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This Week in Gun Rights – July 18, 2020

This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For another look at the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

New assault-weapon-hungry gun-grabbers backing candidates

ban assault weapons now

Ban Assault Weapons Now bills itself as a “grass-roots coalition of concerned Floridians” with distinguished committee members like David Hogg, the precocious young scamp who serves as the most recognizable face of the recent push to disarm Floridians.

Before this week, BAWN was mostly engaged in encouraging citizen-led lobbying efforts, but now it is joining the ranks of organizations like Everytown and other Bloomberg-backed groups, turning to financial influence of political elections. According to the group’s announcement, BAWN will be funding campaign contributions and supporting “targeted communication for candidates who pledge to push legislation that bans assault weapons.”

Here’s hoping BAWN keeps up their track record of fumbling and self-sabotage, but if anything this is evidence that the gun-grabbers are not losing steam. The under-21 ban in Florida promises to do irreparable harm to gun culture in the state, so vigilance is essential. 

Bloomberg pricing out the Pennsylvania Legislature, and why you can’t trust politicians

Michael Bloomberg
(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

In the midst of our fight with grabbers and the City of Pittsburgh to secure the right of Yinzers to keep and bear arms as they see fit, and as protected by the Second Amendment and Pennsylvania’s Uniform Firearms Act, Michael Bloomberg has announced that he intends to commit at least $1,000,000 to flip the Keystone State legislature.

In 2018, Everytown rained cash on contested seats, bringing their candidates ever closer to achieving a simple majority in the legislature’s lower house. The lesson learned here thus seems to be that if you can’t sell your disarmament schemes to the public, fight your way through the courts or sell your poison to current legislators, the solution is to install new, more agreeable members.

Just so you know how serious this is, according to this quarterly FEC report, the PAC has at least $19,000,000 at their disposal. That’s enough for a good bit of campaigning, with much of this money coming from former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer, owner of the L.A. Clippers

Of course, everyone ought be able to spend whatever money they want on whatever cause they want. But we need to make sure that we get the truth out there to counter whatever these anti-gun ghouls are cooking up. That means everything from donating to 2A orgs to bringing your most reasonable 

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, we have Representative Xochitl Torres Small, who was supposed to be a sort of blue-dog Democrat, advocating for the more mainstream economic and social positions of the DNC while also supporting the Second Amendment. Representative Torres Small even used the Manchin method, using a shotgun to do some live action roleplaying as a hunter for one of her campaign ads.


After a narrow win, guess what she did. She turned coat, supporting universal background checks and anti-gun legislation. Imagine my shock.

Worse yet, she’s hired a former Everytown employee as her campaign manager. So remember, no matter what your politicians promise, unless they’re saying they want to repeal the NFA and that everybody should own a tank, they’re probably not to be trusted.

Judge issues ruling expanding the scope of evidentiary search into Remington case

You might remember the Connecticut case, Soto v. Bushmaster, an absurd case where the plaintiffs were allowed to ignore the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and try to sue Bushmaster for someone’s criminal misuse of product. The theory advanced by plaintiffs being that Bushmaster advertised the product as being meant for criminal purposes

Well, upset by progress (or lack thereof) in the Soto discovery process, Judge Barbara N. Bellis issued an order chastising the defendants, insisting that their objection to the plaintiff’s demand that ALL Remington employees’ documents must be turned over was unreasonable. Judge Bellis said “the obligation to act in good faith and provide documents within their knowledge, possession, or power rests on the defendants, and it is fair game for the plaintiffs to discover whether the defendants met their obligations.” 

Of course, bad discovery requests are common in this type of litigation. Plaintiffs are keen to go on fishing expeditions looking for some “smoking gun.” However, we often see the requests clarified or narrowed under objection, given the considerable expense that Remington, a company that is currently undergoing its second bankruptcy, will have to bear in order to produce a bunch of documentation which may yield zero evidence supporting the plaintiffs’ claims.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how this case turns out, especially considering that no court has ever held a firearm manufacturer liable for the criminal misuse of its products by a consumer.

