Florida Sheriff Horrifies the Media By Telling the Truth About Guns

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From the CCRKBA

Marion County, Florida Sheriff Billy Woods was “absolutely right” Friday when he told reporters during a press conference about the arrests of two suspects in a triple slaying that the gun is not responsible, the people using it are, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“It’s deplorable that NBC News chose to describe Sheriff Woods’ remarks as a ‘wild rant’ against gun control when he responded to a question from a reporter,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “The sheriff is a career lawman, and he’s got more than enough experience to make the distinction between an inanimate object and an individual with an evil heart. If anyone is guilty of going off on a rant, it’s NBC News.”

During his remarks to reporters, and without prompting, Sheriff Woods observed, “There are individuals out there viewing, and (that) includes some of you (in the) media, who want to blame the one thing that has no ability or the capacity to commit the crime itself, and that’s the gun. These individuals committed the crime.” He also stated, “All the gun laws we got in place didn’t prevent it, did it? Neither will any new ones. Because here’s the fact: The bad guy is going to get a gun no matter what law you put in place.”

“Evidently,” Gottlieb said, “some in the media can’t stand the truth. When they quoted Sheriff Woods, some reports deliberately omitted his reference to the media among those wanting to blame the gun. The sheriff got it right, and the establishment media knows it. The terrible crime in his county which left three teens dead was committed by individuals, not a gun, and it is time for the anti-gun press and the gun prohibition lobby to admit it.”

According to Sheriff Woods, the firearm used in the crime was stolen, leaving Gottlieb to note, “the gun didn’t steal itself.”

“The fact that a stolen gun was apparently used in this crime simply underscores the sheriff’s remarks about the failure of gun control laws to prevent criminals, regardless of their age, from getting their hands on firearms,” Gottlieb stated. “As we’ve said before, America doesn’t have a problem with guns, it has a problem with criminals, and with a justice system that treats them like victims. Gun control proponents, including the media, need to put the blame where it belongs. Otherwise, they’ll be demanding Sheriff Woods and his colleagues should arrest guns instead of the people who misuse them.”


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  1. My firearms are exactly where I last left them. They haven’t gone anywhere, they haven’t done anything on their own. I must have lazy ones.

  2. Gotta love and respect anything one with first name “Billy” says about guns.

    …and named Jeff….The late Col Jeff Cooper commented in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.”

    • StLPro2A, where did you read that quote? I ask, not because I doubt you, but that I don’t recall it. Though, I’ve read Cooper since Cooper On Handguns in G&A. I think I was about fourteen. Got almost all of his books, autographed, when we met in 1999. Others since, just not autographed. I swear I can’t remember that quote. Help me out, or I will read all of his books again looking for it. Not that that’s a problem. I occasionally pull out one of his books at random and read a chapter. Col. Cooper told me he thought that Another Country was his best work. I said, “I don’t know if I have a favorite Colonel. I like them all. I know it’s a type of technical manual, but I’m glad you put The Art Of The Rifle on paper. Every man that thinks he’s a rifleman should read it.” He kinda smiled a autographed another book.

  3. The anti-gun version:

    Crime gang member: “Mr. Prosecutor, it was like this… I was in the store minding my own business and this gun came in and jumped into my hand then shot the clerk and took the money. Yeah, that gun right there in my hand in the video… its not my fault.”

    Anti-gun Prosecutor: “Yep, gun violence. Officer, arrest the gun. Sir, you are free to go.”

  4. Guns are no more responsible for violent deaths than cars or trucks being responsible for drunk driving deaths… 🙁

  5. Bravo to the Sheriff for speaking the truth and shame on NBC News for spreading their poison.

  6. NBC is the worst. People like to dunk on CNN because they’re an easy target, but NBC has much more reach when you consider the network, MSNBC, and their digital presence. Wasn’t it NBC that suspended a reporter for being the only person to actually report what happened in the Paul Pelosi incident? What was the point of that? He was doing his job.

