Atlanta Rayshard Brooks shooting surge
A Wendy's restaurant is demolished Tuesday, July 14, 2020, in Atlanta. The resaurant was the scene where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed on June 12, 2020, by an Atlanta police officer following a struggle during a DUI arrest. (AP Photo/Jeff Amy)
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As of July 11, 106 people were shot over a 28-day period, marking a sharp increase from 40 people during the same period in 2019, according to data compiled by the Atlanta Police Department.

Victims who have died this month include 30-year-old Rudolph Johnson, a rising Atlanta rapper known as Lil Marlo, as well as an 8-year-old girl.

A spokesman for the southeast regional International Brotherhood of Police Officers, the Atlanta police union, didn’t respond to requests for comment. But the union has publicly stated that officers have stopped policing as aggressively, after what they see as an antipolice sentiment developed among local officials after the killing of Rayshard Brooks by an Atlanta police officer in a Wendy’s parking lot on June 12.

Sgt. John Chafee, a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department, declined to address the causes of the increased violence, calling the recent surge in homicides “especially concerning to us,” and “something we will not tolerate.”

Meanwhile, political leaders have sparred over the question—and how best to respond to the violence.

– Sabrina Siddiqui in Violent Crime Surges in Atlanta Amid Rising Unemployment, Tensions Over Policing

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    • Its only common sense if they are dictating it to POTG, it doesn’t apply to them as they already know better…😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣, also you comments are racist, check your racism…😂🤣🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣

      • Why is nobody mentioning the senseless loss of up-and-coming rappers? It’s never an up-and-coming ice cream salesman involved in a shooting.

        • Better yet, I haven’t seen any mention (unless I missed it while scrolling) in the comments below about the flyer posted on the telephone pole in the article’s photo.

          All of us have read the articles (elsewhere besides TTAG) over the past couple of years in which some anonymous person stapled a flyer with the simple words “It’s Okay To Be White”, and suddenly the local university or township authorities vowed to fully investigate the clearly racist action. And yet, where is the pearl-clutching and promises of hellfire when pro-black flyers are posted? Or the ones that go even further and are not only pro-black, but explicitly anti-white?

          Frankly, I’m just becoming exhausted from all the racist news coming from all corners over the past few years. It would otherwise have turned into white noise (pun not intended, but please enjoy) for me to ignore, if the recent BLM protests/riots had not become so serious.

          Just yesterday, yet another newbie spoke to me about his new handgun and how he wants to learn how to properly use it…and how he made the decision to finally buy because of the increasing racial violence. Even Nick Cannon (the actor, chuckle snort) has begun encompassing all non-whites into a single term of “melanized people”.

  1. I would refer to this as the “Ferguson Effect” rather than the “Minneapolis Effect”. Minneapolis happened because a bad cop did something mortally stupid then the responsible politicians had the city commit suicide. Ferguson happened because a good cop did his job, was forced to fight for his life, then a lying media and opportunistic politicians twisted it in to an anti cop political narrative. Atlanta is more Ferguson than Minneapolis.

    • >mortally stupid

      Not so much. Against protocol, yes. -Potentially- dangerous, absolutely. But the Hennepin county coroner found that Floyd did not die of traumatic injury (see sections I and III-B.)

      Most likely he died of an adrenaline and fentanyl induced heart attack (sections II, IV, VI) exacerbated by difficulty breathing as a result of having recently contracted COVID-19 (pg. 9 “lungs”). That’s just speculation though. What is clear is that he did NOT die of strangulation or neck trauma. Well, unless you think the coroner is lying, but that seems like a risky move when there was already an independent autopsy scheduled.

      Anyway, against protocol? Absolutely. Excessive force? Probably, but his colleagues on the scene didn’t seem to think so. Bad cop? Not enough evidence to support that; definitely reckless cop if he made a habit of using his knee as a neck restraint, but until we find out what was in the other complaints against him (of which virtually all cops have many, I would like to point out) we won’t know that one way or the other. Murderer? Absolutely not, unless you think every chronically ill drug addict that dies of lifestyle related causes during an arrest was also murdered.

