Stoeger STR-9 Compact
Courtesy Stoeger
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Stoeger is out with a new, very affordable 9mm concealed carry option – the striker-fired STR-9 13+1 9mm compact pistol.

Here’s their press release:

Stoeger continues the tradition of manufacturing quality firearms at an economical price with the introduction of the Stoeger STR-9 Compact. Chambered in 9mm, the striker-fired, semi-automatic pistol is an all-around solution to everyday conceal carry and home protection. The compact model is available with a 13-round magazine and a 10-round magazine for those that live in capacity-restrictive states. The Stoeger STR-9 Compact will be available at dealers and retailers in May.

The STR-9 Compact features a corrosion-resistant black nitride finish, available interchangeable backstrap grips for a custom fit and 3.8-inch barrel for easy concealment and quick deployment. With an overall length of 6.9 inches and weighing 24 ounces, the STR-9 is designed for personal protection without breaking the bank.

Rugged and reliable, the STR-9 Compact’s grip angle is engineered to match the drift-adjustable, three-dot sights for true target alignment and combines with a low-bore axis for reduced muzzle rise to quickly reacquire targets for follow-up shots. Aggressive front and back slide serrations provide a firm grasp with or without gloves. A smooth-pulling, crisp trigger houses an internal safety for extra security.

For an added benefit, an accessory rail accepts a wide variety of pistol and laser lights for low-light conditions. The reversible magazine release allows for right- and left-handed shooting. Durable and reliable, the STR-9 Compact delivers the perfect personal defense pistol at an economic price. The new STR-9 Compact comes in a variety of configurations including addition backstraps of different sizes and Tritium night sights.

The STR-9 line includes the STR-9 Full Size with available Tritium night sights, STR-9 Optics Ready and the STR-9 in Flat Dark Earth. These models are currently available at local firearm retailers, dealers and online outlets.

Stoeger STR-9 Compact

Caliber: 9mm
Action: Striker fired, semi-auto
Barrel length: 3.8 inches
Overall length: 6.9 inches
Weight: 24 ounces
Grip: Interchangeable backstrap
Safety: Trigger safety
Sights: Dovetail or Tritium night sights
Finish: Nitride. Capacity: 13+1 or 10+1
Warranty: 5 years
MSRP: $329-$449

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    • No doubt Turkish JWM. Too bad as it looks OK. I WAS getting the newish Taurus G3 but not paying more. Hang in there in the California Bolshevik Republic!

      • I have/had a Taurus g3. Sent it back for repair after 3 days and 100 rounds. It has been with them for Four Months. Only response I have received from their customer service followed my reporting them to the BBB. Crappy experience and I would not buy another Taurus firearm period.

        • Except for an idiot shooting that forged steel crap you are LITERALLY the only negative G3 comment I’ve seen or heard of…didn’t clean it huh? You gotta break in your cheap Taurus treasure dude…I can’t address customer service as I’ve gotten 5 Tauruses to run very well. Never needed it😏

        • I’ve never heard of anyone turning someone in to the BBB. I didn’t know they existed still. Have you thought of using social media to shame them? 21st century and all that.

  1. Yeah, if I manage to not get killed by the Rona over the next 18 months, I’ll look into it.

    Thanks a pant load for posting.

  2. I’m holding out for the PSA Dagger not a Glock! $300-350 and 100% parts compatible with Gen 3s and made in the USA. Looking forward to TTAGs review.

  3. Turkey is under a de facto dictatorship who has been making nice to the Russians, putting an important NATO nation close to changing sides.

    No way in hell I’d buy anything made in Turkey while Erdoğan is in power.

  4. If I’m elected president, everyone will have one of those for free. Land of the free are not just words.

  5. Didn’t this pistol come out about a year ago? Yes.

    I fondled one when they first came out. Nice looking pistol but very heavy. Trigger was not awful but not particularly great, either. Mags would not drop free. Front sight on two pistols was bent to the left 1-2 degrees (WTF?). And they only came with one magazine.

    FF to 2 weeks ago. Same store got in 2 of the newer generation STR-9’s and there are some improvements:

    Trigger is lighter and crisper with no grittiness
    Mags readily drop free
    Front sight is straight
    Detail of fit and finish seems improved
    Comes with 3 magazines.

    So it IS better. but if you need a large frame budget 9mm I’d rec. a Walther Creed. CDNN sells ’em cheap with no tax and shipping is reasonable to free depending on what promo is going on.

  6. They conveniently leave out the width, one of the most important specs on a pistol intended for concealed carry(at least to some people).

  7. I just bought myself and my son in law one. $310 including tax. Straight out of the box it was awesome. had to suck on a lemon to keep the smile off my face. Its like a Beretta, SW and Glock had a child. For the $ the absolute best bang for the buck.


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