  7. Only in the upside down fantasy utopian world, do Libertarians liberals and leftists believe that there should be no designated law enforcement. In the real world, someone is going to be in charge of enforcing the law, and protecting Society in general. And you want people of good moral character doing this.

    But the people who hate law enforcement so much, they’re never calling for all the laws to be repealed, that will allow property owners, to take care of business on the spot without question.
    In the end those same people who hate the cops so much, will tell you to call a cop if your car is stolen. instead of you killing the thief dead on site first.

    • Wow you really think it’s the Governements job to protect you? You are as bad as the Liberals and an equal part of the problem. Also still clueless about Libertarians.

      • You are presenting a straw man.

        Chris believes that police responsibility should include protecting “society in general” and not necessarily individuals, as you stated. Protection of the individual, including the individual’s family & property, is/should be the responsibility of the individual.

        It is all clearly stated in what he wrote. You may not agree with him, or like him, but don’t lie about what he thinks.

    • please do not lump libertarians in with liberals and leftists. libertarians are generally not for gun control. more than anyone else, i believe in personal responsibility and freedom. rand paul is a very decent man and he was named after ayn rand. if you wish to know how libertarians think you might read some of her books.

  8. I’ll support sheriff Billy over the Uvalde SWAT officers who cowered in the hallway outside the classroom door while they waited for the shooting to stop.

  9. In other news…

    “U.S. Army sergeant found guilty in fatal shooting of BLM protester in Texas

    A jury in Texas found Daniel Perry, a U.S. Army sergeant, guilty of murder for the shooting death of a man during a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Austin“


    • K. How many did they find guilty on the opposing side? The guys in CHOP/CHAZ that literally executed the kids in the white blazer – tracked down and guilty. The guy that shot someone point blank in the chest – guilty. You really wanna play this game, miner?

      Oh, btw, Rittenhouse – not guilty.

      lol suck it.

      • Montana,
        The case he’s gloating over, because he sees it as a win for his team, is the case where BLM protesters surrounded this guy’s car and began pounding on it and throwing rocks at it. Then one of the low IQ comrades came over with his AK, and pointed it right at the driver’s face. The driver decided he was going to make it home that night, so he fired his carry gun at the AK-toting wannabe commie. The police ruled it self-defense. The DA, with an agenda, thought differently. Maybe this guy can appeal? It seems like a VERY clear-cut case of self-defense.

        BLM protesters are a joke. Remember this?

        • that case seems to hinge on whether he pointed it or not….and the social media posts of the shooter…but he was already under attack when a firearm..[AK]..was introduced on the scene….

        • Frank, I for one would not wait for him to point it at my face, a handgun vs an AK-47 is bad enough odds. When he shouted to the adoring crowd “I’ll take care of this” while advancing with his assault weapon, I would put him down like a rabid dog.

      • “The case he’s gloating over“

        What in my post is “gloating”?

        “pointed right at the driver’s face“

        Really? Then you’d better call his defense counsel so they can introduce the new evidence you’ve found.

        “The police ruled it self-defense. The DA, with an agenda, thought differently“

        I understand some on this list may not be familiar with the American system of jurisprudence, the DA did not decide this case.

        This case was decided by a jury of the defendant’s peers, after hearing testimony and examining evidence and deliberating, in a little over one day.

        • What in my post is “gloating”?

          You do this constantly, Miner. Pretending otherwise is being disingenuous, also known as lying. Does the constant lying ever wear on you? You make a beeline to TTAG from your hive with the latest anti-right wing tidings. It’s usually off-topic, but you post it anyway.

          Really? Then you’d better call his defense counsel so they can introduce the new evidence you’ve found.

          Experienced detectives had all of the evidence they needed to clear him. Why did the mob surround and attack his car? Why did the wannabe commie idiot rush over there to threaten a commuter with his rifle? Heck, you told me you would have the right to shoot me dead if I sprayed you with pepper spray. If a cop stops at a red light, and I point an AK at him, what happens when he shoots me dead? People would say I wanted to commit suicide by cop.