      • I cannot get that image out of my mind, the famous photo, and think of the cop so non-chalantly squeezing Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes, long past the point where Floyd had stopped resisting. That makes me think first degree premeditated murder is possible, just as it would for any civilian who kept beating somebody, or chased an unarmed burglar down the street for 9 minutes. At some point it ceases to be passion or a reaction and becomes planned and intentional. Of course, IANAL and details matter, but as a human being, that is the kind of cop I would not want.

      • The main complaint I’ve heard is that it was a racist attack. Police wake up in the morning looking to take out black men, and this was his for the day. So how was this racist again? I seriously never heard that part explained.

      • How about someone put their knees on your neck for 9 minutes and we see how you do? Get the f*** out of here with that shit.

        • I don’t care either way, but just wait until Chauvin is acquitted. Then we’ll see some real fireworks.

        • He will be acquitted because the dumb a$$ democrats over charged this cop. And the world is going to find out that “his knee on the neck” procedure was written into the democrat city police department training hand book.
          He was following Democrat control city police approved policy.

          After the acquittal the rioters will set off “neutron bombs” in US cities. They will make large US cities uninhabitable.

      • An overdose of fentanyl causes respiratory distress and death. I have never seen any proof that that cop was applying enough pressure to choke someone to death. He had his hands in his pockets and was barely leaning forward.
        I will not be surprised if the the facts ultimately show that Floyd actually dies from a fentanyl overdose.

        • You might be correct on why he died in the first place. But never forget the Libertarians support drug use. They just don’t support being held accountable when your drug use makes you do stupid sh#t. And you end up dead in the end.
          And then they will blame the government for the drug addicts death.

          Freddy Gray in Baltimore MD had serious health problems and was a drug user. He died in police custody. The court found the cops didn’t kill him. They overcharged them. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t his fault that his drug use killed him. It was “the governments fault”.

      • You are terminally stupid. The title of your own document is “CARDIOPULMINARY ARREST COMPLICATING LAW ENFORCEMENT SUBDUAL, RESTRAINT, AND NECK COMPRESSION.” In small words you might understand, that means his heart and breathing stopped because of police holding him and squeezing his neck. The full coroner’s report ruled it homicide (caused by actions of another person), not an accident (overdose) or natural causes (disease).

        • Someone so stupid shouldn’t be calling others terminally stupid.
          ““CARDIOPULMINARY ARREST COMPLICATING LAW ENFORCEMENT SUBDUAL, RESTRAINT, AND NECK COMPRESSION.”” means that the law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression was the base activity. That is what was complicated by the inconsiderate prick having a heart attack in the middle of it.

          There is plenty of video showing him fighting being put in a police car and complaining that he couldn’t breath long before he was on the ground. The man had a heart attack. It had nothing to with the arrest. He just picked the crappiest time in the world to have that heart attack.

          if he had not been on meth and fentanyl he would not have had the heart attack and he would have gotten arrested and gone to jail. If he had not gotten arrested but still been on meth and fentanyl he would have had a heart attack in his car and his homies would have dumped him out the door outside the ER and driven away.

        • I’m pretty sure the Coroner likes their job and would very much like not to have their house burned down around their ears.

    • You could just call it all the democrat effect, because they’re the ones with blood on their hands. This outcome was 100% predictable and preventable. We discussed it right here on this site after Floyd’s death.

      • Pretty much. I’m tempted to say it goes beyond avoidable to intentional, but I’m pretty sure the Democrats don’t deserve that much credit.

    • At least 9 black children aged 10 or younger have been killed by black on black violence in July. Who has been doing the killing? People who would shove a pistol into the belly of a pregnant black woman, that’s who. If George Floyd wasn’t living the thug life he never would have encountered Derek Chauvin. I have lost all sympathy.

