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There’s no doubt that the Instagram photo of the rifle Austin Tong posted ruffled administrative feathers at Fordham University. We’ve seen plenty of instances of this kind of unhinged hoplophobic response to students putting up social media photos of themselves lawfully holding a firearm in the past. But there may be more going on here. The presence of the gun may be just a convenient excuse to mandate that he undergo reeducation.

The purpose of Mr. Tong’s post was to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre, hence his use of the #198964 hashtag. Why would that upset Fordham?

There are about 370,000 Chinese students currently enrolled in American colleges and universities. For the most part, they pay full-boat tuition, a total of over $15 billion dollars a year. Fordham no doubt has its share of that total.

As we’ve seen recently in behavior of other large American businesses like, oh, the National Basketball Association, they tend to take a kid gloves approach to dealings with their largest customers. So, for the same reason you can’t by an NBA jersey with “FreeHongKong” printed on it (but F@ckThePolice is A-OK), institutions of higher learning are very reluctant to allow anything on campus that might disrupt a huge source of their revenue.

On June 3, rising senior Austin Tong posted to his Instagram account a photo of David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police captain killed by looters in the unrest following the killing of George Floyd. The photo included the caption, “Y’all a bunch of hypocrites,” a reference to Tong’s frustration, as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, with what he refers to as “the nonchalant societal reaction over [Dorn’s] death.”

The following day, June 4, was the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-democracy activists. Tong, who emigrated from China as a child, posed for a photo holding a legally-obtained gun off-campus, with the caption “Don’t tread on me.” The caption also included an American flag emoji, a Chinese flag emoji, and a hashtag commonly used by Chinese citizens to avoid censorship of online discussion of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Fordham wrote to Tong on June 8, when Dean of Students Keith Eldredge informed Tong he was under investigation by the university for the two photos. On Tuesday, Fordham handed down its verdict: Tong was found guilty of violating university policies on “bias and/or hate crimes” and “threats/intimidation.”

– FIRE in Fordham student punished for holding gun in Instagram photo memorializing Tiananmen Square massacre


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Don’t tread on me. #198964 🇺🇸🇨🇳

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  1. Further proof the left is racist towards Asians. After all, left wing politics killed more Asians then anything, ever.

      • Everyone who stands to make a profit from China loves China. All these huge corporations lining up to suck Winnie the Pooh’s privates. Profit over people, the American Way.

        • Makes me happy that the company I work for has been doing nothing but pulling business out of China for a couple years now

        • Hopefully that will go away when the Three Gorges Dam collapses and takes the Communist government with it.

    • Apparently, Fordham is far more interested in money from China than in freedom of thought and expression. Their marketplace of ideas is now owned by the ChiComs. In other words, there no longer is a market place of ideas at Fordham; only dead bones and slavery.

      Disclosure: I took graduate classes, part-time at Fordham for two years back in the 80’s. Was not impressed. In fact, I thought my alma mater, Monmouth College (now a university) provided a superior education.

  2. Flood Dean Eldredge’s email with messages.
    Be courteous, don’t threaten or make personal attacks.
    But be firm and let him know Mr. Tong was exercising Constitutionally protected rights.

    • You could do that. But it will all be automatically directed through a spam filter without ever being seen. Anything that might get seen will be summarily dismissed or replied to by saying that they do not sanction ‘gun violence’ and therefore nothing changes.

      • Doubtful. My employer – a global supplier – tried variations of email filters through the years, but for every flavor of spam that was successfully blocked, a section of valid customer addresses were also blocked. In the end, we had to dial it back to minimal filters for only the most obvious of malicious spams, and beef up our server antivirus software instead.

        More likely, an intern will be going through the Dean’s incoming mail.

    • The time for being polite is over. You tried it for decades and look where we are now.

      • Nailed it.

        We are in open war, fail their kids grades, black list them from forums, and otherwise crush them in the civil realm as they do to us. Don’t hire them, charge them higher rates, and otherwise make life painful for them, but be civil and legal. 🙂

  3. Wokesters will grovel and lick Xi’s shoes for a bit of money, while also talking about how they care so much about “speaking truth to power” and refusing to back down to oppressive regimes (by which they mean the US). Their hypocrisy disgusts me.