          I understand some on this list may not be familiar with the American system of jurisprudence, the DA did not decide this case.

          I get that you’re trying to be smart here, but I never said the DA decided the case. The DA decided to charge him with murder after the police said it was self-defense.

        • Dude, you have many questions, and that’s understandable because you did not hear the testimony of multiple witnesses nor examine the evidence presented at trial.

          I imagine in the near future information from the investigation will be presented and we all may learn the answers to the questions you’ve posed.

          And really, posting a link to the story is not “gloating”, the story generated much interest a few years back here on TTAG, all I did was post an update that you somehow find offensive.

        • “also known as lying“

          So specifically, what in my post was “lying”?

          I posted three words “in other news”,
          and furnished the headline and link to the News story, where is the ‘lie’?

        • Miner, see my comment below. I haven’t followed that story since it happened in 2020. Maybe there’s more to it? You’re correct, there is no gloating on the face of your post. I’m only applying what I know of your history. When the opposite sort of thing happens, you don’t come here to post about it. Again, let’s be honest.

        • where is the ‘lie’

          Concealing your intentions. Being disingenuous. Like I said, you never post the opposite sort of thing out of the blue and off-topic. You know what I’m talking about.

        • What I’m saying is you get one win in Austin, TX of all blue places, and you are on here derailing to – yes – gloat. So fuck off.

          That case btw, is bullshit. We all sat and watched for a year as these people threatened innocents in their commute and this guy is confronted at his window by someone – with an AK – that yes, as seen in the videos – did in fact already point it at him once in the low ready. The mans entire presence was a threat and being surrounded by a group like that – the drivers response was justifiable.

          So sure, your initial progressives ruled the obvious way they would in a shit hole blue area – expect that to be challenged and changed. I mean… imagine a witness being compromised and questionable in this day and age… never happen, right? Treyvon Martins “witnesses” anyone? How does one sounds like a “creepy ass cracker” over the phone?

          I’ll be sure to derail and boast about it when it does so just like every other time you do this shit here, you choke on your own boot leather.

        • LOL You fucken idiot.

          Governor already said he’s going to pardon him.

          lol suck it miner.

    • “…..A jury in Texas…..”

      Austin is like a blueberry in the bowl of tomato soup that is Texas.

      Like most other cities with top to bottom progtarded leadership and GS funded prosecutors, Austin is DISFUNCTIONAL.

      Suck it HARD loser!

        • I think you’re backward, Gov has to have a recommendation for pardon from the Board of Paroles and Pardons before he can act on such, but he has the final approval authority. “I think”!

    • minor49iq…Don’t get any ideas you can point a firearm at people seated/buckled in a motor vehicle and not expect to get shot.

      The “set an example verdict” will be appealed. If what I know is correct and had I been on the jury the accused would have walked. Either way a turd who clearly criminally misused an AK damned sure won’t do it again which should even make a bozo like you feel safer.

      • “point a firearm at people seated/buckled in a motor vehicle“

        Is that what happened? How do you know this?

        “If what I know is correct“

        Could a person “know” something that was incorrect?

        • I remember this from 2020. That was the story. The police seemed to agree because they cleared him. Maybe something different came up in the trial? I haven’t followed that story since 2020. The driver was just trying to drive down the road. That was too much to ask. We saw similar incidents (without gunfire) throughout the country.

          The BLM protests/riots were a disaster all around. They were directly responsible for dozens of deaths and massive levels of destruction. They were indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths since then (increased violent crime), with most of the deaths being black people. Yet the Dems double down on the stupid. It’s like they hate black people.

        • “I haven’t followed that story since 2020“

          Well, that may be the reason you have so many questions, you haven’t looked at any new information in three years?

          Yet you’re willing to make pronouncements of fact, declare the case self-defense and the killing of the young veteran justifiable?


