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With Americans clamoring for all of the ammunition they can get their hands on, the folks at have been busy. The sales surge started well before the declaration of a national emergency, but it’s accelerated since.

They’ve toted up some interesting statistics showing the magnitude of the sales spike they’re seeing so far in Ammogeddon II.

How big an increase in sales are they seeing?

When comparing 22 days worth of sales from February 23, 2020, through March 15, with sales from February 1, 2020, through February 22, our data shows these staggering statistics:

309% increase in revenue
78% increase in conversion rate
222% increase in transactions
77% increase in site traffic
27% increase in average order

They also provide a detailed state-by-state breakdown of what’s selling fastest in each part of the country. See their full accounting here. Spoiler alert: the state with the biggest sales increase is Texas followed by Florida and Georgia. correlates some of the biggest sales jumps with proximity to larger viral outbreaks:

  • Vermont had no previous sales, so it ranks top on our list. Although its COVID-19 cases are minimal, it borders both Massachusetts and New York, two hot spots for coronavirus.
  • Delaware has seen a sales growth of 4,529%. The state’s own numbers are low, but it’s surrounded by a high concentration of cases in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.
  • Oklahoma saw a growth of 1,081% in sales and borders states like Texas and Colorado, both of which have been hit hard with COVID-19.
  • Mississippi has also seen a significant increase at 1,049%, perhaps influenced by its proximity to Louisiana, which has surpassed 100 confirmed cases.
  • Speaking of which, Louisiana has seen a growth of 1,041%, which may be due to the increasing number of cases the state has seen over the last week.
  • Alabama, which borders COVID-19 hotspots in Florida and Georgia, has seen a sales boost of 892%.
  • Wyoming, which borders Colorado and its 100-plus coronavirus victims, has seen an increase of 819%.
  • The sales increase in Colorado reached 667%.
  • Idaho, which shares a border with Washington, the U.S.’s epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, has had a growth of 586%.
  • Oregon has seen an increase of 550%. Sharing borders with both Washington and California, the state is sandwiched between two of the first states to confirm the virus in the U.S.

Check out their full chart. Number one on the sales surge hit parade is, by far, 9mm. That’s followed by .223/5.56 and then third place is a mix of 7.62, 12 gauge .45 ACP, .40 S&W and some .308.

Does that match what you’ve been buying?

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  1. I checked Lucky Gunner yesterday for grins and giggles. They were out of stock for almost everything in common calibers. They had some rimfire and 10mm.

    • The specialty stuff is still available, check out Underwood, Black Hills, Buffalo Bore.

        • I picked up one box of .270 ammo last Friday. I had shot most of a box the previous weekend. I’m trying to get decent at longer range.

          I’m sure .270 isn’t one of the hot ticket rounds.

          I also did a mail order of some .223 and 7.62×39 a couple weeks ago. I’m glad I added that to the stash before this hit. I’ve been trying to add to the .223 .22, and 9mm supply for the last year or so.

          I should be good.

      • Cheaper Than Dirt is having a massive sale and CDNN SPORTS is divesting their entire stock of ammo. They will no longer be in that business. I just got Remington Golden Saber 45 acp (185gr) for $13.50 a box of 25 versus the normal price of $28.50

    • I was at Costco the other day, and they had plenty of ammo at really good prices.

      And then I woke up.

      • Ha. Ha.

        If Kirkland made defensive ammo, you know it would be rebranded Federal HST at a great price. But only in case quantities.

  2. Was pretty irritated to see this panic hit, as I’ve been buying a case of 9mm each paycheck. Bought almost 5000 rounds of 9mm over the weekend knowing that I probably won’t be getting anymore for awhile. Should be ok rationing it for a few months, but really hoping things go back to normal soon.

    • I was enjoying the low ammo prices and not doing much purchasing, just the usual monthly buys for 9mm 140+ grn and 300 black (subsonic) via subscription, have decent 9mm, .22lr, .40 s&w, 45, .308, and 5.56 supplies.

      I had been planning to purchase some pistols I had my eye on, but I don’t want to have to go to the FFL. I stopped by a larger gun store at lunch just to see how it was going, definitely some emptier display cases and staff seemed busy helping people and filling forms.

      The money should help the gun industry, so good for them. I guess it is feast or famine these days, either panic rush or “Trump slump,” though a healthy medium would be nice.

