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The Gainesville Police Department responded to a call of a physical altercation at about 2:00am on March 27. Adam Benjamin Cameron of Ocala and his girlfriend were walking with some friends when they were accosted and physically attacked by Antwan Jerome Downs who was with another group.

Downs allegedly struck his girlfriend in the face and pushed her to the ground, after which Cameron was also hit in the face with a closed fist. He was reportedly “bleeding profusely from his nose.” That’s when he got a gun from his car.

The Alachua Chronicle describes what happened next . . .

The officer who arrested Cameron wrote that he observed the two groups in a verbal altercation and then saw Cameron produce a gun and pull the slide back to chamber a round. Post Miranda, Cameron, who does not have a concealed carry permit, reportedly said that after he and his girlfriend were attacked, he went to get the gun out of his truck “to defend them.” He said he had chambered a round in the hope that the other group would leave.

In the end, Downs was arrested and charged him with simply battery, a misdemeanor of the first degree. Cameron is facing a misdemeanor charge of carrying a firearm (apparently from his vehicle) without a carry permit.

As a former law enforcement officer, I never would have arrested Mr. Cameron. Especially since he was the victim of a crime and was exercising his Second Amendment rights in an attempt to protect himself and his girlfriend from a violent attacker.

This is precisely why Florida needs constitutional carry.

Right now a Foridian’s Second Amendment rights, let alone their right to self-defense stops at the front door of their residence or the passenger cabin of their vehicle if they don’t have a government permission slip. So much for Florida being the “freest state in America” as Governor DeSantis declared in January.

The Republican-led legislature killed Constitutional Carry for the third year in a row during the regular session. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. The Governor has called a special session for later this month.

The special session starts on April 19. DeSantis called for constitutional carry to be on the legislature’s agenda. It’s clear the Governor understands what’s at stake, but does the Republican led legislature? Will Florida join the constitutional carry club that will soon have 25 states as members?

Watch this space.


Luis Valdes is the State Director of Florida and Director of Outreach for Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands for Gun Owners of America

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      • There are two. Plural.

        Sorry…the mangling of English by the masses today makes my eye twitch, lol.

        • “There are is the plural form of there is and there’s: There are two new buildings next to the school. They are both science buildings. In speaking and in some informal writing, we use there’s even when it refers to more than one.”

          Take a hike, grammar nazi.

        • You are free to use whichever form of speech you choose. Even when it’s informal and not in line with correct English grammar. TEHO.

          When people are uncomfortable with a situation and don’t know how to conduct themselves respectfully, they often resort to an attempt to degrade the other person by applying a derogatory epithet. Such as “Nazi” (which is capitalized because it’s a title, actually). If you’ve been here at TTAG long enough to notice my personal troll yapping at my heels the past couple of years in his failed attempt to do the same to me, you’d know I’m not at all affected by it.

          I am Punchinello. 🙂

        • point taken, it does not escape me. especially as the written word is so different often from the spoken.
          contraction’s on the page or utterance are lazy.
          now let’s get into less and fewer. on ebay it says “less than five remaining.” i was recently schooled that that is incorrect.

        • If the subject is a quantity counted in units and is multiple, the correct term is “fewer” (e.g., there are fewer than five remaining). If it’s under one unit, the correct term is “less” (e.g, there is less than a gallon of milk remaining in the fridge). If the subject is not quantifiable, the correct term is typically “less” (e.g., Kenosha less of a Latino population than Los Angeles).

          Splittin’ hairs, and I don’t get in a twist over it. I simply noticed the goof and had some fun with it.

          Like a grammar Nazi, according to some here. 🙂

        • Hmm. Second “awaiting moderation” holdup today. I guess the TTAG/Wordpress filters don’t like grammar, either, lol.

          …or not lol…the filters are annoying.

        • Actually people hate people like yourself who take a superior attitude. You are much like the leftist who refers to anyone with whom he disagrees as a “uneducated yahoo” when the opposite party may be more highly educated than they.

        • Oh thank god (the government), that this horrible gun owner was arrested and separated from his firearm. Is the man who punched him okay? I hope he’s okay. Punching a nazi in the face is justified in a moral post-free speech reality. Thank god an officer was there in time to stop a future murder from happening, and most importantly, to confiscate his firearm. All of this would have been prevented with one of the following:

          Universal background checks
          Safe storage laws
          Stopping the iron pipeline

          or even better:
          Banning all guns.

        • Haz,

          A dear friend of mine is almost pathologically obsessed with English grammar. We jokingly used to refer to him as a “grammar Nazi”, and mock him about it. He recently turned it back on me (we mostly communicate by email, since he’s in Michigan). Quote: “I am not a grammar Nazi! I now identify as ‘alt-write’.” Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that was funny as hell.