  4. Education in many of our colleges and universities has become nothing more than the transference of bones from one graveyard to another.

    Kudos for Austin Tong for embracing freedom and the principles upon which this country was founded.

  5. “Tong, who emigrated from China as a child, posed for a photo holding a legally-obtained gun off-campus, with the caption “Don’t tread on me.””

    And his Instagram username is “comrademeow”?

    • The word “mao” in Chinese means “cat”. It’s wordplay for those who aren’t multilingual.
      Same as if he called himself “chairman mousey tongue” as an insult to Mao by using the moniker as humorous parody.

      • Is that a play on Mao’s “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice” statement at one time?

  6. Perhaps reeducation of the Marxist totalitarian Left is what is required in this republic,someday it will happen and at a very high cost.

    • “…someday it will happen and at a very high cost.”

      I am perpetually baffled as to why they seem to be requesting, if not outright insisting, on this happening…

  7. the dean got “a tap on the shoulder” either literally or figuratively from one or more higher ups in the chinese communist party
    sounds like a civil rights lawsuit to me
    it isnt any different than if he was punished for holding a bible or cross or crucifix or any other 1st amendment icon
    the university stepped in it big time
    and one way or another be it by civil or criminal action or declining enrollment
    it may take a bit of time
    but they will pay

    • Sound Awake,

      There is some truth in your words.
      Request: periods. They would make your posts easier to read. Just a request. ee Cummings might side with you on this matter. 😉

    • Fordham is a supposedly a Catholic University. Best direct your complaints to the Papal Nuncio in Washington, DC.

      • True, but it won’t help. The pope is a marxist, which is incompatible with Christianity, because the goal of marxism is to create a socialist utopia (a heaven on earth), while the goal of Christians is to earn your place in heaven with God.

        • “No 1st Amendment violation. Fordham is private university.”

          It is an interesting question (which may have already been settled in the past).

          If Fordham accepts any money from the federal or state government, do all the federal/state laws and constitutions apply? If a private entity is acting under federal/state law in return for money, does that make the private entity an agent of the state? For instance, would such a condition prohibit warrantless searches on campus?

    • Adding a needless conspiracy theory to an event that has happened to many students before, unrelated to China.

    • Hatred of the CCP (and what it represents) is something we ought to be encouraging…

      • Hatred of any communist party should be encouraged. Communism killed many more people than nazism, how come it is not publicly hated and ostracized at least as much as national socialism?

        • You have worthless teachers and their unions to thank for that. The Weather Underground was never eliminated, they simply relocated elsewhere into higher academic institutions. US colleges have been incubators for socialist ideologies for decades and we’ve only witnessed the re-emergence of their street tactics with Occupy and BLM. We’ve allowed their mind poison to circulate freely for years.
          There was a time when soldiers took the Oath and swore to protect the US from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Association with communism was grounds for being denied entry into certain job specialties, but if that was always the case, how did John Brennan manage to justify voting for Gus Hall and still get into the US intelligence leadership? I took that Oath seriously. Still do.
          Our institutions are infested with socialists and the more recent refugees who lived under that regime are always going to be the most sensitive to that ideology … Cubans, Russians, and Chinese especially.

        • It was back in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Russia saidit would take over this country without ever firing a shot and they have been doing so for the past 60 or 70 years through our school system, media and the democrat party.They also hired a money management team to sell our congress on a bill of goods to make China rich after Russia nearly collapsed financially under Ronald Reagan. This money management team needs to be charged with treason and sent to jail for the rest of their lives or shot.

        • Close, but Russia *DID* collapse economically under Reagan. There was no agreement to dissolve the USSR, it simply disappeared because it could not pay its bills. Soldiers dropped their rifles and hitchhiked home to look for work.

  8. Major universities are clearly guilty of bias against Asian Americans. In order have a chance of getting into most of the top name schools they have to far surpass Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. But, if your father is a Democrat politician entrance to any of the “Ivy League” schools is a given. You can’t tell me that Al Gore had four kids that were all so exceptional that all four were accepted at Harvard, the likelihood of that is similar to being saved by lightning striking the shark that is about to bite you.

    • Things might have been different a long time ago. But Ivy League educations are nothing to be proud of anymore. It has turned into an ugly thing to avoid. Yes, it can put you in a position high enough to make you a ‘captain of industry’ but you sell your soul and your country to do it.