    • THat’s a good approach. Almost like another monthly bill. Gas, electric, water, ammo. Which all of the first three I can get by without for a goodly while.

  3. Stocked up when Walmart cleared it’s stock. Doing fine.
    Surprised .380 isn’t higher on the list, considering the rate they’ve been selling.

    My favorite, the .38 special/.357 mag doesn’t even show.
    Maybe I’m too old fashion.

    • I just bought a .357. I have multiple .38s so I have plenty of ammo in that regard. I bought 3 boxes of .357 with the revolver. I’ve used 1 on a range day. I’m nursing the other 2 until panic buying subsides. I have plenty of all the other calibers I use.

      • The 38 and 357 are very easy to reload. Hunkered down now, mounting scopes and sighting in. Reloading also. Need to put new stereo in tractor cab.

      • My main is .40 but I have a crap ton of that cached away and over the past couple months been topping off the .357, .38, shotgun shells, and other calibers I don’t shoot as much. The Walmart crash and some great buys from cabela’s helped out a lot in setting aside ammo. Had an unexpected car issue so my extra cash ain’t so extra this month. Wait until April or when this rush subsides before I even think of making a trip to the gun store. Sitting it out for now as well.

    • Not in my book, it’s my go-to and well-stocked. That said, if I can get another 500 rounds through my new 1911 without a single FTF then I may move it into the rotation: 686, G19, S&W.

    • I watched wally worlds ammo stock for a while after their announcement. It wasn’t being sold at normal pricing. It took them a few months to get it, that gun people weren’t buying from them. When they chopped it at least 50% here I got quite a bit.

    • Strangely my .40s&w P2000 continues to shoot and function perfectly, regardless of what the FBI is thinking these days. I like both calibers.

      Funny as police departments everywhere dump their .40s&w guns, basically admitting they had jumped on a trend following they FBI, so now they fix it by… jumping on another trend by the FBI.

      • Best to ignore the FBI’s weapon suggestions. They know about as much about how to efficiently kill something as Mother Teresa.

        • The FBI is great at killing their own integrity, credibility, and the public’s trust&good will.

    • Nanashi,

      To be honest, I am surprised that .40 S&W is not significantly more popular.

      I like (and carry) .40 S&W for four primary reasons:

      (1) I can carry cartridges with 180 grain bullets for increased penetration while only losing two cartridge capacity in a standard magazine compared to 9mm Luger.

      (2) This caliber is amazingly flexible. You can go as low as 135 grain bullets which have amazing muzzle velocities, especially out of longer barrels (cough, carbine, cough). Or you can go as high as 200 grain bullets for significant penetration.

      (3) It seems like I can always find ammunition, even during spikes in demand when 9mm Luger is unavailable.

      (4) In a limited ammunition availability scenario where all that is available is full-metal-jacket target loads, .40 S&W has a slight improvement in terminal ballistics compared to 9mm Luger since .40 S&W target bullets have a flat frontal profile and 9mm Luger target bullets have a round frontal profile.

      The venerable 9mm Luger simply cannot match those characteristics.

      Don’t get me wrong: I am not bashing 9mm Luger nor saying that 9mm Luger sucks. I like 9mm Luger a lot and it is my alternate caliber on the rare occasions that I choose not to carry my full-size pistol in .40 S&W.

      • @uncommon _sense
        Don’t tell everyone they will go out and buy all the .40s I own 3 love them all run 155 grain crazy velocity like u said. 180 at the range carry lighter grains tho. Either way shit gonna hurt reeeaaalll bad promise ya

      • Yes, another .40 Fan, and I agree with your points.
        Since I reload I’ve concentrated more on increasing my stockpile of components for the last year+. The only calibers I’m low on, are 6.5 Creedmore and .300 AAC, since I just completed the 2 builds in the last 6 or so months, I’ve yet to build up my stocks to the levels I have in my other go to calibers.

        • @Bemused Berserker
          The few the proud .40 s&w fans
          Gotz a few 10mm as well it’s big brother love that caliber as well.

          • G29 is my EDC if a 10mm 220 grain hard cast lead round won’t at least knock em down @ 1200 fps and 700 ft/lbs then you are in trouble anyway…..

    • Guess you’ve never shot one, then. Works fine for either plinking or repelling boarders, at least for me. I’m assuming you think .45 ACP ought to be less as well?