        • My linguistic pet peeve is “Begs the question.” Unerringly, it is used when the intent is to say “Raises the question.” Begging the question is a type of logical fallacy involving circular reasoning.

          Oh yeah, and I hate people who pronounce the “s” in Illinois.

        • LOL, it’s just a grammar observation, people. The person to whom it was directed (tsbhoa.p.jr) graciously received it, while those who weren’t spazzed. Get over it. Or better yet…give me a correction if/when you see something from me that needs it, if you want.

          Live your lives as you wish, and write whatever (and however) you want. TEHO. Oiy.

        • Recently on another list the author of the article wrote a very confusing sentence because of poor word choice. I guessed he meant uncontrolled exodus of fluid per os. Another reader guessed he meant uncontrolled exodus of fluid per rectum. A good example of how poor word choice can make such a significant difference to the reader.

          When I had my business and was writing advertising copy for ads, after I had polished my sterling prose I took it around to each of my employees and asked them to explain to me what they thought I intended to say. I was sometimes amazed at the responses I got. I had assured them there was no correct or incorrect answer, I just wanted to know what they thought I had said. I could always see the reasoning behind the surprise answers, although their reasoning certainly wasn’t mine. It was a good exercise for me in achieving clarity in writing.

          Poor grammar or the wrong word usage can make a huge difference. Even punctuation can substantially for example, the famous “eats, shoots and leaves” versus “eats shoots and leaves”. Just a simple comma changes the meaning of the phrase dramatically.

        • “There’s” is the contraction in speech for both “there is” and “there are.” Why? Try pronouncing “there’re.”

    • Dick

      I think everyone that hates cops, all criminals and D-bags like you, should be put on an island with no police. You guys can fight it out and see who comes out on top.

        • You can hate all cops, most gang members, rapists, and pedophiles also hate them. You are in good company.

          Call me all the names you want, there is a difference between good and bad cops. Most are good.

      • Cato,

        I applaud and celebrate cops when they investigate, arrest, and help prosecute scumbags who have threatened, beaten, robbed, raped, and/or murdered fellow citizens. Similarly, I applaud and celebrate cops when they help fellow citizens in dire/dangerous situations.

        Both functions are an immense value to society.

        What I utterly and totally despise is when cops enforce statutes on fellow citizens who have not cheated, imperiled, threatened, nor harmed anyone and who have no malicious intent. Such police actions are a crime against the populace regardless of what legislatures have declared to be “law”.

        • So you hate police that enforce stupid laws enacted by the asswipes you elect and put into power. I think your ire is misplaced.

        • Cato I don’t like THUGS with badges especially those that enforce unconstitutional laws.

          Ever dictator needs jackbooted THUGS.

          I’m guessing you’re a THUG with a badge.

          I don’t worship the badge.

        • Cato,

          First of all, I am not aware of any instance where I voted for politicians who won elections and then went on to enact heinous “laws” which violate our fundamental inalienable rights and our state and federal constitutions.

          Second of all, “just following orders,” does not excuse anyone for violating their fellow citizens. If a “duly elected legislature” passed a law (and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld it) that required police to literally flog anyone who wears a red t-shirt, should police uphold that law and flog anyone who wears a red t-shirt? The answer is an obvious NO! And we would feel righteous anger at any cops who enforced such a heinous law.

          Note that there is a critical nuance here: what is the ultimate standard of right and wrong? When is enforcing a law righteous and when is it evil and a violation of a fellow citizen?

        • JP

          If you think all cops are thugs, you are an idiot. Please go live on the island with the other idiots.

        • NO-sense

          “If a “duly elected legislature” passed a law (and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld it) that required police to literally flog anyone who wears a red t-shirt, should police uphold that law and flog anyone who wears a red t-shirt?”

          Really? That’s the best example you have of bad cops? When every cop in the US starts beating the shit out of people in red shirts, let me know.

        • Cato,

          You come across as a troll so I will end our verbal exchange with this final comment:

          Law enforcement officers who uphold “laws” which violate the human dignity of our fellow citizens are no better than the legislators who pass such laws. Both deserve all the scorn and derision that we can heap on them.

          And the corollary: law enforcement officers who uphold laws which support the human dignity of our fellow citizens are as honorable as the legislators who pass such laws. Both deserve all of the honor and praise that we can heap on them.

        • NO_sense

          “Both deserve all the scorn and derision that we can heap on them.”

          Then you can align yourself with BLM, the Squad, and the other left wing defund-the police shitheads.

