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You just knew it had to happen. In retrospect, it’s really only surprising that it took as long as it did. Combine a knee-jerk blame-America-first attitude with rabid anti-gun politics and opportunism and what other conclusion can be reached? It was obviously America and our lax gun laws that were the real causes of Norway massacre…

Breivik reportedly told investigators that he’d legally purchased 30-round magazines for his Ruger Mini-14 by mail from the states. Which was just the news gleeful gun-grabber Rep. Carolyn McCarthy needed:

“There should be a lot of shame,” she told POLITICO. “We’re sending a death warrant to other parts of the world. … Unfortunately now, internationally, it’s known that you can get here, buy your guns, buy your large magazines, and you’re not going to have any problem.” McCarthy said eliminating high-capacity clips like those used in the Norway and Arizona shootings should be a matter of moral outrage.

“I don’t understand why people can’t have common sense,” she said. “Large magazines do not need to be part of it. The large manufacturers, they should even take a moral point of view in not selling them to ordinary citizens through the gun stores. The police and military can still use them.But I just morally think they should not look to sell them to the average citizen.”

“It is bad enough that our lax laws gun cause death and destruction in the streets of our own country but we must now face the fact that our domestic arms bazaar is attracting foreign terrorists and criminals,” said Josh Horwitz, the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “What will it take for Congress to wake up and take action?”

McCarthy’s never been above picking up a bloody shirt and proudly waiving it if it helps her anti-gun agenda. It doesn’t matter if that shirt was worn by Norwegian children, Gabrielle Giffords or her own husband and son. And Dennis Hennigan, acting head of the Brady Campaign certainly was glad to jump aboard McCarthy’s moral outrage express:

“It now appears that not even Norwegian children at a youth camp are safe from the battlefield firepower so easily available in America,” he said. “Large-capacity assault clips are instruments of mass killing, yet federal law leaves them completely unregulated.”

So it’s evidently America’s fault that a determined psychopath in another country decided to kill as many people he could. We must also culpable for the restrictive gun laws in Norway that prevented anyone on that island from defending themselves with a firearm. And we’re somehow the reason that it took the local police an hour to respond in any way. Oh, the burden we bear.

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  1. “Assault clips”? Who is this moron? There is no such thing as an “assault clip”, anymore than there are “assault weapons”. I love it when the Anti-American clique proves that they know NOTHING about the subject they spew so often about.
    Sara-the-moron-Brady would be proud.
    Nancy Pelosi probably had her first orgasm when she read this one.

    • Who is this moron? I guess you’re not familiar with this classic:

      Being a victim is her only “accomplishment”. Now, she can’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on other victims, in the hope we will give up our guns all join her in her victimhood.

  2. Question for Rep. McCarthy (who incidentally wouldn’t know common sense if it kicked her in the head): please describe a Goldilocks Gun for me. That’s the gun with a combination of calibre, magazine capacity, size, weight, accuracy and price that you won’t attempt to demonize. I’d just like to know.

    • A single shot .22 Short rifle with a 72 inch barrel, a 30 pund weight, a bolt lock you must unlock before opening and before closing, a trigger lock you must unlock before firing, and a built-in timer that requires a 2 minute wait before you can operate the rifle again. This rifle will be legal for one year only and then will be confiscated by the BATFE (and really big fires) SWAT team.

  3. If I read this correctly, he only obtained the magazines from the US, right? I assume that the firearms themselves were purchased in Europe.

    I don’t see the jump to how this makes it the fault of the United States. If Norway, a sovereign nation, has concerns about high capacity magazines, then they should pass a law banning their importation. (mind you I don’t agree with that spproach, just saying…)

  4. Okay, I admit it. It’s our fault that we elected Carolyn McCarthy. You can’t underestimate the intelligence of her constituents. Or her. What a douchebag.

  5. Ms McCarthy, what is a barrel shroud?

    Um…. it’s like a shoulder thing that goes up.

  6. Nidal Hassan used an FN, Loughner and Cho used Glocks. Therefore, Belgium and Austria are to blame for our deaths. QED.

  7. whats the difference if i have (10) 30 round clips or (30) 10 round clips i’m still going to change them out and do my business whats that going to do for the people he was shooting give them an extra 2-3 seconds to get away? where are they going ???this took place on an island….

