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The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs writes [via]: Two students at Lacey Township High-school, NJ were suspended for posting a picture of themselves shooting guns at a private gun range with the caption “fun day at the range“. The school’s zero tolerance policy says that students cannot be in possession of weapons at any time, whether on or off campus . . .

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs today demanded in a lawyer letter that the Lacey Township School District immediately rescind disciplinary actions taken against several students for posting social media photos of themselves near firearms at a target range.

The student handbook in that district provides that students are subject to suspension if they are “reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose whether on or off school grounds during the academic year” [emphasis added}.

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs attorney Dan Schmutter penned the lawyer letter, which also demands that the school district rescind its unconstitutional policy, clear the records of the students disciplined, and apologize to the students and their families.

“Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs is prepared to sue if the school district refuses to do the right thing,” said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. “Schools do not have the authority to chill the First or Second Amendment rights of their students off of school grounds, and this blatant infringement of constitutional rights will not be tolerated.”

The Lacey Township School District did not reply to our request for comments. 

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  1. How nice of the school to assume responsibility for others kids 24 hours a day seven days a week.

    Fascist pigs…

    • Actually the “policy” is a memo of “understanding” between the cops and the district that calls on the school to notify the cops if there is an UNLAWFUL USE OF GUNS. Not “just” a “use” of guns. I have written the school board that they have committed a Title IX violation by not following their own policy.

    • And anti-American socialist/Communist/Democrat liberals shouldn’t have Constitutional rights – period. That’s how entire classes/races of people die.

    • I guess we better remove all swimming pools from residences also. We better prohibit all sports, skiing and every other conceivable potentially dangerous activity because “People Die”
      We should prohibit alcohol also. How many people have died due to alcohol and all related effects and injuries? Oh, let’s not forget my favorites, tobacco and preventable medical mistakes! Just between those two, they are responsible for around 800,000 deaths a year.

      Kids shooting at the range……give me a f—ing break.

      • we better ban cars more kids die in cars than anything else. kids are not experienced enough to drive…. people are idiots we can not control everybody by laws. what happened to common sense…

    • 20 or so “children” a day die in vehicle accidents. So I guess we must ban cars? More kids die while texting…that goes back to banning 4,000 pound death machines and smart phones. Let’s not forget that over 1,000 people are murdered every year with edged instruments…KNIVES. Bye bye Wusthof…And yes Britain is entertaining banning sale and possession of KITCHEN knives to “kids”. It must have been a wonderful world pre firearms…NO murders, assaults, wars…What was the waiting period on rocks, slings, spears and the jawbone of an ass? What do you call an 18 year old in your state? In Michigan we call them adults. They can get commercial drivers licenses and drive 26,000+ pound death machines, be nurses, take college courses involving dangerous chemicals and hazmat materials, pass college classes and be a nurse at 20…

    • These kids have all of the rights of constitution. There is NO age requirement for the protections of the Bill of Rights. I hope the school district is force to PUBLICLY admit their criminal activity. Kids at a range under adult supervision are less likely to make criminal use of firearms. The left equates firearms with criminal behavior. This is why they want to outlaw all firearms.

    • The Truth is Absent; Fools like you should lose their 1st through 10 Amendment rights. Libturds need to experience the results of their behaviors painfully. Otherwise they will never learn anything.

  2. A wee bit over-zealous, what? I guess it’s good that they’re monitoring their students’ social media so as to stop suicides/mass murders, but this is both wrong and ineffective (assuming their only goal is stopping tragedy, which I assume it probably isn’t).

  3. Is hunting a thing in New Jerseystan?

    Unconstitutional is clearly correct. I’ll be interested to see the courts twist this one.

  4. The truth hurts,

    Dead on. If there had been no guns, there would be no such thing as violence or murder, because there would be nothing with which to cause any level of pang to anyone. If only there were more people like us!

  5. Does anyone know why the reply button is broken? How are we supposed to have our fights, ahem, I mean discussions, without it? THE FASCISTS ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST US. FIGHT. FIGHT WITH ALL YOU HAVE, ESPECIALLY IF IT’S A KEYBOARD AND INTERNET CONNECTION.

  6. I just hope this is ridiculous enough to even make some of the liberals question the way things are going. Even moderate liberals have to be saying “are you f***ing kidding”.

  7. Lmao.

    I mean really, what is wrong with people.
    Why does it seem that every has lost the ability to reason, to analyze, evaluate and come to conclusions.

    We’ve shifted into a satirical alternative dimension, right?

    Am I being punk’d? Kutcher? Where are you??

  8. If these young people were with their parents while at the shooting range, this is definitely out of bounds to penalize these students. The school is not Big Brother and should be sued to the maximum allowable by law. Smuck these smug elitists.

  9. Lol we’ve identified a dangerous child because he was in possession of a weapon ever. Let’s suspend him for a day. Problem solved.

