Mr. McGregor Doesn’t Take the Day Off Just Because It’s Easter

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  1. Tactical Easter Bunny. Gotta laugh! Are those actual painted eggs, or did he go with the painted potatoes, this year?

    Happy Easter!
    Be the Resurrection!

    • He’d stick a carrot in the end of the shotgun and laugh when it blew up. I swear, that bunny was a domestic terrorist.

  2. Ooh, that’s no ordinary rabbit. That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you’ll ever set eyes on!

  3. Don’t be a dirty old man with a history of child assault and leer at a neighbor daddy’s little girl, if you know what’s good for ya.

    I hope he insists on a jury trial, because I’d vote ‘Not Guilty’… 🙂

    • That’s weird, it completely mangled what I wrote.

      Anyways –

      In the ‘Antlers on the wall’ department, we have this heartwarming story about a daddy’s love for his little girl :

      “Father bludgeons elderly sex offender to death with moose antlers over belief he was stalking his daughter”

      “A Minnesota father has confessed to bludgeoning an elderly sex offender to death with moose antlers because he believed he was stalking his infant daughter.

      Levi Axtell, 27, allegedly beat Lawrence Scully, 77, more than a dozen times with a shovel – before he “finished” him off with the large pair of antlers – at the older man’s home in Grand Marias.

      Just minutes after the brutal crime, Mr Axtell turned himself in to authorities, walking into Cook County Sheriff’s Office covered in the victim’s blood and confessing to killing him.”

      Put me on that jury, I’ll vote ‘not guilty’… 🙂

      • Depends on whether the perp was actually trying to molest the child. If the old guy just imagined the crime of child molestation, then the fault lies with the guy who “gored” the victim. Just goes to show, make sure of your actions BEFORE you “gore” someone!

  4. Neither the Easter Bunny, nor Santa’s sleigh shows up out here. We eat deer and rabbits.

  5. We have an *Update* on the 3 kids murdered a few days back.

    According to LE sources, the kids killed weren’t innocent angels, but involved in the same criminal enterprise the 3 male murderers were in.

    Read into that what you will…

    • They ain’t to scared of him, he is handcuffed in the front.
      And ,,,Ohhhhhh My,,, they was smoking ‘WEED’, uh huh, and meth, and fent, and what ever else.

    • “I do not understand what this meme is about.”

      The Easter Bunny doesn’t want to deliver eggs and goodies to the kids at that house, because they hunt rabbits and mount their heads on plaques on the wall…

  6. I must have had a deprived childhood, because I don’t remember ever reading or having it read to me “Peter Rabbit.”

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