FN 503 9mm pistol
Courtesy FN
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While FN has offered some very carry-worthy pistols (see the FNS-9c and the 509 Compact), they haven’t offered a single-stack carry option…until now. FN has just announced the new FN 503, a 6+1 or 8+1 single stack striker-fired 9mm pistol.

Here’s their press release . . .

FN America, LLC is pleased to introduce the FN 503™, a slim 9mm striker-fired pistol designed specifically for concealed carry.

FN 503 9mm pistol
Courtesy FN

Using the design, performance and reliability standards of the FN 509® family as inspiration, the FN 503 has been purpose-built to conceal quickly and discreetly without compromising on the features and performance FN customers require – like it’s 3.1-inch barrel with recessed target crown to ensure dependable accuracy; enlarged controls and soft recoil that make the FN 503 comfortable and controllable to shoot; and, FN 509-style low-profile iron sights.

The all-new skateboard tape-style grip texture provides all-day carry comfort and the all-metal trigger, arguably the best in its class, breaks crisply and consistently with an average of 5-pound trigger pull, resulting in a carry pistol with trustworthy dependability and reliability.

FN 503 9mm pistol
Courtesy FN

The FN 503 ships with one 6-round magazine with pinky extender and one 8-round magazine with grip sleeve in FN’s standard soft-sided zippered case. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the FN 503 is $549.00.

Detailed specifications:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Operation: Striker fired
  • Capacity: (1) 6-round with pinky extension; (1) 8-round with grip sleeve
  • Length: 5.9 inches
  • Height: 4.6 inches
  • Weight: 21 ounces
  • Width: 1.1 inches; slide width 0.9 inches
  • Barrel Length: 3.1 inches
  • Twist Rate: 1:10 RH
  • Sights: Low-profile, snag-free, three-dot iron sights with FN 509 dovetail
  • Trigger Pull: 5-7 pounds
  • MSRP: $549.00

To learn more about the FN 503 or other FN pistols ideal for concealed carry, please visit www.fnamerica.com.

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  1. Wow talk about late to the party…21oz?!? $549? 6rounds??? Brilliant😃BTW I had a quite similar KelTec PF9 I hated but always worked. I paid $185 for it and sold it for $250…

    • Kind of what I was thinking. Single stacks were hip in 2017, now with the stack & a halves, 6+1 is not an innovation.

    • They released a shield /PPS with a 550 MSRP. When you can get a PPS m2 with night sites for 330 bucks.

      I just don’t see this being worth more than a glock 43 or a PPS m2. And t. Price is as high as the 365/hellcat.

    • Hey Joe,

      (Where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?).

      You would call this newest FN a mouse gun? Just asking. I had been thinking ‘mouse guns’ began more at the Ruger LCP 2 size. Truly pocket-able. This FN is close to the size of a Glock 43 (my EDC), which does not ‘pocket’ very well unless you have really big pockets. Not saying you are wrong, just asking for your perspective.

        • Ran a search on “What is a mouse gun”. A few sites talked about .380 or smaller but also talked about ‘pocket-ability’. My brother has a Beretta chambered in 22LR. It is as big as my Glock 17. I tend to think size is a better indicator of ‘mouse-ness’ than caliber; but, that is just me. Since, for the most part, smaller caliber equals smaller gun (with some exceptions), it may be a moot question. Moot or not, I asked it anyway. 🙂

        • Personally, I think it is good to be clear about the best calibers for taking mice and rats. With all the food gone in the pandemic panic, the city dwellers will soon be needing to hunt the little critters for sustenance. We don’t want them stalking their baseboards and basements with too much gun. 😉

          Seriously though, mouse gun is really an antiquated term. It dates from the pre polymer and pre aluminum times when to get a really small all steel gun you had no choice but to make it in a small caliber. Traditionally it was .32 or less, with .380 being on the border, sometimes considered mouse caliber and sometimes not.

        • .380 is a mouse cannon. Mouse gun is .22LR up to .32 calibre. Got to be so small you can’t remember whether you put one in your pocket.

      • There was a Pocket Auto Comparison Chart .pdf, maintained by Bob O. (aka Bobo). Later this document was on Google Docs, but I could not find it today. This chart had photographs and specification data on pistols in current production .32 ACP or larger in caliber whose overall length was less than or equal to 6.0 inches, grouped by caliber, ordered from smallest to largest within each caliber.

    • Yup, even more so than before, if you can’t find a carry pistol that works for you, you must not actually want to carry.

    • I own a Nano and I’m guessing it was the marketing that replaced it with the APX Carry because it appears that the specs, as published by Beretta, are exactly the same. So, the slides, one would think, would be interchangeable, with the only difference being the appearance. But, this is just a guess.

      I think the Nano was morphed into the new Beretta marketing campaign as the APX Carry to complete the APX lineup!

  2. I wonder if Smith & Wesson could revive their 3913 with a polymer frame and make it cost effective for both themselves and the consumer. It would undoubtedly beat the heck out of this monster in the looks department.

  3. I guess it is a worthy entry into the market for people who do not already have EDC firearms, but most of us on this forum probably have hand guns in this category. No compelling reason to look at FN’s entry. However, with so many new gun owners recently, they can now compete in this space.

    My next purchase will likely be a Bond Arms derringer; just because.

  4. Okay…..they’re late. So what. Everyone passed on the VP70 and Glock was the first in the market. Seems like there are lots of Glock-me-toos being sold in the market.

    Some people will prefer the form factor in this pistol. Grip…sights…slide….etc.

    If it works, it will sell…maybe not to the level of the 43 or 365…but it’ll be a player.

    Beats hell out of a Nano any day of the week. Hell..the APX carry beats hell out of a Nano and it’s basically the same gun.

    And if it’s not popular, it will be a great deal in about 9 months at CDNN.

  5. I really like FN and was hoping this would be a 12 rounder, since I need two grip sleeves to make the P365 fit my hand. Not sure I’ve been this disappointed before.

  6. Does anybody else see this gun as less than attractive? I must be pretty shallow. I prefer a shapely looking gun with great curves and lines. This kind of reminds me of a shoe box that goes bang.

  7. Im a super FN fan! This is the first model I do not havd an itch for. Capacity Trumps All! I know 6 ir 8 should be enough, but extra is better than reloading for me.

  8. Still shooting my Khar PM9. It’s smaller and very pocket friendly, and with the aid of new MagGuts springs will hold 7=+1 and 8+1


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