        • Gotta say, Cato, uncommon has your number. What you are asserting is basically the “Nuremberg defense” – “I was just following orders”. EVERY person – legislator, executive, jurist, citizen – is ultimately responsible for their own conduct. If I do something I KNOW is “wrong”, and my justification for that is that “my bosses told me to”???? I’m still wrong AF. NO cop has the right, no matter WHAT the law says, to infringe basic human rights. Nor should they.

          I am a huge fan of ethical cops; cops who justify their jack-booted trampling on human rights deserve whatever they get. The ATF and the Fat, Bald, and Incompetent would be good examples.

          Sorry, you ain’t gonna be selling that crap here – cops get the respect they EARN. Shooting dogs and lying about “probable cause” aren’t that. Give good cops a raise; put bad cops in jail, but do not automatically exalt “cops”. That is as small-minded as the Black Leftist/fascists who assert that, if you don’t follow the Leftist agenda “you ain’t black”.

          Sorry, you’re just dead wrong on this one.

        • Cato,

          Cops enforce laws placed by those we don’t vote for too… Idiot.

          Their job is simple: enforcement. Regardless of your voting they will find a way to put their boots on your neck.

          It’s sad you chose to lick the soles rather than think for yourself.

          When you buy that island, I’d like first bid on the tickets. First come, first serve.

      • Cops are criminals (everyone is with the tens if not hundreds of thousands of laws on the books) so they’d be on the island too.

      • Sorry Cato,

        Cops have been working overtime to earn that hatred. It may not be their fault that they’ve been stuck enforcing laws that should not exits, yet…thats what they do. So While I dont hate all police, I dislike them a hell of alot more than I did when I was a kid.

      • Cato I don’t hate all cops. But I only support them as far as they support my right to defend myself, my family and my property.

        Yes there are many good cops but unfortunately many of them help enforce unconstitutional laws.

        If I had to choose between having cops or being allowed to defend myself, I would take the dangerous liberty.

        Cops are useful but it’s MY right and responsibility to protect myself and loved ones.

    • The police should be disarmed. There is no rational reason for any law enforcement officer to carry a firearm. They should be issued nightsticks and the training to use them.

      • So, . . . the 2A doesn’t apply to cops????

        Nice take. “Bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it works out for them.”

        Yeah, . . . NO. Should the police be demilitarized? Absolutely.

        Should the police use “less than lethal” means, when practical? Absolutely.

        If we are asking them to show up and take care of business when the perp is on scene, wielding a gun, a knife, etc. (and we do, all the time)? Give them a damn gun. More training wouldn’t hurt, either.

        That is seriously one of the stupidest takes I’ve seen, recently. Have you been taking lessons from dacian or MinorIQ?????

        • When the police follow orders and a stand down. While innocent people are raped and murdered. And cities are burned to the ground. I see no rational reason why the cops should be issued guns.

          You do have a point however. If the cops want to invest their own money and buy their own weapons? I’m ok with that.
          Because that is the way it used to be. Law enforcement always had to buy their own guns. But that does not erase the issue of the cops standing down. When ordered to do so by elected city officials.

          The laws preventing innocent people from using deadly force to protect themselves or their private property should be completely repealed. If the cops want to follow orders and stand down. Then there is no moral Foundation for the laws to exist, that prevent a law-abiding citizen from taking the Law into his own hands.


          It was President Clinton. Who signed the law allowing military machine guns to be transferred, to civilian law enforcement. And it was then Senator Joe Biden who voted to support this new law. And it was President Obama who flooded civilian law enforcement all over the United States was select fire weapons, grenade launchers, and armored fighting vehicles.

          These police departments big or small, could never have afforded to pay for all of this military hardware and weaponry. But the so-called “cop haters” made sure that the cops would have more firepower than the civilian population.

          I must admit that I am comfortable with the police having this weaponry. But I as a supporter of the Second Amendment want to have the anti-tank Rockets if necessary to destroy the police equipment. If it is used in an unconstitutional manner against the law abiding citizen population.

          Because Historically in this country the law-abiding civilian population always had more and better firepower than civilian law enforcement or the military. And we were a safer and free country back then.

          Now do you believe, as a second amendment supporter that you claim to be, do you believe I have a Second Amendment right to anti-tank Rockets? I can make my own.

          The Anarchist Cookbook has all the “recipes” in it.

          But I shouldn’t have to make my own. I should have the choice to buy these weapons from a commercial supplier. And I could if the 2A was allowed to be fulfilled as it was intended to be.

          A society armed-to-the-teeth what with whatever weapons they choose to have. Is a much more polite Society. That requires only a very small amount of law enforcement.