  2. How best to respond to the violence? Carry a firearm. You are your own first responder.

  3. Liberals running major cities joined with Police Unions to get the Unions to provide them with funding so more Liberals could get elected. As a result, “Bad Cops” generally can’t be fired without Union approval. Sooo – Bad Cops get to stay on the job. Likewise, the Liberals also joined with Teacher Unions, and “Bad Teachers” don’t get fired. This has been going on for decades.

    Now those actions are resulting in riots, and Liberals blame Trump??? Riots happened in Liberal run cities before Trump even thought about running.

    • During the civil rights era of the 60s, the main complaint was that there weren’t black people in charge. They argued if only they could get black people in charge, we wouldn’t be dealing with these “racist” issues. The Chief of Police in Minneapolis is black. The mayor in Atlanta is black. We were told the Baltimore police were a bunch of racists for letting Freddie Gray die. Half of the cops indicted for that were black, the mayor was black, the police chief was black, and the DA was black. Yet, it was STILL whitey’s fault. They still blame white on black racism for everything.

      • One wonders who they’ll blame when the 8% white population is bred out of existence.

        The “white legecy” will do for a generation at least. Then they’ll have to find another scapegoat. Asians, maybe? Or just go full dark continent and start warlording each other for beans.

        Looking around today I now know why we haven’t been visited by time travellers from the future. The Morloks win apparently.

        • The USA will then become the next Empire of Dust. Hanzu will rule over everyone with an iron fist as witnessed by the Falun Gong, Uyghurs, etc.

    • Too many so-called conservatives have accepted the faux Libertarian view of the police. It should be clear by now it isn’t about bad cops, or unions or pensions. It is about the rejection of law itself.

      • “It is about the rejection of law itself.”

        No, it is about bad cops, and the good cops who refuse to rebel when bad cops get away with crimes. It is about the general cophood that decides their job is control, not response. It is about egregious violations (sanctioned by the US Supreme Court) of the 4th and 8th Amendments in conducting, and benefiting from Civil Asset Forfeiture.

        Quality Control specialists in manufacturing eventually come to believe that the company produces only junk. Police eventually come to believe that every non-cop is a criminal who hasn’t been caught yet. This is human nature, and it is possible there is no cure for it.

        Those of us who criticize actions of police are not cop haters, just prudent, skeptical individuals. Criticism of bad actors is not hate. Police expect the populace to be accountable to police. See the problem there?

        • I criticize the cops as well. But the sole focus on the cops is not the solution. If Libertarians really want to fix the government. Then support the ending ALL GOVERNMENT labor unions.
          No teachers union. No union for any level of government worker. Federal, state, or local. This way the bad ones can be fired ASAP.
          FBI agents have a labor too union. And federal cops can be just as corrupt as cops in Minneapolis.

          • Agree with eliminating government unions. The reality is that unions made up of government employees means the government is negotiating with itself about spending taxpayer money. More money and paid benefits to government employees means larger budgets for the government agencies. If there are to be government unions, the charters should be limited to physical health and safety of the workspace.

        • to Sam I Am
          We can all blame President Kennedy. It was his executive order. That gave government workers the right to unionize. I guess he was paying off the AFLCIO???
          Kennedy’s old man did have “connections” in that part of Chiaq.

          • “We can all blame President Kennedy. It was his executive order.”

            Not sure it would matter if Abraham Lincoln had created government unions. The result would be the same.

        • I am throwing the BS flag. Why does it always appear that bad cops are exposed when some thug resists arrest or attacks an officer? You would think the bad cops would be looking for trouble. Bad cops are typically the ones wjo are on the take and spend most their time in the donut shop. You, like too many on the right, have been fooled by faux Libertarians into supporting a radical left wing agenda.

          • “Bad cops are typically the ones wjo are on the take…”

            Let’s follow your assertion….

            Cops in donut shops are always bad cops on the take. That makes bad cops quite visible. So, what is the excuse for these bad cops not being arrested on the spot?

            Ok, let’s assume that bad cops are actually invisible, unseeable by good cops. How does anyone know bad cops exist?