Victory in Virginia for young adults

Pro Gun Rally Virginia
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

As the Supreme Court explained in District of Columbia v. Heller, the handgun is the quintessential firearm for self-defense in modern America, so of course the new Virginia Legislature would vote to restrict the right to access them for young adults, people old enough to carry a Beretta 9mm on watch in the military, but apparently not old enough to have one at their bedside. 

The law in question was the state’s new universal background check requirement, which requires all firearms transfers to be conducted by a federal firearms licensee. A background check in and of itself wouldn’t prevent someone between the ages of 18 and 20 from purchasing a handgun, but by requiring the transfer to occur via an FFL, these adults would be unable to acquire handguns because FFLs are not permitted under yet another unconstitutional federal law to transfer handguns to individuals under 21.

Thankfully, a Virginia judge took note of this, finding that the law as it applies to those under 21 is unconstitutional, the result being—for now—a bar on enforcing that provision as against 18-20 year olds trying to buy a handgun. Though the state is likely to appeal in short order. We need people to acknowledge at a national level that young adults have a right to self-defense too. Wins like these are a step in the right direction.

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    • There is a problem just as bad if not worse than BAWN on this very forum. People come here and assume everyone is on the same page and voting against democRats because at this time voting against the democRat Party in November is the best way there is to preserve America.
      Unfortunately there are some sneaky gun talkers who talk the talk and appear logical and surely would vote to reelected the POTUS. Not so. When cornered these individuals.let it be known they see the POTUS as “excrement.”

      One particular POTUS slandering lowlife assumed no one would ever catch and hold them accountable for boasting about buying hundreds of rounds of ammo. Their ability to boast and purchase hundreds of rounds of ammo was made possible because of the sweat and effort of those who got Donald John Trump elected POTUS. Had it been left up to self-servers who are so full of sht they did not vote or voted for some nitwit would had zero chance to win hilliary clintoon would be POTUS and the slanderous, libelous POTUS bashing lowlifes on this forum would not be buying squat for ammo, etc
      First thing lowlifes do when cornered is spin. They will accuse you of being the one who began the argument. How is that possible when it all began with the gun talking lowlife who called the POTUS “excrement.” Then the same individual tries to whitewash himself by saying he’ll find a Republican to vote for. He thinks you are so stupid you’ll hold your breath to find out later who it is. If the gun talking pos cannot produce a name by now that means the pos will sit on his behind and ride in the wagon while the rest of this forum sweats and does the pulling.

      After the most sleazy, diabolical scheme concocted ever in US History failed to overthrown a duly elected POTUS and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on a witch hunt by the demonic democRat Party it is no time to be ass scratching, picking your nose, whining about tweets or falling for the rhetoric of any gun talking self serving lowlife.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • “Looking at Ted Cruz for 2024.”

          There’s a better choice – Nikki Haley.

          Put Cruz on SCOTUS if there’s an opening…

      • Trump is clearly a POS. Not as big a POS as Hitlery or Blinden, not even in the same POS league. But he is a POS nonetheless.

        We also have no choice except to vote for Trump and the entire republican ticket.

        This is a problem. A big problem. We have no choice but to vote republican in the hopes of at least losing our rights more slowly, but we have no hope of the republicans actually holding on to all of our rights or, God forbid, rolling back some unconstitutional anti gun laws. The system has been so corrupted by the democrats and republicans that it prevents anyone except a democrat or republican from having a chance of winning.

        So like it or not, whether they do anything for us or not, we have to vote republican and it sucks.

        Many of us would be much more enthusiastic about voting republican if they did something productive. They have controlled the house, the senate, and the presidency many times in my adult life. During these times they have shown themselves to be as bad as the democrats. Worse in many cases. It just so happens that when the parties were dividing up issues the republicans somehow got the 2A. It is one of their team things, so they kind of have to pretend to support it even if they really don’t care or are actually against it.