    • Is no one going to comment on the legal aspects of this case?
      A punch is considered a non-deadly attack.
      In all 50 states you are not permitted to respond to a punch with deadly force .
      Go ahead and punch him back, spray him with pepper spray, whatever, you have to respond with nondeadly force.
      There are some fine points when you can respond to a punch with deadly force.
      if there is a disparity of numbers, if a large person is attacking a small person like a woman, but none of that applies here.
      Although both people were in groups, there was only one attacker and two victims.
      So even though one of the victims is a woman, there is no real disparity of force here to justify a deadly force response.
      The man with the gun in his car is very lucky he is not charged with felony aggravated battery or brandishing charges.

    • The police officer personally witnessed Cameron breaking the law by “bearing” (carrying) a (fire)arm. The law may be wrong but the police officer is not the legislature, judge or jury. The officer is not the one in the wrong. Neither IMO is Cameron. The one in the wrong is the Florida legislature.

  1. Just die, plebe. It is your moral duty to sacrifice your life, so that the children can live in a gun-free fantasy world.

  2. any other leo/ former want to weigh in? with just this level of basic detail, would any of you have felt compelled to cite the defender?
    i get there’s camera evidence, transmission recordings and the report itself that might make it unavoidable, but aside from all of those influencers.
    i never had that clearance; doubtful i would have made this arrest.

    • The cop probably had no choice, but to arrest him, unfortunately.

      In Florida, in your home or attached garage or carport, that’s considered to all be your home. If you are in your car, that’s also considered to be your home.

      When he exited the car armed and *not on his own property*, is where the problem is. It would be the same as if you were home and heard an argument 2 houses down, got your gun, and walked down there. It would literally be seen as open carry, and in Florida, there are very few times and places where open carry of a handgun is legal. 2 of them being, on the way to hunting or fishing, and on the way home again after…

      • Geoff PR,

        It would literally be seen as open carry…

        And therein lies the most basic and fundamental problem with Florida law. It should not be illegal to openly carry a firearm to a neighbor’s home to use deadly force in righteous defense of your neighbor.

        If the defender’s case goes to trial and he loses, that has to be the court case that will go to the Florida Supreme Court and overturn Florida’s restriction on openly carried firearms for righteous purposes.

      • Geoff PR,

        In the event that my earlier reply to your comment failed to pass moderation, I am trying again.

        It is a very realistic scenario that a neighbor would openly carry a firearm while walking/running on foot to another neighbor’s home to defend that other neighbor from a brutal attack. It is blatantly obvious that should not be illegal. If the defender goes to trial, loses, and appeals, it should be a slam-dunk for the Florida Supreme Court to overturn his conviction and therefore Florida’s ban on open carry.

    • tsbhoa, since you asked. First, not enough information. Second, Florida is a “Stand Your Ground” state. Not a, “Surrender Your Ground State, Arm Yourself, and Take It Back” state. Unless, we’re talking about your home. Now, the subject’s arrest. According to the author the Ocala P.D. officer observed a verbal altercation between the parties. Even though I hate second guessing another officer if I wasn’t there, I would ask, “Why didn’t the officer step in at that time?” (Could be something as simple as time. I’ve seen it go from verbal to gun before you can say “Don’t do it!”) See what I mean by not enough information? Assuming the weapon was legally carried in the vehicle. (Understand; you have to almost try to carry a firearm illegally in a vehicle in Florida to be arrested. Even if you’re not a resident.) I would have thought improper exhibition of a deadly weapon would have been a more appropriate charge. A second degree misdomeaner. A lesser charge. A charge that Constitutional Carry would have no bearing on. Sorry Luis. Finally, my first question of the man who began as a victim and ended as him as a suspect would have been: “If you were able to access your vehicle/slash weapon, why didn’t you and your girlfriend leave the scene and call L.E.O.?” Definitely access you’re weapon to cover girlfriend and your retreat , regardless. Unless the girlfriend is incapacitated and can’t move, why return? Again, not enough information. And again, I don’t like second guessing another L.E.O. without all the facts. It’s like Monday morning quarterbacking, except it It can send people to prison. Solution? My son finally applied for his CCW. It took three weeks to arrive in the mail. Even if we get Constitutional Carry in Florida I told him to keep it. Reciprocity and no three day wait. Disclaimer: I never worked with Ocala P.D., but I did train with a few of their officers over the years. All were professional.

      • Don’t take this as ill spirited since it is not intended to be. Do you hate second guessing non-cops as much as cops? If not, why?

        • Vic, that’s a question I pondered for a while. Your the first to ever ask it of me. Did I hate second guessing a citizen involved shooting? No. That’s what I was paid to do. However, if I felt that a citizen use of force, regardless of weapon, was justified, that’s the way I presented it to the State’s Attorneys Office. As for hating to second guess an officer when I wasn’t there. I said I hated it. I never said I never had to do it. I’ve sat on a shooting review board. She was righteous. And a good deputy. Trust her with my back anytime. More than I can say for a couple of guys I knew.