      • “But Ivy League educations are nothing to be proud of anymore.”

        Tell that to graduates of MIT. 😉

        But, overall, you have a point, especially concerning the ‘humanities’…

        • No, you buffoon. Now run along and stop making all your ignorant post. Fool!

        • “…and stop making all your ignorant post.”

          Awwww, the widdle troll is Triggered!

          You don’t do English very well, ignorant one.

          Derp-Derp… 😉

        • Actually Geoff, there are no real STEM schools in the Ivy league. They’re all liberal arts type schools for the most part. Grad schools in law, medicine, business, etc.

          Top stem schools would be MIT, Tufts, and a couple others. Closest I ever came was being rejected by Harvard Law. Still have the letter. No I’m not bitter.

      • I’m completely convinced that a person could learn VASTLY more merely from reading my personal library of history books amassed over the last sixty three years than by acquiring a PhD in History from most so-called universities these days.

      • We sent our two youngest to private military academies. Both will be officers.
        I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE most state-sponsored schools. We watched the oldest graduate with a four-year degree from a college he took no pride in. At 26, he’s still recovering from the warped SJW values he was immersed in. With the two younger ones who pursued their ROTC goals at least I know certain traits and values were taught and reinforced.
        When tough times come again they’ll have an immunity to the ideological mind-rot that passes for higher civilian education. With any luck, I’ll witness them be involved in eliminating it by the time I’m an old man.

    • They sent Hollywood stars to jail for this but the polititians get a pass, who is supposed to work for who?

  9. The gofundme and statement

    Austin Tong is organizing this fundraiser.
    Created 1 day ago
    Who I am:
    I am a rising senior at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business from Long Island, New York.

    The Story:
    On July 14th, I was officially punished by Fordham University in the name of probation suspension for the alleged crimes of “Violation of University Regulations relating to Bias and/or Hate Crimes”; “Threats/Intimidation,” an explicit attack on my freedom of expression for two Instagram posts I posted in June. I am no longer permitted on campus, with public safety coming to my home at midnight to question me on the day of the post, and face forced political reeducation through mandatory courses and to write an apology letter, or will face full suspension or expulsion – is this happening in America, or is this a Soviet nightmare?

    In the two posts, I expressed my appreciation of the 2nd Amendment and mourning of the anniversary of a Chinese Democratic movement by posting a picture of my legally purchased rifle in my home, and my sympathetic feeling toward Black Police Officer David Dorn. The content of both posts are fully by my love for this country, fully within the boundaries of law and university code, and in no way expressing threatening or hateful thoughts – yet the University subjectively and maliciously assumed my intentions as hate crime and threat. They lied to me that if I took down the posts, I would not face punishment. Now, I decide to put back the posts and let everyone see if the accusations are truthful.

    America is under attack. Americans are being silenced. I hope to use my punishment as a milestone and reflection of the Constitutional crisis we are facing today as a society. Coming to this country as an immigrant, one would think that America is a nation of law and free speech. Yet that is no longer the case. I was forcibly silenced, faced verbal and assaulting harassment from mobs, and subjected to Soviet-style interrogation and punishment by a Jesuit university that claims in its own code of conduct, that it protects “freedom of expression and the open exchange of ideas. The expression of controversial ideas and differing views is a vital part of University discourse. Although the expression of an idea or point of view may be offensive or inflammatory to others, it may not constitute a hate crime or bias-related incident.” Not simply did Fordham University break its promise and punish me, but it signaled to students nationwide, that free speech is a political trap that will destroy you.

    The American university betrayed its meaning as educational institutions that encourage discourse and debate, and has become centers of fear and brainwash. American society has turned its back on the rightful freedoms of its citizens. Students and all Americans must stand up for their Constitutional rights. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, no matter what race, gender, or religion, the Silent Majority shall no longer be silent. We must rise against this oppression, and take back this nation.

    Reasons for Fundraising:
    The funds raised by everyone will be used to cover the costly and lengthy lawsuit and fight against Fordham University and relative decision makers for freedom of speech, to cover the current and potential damages caused to academic and professional future by this situation, damage caused by possible loss of financial aid & lack of college acceptances & future job options, and to cover transportation and living expenses for media and court meetings. I will be personally managing the fundraiser for myself, and funds will go to my bank account that will cover the mentioned expenses.