            It is simple, everytime a cop is arrested and charged with a crime, they were not really invisible to the rest of the force. But how many of these bad cops were stopped at their first offense?

            Fact, bad cops exist in every district, and few are ever caught at their first offense. “Good cops” are faced with real consequences of exposing deeds of the “brotherhood”, and bad cops are relatively immune. Do you think it was the Keystone Cops who were responsible for handling Jeffery Epstein, or maybe that a bunch of good cops just happened to malfunction all at once?

            Now, long ago, summer break between high school and college I had a job as an encyclopedia sales rep (yep, the whole thing turned out to be a scam). We operated as several teams, different cities and different parts of the same cities. One late afternoon, my entire team was rounded up by the local cops (medium sized town). We were taken to the cop house, and held in a drunk tank. After a few hours, our “district manager” arrived and spoke with the cop chief. Soon, we were all released (after the “district manager” paid “fines for all of us”), and we went directly back to our main office and sent home. I phoned in my resignation the next day.

            Our names were never taken, and we were never charged with anything. But the “fines” were paid. Didn’t need a Libertarian or Leftist to tell me anything about bad cops.

      • ” It is about the rejection of law itself.”

        This has been my basic problem with the Libertarian thinking. In their Utopian view there are no laws at all. And they believe in government funding “their fun” times. Government funds for “drug Injection Centers”. So they can get “safe” heroin to use. “Free” pot from the local government supported discrepancy.

        They are against the cops. They are against the military. But they support government force that takes tax $$$ to pay for their demands of services from the government.

        Real freedom means a church or a synagogue has the freedom to call out sin in public. (the 1st amendment) And they have the right to protest in front of abortion centers. And they have a right to burn a gay flag, as well as an american flag. I think both are an act of hate. And not all, but many of the three L’s are hateful people. Or burn their own collection of rock and roll records. All are your 1st amendment right to do. But they’re not supported by the three L’s.

        But they don’t really support freedom. They don’t support Liberty. But they do use the “fig leaf” of support for cross burning to show they support the 1st amendment. Same when they supported a National Socialist march in a holocaust survivor neighborhood.

        Now you are a racist and a criminal. So says the head Libertarian. If you defend yourself using your birthright of the second amendment.

        “Libertarian Party Chair Tweets That Armed Lawyers Defending Their Property Are Criminals”

        These same people support Klan and and Nazi marches???

        “There will be no crime if everything is made legal.”

        • Unfortunately, even the LP proper confuses Anarchists/Anarchism with Libertarians/Libertarianism.

  4. There’s also the “Washington Monument” or “Yellowstone” effect. When budget cuts threaten your bureaucracy, cut the most public and most wanted service to create the most public anguish. Why cut the lucrative War on Drugs and asset forfeiture when it’s so much easier to cut expensive patrols and 911 responses which spend money rather than bring in revenue?

    • “When budget cuts threaten your bureaucracy, cut the most public and most wanted service to create the most public anguish.”

      Yep, and whenever the citizens recoil, reinstate what you cut to restore the peace, without ever having really jeopardized your place at the trough. Bait and switch. Snakes.

  5. This is about the dissolution of law and order in the major metropolitan areas, many of which are controlled by Democrats and have large Democrat voting bases. This is not the “Minneapolis/Ferguson/Chicago/New York City/Los Angeles/or any other Locality Effect”. It is about the “Democrat Effect”. It is about building on the COVID-19 experiment to make the people who live in the major metropolitan areas more compliant to government control. It is about making those people so desperate to believe they are somewhat safe as to accept anything the national government decrees or imposes on them. It is about making “public safety” seem more important than rights and liberty. It is about making everyone who conforms to the herd mentality accept the government’s condemnation and oppression of anyone who dares act or think in contradiction to what the official party line dictates. It is not an “effect” it is the deliberate execution of a plan to reshape American society and replace the Constitutional Republic and everything it represents to the individual.

    • There seems to be a desire for maximum Chaos.