        • “declare the case self-defense”

          Yes, it’s simple, really. I saw the video of an angry mob surrounding, and hitting his car. The idiot with the rifle goes over there to threaten the driver with being shot. Experienced detectives reviewed the case and determined it was self-defense. What is the new information that the detectives missed?

        • minor49Iq…By the same token You must have been there to be so sure the business end of the AK never ever was pointed in the direction of the accused’s vehicle…Yes or No?

          Logic says the deceased made a bad move with an AK and got dead…No others were injured or killed by the accused which would have happened if he were on a mission to murder.

          You must try to understand when you participate in a demonstration and you display a weapon it can be a threat to boxed in non participants and you could get shot and he did.

          You are like the bubble head VP trying to justify the actions of disruptive Gun Control legislators using a bullhorn because she sees the “cause” motivating useful idiots in TN to march around begging for what is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide called Gun Control to be justified. The ho should know a trio of history illiterates using a bullhorn to show their behinds is not how it works.

          Like I said, the case will be appealed so it ain’t over rover.

        • dude, you have to understand where miner and dacian are coming from. Those riots happened to businesses that were the most part family, immigrant owned. People of color working for a better future for them and their country.

          Big corporate entities were not touched. Just folks looking for a piece of the American dream. miner and dacian can not have that. miner believes that minorities can only succeed when a white man leads them. Like joe biden.

          dacian admits to being ss/antifa. If he is to be believed then he was actively looting and burning those same businesses.

          Both miner and dacian are fascist leftist. Racist to the core.

        • The shooter was a veteran, just BTW, NOT the deceased, who was a punk from AZ who had been on the road for 3 months going to BLM protests with his girlfriend who had no arms or legs.

      • Johnny,

        Of course he deserves to be pardoned, but frankly, I’d rather see the conviction overturned for prosecutorial misconduct, AND misapplication of the law, and THEN have him pardoned and his record expunged.

    • No worries. Governor Abbott is working with the TX Parole Board to fast track a pardon.

      Cry harder.

    • Find it funny as corrupt as Austin PD is they testified on the defenses behalf. The prosecuter left out key pieces of evidence and shopped both a grand jury multiple times and a jury to get a conviction.

      The derp here tonight does not disappoint.

    • Great, Miner49er celebrates again by highlighting yet another of his freak show child-sexual-indoctrination violent criminal left wing anti-gun allies without knowing how wrong he is.

      The DA removed exculpatory evidence from the case, and ‘tailored’ the grand jury and the trial jury with ‘anti-gun’ and pro-BLM sentiment left-wing participants by repeatedly ‘shopping’ the participants until he got a mixture he liked.

      Additionally, this violent left wing BLM protestor had a history of threatening people with a gun during BLM protests, and he did try to level the gun at Sergeant Daniel Perry and Perry did act in self-defense.

      This was a wrongful conviction, the DA acted illegally by suppressing testimony and evidence and tampering with a witness. The governor is seeking a pardon from the pardon board, and failing that this will probably go to appeal (and on up in further appeal if necessary) and if it does that evidence can be bought in and the wrongful conviction will probably be over turned.

    • MajorLiar (you just “earned” a promotion),

      COOL STORY, BRO!! Now tell us the part about how videos clearly show the deceased POINTING A DAMN AK-47 at the (wrongly) convicted, while a mob of crazed Antifa/BurnLootMurder rioters surrounded his car.

      Your lying lies constantly give you away as the lying liar who lies that you are. I have reluctantly concluded that you are a far worse person than dacian the demented. He can’t help himself; he’s just uneducated and stupid. You KNOW BETTER, and lie intentionally.

      Fuck off, you lying liar.

  10. Telling the media “don’t ask stupid questions” is like asking “are there any questions” after a 12 hour day of nothing but PowerPoint presentations.

  11. quote———–“The fact that a stolen gun was apparently used in this crime simply underscores the sheriff’s remarks about the failure of gun control laws to prevent criminals, regardless of their age, from getting their hands on firearms,” Gottlieb stated—–quote

    Gottlieb is either an abject liar or a moron or both.