  10. The Truth Hurts & OmnivorousBeorn;
    The Reply Button is broken because you are the same person. Also, we have limited all internet access coming from your mother’s basement and in your room upstairs. You’ll thank us many years from now when you’re all grown up.

    • It isn’t called NEW GERMANY for no reason. I wonder if they will make the kids sew little yellow ar’s on their shirts?

  11. All I can say is

    Lacey Township High-school, NJ JUST paid for this kids HARVARD education and his first Lambo and mansion!

  12. Crap; I hope my son’s School District doesn’t go this way or we’ll have to move to private and/or home schooling. He’s fired guns before, so he must be a horrible threat. He’s been since he was like 5, apparently.

  13. @the truth hurts,

    Youre a freaking moron. Liberals should not have the right to free speech because they LIE incessantly. Hows that for arbitrarily denying someone their rights.

    And the parents need to sue the school. The school has ZERO freaking say over what kids do on their own time off of school grounds. And the antifa b1tches call conservatives fascists… pffft

  14. Now that the spotlight is on them, my guess is the school will back down. They have to know they would lose in court, and they won’t want the legal precedent. They’ll offer a non-apology (carefully crafted so as not to admit guilt), reverse the action, wait until the spotlight moves elsewhere, and quietly go back to their authoritarian ways. That’s how it will be until there is some personal accountability for government officials who abuse their authority to make political statements.

  15. GAAAAHHHH!!!
    I can’t “reply” to the trolls!!! The stupid, f^@!ng button doesn’t work!!! (whimpers helplessly)

    … I’m gonna go beat my head against the wall for a bit now – which would likely be more productive than spouting off at the troll anyway…

    • Having a partly functional website usually pisses users and readers off, this is the first time the damn reply button has worked in the last week.

  16. Rusty Nales,

    A) Nope, we’re different people. The only proof I have of that is that Beorn is a Tolkein character. He wasn’t a statist. Here’s Tolkien on himself: “My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs) . . . the most improper job of any man . . . is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.”

    B) My internet is fine.

    C) Not being “The truth hurts,” I can’t speak for him, but for myself, I was kidding. The thought process was that if he’s not kidding, then I’m using humor/sarcasm/straw man fallacy to rebut him; and if he was kidding, we’re just here having a good time.

    Welcome to the joke, and have a nice day.

  17. Hey, it’s just school administrators being school administrators.

    No wonder kids go apesh!t and start shooting everybody in sight.

  18. Bloving,

    Read part C of my post above.

    I guess this is what I get for not practicing what I preach by not explicitly saying in my initial post that it’s a joke.

  19. No scouting in NJ? Nobody camping, wood working, making sandwiches? No kids digging in the garden?

    Literally every fucking thing is a weapon from guns to knives to screwdrivers to sticks, stones and bare hands. None of these kids have after school martial arts classes, right?

    Why are educators so goddamn stupid?

    • Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Those that can’t teach, teach teachers. And if they are too stone stupid to do that, they make them school administrators.

  20. Please for the love of god, don’t let them just apologize and clear the records. Take them to court, no settlements, no quiet backdoor deals. Take them into the spotlight and burn them. This is an absolute abomination of government overreach, and this is one place where taking the high road should not be tolerated. Destroy them in court.

  21. When they are off campus they are sons and daughters. If the school wants to assume responsisbility for them 24/7, the school district can pay their orthodontic/dental bills. The facist state of New Jersey needs an enema.

  22. While out here in the real world, Archery season just ended and the High School Trap season is starting. Both as school sports. And where they transport the tools on the school bus (but can’t have on the school grounds).

  23. I’d like to see these same rules upheld for anyone eating at Outback Steakhouse, Longhorn, etc. Steak knives under almost any school code of conduct are classified as a weapon. But I bet they won’t be punishing anyone that way cause they know it’s ridiculous and infringes on rights.

  24. Truth hurts wants to tell us how our youth should behave and that they’re not allowed to have guns. Get a life you @#$% and i’ll leave it at that or RF will ban me for life if I told you how I really feel. Dam libs have nothing better to do than try and rule other peoples lives.

  25. Oh no. I just saw a kid with 5 gallons of gasoline, another with a hammer, another with a screwdriver, another driving, one with a knife, and I even saw a kid with an axe. I am so glad to know that the great schools from the great state of New Jersey will be suspending these kids as well

    Preemptive flame deleted…..

    Molon labe

  26. Sue the school district and include in the lawsuit that the superintendent , principal and school board will be removed. Also sue these individuals for civil rights violations. HOME SCHOOL !

  27. This is fake news planted by the Russians. Even New Jersey educators aren’t that stupid. Just not possible.

  28. When I was in public school they couldn’t control the students on campus. If it has improved so much that there’s no scrapping or bullying on campus and they can focus on the kid’s private lives that is impressive.

  29. If it were my kid, I’d destroying careers, livelihoods, and lives. The perpetrators would have to leave the state, if not the country. Some people actually think they can’t be hounded to their graves. Boy are they ever wrong.