      Atlanta, Portland and Seattle did this to themselves.

      • Yes. The cities you listed like the ones I listed and many others have done this to themselves, but it is not coincidental. It is part of a larger plan. That plan was to have come to fruition when Hillary Clinton became President in 2016. Along cane Donald Trump who launched a massively successful American Nationalist movement and defeated H. C. Via the Electoral College. Hence, we have had four years of increasing chaos. Now, the “Democrats” hope, it will come to fruition in November 2020 with the election of Joe Biden and a “Democrat” takeover of Congress. Biden is an empty husk and take careful note of who is selected to run with him as VP candidate. That person will be President before Biden’s first year in the White House is over.

    • It has nothing to do with Covid. It is the effect of a relentless attack on the legitimacy of 2016 election and the office of the President. The Democrat Party has convinced a large segment of the population that the system is illegitimate.

      • No…No! The “COVID-19 Experiment“ is just one more part of the relentless attacks on Trump’s usurpation of the “Hillary was supposed to win” plan. Starting with “Russian collusion” to Impeachment, each assault became more desperate and deadly. The COVID-19 ploy is arguably the most desperate and deadly both in immediate and long term effect. The previous assaults on Trump would have left Mike Pence in the White House and a new obstacle to deal with. If COVID-19 gets Biden elected, it’s win-win at last for the Marxist/Globalists, including the Chinese and George Soros.

        • You measure the death rate by excess deaths. That eliminates the “they were going to die anyway” contingent. Up to this point excess deaths are running almost 30% higher than the C19 total. We are underestimating C19 deaths. And no, it’s not deaths from despair or broken hearts or essentially surgeries not happening. None of those are real.

          • Death rates for COVID-19 are not, as yet, actually certain. Much garbage has gone into the data and only garbage can come out. I advert to the fact that some, possibly many, of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 are the direct result of the disease. Similarly the infection rate is very muddy despite “testing”.

            Possibly you inferred from my use of the word “deadly” that I was referring principally to death rates, but I used the word much more broadly. The COVID-19 response was deadly to the economy, independent businesses, families, American workers, institutions, our liberty, our Religions and a host of other aspects of our “normal” lives. Insofar as related deaths by suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse and missed health treatments, it is simply cavalier to dismiss those issues as irrelevant.

            We may never know the full and exact consequences of “the Chinese virus”, but those consequences extend far beyond just the number of persons who were sickened and those killed directly or indirectly by the pandemic.

            Getting back to what I was originally saying: This is about removing Donald Trump from the Presidency and tearing down the American Constitutional Republic. This is about a Marxist coup.

  6. See that sign in the picture? Replace black with white. How would the media react to that? They would be hunting down the people that put it up for a hate crime. I know this because that’s exactly what happened when a sign put up in the local university merely stated: It’s okay to be white. The university president even got on the news and said that wouldn’t be tolerated. I wish I was kidding.

    On a related note, I’m sure it’s fine that they destroyed that business, because…insurance, amiright? It’s just stuff, and a place where people worked and contributed to the local economy, but who cares about that?

  7. “Blame the Nationwide Surge in Shootings, at Least in Part, on the Minneapolis Effect”

    Nope, I’m going to blame it on bad people doing bad things.

    We need a new law to make that illegal.


    There, that should help until our Glorious Leaders get the new law passed.

    No need to thank me, I’m here to help.

  8. Now wait a second. I’ve read on these pages for years how police are essentially after-the-fact second responders who draw the chalk outlines and write the reports. That is, police presence does not prevent crime. How can their absence now foster a surge in shootings?

    Unless TTAG and the POTG are repudiating that stance, then there is no such thing as the Minneapolis or Ferguson effect. Can’t have it both ways, Although, some will spend the rest of their day responding to this post, caught by their own logic and scribbling furiously to escape.