    Thank you to everyone.

    • “…is this happening in America, or is this a Soviet nightmare?”

      Yes and Yes

      When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You do have every right to seek a degree elsewhere and/or live somewhere else. New York politics is not a military secret.

      • So 1st amendment is meaningless got it. Do they pay you in grains of rice for these posts?

        • “So 1st amendment is meaningless got it.”


          The BOR applies to government action, not private. If Fordham accepts any federal money, perhaps federal and state constitutions/law attach. The Commerce Clause may be implicated, as well.

          This is one of the most fascinating and infuriating segments of constitutional law.

  10. I would file federal civil rights suit Yes Fordham University… not only for racial discrimination but deformation of character and every other thing I can think of if I were him…

    • You could do that. But we are talking about someone asking for money on a gofundme. A lawsuit could easily be lost. The best most likely result would be clearing the students name and being forced out of the college with no credits given.

      It’s already reached a level where this persons best choice is to just move on. Anything else just makes things worse.

      • Isn’t that just what they want? Just roll over and leave?
        That’s why Trump won. Bush rolled over when he was attacked. He “turned the other cheek” just like Pence did at the Hamilton play. I cringed when I heard him make a “first amendment” excuse for the cast’s behavior toward his family. There’s a time to duck-and-run. There’s a time to stand up for yourself.

        • I agree that there is a time to stand up for yourself. That time for this situation has past. Anything further is not standing up for ones’ self. His position has been secured regardless of what happens at this point.

          We are not talking about K-12. He has choices. He also has rights. A lawsuit can and perhaps should be pursued but doing that comes at a price. Gofundme will never develop the financial wear-with-all needed to end up somewhere positive. Do you think the NRA, the GOA, or any other gun rights org will take up his case? What do you think his education will look like in ten years if he keeps pushing? Sure, the story might go viral on Twitter but is it really worth it? If you think Fordham University will suffer and be brought down a notch or two, you are fooling yourself.

        • “Tong’s frustration, as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement”

          Maybe there’s some missing context here, but that’s what he gets for being an ally to a fake, racist, Marxist movement. It’s time for people to wake up and stop playing nice with the evil left.

          • Then he needs to learn to do more research before supporting an organization.

      • Does Fordham receive funds from the federal government? He could file a complaint with the Department of Education. They’re not terribly friendly towards left wing schools right now, and they might be willing to cut off Fordham if they can justify it on civil rights grounds.

    • “Deformation of character” would be a painful process.

      But since when does a private university not have the freedom to associate- i.e. enroll- whom it wants to, and deny who it sees fit, absent some law to the contrary?

      Then again, a bakery can’t so…

  11. The non-scientific parts of most universities are socialist indoctrination centers and they are working on the scientists. You see the results in videos most every day of them in the streets.

    Lawsuits are often successful and get a “retraction’ from the university but nothing else changes.

    The left has been working for over 60 years to take over America. They are succeeding. I fear (and believe) the only solution is to give the left what they have been calling for since the 1950, a violent revolution. Their goal is overthrow of the Constitution. Ours should be to eliminate the communists.

    Be Prepared !

    • Agreed. You’ll see my replies further up supporting your views.
      My wife’s family ran away from the Cultural Revolution on the mainland during the late ’50’s and ’60’s.
      I see the same mind poison infecting my own country now. Running, it seems, only delays the inevitable.

  12. He should drop down to his knees make amends by posting a photo of himself looting and burning down a business and forcing the business owners onto bankruptcy. For that he would be student of the year.

    Or better yet simply tell Fordham to eat poop.

  13. If only the USSR knew all it had to do was endlessly print money and buy up America.

    At this point I’m rooting for China if only to live long enough to see these American lefties enjoy the splendor that is Chicom healthcare, education, workers rights and equity in law enforcement.

    The confused look on all the SJW’s and special interest faux minorities faces as they’re beaten for sub quota production or lined up for organ harvesting or sent to work remotely in Best Korea as a sex slave will be worth it.