    • I have a CZ100 in .40 S&W for the novelty of the pistol (it’s pretty bad) but also for the fact that .40 was still somewhat available during Firearmageddon I in 2013. I also have bags and bags of prepped brass ready to reload because nobody wants it.

  4. I reloaded 500 rounds of 38 Special on Saturday and ordered 2000 bullets (bullets, not cartridges) on Sunday. Does that count? I have no idea what the ammo shelves in my town look like.

  5. Yep I match the stats…but I bought all my ammo at good prices. Especially from WallyWorld closeout(wish I’d had more $ that day!)The rest from Cabelas Hammond,IN,Blythes in Griffith and some from South County Guns in Scherriville,IN. SCG had a bunch of green-tip. Long gone now…I can’t justify not buying locally! YMMV

  6. All I’ve bought lately is some .375 H&H brass and one box of primers. I don’t buy or use factory ammunition except for rimfires and shotshells.

  7. I think you are going to see a lot of overpriced ammo on E-Bay. A good deal of this ammo was bought in speculation for resale.

  8. I checked at my local Rural King on Sunday and they had no 22, 380 or 38 special but they had an adequate supply of 9mm and 223 (much more than normal since Walmart stopped selling it).

  9. Don’t need ammo or guns beyond my current stockpile/arsenal/personal armory.

    A vaccine for this bug would be kinda’ nice to have though.


    Dire new report forces U.S. and U.K. to change course on coronavirus strategy

    Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID- 19 mortality and healthcare demand


    I’m good on ammo and guns for likely more years than I have to live, so no worries there.

    • It’s rumoured that India has a treatment “cure”. A concoction of drugs. Didja’ wonder why NO reports of an Indian pandemic? Me too but I figured they’d just let the multitude of lower caste expire…

        • A number of country’s (some bordering China) in South East Asia and Africa where Malaria is problematic have reported no or very few cases of Covid-19.. It is believed that Chloroquine (malaria tablets) may be a Coronavirus prohibitive… India also has a problem with malaria and represents 75% of all cases in South East Asia… Chloroquine costs about 15 cents a pill, hmmmmmmm??

        • If you don’t test for the disease you don’t have confirmed cases. That was certainly Iran’s strategy.

          Imagery shows that they have been using mass burial pits to deal with the results. But hey, those corpses weren’t tested so many they just happened to die of something else.

      • Don’t forget that warm weather makes it die on surfaces much faster.

        From several days to a few hours.

        It will be 91 deg in Chennai today.

  10. All those people panic buying , make sure you stock up on condoms ,so you don’t produce any more idiots.

  11. Dang, unintentionally adding to the ammogeddon. 🙁 I was out of 9mm and needed some to practice with, so I ordered a 1000. Oh well.

    • I feel your pain. I thought I was well stocked, but then I signed up for a class that called for 1000 pistol rounds. I could have done it if I used some Tula, but I didn’t know if that range allowed it. I held my nose and paid $300 (with case discount) for 9mm FMJ at the range in town. They always gouge, so I avoid them if possible, but they are an ammo importer and had pallets left. I had enough to do the class with a .40 or .45 (or even 9mm JHP), but I really wanted to use the 9mm I’ve been running in another series of classes. Turns out 1) the range allows Tula pistol, and 2) the class got postponed. I have enough rounds if the drought continues until when the class actually happens.
      Normally, reloading 9mm ball hasn’t made sense for me. 9mm bullets are .10, powder .03, primer .04, but I can buy loaded rounds for .16 to .18. I picked up the material for 2k rounds anyway. I save my brass, even if I don’t reload it at the moment.

      • Buying 9mm fmj bullets really doesn’t make much financial sense. But casting them feels like printing money. For some real savings cast and load .44 mag. or larger rounds.

  12. I’ve got like 10,000 rounds of 22LR, mostly because I bought it from somebody who was leaving the state to Australia and thats all they had.

    So I guess I’ll be shooting 22LR for a bit now, lmao.