        This is not a recipe or strategy for long term success. the choice between democrats and republicans is choosing between a rapid defeat and a slow one.

        • Crimson,

          You make some good points. I have a higher opinion of Trump than you, but I certainly do not want to get into a turd-sizing debate. 🤣

          Always glad to read your posts.

        • Trump’s only utility to Second Amendment defenders has been the influence the Federalist Society has over him on judicial appointments. Beyond that, he’s a no-show for us and a damned awful disaster for the entire Republic.

          I hope he loses. Of course, I want Biden to lose as well. So it’ll be a rough November, just as it was four years ago.

          History repeats and the steaming turds are still floating at the top of the overflowing swamp of Presidential Politics.

        • avatarenuf says: July 19, 2020 at 20:37
          “Trump’s only utility to Second Amendment defenders has been the influence the Federalist Society has over him on judicial appointments. Beyond that, he’s a no-show for us and a damned awful disaster for the entire Republic.

          I hope he loses. Of course, I want Biden to lose as well. ”

          I have little/no doubt Biden will lose, even if he wins the election as POTUS. Shortly after that the left will declare he is not able to do the job, kick him out and presto chango….the VP is suddenly POTUS.

          So play close attention to the communist party USA VP candidate.

        • sadly true..conservative republicans are a minority…and can’t win unless they align themselves with other groups…Christian right, anti-abortionists, etc…and us….

        • Trump. in toto has done a better job than Bush 1 or Bush 2. A damn site better than that POS McCain, or that asswipe RINO Romney. A WHOLE BUNCH of folks here voted FIVE times for those POS as the lesser of two evils. So why your panties in a knot over Pres Trump. Because CNN willly willly doesn’t like him?

      • Debbie W.,

        Here is where you can find the help you require:

        In 2016 I voted Evan McMullin for President. He was recruited to run by actual Republicans and Conservatives, as in not Trump sphincter lickers such as yourself. He had no chance of winning, but then neither did Shrillery in my state, so it was a safe vote that left clean hands and no muck or filth.

        I remain surprised that you have focused solely upon my calling Trump excrement, for I have called him far worse and continue to do so. I can only conclude that you have not been paying attention.

        The 2020 election bears some similarities to the 2016. Once again, the worst offerings of the two major parties are our choices. Once again, I will examine the polling within my state and decide how to play it.

        The one certainty is I wouldn’t vote for Trump any more than I’d vote for a Putin, a Che, a Shrillery, or a Maduro. Whatever happens in November I will keep my hands free and clear of the excrement you so longingly, and lovingly, proclaim as your own.

        Best wishes in your future endeavors,
        Hugs & Kisses,

        • “Hugs & Kisses,

          Enuf, real woman like Deborah will never willingly allow a POS like you to mount her.

          But feel free to fantasize about her as you wank… 🙂

        • your argument was lost as soon as you posted a link to wiki. I cannot even use that site for an APA paper…

    • lies about their true political positions and intentions are standard fare for this ilk….

      • Buy all weapons now. Effectively what is happening except for pistols up here right now..

        • One of our local ffls is cranking out pretty good common caliber pistol ammo and acceptable rifle ammo but he is slowly getting to be the only game in town in between shipments that are thankfully still regular.

  1. Doubling down on disarmament while the cities burn and explode. I guess that’s a position they want to take.

    • Mean while in the past months Americans went out and purchased millions of firearms and depleted the ammunition supply, what do Americans know that the Marxist totalitarians don’t, it’s coming.

      • Nothing is coming but the Marxist swine. The right side has Harley and UTV payments to make. Ain’t nobody gonna do nuthin. It’s already been proven.

    • GS650G,

      Because the rioters are the good guys, tearing down an unjust system, replacing it with mob rule. If you defend yourself against that mob, you are supporting systemic racism and corruption. If the mob decides to burn down your home, they will be doing so for a justified reason. Keeping guns out of your hands will speed the razing of the status quo so that mob can construct the new order.