  14. “I for one welcome our insect er Chinese overlords”…Kent Brockman. I saw this somewhere on FOX so they are “aware”. Sue the he!! out of Fordham and get the attorney general involved…

    • completely surprised at this point to see you reference a pop culture entity of any type. the conan o’brien years were superb, but his politics are no different from those at the onion. inconsistent at best.
      i suppose we all are.

  15. Because Of the internet there’s no reason to go to college. For the purpose of learning. If you need a piece of paper? Then it seems that could be a reason to send $45,000 or more each semester. To get that paper at the end of your paper chase.

    I have said it before on TTAG. There are plenty of racists who are college professors. Racists who are college deans. Racist university presidents. Racist higher educated people have done this kind stuff for hundreds of years.

    I know for a fact that if he had a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire. He would not be in any trouble. Because the women in Austin Texas at the university. Did just that. A few years ago. And its been done at many other schools of higher education. Its just that the schools pay for the display and sometimes even pays for the dildos.

    There are more and more higher educated people who don’t support the 1st amendment. They don’t support civil rights.

    • “Then it seems that could be a reason to send $45,000 or more each semester. To get that paper at the end of your paper chase.”

      Regarding the high end schools, it isn’t necessarily for an education. It’s your ticket to be part of the elite in this country.

    • You can watch all the youtube videos of lectures you want but that doesn’t mean you learned anything. Part of the idea of a degree is that you actually took tests, wrote papers and participated in person to show that you know something about the subject matter.

      If you want to be in business for yourself there’s no need to get a piece of paper. If you want someone else to hire you, there is.

  16. F-IT….Burn IT Down. The Tactics of being nice has got US where We are today. The Protests and Riots by BLM and ANTIFA have accomplished more for their Agenda, Than being nice has Accomplished for Our Freedom.
    Keep Your Powder Dry.

  17. I won’t let my kid pose with guns for pictures or even write about them. No texts or anything about our shooting range trips. Sad but I don’t need the aggravation and neither does my child. Some say eff em and do it anyway but the left is very good at ruining people and we are seeing that not only is it nearly impossible to defeat ourselves but so called conservative republicans lack a spine as well.

      • Staying the hell off social media is simply good OPSEC – if you’re smart.
        Second of all, the Left has won nothing except ideological victories through legislation and street tantrums.
        When they’ve decided to shed some blood and physically eliminate their opposition, maybe then they’ll have won. At some point they’ll take the provocations one step too far and get exactly what they’re asking for.

      • Yep the left already won. Witness what happens to those that fight back while lefties get a pass for egregious behavior. Try being the nail that sticks up and see how fast you’re hammered down.

    • you must have something worth keeping.
      i will neither gloat nor signal nor expound upon what my offspring are allowed to do.
      i will say, however, and i fully understand that you could not care less, that your comment is pathetic. illinois is a cunt in most areas, life is short, thanks for taking a knee.
      the young ‘uns have learned a valuable lesson from you.

      • Fortunately I also don’t care if you or anyone else approves of how I decide to raise my child or conduct my business. That’s a key step. But outing oneself may look brave but the costs are steep. Pay them if you wish. But protect your kids from these monsters until they are established and can decide for themselves. Children are at the mercy of institutions until they are adults on their own, meaning out of school and working. Even then their jobs are on the line but they have more choices about where to work and for whom.

        And as for the other comment, yeah the younguns learned well without taking a knee. That’s what the dumb ones do in public. If they don’t know your business you won’t have to deal with their nonsense.

        Wait until they fully eat their own and then go on the offensive. It won’t be long.

  18. Now will Reason magazine come to this students defense??? As they have come to so many other college students defense, over other issues???

    I highly recommend you watch this if you call your self a Libertarian? The Libertarian Socialist defined. And many others explained.

    Which Of These 11 Types Of Libertarian Are You? video 52 min long

  19. First of all Austin is not commemorating the “massacre” at Tiananmen Square he he is commemorating the sacrafices of patriots and that is what Chicoms and ledtist hate.

    • Some people will also misconstrue the CCP red flag on his social media and be confused. The kid seems gung-ho as a youngster but doesn’t realize the extent of the media corruption he’s up against.
      There are other, more subtle things he could’ve done to express himself to get his view across but that’s not the point when a “zero tolerance” crowd is allowed to dictate what is, and isn’t acceptable behavior – even when it’s 100% legal.
      If you’re punished for speaking the truth, you’ll soon realize who doesn’t tolerate criticism.