      • “…“If you were able to access your vehicle/slash weapon, why didn’t you and your girlfriend leave the scene…”

        Exactly spot on, but we are talking about young people, 10 foot tall and bullet proof with not the life experiences to understand how freakin fast things can go sideways. Hormones, brain chemistry play a role too, both male and female ego, pride ect ect.

        Should have left the area and called the police and “no, that does not make me a bootlicker.”

        • also notice the 02:00 of the clock part. that does not guarantee akkahol was involved but, alcohol was involved. beer muscle bravado. cover the girl into the vehicle and skedaddle. but they’d been dissed.

      • Yes, not enough information.
        As well stated in many articles, Carrying comes with it’s own risks and responsibilities. Having been punched in the nose, I can see where it would be tempting to go to the next level. Clearly that went sideways for him. I’m very curious if there would had been charges IF he had his Concealed Carry.

  3. Surprised the thug was arrested…….think I might prefer being arrested for carrying than being buried cuz I wasnt!

    • “Surprised the thug was arrested…”

      I’m not.

      *In General* – Florida is not bad, self-defense-wise. This guy got jammed-up on a technicality. Now, had he gone to his car and gotten in and shut the door, he could have shot the thug with no problem, if the thug was advancing on him.

      Your car is literally your home, legal-wise. You can have a gun in your car with no permit, and be fine. You can shoot a carjacker and be legal, with no permit…

      • Geoff PR,

        Florida is not bad, self-defense-wise.

        While that may be true, I will say that Florida’s vehicle traffic sucks royally. I drove through the greater Tampa area and on to the Fort Myers area last week. I was stunned at the volume of traffic and how poorly it moved. I have a very hard time believing that traffic is any worse in Southern California or the Bay Area of California. Any remote thoughts I had of moving to Florida some day evaporated, along with the prospects of driving to Florida again.

        That traffic made realize why there are so many road rage incidents with firearms in Florida.

        • “I drove through the greater Tampa area and on to the Fort Myers area last week. I was stunned at the volume of traffic and how poorly it moved.”

          Yeah, Orlando is the same way. 20 years back, it wasn’t quite so bad…

        • Sad but true. Too many people are bailing from Blue States. Can’t blame them, but we are totally not prepared down here at the Local, County, or State level. At least we haven’t had to resort to 10-12 lane Interstates, YET.
          For God’s sake, Stay home and fix YOUR State!

  4. Antwan… geez, are the Amish troublemakers still hanging out ? Go home, spring break’s over!

  5. If he was able to retreat to his car to retrieve his weapon, will the court not argue that he could just as easily left the scene? It seems like it would be more clear cut as justifiable if he had been carrying to start with.

    • pcn,


      The attacker, “struck [the defender’s] girlfriend in the face and pushed her to the ground,” according to the article. If the attacker was holding the girlfriend to the ground or towering over her, she was in imminent danger of significant bodily harm and that would justify the girlfriend using force to defend herself. And given that the attacker had a huge advantage (size, speed, strength) over the girlfriend which would have justified her using deadly force to defend herself, the boyfriend likely had the same justification to use deadly force by extension–especially after the attacker had already punched him in the face hard enough to cause his nose to bleed severely and possibly even break his nose.

      If the above characterization is accurate (and it sounds like it is), the prosecutor cannot argue that the boyfriend had no legal justification to use a firearm to stop the attack on his girlfriend. I am thinking that the prosecutor will drop the charges if the boyfriend’s attorney is any good at all. And if the prosecutor does not drop the charges, the boyfriend should insist on going to trial where I can all-but-guarantee that the jury will find him not-guilty.

      Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice.

      • Prosecutor’s get very vindictive when you insist on trial. They make sure an effective defense is expensive as possible.

        • Yes BUT if the defendant asserts defense of self or others, the prosecutor has to demonstrate by proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the Defendant was NOT acting in defense of self or others. Given that the altercation was on-going and the boyfriend was clearly overmatched, I think the prosecutor will have a hard time justifying the cost of a trial where the other dude was clearly a threat.

    • Where was the girl and what was the POS “Antwan” doing to her? Where is the physical description of “Antwan”. 100% I can profile “Antwan”. But is “Antwan” a 6’5 300 linebacker – and compared to Adam. Samuel Colt made them even.

    • It appears the attack happened in the parking area. The victim didn’t just run away, grab a gun, and return. He was near the vehicle from the get go.

    • Yup, abandoning your girlfriend to muggers is the right thing to do. It’s the 21st Century after all. No woman needs some man to protect them. He should have locked himself in the car, and called 911 while wetting himself. That’s what a modern man is expected to do.