    The reasons for out-of-control gun crime are more complex than meet the eye of the average uneducated far right Jesicca and Jethro Bodine.

    Capitalvania has a lack of civilized gun control laws which include lack of safe storage laws, universal background checks and in depth vetting as found in the NFA act that governs the sale of machine guns and silencers, which also includes registration. The civilized world has had such in depth gun vetting and restrictions on weapons of mass destruction for decades and their success with these laws prove beyond all doubt they work much better than the mass slaughter of over 42,000 people a year which includes 1,300 children in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

    Other factors include the criminal Republicans refusing to fund adequate mental health care, a livable wage, aid to working mothers, aid to education, after school programs for high-risk children, just to name a few of the badly needed social programs that entire rest of the civilized world has already had for decades which includes adequate in depth gun laws.

    • Silencers are largely unregulated over the counter purchases in most countries outside of the US regardless of firearm ownership status. Your other points are mostly invalid but that one stuck out as humorous so you are at least getting better at clown college.

    • Life in your post-rev0lution ut0pia will even be cheaper when the purges and reprisals start.

      You won’t just make a road of bones. You will make a six-lane interstate of bones.

      The only growth industries will be excavating equipment and shiny little medals you can give your antifa troops.

    • if your gun is stolen you’re the victim of a criminal act…you’re not the criminal…..lay the responsibility where it belongs….

    • ‘Other factors include the criminal Republicans refusing to fund adequate mental health care, a livable wage, aid to working mothers, aid to education, after school programs for high-risk children”

      Not one of those is in the 18 enumerated powers of congress. These are STATE powers.

      States that want this stuff can tax their citizens to pay for it. Why don’t blue states lead by example here? If spending on all of this stuff fixes gun crime, why doesn’t Chicago simply lead the way?

      I’ll tell you why not – money can’t fix broken, fatherless families and the bad people that result from that environment.

  12. dont you just love it
    when people who dont know anything
    -and dont know it-
    see also: dunning-kruger effect
    get called out on it
    and their heads explode
    see also: cognitive dissonance
    and hilarity ensues
    see also: schadenfreude

  13. No worries. Governor Abbott is working with the TX Parole Board to fast track a pardon.

    Cry harder.

  14. Thanks to Sheriff Billy Woods. He said it perfectly!..
    FINALLY, a man willing to stand up to the RHETORIC of the sheep.

  15. Is this SHERRIF living in an alternative Universe?

    I should have though that it was blindingly OBVIOUS an inanimate object can NEVER be responsible for anything. ‘As man doth sow so man doth reap’ . Or do Americans THINK that firearms are capable of autonomous action ??
    Does this fine specimenof a Sherrif think he’s uncovered the ‘Secret of the Universe. ? Or does he just thing the rest oif the human race are morons.

    • If he’s read any of your comments then he probably thinks the rest of the humans are morons.

    • Prince Albert, the fake-Limey Lying Poofter,

      “Or does he just thing (sic) the rest oif (sic) the human race are morons.”

      Well, if he’s basing his worldview off the comments of yourself, dacian, MajorLiar, and jsled, he’s got solid empirical evidence that is true, doesn’t he? Like all Leftist/fascists, the vehemence of your opinion is inversely proportional to your actual knowledge of the relevant subject. The more certain you appear, the more obviously wrong you are. Nice going, fake-Limey.

    • “Is this SHERRIF living in an alternative Universe? ”
      Albert you would have seen him if he was!

  16. I see that all the Three Blind Mice, aka The Three Stooges multiple personalities of Albert, dacian, and miner, have chimed in on this one. The left must be really riled up by this topic.

  17. The other inconvenient truth about the young, inner-city males that commit these crimes is that they are often times the product of fatherless households.

    Young men require male role models and guidance. When they don’t get that guidance home, they seek it elsewhere – usually in a crime gang.

    Even if you could eliminate all the guns in the world, it would not fix the fatherless household epidemic.

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