  20. Fordham is a Jesuit school. Before Red Francis became Pope, he was a Jesuit who fell out of favor with the society because he was perceived as being too close to the regime in Argentina. Once Francis returned to his Marxist roots, he was once again embraced by the society.

    Harboring child molesters in many cities around the world and Chicom @ss-kissing is a hallmark of the society.

    • JP2 was a rare individual and a good pope. He had his detractors but he had strong values and didn’t bend over like Francis.

      • JP2 was the most anti-communist pope ever, which is saying something. He saw what Marxism did to his native Poland and he didn’t like it. Red Francis has no such background.

  21. A young man posing with a gun needs re-education. Fordham forbid he believes in God and Country. These two beliefs are enough to make you a unwelcome on today’s campuses. If Biden is elected we can expect more of this and a closer relationship to China.

    • “A young man posing with a gun needs re-education.”

      And they unironically proposed just that.

      • Sorry Dude, you missed my point. It used to be only in communist countries where “re-education” takes place. It is starting to have a place in elements of the country and it is unwelcome in our “free” nation. I hope to not be around when we sell out to the Marxists but in the current election I may see it happen.

        • “Sorry Dude, you missed my point. It used to be only in communist countries where “re-education” takes place. It is starting to have a place in elements of the country and it is unwelcome in our “free” nation. I hope to not be around when we sell out to the Marxists but in the current election I may see it happen.”

          I got your point loud and clear. You apparently missed mine. Free speech suppression and left wing indoctrination, as well as re-education for those that didn’t take well to indoctrination, are already alive and well in this country, as this story proves.

          From the above video: “He must now apologize and undergo diversity training (also known as “re-education”) before he’s allowed back on campus.” What this means is that white people are going to train a Chinese immigrant to be more sensitive towards Chinese. They actually said this unironically.

  22. This young man is more patriotic than many born here. Seems those who were not a privileged class when they escaped left-ism places embrace our Country as their own freedom. They warn us what the real deal is since they have first hand knowledge.

    • Most LEGAL immigrants know more about America AND care more about OUR Freedoms than people who were born, raised, and indoctrinated in our “places of ‘higher’ learning”. Now if only all those Patriots who sign-up to Serve would instead become solid Conservative politicians….. Hmmm

  23. Luckily this happened before the start of the school year, so he doesn’t have to fight to get his tuition back.

    I think re-vectoring to another school, filing complaints with the Department of Education, hitting up the right wing press for airtime and articles, and exploring a lawsuit are all good ideas.

    At this point I would drop any hope of graduating from Fordham and direct my efforts in that area into my new school. As for Fordham, I would direct all my spare time into extracting my pound of flesh from them in the form of national embarrassment and any money I could cost them in legal fees/fines/settlements or judgements.

    The only way to stop shit like this is to make the schools feel like it costs more time/effort/money/reputation than it’s worth to be petty censors.

  24. The Stalinist in academia cannot tolerate students going against party indoctrination. Free thinking and a desire for liberty goes against the Marxist Global Domination Playbook. This young man will be forced to go into intensive re-education and indoctrination programs to make amends to the University Political Officers.

  25. Well of course he would/should be punished: twice. He is holding a gun. Icky. Second, he is criticizing the Chinese government, an even bigger no-no.

    • Three strikes. They forced him to delete his post about David Dorn’s death, calling the mostly peaceful rioters hypocrites. The university said they wouldn’t punish a student as long as he deleted an Instagram post that had nothing to do with being a student at said university.

  26. I’m sure this incident will be going viral even more than it has. That will yield plenty of negative PR for Fordham who will claim they are merely enforcing school policy. I don’t see that Austin violated and policies. Fordham, on the other hand, has violated school, state and Federal policies by denying him his Constitutional Rightsd and baldly lying to him and how many other students. I’ve never felt comfortable with religions running prostitutions of Higher Edumaction. It’s just one more means to fill their tax exempt coffers that much closer to the brim.

    • “I’ve never felt comfortable with religions running prostitutions of Higher Edumaction.”

      Do you feel good about wealthy non-religious private and public universities that are tax exempt? Do you think the problem with higher education today is religion?