  8. I think we have gone over this ad nauseum… but for the sake of another analogy.

    Shouldn’t we also outlaw the sale of hard liquor and only allow beer and wine coolers? If the legal driving limit of intoxication is 0.05% BAC then isn’t hard liquor just making it easier and faster for drunk drivers to get drunk and commit an atrocious crime like drunk driving?? We should make it so they can’t have any hard liquor but as many beers as they want… in the hopes that someone will possibly stop them before they can ever get to the limit.

    • For that matter why should they manufacture vehicles that go faster than 65mph? Excessive speed is a factor in most fatal accidents, and since 65mph is the national limit then no one has a “need” for a vehicle that exceeds that speed.

      We need to ban these assault cars, right now. If we save just one life it will be worth it.

  9. The fact that people like this possess any modicum of governmental power is what truly frightens me and, ironically, is a major reason I own firearms.

  10. Based on the fact that he had a confined geographic area (island) and the fact that he encountered no resistance I would say the magazine capacity gave him no real advantage in the attack. In the Loughner shooting, it could be argued that even a standard magazine (15 or 17 rounds) would have resulted in less wounds since he was tackled during the reload.

    Breivik must have reloaded at least twice based on the number of dead and wounded and a Mini-14 is not as quickly reloaded as a Glock or AR.

  11. I don’t see what the problem is…America is still awesome. Why don’t those other countries unscrew themselves rather than shifting the blame to us or our select politicians helping them out by painting us as the bad guy. If you don’t like us, f#ck off and stay out.

  12. Ugh, the loser himself said that US export control laws prohibited the sale and shipping of the magazines to him, and he had to find a “small supplier” that was willing to break the law (or was ignorant of the law). Whoever that was is in BIG trouble.

  13. “Large-capacity…”
    “… assault clips…”
    “… instruments of mass killing…”

    He forgot “high caliber” and “semi-automatic machine gun”

  14. If you were to sharpen the end of a stripper clip and thread it through a revolver moon clip(for a hand guard) would that make it an assault clip?

  15. What really scares me is that if you do a search on this you get 20 to 1 hits of the bullshit propaganda articles VS Facts about the issue. The real horror of this is that the mainstream press is complicit in spreading the false bull crap of the gun haters. They are out in full force brothers and sisters. We had better get organized.

  16. No one in the comments here has explained or given any rationale as to why you need a high capacity magazine.

    Obviously Brevik purchasing this magazine has nothing to do with the massacre , but I find it strange that the commentors rush to defend high capacity magazines rather than pointing out this senators faulty logic.

    There is a worrying hobbyist culture of gun owners in America, banding together behind a banner and hanging out in clubs.

    • What is a high capacity magazine? 30 rounds? 29 rounds? 17 rounds? How much is too much? Should we just accept that more than one round is too many? Here in California we can only buy pistol and rifle magazines in 10-round or smaller sizes. I suppose my having 10 8-round magazines and 5 10-round magazines for my pistol, which I do, is better than my having 2 30-round magazines (if there were such a thing).

    • It’s not a matter of “need”…. we don’t have to prove a “need” to exercise our Second Amendment rights. SCOTUS clarified that long ago. The enemies of 2nd A are trying to turn the truth upside-down and frame the debate by putting gun owners in the defensive position of “proving the need.” as if we’re guilty until proven innocent.

    • Andrew gun owners maybe up to 60% of your fellow citizens.

      And why do you need a normal capacity magazine (30 rounds for a rifle and 15 to 17 for a pistol)? Because those are the normal amounts. there are hundred and hundred of cases where a home owner has faced two armed intruders. Police land about 20% of shots, civilian users about 22%. This means if you are facing two armed intruders you are going to need at least ten rounds and you r life may well depend on having 15.

      A person who mean sill is not affected at all by magazine laws. they can practice reloads and have a half dozen ten round mags at the ready since the criminal event they are initiating is almost always planned. It is the home defender who is likely grabbing his firearm from a safe and not taking a bunch of extra mags — as the event is a surprise to him

      Anyway the parts were exported LEGALLY. And imported into Norway legally.

      Lastly it made no difference for Breivik, he would have killed the same number with 10 round mags. These were all unarmed surprised civilians on an island

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