  30. The truth hurts says:
    March 16, 2018 at 17:05
    The school did the exact right thing. Kids shouldnt have guns – period. That’s how people die.

    Really! You’re going to run with that? I see you found that the “Reply” link isn’t working.

    My son has been handling firearms since he was twelve (I apologize to him for starting him late). Nobody’s died. He currently owns a few different rifles – one of which he worked to pay for himself. He and I have lots of fun when we go to the range together – family bonding. He just can’t understand some of his peers; the failure of our high school systems and can’t wait to put that chapter of his life behind him.

    You really should remove your head from that body cavity – that’s not what it was intended for. That may be the cause of the pain you’re feeling.

  31. I did not read all the comments because guess the school should keep their students from having anything that kills. They can start with cars. Why not. (sarcasm) for those of you that believe the school has the right to take the freedom away from their students 24/7.

  32. @Chip Davis: Yes, hunting is a thing in New Jersey, especially in Ocean County, where Lacey Township is located. When I went to high school (at Southern Regional in Manahawkin, NJ, just south of Lacey Twp.) not only was the absence rate about 50% on the first day of duck and deer seasons, the school had a Bow and Gun Club, owned four .22 rifles and four shotguns, and had a 50 yd. four lane rifle range on school property!

  33. Check your local school’s “social media” policy. As sure as a cop is a useless tax parasite the school board claims the right to violate First Amendment, even for content not on school computers and posted during non school hours.

  34. OmnivorousBeorn:
    Right on! We all know that there was no such a thing as murders until guns came along. The entirety of human history was one long, peaceful, unicorn dream world until guns came along and wrecked it for us.
    Ahhh, if only we could go back to those peaceful days of slavery and highwaymen. Crucifixions, public floggings, tortures, dungeons, cannibalism, boiling people alive…. Those were surely the days! If only the progressives can take us all back there. Civilization bores me.

    • Oh for sure! Maybe we can achieve people in tie dye shirts singing kumbaya and smoking pot, but that won’t be a global dream until we repeal America.

      Lol, they weren’t kidding when they said ignorance was bliss . . . I’ll get used to this if I’m not careful.

  35. By way of reply to anyone stating some variety of “sue the bastards”; Ya’ll do realize that school districts, like all governments everywhere, have only money they collect from their citizens, yes? That any judgment against them, or any settlement that NJ might make, will be paid for BY THE
    CITIZENS? So you are actually advocating for the suing of yourself?

    • I think this sort of power-crazed government worker should be sued to the point of personal bankruptcy, and held criminally liable for official oppression under color of law. Trump and Sessions should be making examples of these people with vigorous Federal civil-rights prosecutions.

      As Alinsky taught, you hurt the little people, not the institutions. Hit them again and again and again, until their lives are in ashes, and all the other worthless lazy government scum get the message to leave us alone.

    • Ken, not so fast! You cannot sue a school board for more than $250. This was one of the few things that I learned in Ed school. I also learned that almost all of my fellow students were low IQ libturds. The best part of that class were the nightmares that these libturds had to live through and talk about in class. Their students ripped them new holes you know where. I had to babysit a class that couldn’t be controlled by a student teacher. I explained to her that if you are not a god in your class, the kids will end your career quickly.
      The kids want interesting classes, not boring BS delivered by the teacher to the white or blackboard. I suggested to new teacher to watch the science channel, the Discovery Channel, and, Connections! They should completely ignore everything that they were told to try with the students.

  36. If I didn’t already homeschool, a school trying something like that with my kids would be damn well enough to make me.

  37. Sue for money or to make someone stop doing something that is unconstitutional? I know the “American Way” has become a “get the lawyers rich quick” scheme, but what are the real damages here- monetary or loss of a liberty? If a lawsuit makes them change their ways and respect one’s rights in the future, and with some financial backing from civil rights-oriented groups to help defray legal costs, it’d be worth it IMO.

  38. They drive and text at the same time. I’d feel safer at the range than on the highway with H.S. students.

  39. Doubtful a lawsuit would go anywhere. In all probability the parents signed a waiver giving the school system the ability to monitor and act on student’s internet activity. Remember that paper you signed agreeing that your child would obey the rules in the student handbook?

    • This is why u don’t sign away your rights to anyone when it comes to school and the lawyer can nullify what the parents signed.

  40. No surprise here: my children attended Lacey in the late 80s. My children were good practicing Catholic Christians when we arrived; my oldest a daughter was a Wiccan when she graduated. My oldest son became an atheist after attending Lacey HS science classes and our youngest just doesn’t care anymore about his faith. I am not saying Lacey was the only contributing factor but their policies sure did help my children’s wayward trends in their religious faith. The anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment paranoia had not yet got into full swing back then, but the anti-religion, anti family biases sure were there. Regrettably we the parents failed to recognize the signs of what was happening too late.


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