  27. This is a racist attack on all Asian-Americans especially those that are refugees from China.

  28. Considering that the kid emigrated to the US I would doubt that this has much to do with the ChiComs (that’s a much bigger issue actually but it’s mostly in reference to Chinese Nationals here on a visa, since there’s leverage on them).

    If I was to place a wager on this I’d say it has more to do with the Left Wing/hoplophobic tendencies of the faculty, which is a function of geographical location, than anything else. I’d place a secondary wager that most faculty probably live in Westchester County with a smattering also coming from out in Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well.

    • “If I was to place a wager on this I’d say it has more to do with the Left Wing/hoplophobic tendencies of the faculty,…”

      A look into how much chicom money flows into the university might be worthwhile.

      • Been aware of it for decades. There are little known and rarely spoken of programs to combat the problem. They don’t get what they need because the power-that-be don’t want them to.

        The head of the Chemistry department at Harvard being on the ChiCom take was a surprise to exactly no one who was paying attention and in possession of a triple digit IQ.

        I’m honestly looking forward to the next year or so. Ya’ll are in for a fuckload of surprises that have been right under your nose for a long time. It’s gonna be a nasty wakeup call for the Boomers. I’ve tried for years to warn you folks but at this point I guess you’ll (you in the general sense) will have to see to believe.

        It socks that Boomers are gonna get fed into the woodchipper feet first but hey, I did try to warn you about Generational Warfare.

        • “Been aware of it for decades.”

          The US has been dependent on communist regimes for critical materials for as long as I can remember. Being a rabid anti-communist (military brat here) since I could understand that the world has more than one country, it was aggravating to see this country do anything that propped up totalitarian regimes (I wanted the US to rule the world under Jeffersonian democracies – little did I understand about cultures). I remember Nixon getting all sorts of reluctant praise for “going to China”, and could not find any advantage for the US in the global conflict of ideologies (advantages for businesses, but not for geopolitics).

          Sideshow – While obtaining a master’s degrees in computer science and international contracting, ran across a comedy of great irony of “Buy America” leading to sourcing US Army uniform items from Red China. A contract was published for a zillion green berets (the Army Chief of Staff decided all soldiers were “elite”, and needed berets). There were no mills in the US that could weave berets that had no visible seams. Thus, a waiver to “Buy American” was issued, and a British company won the contract. But that was not the end of the story. The British company could not produce the berets, either, and sub-contracted to a mainline Chinese company, of which the British was a junior partner.

          But the worst of it is how much of our pharma is outsourced to China and India, providing the very rope Lenin spoke of.

        • Sam, I love ya but…

          The things you mention are opportunities at this point. Ones that won’t be realized because bickering provides a greater amount of immediate gratification. They’re small, silly facts in a mountain of evidence pointing to a conclusion that no one wants to talk about.

          I’ve studiously avoided a number of things here for a long time. That may have been a serious mistake but it was also unavoidable due to things I’ve said here for years, such as that for the most part political commentary on the webz is just a circlejerk of virtue signalling regardless of political viewpoint. The worst of it coming from the pauedointellectuals who talk about “two wings of the same” bird and other assorted “uniparty” horseshit.

          IMHO, “the scramble” is coming in the next six to 12 months, the question is the trigger and I suspect that JWM is right about it. But failing that, the big one’s coming down the pike, accelerated by Covid. So, at this point all I’ve done is waste my time and everyone else’s because the people who actually recognize that there’s a problem are too busy fighting each other over who’s looking at the “right” end of the same tunnel. That’s due to a combination of anger, ignorance, pride and stubbornness. Of all people here, Censor has kinda talked about this obliquely and simply gotten shit on for doing so.

          I mean, I try to be nicer and less troll-like about this but do you have any idea the shit I’ve taken for pointing out small-fry scary facts about Boomer finances? That your average Boomer’s retirement account is literal poverty before taxes? That this has been papered over by specialty financial instruments for two decades to keep them from noticing? All I get back is “MiLLeNnIaLs iZ tRaSH! bOoMeRz hAz MoNiEs!”. The unvarnished truth, were I to say it in person is this: “Nah, statistically speaking ya’ll are fucking poors and too goddamn ignorant and brainwashed to realize that you got fucked on the backend while Millennials mostly see it up front. You’re both looking at a damned dragon but have the knives out for each other in a full-retard argument about the exact description of the beast rather than uniting to attack the creature, which is really the only hope for either group or the country at large.”