    • I’m not sure if you’re serious, or just a troll. A heavy police presence helps to deter crime. Why do you think gas stations give cops free coffee and discounts? They want a heavy police presence so they’re less likely to get robbed. You most likely don’t have a police presence at your house, so you’re on your own until they can get there. When a thief is picking a house to rob in the neighborhood, he’ll probably steer clear of the house with the cop car parked outside.

      Here’s a saying you’ve probably heard, “Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.” The mayors in these democrat run cities told the police to stand down. They created a dangerous precedent by letting criminals run off police and take over areas. Democrats and the media are going out of their way to demonize police instead of criminals. When the police stand down, criminals are emboldened.

    • Police have no obligation to protect a specific individual (see Castle Rock v. Gonzales, et al). With a finite number of officers and non-zero response times, you cannot count on police to be able to reach you in time and stop the crime against you. You must be ready to be your own “first responder.”

      That doesn’t mean police are useless. They fight crime in general. The criminals have some risk of being caught and punished, whether immediate or not, which has a deterrent effect. They also bust criminals for minor things so they can’t commit major ones. A gang bangers in jail for selling drugs isn’t out doing a drive-by. When the police abandon an area (CHAZ/CHOP, Atlanta Wendy’s), they individually adopt a FIDO policy (F* It, Drive On), or the threat of punishment disappears (NYC no cash bond or Chicago revolving door), the downside of committing crimes goes away.

    • So you are saying that you aren’t more cautious about speeding when you know there are Highway Patrol out and about?

      • Cruise control set to 1 below the limit according to the GPS. Never worry about speeding fines. I stay out of overtaking lanes unless necessary, and indicate several seconds before changing lanes.

        Don’t give myself unnecessary stress and try not to upset other drivers.

    • When I first heard the anti-police rhetoric on TTAG I pointed out that the cops filter out most of the threat so we can hopefully remain keyboard commandos. We are seeing my opinion validated.

  9. Honestly I could care less about. Liberals killing each other or dying in these cities. They have created the “Utopia” of their own design. The business’s being burned, looted and kept closed were most likely owned by the very people who elected those allowing it to happen. The Liberal Ideology in these cities has been in control for years and in many cases for decades. From the education system to the city counsel, city services and mayor’s office. It is only now that “The People” are tasting the fruit of their labors. And realizing it doesn’t taste as sweet as they were promised. Keep’n My Powder Dry…Yours Is Up To You. Choose Wisely.

    • It’s a win-win situation for democrats. If Trump tries to restore law and order, the dems and the media will cry federal government overreach.

      • They’re already starting it. Federal officers (not army, but DHS, CBP, and Federal Marshals) started hauling antifa off the streets in Portland since late last week, since the city can’t or won’t protect the federal buildings there, and now all the usual sources are all yammering about “secret police.”

        • They are arresting the wrong people. They should start with the Mayor and work down from there. Taking them directly to Guantanamo.

        • Ironic as ANTIFA would use a very similar secret police on perceived class enemies.

          But send them on an extended Cuban holiday with water sports and electrifying night life. Sorry, that is indefinite detention with waterboarding and electric shock interrogation.

    • The word city had the same root as civilization. You may prefer to live elsewhere but without great cities you have no civilization.

  10. No, no, no. The cause of all the rise in violence is due to Trump being president. Before Trump, there was peace and tranquility throughout the realm. Read your history.

  11. Die, Minneapolis, die. And take Seattle and Portland with you.

    Stupid people elect stupid leaders. Thus, every city gets the government it deserves.

  12. Well, the liberal politicians want to appease, coddle and pander to the mobs. And they want to use the violence and chaos to promote their agendas by spinning the truth about what is actually happening.

    The police and even private citizens feel oppressed by the persecution of tough guy types and the new generation of pre-adolescent children crusaders. BLM supporters and protesters can ridicule, threaten and harass anyone at will through social media or by literally going to their homes or calling their place of employment to try and get them fired. These are basically semi-grown up, irrational, children who have become young adult bullies.

    They cry fake tears, pose as good guys and posture as warriors for peace and tranquility. BULLS#IT!!!