      How is this not clear?


  2. I’m confused about why I should somehow be surprised by anti-gun orgs giving money to anti-gun candidates?

    That’s like being surprised by the NRA giving money to pro-gun candidates.

    Now, as to 18-20 year olds:
    It’s absurd to hand a full auto rifle to an 18 year old then dropped into a foreign country and told to kill the enemy and then tell them they are not allowed to own any firearm. At the same time, it’s just as ridiculous to throw around blanket statements that you are an adult at 18 when so many people that age can’t be any more mature than 13. Teach your children well and it will never be an issue. Coddle them and they will never grow up.

    • Either one is legally an adult, or not. Let’s draw a line somewhere and all adult rights and responsibilities start when one reaches that age.

      • Someone,

        With one exception. You have to be at least age 65 to obtain a license to riot. You can get a learner’s permit at age 64 1/2.

    • “so many people that age can’t be any more mature than 13”

      The same can be said about every Democrat regardless of age.

    • In my part of the world at 18 you are a full legal adult, Period, Stop, End of Story. At this age you can legally vote, drink, smoke, and own firearms.

  3. Whether the busy bodies at Gun Control BAWN realize it or not they are carrying on an agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide. Gun Control is a racist and nazi based agenda…What filth.

  4. Representative Xochitl Torres Small, who was supposed to be a sort of blue-dog Marxist.

    • But, but, but not all Democrats are gun grabbing lying marxist scum. White crows do exist.

        • Even if they aren’t antigun in their personal votes, they’ll support their antigun members for leadership positions, like Speaker, Leader, or Whip.

      • Name one who isn’t gun grabbing lying marxist scum, the other party has it’s gun grabbing lying marxist scum also,aka RINO’s.

        • some members of congress do actually own an AR-15…[my rep does]…now whether or not they support you having one is up for discussion…

      • The Blue Dog Democrats began in 1995, reached a peak around the time that some five dozen of them signed a letter warning the new Obama administration to leave gun laws the hell alone, and shrunk back quite a bit after. Recently there is new growth there but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a resurgence of pro-gun Democrats.

        They need that, but not going to happen under the ongoing political insanity in this country.

  5. I’m not seeing how campaign ads are going to overwrite the images from the past few weeks. People don’t want to hear that shit.

  6. I think that insufferable buffoon Goof PR lives in Florida. I can’t stress enough what an asshat he is…

      • Thanks, Ing, and all the others!

        You have no idea how much that made my day…

    • “I can’t stress enough what an asshat he is…”

      Insufferable? Guess what? You get to keep right on suffering, boy.

      It so warms the cockles of my cold, black heart that I piss off a pathetic little incel like you so much.

      Another satisfied customer! 🙂

  7. I cannot prove it but I am willing to bet Mr. Hogg is taking a substantial salary at his new endeavor.

  8. There is no such thing as an assault weapon. This is a creation of the Democrat Party and their Fake News Propaganda Media Machine. All sporting arms have their basis in military arms. Sportsmen demand the same durability and accuracy in their arms as the military. A.R. sporting arms are the next evolution of the modern sporting arm and the most flexible and widely owned in America. Like the Winchester Lever Guns it is a unique American based firearm and the successor to the 94 as the Family, Farm and Ranch utility gun. In isolated areas for people wanting a 3 or four gun battery, a couple of A.R. Carbines in 5.56 or 350 Legend made a lot of sense as the have plenty of power for defense and hunting and anyone in the family can shooting them due to low recoil and the collapsible adjusting stock. These Marxists are just continuing their incremental attempts to destroy our rights under the GOD Given Bill of Rights.

    • All the media has adopted the assault weapon description just like there is no longer a criminal or violence problem, it’s all ” gun violence “. Word association at it’s utmost.

    • Downunder lever action rifles are already being described as rapid fire assault weapons. And then the dimwits will start their campaign on “sniper” rifles (aka your Remchesterby hunting rifle).