          • When I was in 8th grade, we had a hard-right history teacher. There were only two of we students to score 100% on every test. The Teach held us back one day, and told us the if we would act out on certain days, and get detention, he would be the warden on those day and we could “really get educated”. Acting out, for me, was a natural. Eventually, my parents objected to so many detentions, but between I learned quite a bit….especially the Ponzi scheme that was/is Soc Sec.

            Between parents (depression survivors) and education, I knew the government was making dependents of the populace, and subsistence dependents at that. We had a strong savings and investment culture at home. Also, one of my best friends had a father who visited schools and taught a primer on communism. Great training for someone at a most impressionable time. The central committee is not supposed to be the main topic of discussion, daily. I am not fooled. Nor are all the boomers.

            The circle is unbroken: wealthy nations ultimately destroy themselves. Many here seem to be convinced that a second term for Trump will put an end to liberal/dimwitocrat/leftist nonsense. Perhaps, perhaps, but not likely. Another Trump term will inflame the idiot class beyond what has not been seen in modern times. But worst of all, there is no disruptor on the Republicrat bench to carry on the work.

            I can’t think of any other nation in history that arrested its slide into ignominy, nor recovered from it.

            Life taught me that “the poor” are “the poor” largely because they make terrible financial and personal decisions. We can none of us control what life flings at us, but we can control how we respond. In the end, life is a constant stream of decisions we make; no one else, just us. And mostly we hope to escape negative consequences. Humans are base and evil at the core, they are not perfectable. They/we can only try to get there, never arriving. Or….we can chose to simply drift along on our instincts.

        • strych9,

          Now you piqued my interest: do tell in clear terms what you are hinting about.

          I hope you have seen enough of my comments to realize that I am an intelligent person who loves to learn and see other points-of-view. (Note that I have actually defended or said kudos to Chief Sensor at times that he is factually correct.)

  29. Jesuits have been sticking it up boy’s butts for generations. I thought that Tong had aged out, but apparently not.

  30. Might Mr.Tong, for his most egregious and offensive acts, be executed at dawn? My own thought concerning this bureaucratic fiasco could be summed up as follows. Mr.Tong might advise the university bureaucrats as to what they can do with their “findings”. Take the findings, and the finders and stick the findings were the sun doesn’t shine.

  31. He needs to sue for infringement of his First and Second Amendment rights. He needs to add prejudicial decision making on the part of Fordham against him because he is Asian.

    • Asians already lost that fight when they sued Harvard for discrimination. Liberal Ideologies will Never be defeated in a court system Controlled by Liberals.

  32. I believe that as an Asian, Mr. Tong is member of a minority so he has standing under the Civil Rights Act. He can sue for civil rights violations and will most likely win if he does. The BoR absolutely does apply to private entities where minorities are concerned. Hence the gay guys get their wedding cake.

    Would such a win do anyone, including him, any good? Absolutely not. Nothing will change.

    I will not contribute to his cause because he supports BLM and is, therefore, a Marxist masquerading as a conservative for the purpose of raising money.

  33. Further proof that “social media” has become “anti-social media” and needs to die. Instead of a great unifying set of platforms, it is a tool of voluntary mass surveillance. Social media needs to be drug into the town square, tied to a pole, and shot.
    Change my mind.

  34. Poor guy. His family came over here only to find that the same types of assholes and ideologies that perpetrated the Tiananmen Square Massacre run his university.

  35. 1st Amendment violation, private school or not. he can easily have a civil case against the school for violation of that at least. The burden of proof will lay with the school to interpret the “hate crime” violation. He is after all of Chinses origin. In my opinion, I think a good lawyer could definitely get this done right. If BLM can incite this crap they do and not be labeled as hate crimes, then he can win this easily. Get the lawyer for the catholic school kid. Easy win.

  36. Hello, these kinds of things are terrifying. They shouldn’t take place. It is therefore preferable to move to distance learning and use the same resources today Additionally, stay away from libraries and sports areas, as well as crowds. The world is changing drastically right now, and more people are choosing to pursue their education online.

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