Please share/torrent these files since sendfiles has a link limit of 7 days.

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  1. Note about the video above: If you watch the first 20 seconds, you’ve seen the whole video. The rest is the same, just in different colored CGI.

    • People should absolutely seed this 24/7/365. Gun control can suck eggs!!! 🙂

      • I’ve got to hire a tutor to help me with computer stuff.
        Seed box?
        Bit torrents?

        • 1. Download a bittorrent client program. ( It doesn’t really matter which you use so long as A, it’s up to date and has people maintaining it, and B, it works on your operating system, and C, it doesn’t pester you with advertisements.)

          2. Download a torrent file that looks legitimate (plenty of “seeds” – that is: people who got the file and are still hosting it for other torrenters – a file size that’s appropriate, and no comments saying it’s fake/broken)

          3. ????????

          4. Get audited by the IRS… Actually I’m joking about that.

          A torrent works like a game of Go Fish. The original file of interest is broken up into little penny-pack sized pieces by a client program and a torrent file is created. A Torrent File is just a list of how many pieces there are and how they go together to assemble the original. When you get the torrent file and load it into the client program, the client receives word of other computers that are looking for the original file (“peers”; sometimes “leeches” in older parlance) or have the complete original file (“seeds”). The client then sends out requests to computers in that list like “do you have part #215?”. The other computers either send that part if they have it, or say “Go Fish”. Once your machine gets all the pieces of the complete file, then so long as you keep the Torrent file in your client and the client open, you are another “seed” for this file and there will always be recourse to someone getting it should they want it.

          A “seed box” is just a computer dedicated to running torrents. If you’re really concerned about being targeted by law enforcement (what the hell are you torrenting??) you can have a different network connection and claim “it’s not mine” or such. Or if you’re doing lots and lots of torrents at the same time, it doesn’t take up resources on your main computer. For 99.9% of people, running a torrent client in the background of your main computer is just fine and won’t slow anything down.

          For added fun, enter “defcad” in the search field of the page Matt in Fl linked. (Hey, is that the Liberator?).

  2. i cant wait for more liberal tears. it feels so good to see them whine and suffer

    • Every time I hear “for the children”I think… Yeah, good idea, I should start an NFA trust, and get to making babies…

  3. Wow. From single shot smoothbore to semi auto in what 2 weeks?. Thats like 100 years of innovation overnight. Can’t wait till June we will have belt fed quad mount .50’s!

  4. can the barrel from a S&W Sigma work? It’s a pistol that pretty much copies the glock.

    • Which is hilarious as I’ve heard they have a reputation for shady reliability. I don’t speak from first-hand knowledge, though.

      • Carry .45. I understand that the first generation of Sigma’s had issues. But my son needed a reasonbly priced gun for his new family and house so he bought 1 a few years back, after they had debugged them.

        I’m a revolver fan myself. But after multiple trips to the range with his and no malfunctions of any type i decided, what the heck, for less than 300 bucks I’d take a chance. No regrets. Neither of our Sigmas has ever jammed.

        The only other autoloader I own in a pistol is my Makarov and the Sigma has been as reliable. It’s nothing fancy, just a solid performing self defense pistol. And if the cops take it from me, who cares?

        • Glad to hear it. I had no idea how they were priced. I figured if it was a smith it would be a mid-priced piece. We get whatever we can to protect ours.

  5. I am smiling like a Cheshire Cat over this stuff. This is awesome! I had to google what “seeding” was…way over my little brain. Rock on

    • Seeds are machines that have 100% full copies of the file(s) in question and are sharing.
      Peers are machines that are downloading the same file(s), but do not yet have full copies.
      A seedbox is simply a dedicated machine for torrents. It’s not necessary, but some people do it just to offload the job and its CPU usage (mine averages 3-5%) to a separate machine.

    • geez. Thank you.
      Now I don’t feel so out of place. Gonna google bit torrents and seed box. I have no effing clue what these mean…

    • Joke & Dagger, see the long posts of JWhite and myself above. If you’ve got computer enough to read TTAG, and the skills to post here, you know enough to manage a torrent client. It’s so simple my grandmother could do it.

      • Cool. Thanks. What you guys see as simple, though, confuses the fvck out of some of us. I do understand the basics now. Regardless, rock on with your bad DefCad selves. How I would love to make a Liberator!

        • And just FYI, the mental image of you ‘smiling like a Cheshire Cat’ is nice and spooky…

  6. I’ve been very interested in getting into making my own guns (for personal use) for some time. I’m an engineer by trade, and good with my hands.

    I am completely facscinated at the socio-political ramifications of what DefCad is doing. The average 21st century American thinks it is beyond the limits of their mechanical aptitude to change their own oil…so making a functional firearm at home seems like rocket science. Heck, some engineering buddies of mine and I figured out how to do it over burritos and Dos Equis after an IDPA match.

    What non-techincal types don’t understand is you can’t ban a particular technology, because technology ALWAYS finds a way. Look at the bump-fire stock, and how it works around NFA rules. Look at nutrition and performance enhancing drugs in endurance sports. Look at the history of Formula One over the last few decades.

    Unfortunately, the inevitable outcome is a federal ban on the manufacturing of firearms by individuals who are not properly licensed. They’ll fail at banning the technology, so they’ll criminalize the behavior. And that will totally suck for honest, law-abiding gun nuts like me.

    • You’ll happily keep calling yourself a “honest, law-abiding gun nut” up until things happen to get banned and you can’t have guns anymore, won’t you?

      We’re well past time to simply say enough. Right now we have many gun owners from all walks of life, emerging technologies, emerging laws. Heck, some states are enacting blatantly unconstitutional laws in direct violation of the Supreme Court rulings. Would you, if you lived in said places, obey those laws to be able to keep calling yourself a “honest, law-abiding gun nut”?

      Something to think about.

      • Wow…I thought I was making a good point. I guess the last 6 words of my statement were the important part.

        If I get thrown in jail for making a Crappy gun at home, are you guys going to chip in to the “free willy” fund? Or feed my kids? If not, then yes I’ll obey. But not quietly. I participate in the political process. I’m sure my senators and congressman are tired of hearing from me.

        And even if I was into breaking laws that I don’t think are right, I certainly wouldn’t talk about it here.

  7. Good thoughts William. You are probably right, the answer of our Govt will be to criminalize tomorrow those who are law abiding today.

    • That’s the only way the game works. I’m not a fan of Ayn Rand, but I remember a character in one of her books saying pretty much the same thing.

  8. Now that looks like a gun to be taken more seriously! I’m sure there are all sorts of theoretical designs that could come of this, all sorts.

  9. I’ve seen polymer AR lower receivers, I don’t know if they are of sufficient quality, but if you can print off a lower – that’s the only part of the AR that the federal government regulates, isn’t it? If you can print off that you can build your own AR and the feds will be completely clueless. That’s way more significant than the Liberator.

    • Defense Distributed designed a fully 3D printed AR lower back before they did the AR and AK magazines. They did have to reinforce it, but it’s still compatible with stock parts. They put more than 600 rds through the final version with no problems. In fact that’s the lower that’s used here. It didn’t get as much publicity as the Liberator, though.

  10. **WARNING** The website is infected with a root kit virus. You should probably consider removing that link. Ye be warned!!

  11. Any chance it is capable of printing up a government that isn’t trying to enslave us?

      • I am actually. I figured if the design could handle the stress of a 10mm, then it would be easily scaleable down to any pistol caliber you would want in an SMG.

        I am currently working on an interchangeable magwell for it. Kinda tough without the 8k laser curing printer though, that thing is sweet!

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