    They are punks and political bullies turned into social media terrorists and everything they justify is illegal and goes against the Constitution and our principles of freedom and individual rights.

    And our liberal leaders are ass licking cowards who are tough on the citizens, but total mice when it comes to the mobs.

  13. Blame the Nationwide Surge in Shootings, at Least in Part, on the Minneapolis Effect,Record Nationwide Gun Sales also.

    And yet while Failed un Constitutional gun control is set back on it’s heels,the Comiecrat party want’s to push further infringements on that which “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

  14. And…how many people have been shot by police during that same period? Hint: A whooooole lot less.
    Just who is shooting who these days?

  15. We were one of the safest countries on earth. Because we locked up millions of criminals. And the three L’s really felt guilty about it. They complained about our “very high ” prison population. But instead of making more people felons. Just make it easier to shoot criminals by law abiding civilians.

    The threat of being killed should be made the motivation to not commit a crime. Instead of the threat to be call a felon.

    But the three L’s don’t support making justifiable shootings more easier to do. Make it so that a criminal can’t sue a crime victim in a self defense shooting. And the criminals family can’t sue the city. Or sue the victims when the criminal family member is shot dead in a robbery.

    I remember read years ago when rape victims were being sued by their convicted rapists.

    • And releasing criminals from prison because they might get coronavirus. Criminals should realize death or injury is an occupational hazard not covered by OSHA. The risk of having coronavirus while in prison should be considered a similar risk, and much less of a risk to the community than if you released these prisoners.

      Don’t do crime and you won’t have the risks of death or injury.

  16. moot all moot….nothing “we” do or say will make a difference anymore. We the People have lost any and all control we were supposed to have per the US Constitution. We have allowed this, worthless candidates, crappy voting practices, indecisive support, failure to hold elected officials responsible, not voting idiots out. We have done this.

  17. What fraction of the casualties are gang trash shot by other gang trash? They are no loss. The casualty count that matters is the number of innocents who catch stray rounds because the gangbangers can’t shoot straight.

  18. @Kendahl

    Now that’s not fair! You have to blame all gun deaths on the guns not the people wielding them and the fact that the death actually benefits society is irrelevant, immaterial, and beside the point! After all how else will we ever get common sense gun control passed?

  19. 1) Politicians and police brass not wanting conflict. People were getting blown away in Seattle and Atlanta attributable directly to the police being pulled out of areas and those areas being taken over by gangs carrying long guns. You have an area controlled by warlords.

    2) Police learning not to engage. In Atlanta in particular, but also previously with Michael Brown and similar cases. Any encounter a police officer initiates can turn bad and if it does, the press will construct a narrative entirely around the initiating crime. Michael Brown was “killed for shoplifting.” Brooks was “Killed for being drunk at Wendy’s.” In the latter case, there is plenty of video footage to show that the narrative is nonsense but the cops are still up on a death penalty charge. So given that, why would any cop be stupid enough to initiate a contact based on something like that? Or to use any force whatsoever unless it’s immediately necessary to defend their own life? Guy fighting to run away? Let him. Don’t touch him. If you listen to the Chicago police scanner during the Columbus fiasco (after the initial emergency died down) you can hear ‘rogue radios’ who are obviously former cops warning everyone not to risk their neck for a city full of people who hate them and bosses that will throw them under the bus at the first opportunity (while the mayor has a veritable platoon of officers stationed outside her mansion). This is the new normal and will not turn around for a long time no matter what happens. No one wants to be the next cop made an example of for political points.

    3) Criminals are learning this too. In lots of cities you have roving bands of motorcycle or ATV riders who break every law in the book because they know they can. The police are forbidden from chasing them or doing anything else.

    • It’s pure insanity, and it’s being cheered on by the Left and the media, but I repeat myself. The Brooks narrative is even worse than you list. The politicians were literally saying, “he was killed for sleeping in his car.” Most people aren’t taking the time to investigate this incident for themselves, so they’re going to believe what they’re being fed, especially if it confirms their own prejudices.

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