      • exactly…. some of these “pigs” commenting on this article are out of their piggly minds….. and they probably support lbgzsa…

      • TweetyRex,

        Sad but largely true.

        I will suggest a minor enhancement to your last sentence: that is what Progressives expect a modern man to do.

  6. For crying out loud, if your state doesn’t have CC, get your permit. It sucks, it’s unconstitutional, but it’ll save you a lot of hassle.

    Wandering around at 2 am in a populated area isn’t too smart, either.

    • Yep stupid people, stupid places, stupid things is REAL.

      Nothing good happens out after midnight. Get your ass home.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      Your comment is very pragmatic.

      We would be wise to think of a carry license as insurance. Yes, in a perfect world you do not need insurance. And we do not live in a perfect world.

      Just as we purchase home insurance to minimize our loss if something happens to our home, we should purchase a carry license to minimize our loss (of freedom and money spent on legal defense) if we use a firearm in righteous self-defense.

      And let’s bring that into clear focus: most of us pay well over $1,000 every year for home (or renter) and auto insurance. Why not pay roughly $15 every year for a carry license (more-or-less depending on your state’s cost of a license for however many years) while you press your state to adopt constitutional carry?

      To be clear, neither Jimmy Beam nor I are “victim blaming”. We are pointing out a pragmatic view of the situation.

    • Get your permit? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      Yes, Mr. Beam. My application’s been in the Sheriff’s hands since last July. Still waiting for (whomever within that massive department) to do something with it…

      • “Still waiting for (whomever within that massive department) to do something with it…”

        Seems they already have.

      • Q: what kind of man begs the local constable in order to exercise a God given right?

        A: Not much of one!

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          Neither Haz or I have any interest in having sex with you, no matter how long you keep begging…

    • For crying out loud! Having to lease your rights back from the government is wrong.

      Cameron did nothing wrong. As a law-abiding person, he should be able to stroll the streets of Gainesville at 2am with his girlfriend after enjoying a night out.

    • There you go, get your permit. I don’t like asking for permission, but I have had my CCP for over two decades for this reason; nothing good happens at 2 AM in a Gainseville Parking lot.

  7. In FL, I don’t believe you need a CCW to keep a firearm in your vehicle, which is considered an extension of your home. The question is, does that mean you may not retrieve the firearm and use it outside the confines of the vehicle if necessary? What about if someone intervened in a deadly altercation in front of their actual home – would that also constitute “carrying without a permit?”

    I suspect there will be legal wrangling over this one… unless there are other details (almost certainly!) left out of the report.

    • “I suspect there will be legal wrangling over this one…”

      Depends entirely on the county DA, most likely…

  8. Was it in the trunk? In my state, Washington, if you don’t have CPL, your firearm has to be unloaded and inaccessible. Grabbing it and loading it for self-defense wouldn’t get you in trouble.

  9. This sounds just like what happened during spring break. This wouldn’t be a thing if they made Permitless Carry legal there.

  10. “I am opposed to self-defense. It’s very clear and undisputable because otherwise the country becomes the Wild West. And I don’t want a country where weapons proliferate and where we consider that it’s up to the citizens to defend themselves.”

    — Emmanuel Macron, President of France

    • It would be amusing if such people could be sent back in time on trip on the Oregon trail without a weapon and if he does anything to defend himself and lives he is tried for self defense.

    • Ralph,

      Assuming that the quotation which you provided is true, it highlights the problem with such sentiments: Progressive policies never harm the Ruling Class. In that particular example Macron’s view/policy does not harm him because he has armed guards–it only harms the Working Class who are defenseless and do not have armed guards.

      Here is another example. Our electric grid in my neck of the woods is horribly unreliable. And, if Progressive policies come to fruition (where we replace nuclear and fossil-fuel electric generation plants with solar and wind generators), the electric grid in my area will become even less reliable. Of course my well-off Progressive friend isn’t worried because he payed $14,000 for someone to install a stand-by generator. And he keeps telling me to do the same. Here is the rub: that stand-by generator only cost him about three weeks of discretionary income (his income left over after typical monthly expenses). In my case that very same stand-by generator would cost me something like 10 months of discretionary income.

      That is the problem with Progressive policies–they have little to no impact on the Ruling Class.

      • “…my Progressive well-off friend isn’t worried because he payed $14,000 for someone to install a stand-by generator.”

        Is the generator powered by alternative energy? Or, like all progressives, is your friend ignoring that generators use fossil fuels?

        California is a “green” hero: shut down all coal-fired power plants, began buying electricity from states who use coal-fired power plants.

        • “California is a “green” hero: shut down all coal-fired power plants, began buying electricity from states who use coal-fired power plants.”