  13. Did an inventory and found that I’m good really across the board on most all my calibers, but where I’m lightest is in my primary hunting round, 30-06. I feel like that’s a big miss on my part. I barely shoot a box a year, and now with my recently acquired Browning Hell’s Canyon Speed, I’m actually zeroed in out to infinity with that Leupold CDS ballistic dial for one brand/weight (though I can add others at $80 a pop). Of course, my other 06 can shoot whatever, but it, too has a favorite diet, and of course there are different objectives. Point being, I’m going to focus on stocking up on those specific rounds, as unless things go off the rails, that’s what I’ll need. If I’m realistic about it, even in a worst-case, off-the-grid survival situation, I’d never want to run out of 06, ever. Frightening.
    As an aside, I was in Academy over the weekend, about about the ONLY thing they had in stock was scattered boxes of….30-06.

  14. I haven’t been buying anything because I am not a mindless sheep.

    That said, I went to Cabelas yesterday to buy a shell-holder for my loading press so that I can finally start loading for a new revolver I bought earlier this year; it was like being in a time warp back to 2013-2014 with every aisle full of overweight balding white men in the 50+ age group walking around with there phones in one ear talking to someone confirming what was in stock, and then shoveling all available product into their cart with their other hand. The gun counter was about 2/3 the normal inventory… people don’t change I guess.

  15. I bought my normal 2000 rounds of 22lr and 2000 bullets (45 and 9mm this month). Have been doing so since 1995. I don’t always buy every month but at least 7 times a year…..i have kept shooting thru a number of ammo shortages and in 2012-2014 made some good money selling….

  16. Got all I need and then some. Needed some .308 and got it in January.
    So I’m not standing in line.

  17. I don’t deal with them or go to their web site since their last rake them across the coal, bur I wonder if sleazier the dirt has jacked their prices up yet?

  18. I feel I’m pretty much set for firearms and ammo for several years already except for 30-30 (have less than 400 rounds on hand). I am however thinking about investing $250 (small sacrifice) in a Hi-Point PCC in 40 S&W as a crisis option . Considering that when every thing else is sold out and unavailable there is always .40 on the shelves to be had.

  19. Thank god I had already stocked up! But then I realized I needed some more 10 mm ammo for that really bad day that could be coming our way. Ordered some last night but shipping is off by a few days instead of the 2 to 3 days I am used to. No worries I still have some in stock but just wanted to be sure to have some extra just in case!

  20. Sounds like POTG are making great consumer choices for their self defense needs.

    And it’s great to see people supporting the businesses that support us. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY, AMMO VENDORS!!

    • You know what I also pay for other than ammo? Gas for my car. Food. Insurance. Clothing.

      I give a lot of vendors my money. In exchange for goods and services. If you didn’t live in your mothers basement you would understand this is the way of the world.

      • Bingo, being a grown a$$ adult means living within your means and being financially responsible.

  21. If anyone here is dumb enough to pay 2-3x the price for ammo, I have some 5.56mm/223 id happily sell you.

    • There ya go…now start punchin’ em out…Watch MidwayUSA for sales, sometimes they’ll put up primers with no hazmat IF you buy X$ amount…

    • Great. Now buy some components, especially primers, before they disappear like they did in 2013.

      • Yeah, primers did become scarce for a bit…was still able to come by them, 100@ a time…as soon as they became somewhat available again, I bought about 20k…

  22. I guess South Carolina not making this list just means me and all my neighbors are already stocked up. Nice job!

  23. Pictured at the beginning of this article, .22 lead bullet, hollow point rim fire cartridges. Certainly less than an Energetic Round, but better than throwing rocks, push coming to shove.

  24. Did Lucky Gunner really have .223 case for 800 dollars? If so they should be boycotted and shamed. It is not right to gouge people over some so called pandemic, scared people and any gun shop dealer or otherwise that takes advantage should be boycotted and called out.

    • Their store, their prices. Nobody’s forcing enyone to buy from them. Imagine how far would this way of thinking get you on stock market.

  25. Not too worried about the run on ammo. We have more than a dozen gun shops/stores up here in the quad city area (Including D&G). Someone will have what ever ammo you seek. Just sorry that the Wuhan Virus has forced the cancelation of the upcoming gun show.

  26. I load my own center-fire so I have plenty of 9mm., 5.56/.223, .308 Win, 300BLK, 30-06 Ball and API, 303 British, 458 SOCOM and 3 bricks of 500 rounds of .22LR and some loose stuff laying around, 50+ rounds of #6 and #7½ 20 Gauge shot, 00 Buck and some 5/8 ounce slugs. I don’t load shotshells yet.

  27. stock up when you can, not when you half too! Finally followed that advice, may not have enough for a prolonged engagement but will make doo.

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