      • True that! The Aussies have tried to adapt to the bans with some fascinating and creative designs. Such as modern lever action shotguns.

        Hoplophobia is a terrible mental disease, robs people of their ability to reason.

        • Lever action shotguns were not new, but were very little known outside of Cowboy Action competition and the Terminator 2 movie. It was because of this ignorance of the type law makers overlooked them when the laws were being drafted.

          Are they a problem? All of the purchases were to licensed shooters and are registered to the shooters. There eventually might be some leakage into criminal hands but there are many, possibly thousands, of prohibited or restricted pump action shotguns still out there too, which are a greater threat.

    • There are no “Marxists” of any number or power in the USA, that’s just ignorance looking for a word that sounds insulting. It is insulting, but that’s not the point.

      The rest of your post is absolutely, 100% true and accurate and I agree completely.

    • Would love to see them bought by Ruger or possibly one of the defense industry corporations. The problem is in the leadership, they have none worthy of the gun maker’s trade.

      • As stupid as every other post you make. WHAT does Remington have that Ruger, or anyone else, would want? PERHAPS their factory down South. But not much value there.

        • It’s time for Remington to slip into oblivion. I just fervently hope someone can save Marlin before that happens. The worst thing for any company is for the corporate investment grifters to buy it and squeeze it for all its worth. Now that I’ve seen what some of these investment firms are about, it makes it hard to decide to start a retirement account with any of them…

    • Shows what happens when non-gun people take over a gun company.

      And it happens in other industries too. Ford thought settling court cases for deaths and injuries was cheaper than fixing the gas tank on the Ford Pinto.

  9. Because when you can’t get your agenda on the ballot under it’s own illicit and deceitful “virtues” the only remaining tool in the Liberal belt is to fund illicit/deceitful politicians who will attempt to carry out your dirty work for you. Good job.

  10. We are but one election away from tyranny. BAWN has its share of Republican funding sources and backers. And Bloomberg has an essentially infinite cash supply to fund these communists and buy off politicians. We are in the most important fight of our lives. If the communists can not ban firearms on a national level they have the money to buy political power in every state or locality to take our weapons.

    Floridas population is shifting toward the communists. Communist Andrew Gillum almost took the governors race, and BAWN was attached to his hip. South Florida where I have lived is a communist stronghold held back only by Floridas Preemption law. Otherwise every Florida locality would have Illinois style gun laws. In fact they are suing the Governor over the states preemption law. Its in the courts now, with a lower court finding parts of the law unconstitutional.

    The principles of this communist organization, BAWN, by name can be found here:

    But I wonder if the communist insurgent groups now arming themselves have put pressure on their fellow communist gun control groups to stand down, as the communist insurgency needs the mischaracterized assault weapons in order to launch their civil war? On the other hand we know the insurgency is getting weapons via China and suspect by infiltration accross the porus borders. But ammunition is heavy and difficult to move in large quantities. If youve stacked cases of 5.56 you know weight.

    Follow the money.

  11. If you’re not carrying a gun right now, this instant, you’re just a target. Ignore BAWN and any laws that tell you to be a victim/target. If you’re awake have it on your person. If you’re asleep have it within arms reach. Keep it loaded in condition zero at all times unless you’re cleaning it. If you’re cleaning it have a backup gun on your person. There’s a war in progress in this country; own it. Don’t be a target.

    • yeah,..gotta’ figure they’re out there constantly watching us…just waiting for us to clean our guns…so they can ATTACK!…….

    • Home carry; check. 4 children under the age of 8; check. Loaded guns not on my person in the safe; check. Large dog who like to bark at outside sounds; check.

  12. Unfortunately Florida republicrats aren’t acting much like conservatives. They need to rediscover conservative principles and stand behind them. Polling is garbage, because participation is a self selection process. One would think a politician couldn’t go wrong supporting the Bill of Rights in its entirety. But I’ve been wrong before…

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