          Better –

          Buy the electricity from a state with coal-fired power plants, and then sue them for the CO2 that drifts back into Cali-freak-a-fornia.

          Genius, no?

          {Insert Evil Laugh *Here*…} 🙂

        • Sam I Am,

          My friend’s automatic standby generator runs on natural gas of course!

          It will be quite entertaining to watch him try and defend that if/when he starts spouting about ending all use of fossil fuels. To his credit, though, he does not seem to be on that aspect of the Progressive bandwagon.

    • Thanks for posting this. I just finished reading this story on the war on guns blog. And the president of France comments are exactly what the liberals and the left believe in. None of them believed in your right to use self-defense. Even inside your own home, to protect your children.

      But they do want to make sure they can “groom” the kids without your knowledge.

      • State judge sentenced to 30 years on the state criminal sexual conduct charge

        State judge sentenced 20 years each on the sexual exploitation of a minor charges – there were 4 of these = 20 x 4 = 80 years

        A federal judge sentenced him to 30 years.

        30 + 80 + 30 = 110 years

        His sentences will be served concurrently in a federal prison.

        I hope he dies in prison, very painfully and horribly.

        But some democrat will probably come along and let him out.

        • Lol
          I doubt it very seriously.

          Show me just ONE human that has EVER served 110 years behind bars.

        • They usually die before that.

          Jose, or Jamal, or Bubba might come along at some point to keep him company.

          They should have taken him out and shot him, one body part at a time and let him suffer. They have execution by firing squad in SC now, but sadly he wasn’t sentenced to death so….

        • I thought all of the sentences were concurrent, so 30, but perhaps I read it wrong. I was just playing with your equation.

        • you are right they are concurrent, I wrote they would be served concurrently. I just added them up though for the heck of it. probably didn’t convey that too well, sorry bout that.

          They should have been consecutive as far as i’m concerned.

          Child molesters statistics show that they rarely get caught.

          Its things like this, statistics show that child molesters rarely get caught but this one was and he only gets 30 years for what he did, and then hes out again to re-offend. There is no cure for pedophilia, he is and will remain a pedophile. Released child molestors are four times more likely to get rearrested for a sex crime.

          There are more than 42 million victims of child sexual assault in the United States. We send these animals to jail and prison then we release them again at some point and they are four times more likely to re-offend and increase the number of victims.

          Animals like this should stay locked up for good. His sentence should have been consecutively. Most likely he will have other victims when he gets out in about 30 years, not sure if he will be eligible for parole but if so he gets out sooner.

        • Yes, Vic, its 140. Typo with fat fingers on phone and sensitive touch screen. But anyway they will be concurrent so really about 30 years.

        • I had the same computational and vocabulary problems that you did, that is how I spotted them:-)

        • .40 cal Booger,

          I will say up front: anyone who molests children deserves VERY long prison sentences.

          Having said that, I do have a concern: it is very possible for a motivated private or government entity to send explicit child pictures onto your computer’s hard drive without your knowledge and frame you for a crime that you never actually committed.

  11. I’m no lawyer, though I did sit on a jury for a firearms trial once. Mr. Cameron would be in big trouble in California. Chambering a round would be an aggravating factor too. Don’t bother telling me how messed up CA is. I agree.

    • “Mr. Cameron would be in big trouble in California. Chambering a round would be an aggravating factor too.”

      Carry a large-caliber revolver… 🙂

  12. So get a permit. I know it’s a PITA but Cameron wouldn’t be in a jam if he had done so. Also, ignore jackasses who insult you or your friends. Words are never a justification for defense with force and arguing with them just prolongs and/or escalates the conflict. Even in a stand-your-ground state, retreat is the better option if you can do so safely.

    • Knocking an innocent woman (whatever that is; the article calls he/she/it one) down and holding her down is merely an “insult”?🤔

  13. Paperwork and fees. The two most important things in anyone’s life. Moreso than life itself.

  14. Because we are living in a state of Anarcho-Tyranny.
    Leftists and protected classes are treated with kid gloves, if at all, while those on the conservative side are demonized and punished. Look at the ANTIFA/BLM rioters treatment vs the Jan 6 protesters. Or the pMSM treatment of the Biden crime syndicate.

  15. Don’t call it “constitutional carry” then.

    Call it “Adam’s Law.”

    Play the game.

    Then put it on the governor’s desk.

  16. This kind of thing is precisely why 25 of the 50 States have passed permitless carry laws and various related Castle Doctrine, etc. laws in the last 10 years. And is a major reason for the ongoing record sales of firearms. Yes, we can clean up the streets with a gun if given the opportunity to do so.

    • Current FBI data shows that legally armed citizens shoot and/or kill more criminals. Than are shot and/or killed by Law Enforcement.

    • “This kind of thing is precisely why 25 of the 50 States have passed permitless carry laws…”

      Folks, friends, and everyone else…..

      Permitless carry, constitutional carry, whatever….is merely legislative permissive carry.

      If the actual US Constitution cannot prevent infringements of the Second Amendment, state legislation cannot be stronger; “majority temporarily rules”.

      • That’s true, but we’re stuck with an elephant that we can only eat one bite at a time.

        • “That’s true, but we’re stuck with an elephant that we can only eat one bite at a time.”

          Understand. Just so long as we recognize whut we gots, and whut we doan gots.

  17. Well- here is what the case would hinge on. If he could have went to his truck he could have left. Could have left the scene. We dont know all the details. Who knows the truth? That said a truck gun isnt worth two cents.

      • Depends on the cop. Quite a few are alive today only because an armed private citizen stepped up and shot the bad guy off them. I have noticed that these private citizens are lauded as heroes and not prosecuted.

  18. Another case of ” I’m gonna go get my gunm”.
    If you can go get it you really aren’t in that much danger.
    ABCameron was in the wrong and he’s lucky he didn’t shoot anybody.

    • “Gainesville is Blue.”

      *Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!*

      The politics of the DA prosecuting you *matter*.

      He needs a lawyer, and a good one…

      • You should send him the name of the lawyer you used to beat the pedaphila rap!

        • I don’t care how many pictures you send me of your disgusting ‘junk’, I will never have sex with you.

          Get it? 🙁

  19. A person who arms himself fearing unlawful deadly force by another citizen is not exercising his Second Amendment rights. This person was however exercising rights given to him by the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes.

  20. Okay so YES, Florida needs a Constitutional Carry Law.

    Also it is clear to me why the guy with the gun was charged with anything, if bringing out the gun was a violation existing law. The law may be stupid, but it is still the law.

    Last thing needed here is to know if the confrontation was over when the gun was fetched? Were the attacked persons choosing to continue the confrontation, or renewing one that had ended?

    That is supposed to be a test of the Stand Your Ground laws. You cannot return to an incident with a gun and expect to use SYG as an affirmative defense. You cannot switch from the victim to the aggressor once the incident has ended.

    Those details are very important, and are lacking in these reports.

    • “You cannot return to an incident with a gun and expect to use SYG as an affirmative defense“

      Correct, if he was able to go to his vehicle to retrieve the firearm, why didn’t he and his girlfriend just get in and drive away?

      When he returned to the altercation with a firearm, he became the aggressor and subject to arrest.

      This is the exact reason why those who wish to carry a gun in public spaces should receive mandatory training on the rights and obligations of carrying a firearm.

      • Unless the girl friend was unable to escape for whatever reason then he was ok in returning with the gun. Not enough info. Guess all day and still be wrong. Hopefully the change is dropped.

        • That would be so if happened that way. But nothing in the news reports indicate that.

      • “This is the exact reason why those who wish to carry a gun in public spaces should receive mandatory training on the rights and obligations of carrying a firearm.”

        That was the majority of the FLA CC class we attended. Firearms safety was an after-though. When you Carry, know your responsibilities!
        Had he been through the process, he might have responded differently.
        At best, this will now cost him several thousand dollars.

    • “Florida is crazy anti gun.”

      Maybe where you live, not where I live…

    • Compared to exactly where please?
      Florida was the FIRST STATE to allow the Concealed Carry Permit for it’s citizens. As in SHALL issue.

  21. can one of the admins explain why spam posts are allowed on site but comments related to the post themselves are placed in queue and never posted?

  22. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR
    “Buy the electricity from a state with coal-fired power plants, and then sue them for the CO2 that drifts back into Cali-freak-a-fornia.”

    That would be gnarly, dude.

  23. DeSantis should pardon the man. If this hadn’t come out on a Friday I’d call him office in the morning urging them to.

  24. “Oh yeah, and I hate people who pronounce the “s” in Illinois.”

    How else do you propose saying “Ill-noise” (as in “ill wind”)

    As American english is a slippery, sloppy language, there are pet peeves galore to be had. Our language is kinda like the voyages of Columbus: find a continent, and land on it. For language, one might say we find a consonant, and land on it.

  25. Cameron should be charged for wanton endangerment and terroristic threats.

    “Cameron is facing a misdemeanor charge of carrying a firearm (apparently from his vehicle) without a carry permit.

    As a former law enforcement officer, I never would have arrested Mr. Cameron“

    If he was able to ‘escape’ to his car and retrieve a weapon, he was able to remove himself and his girlfriend from the ‘danger’.

    To return to the scene with a weapon took him across the line.

    • Your making a statement that you have no facts to back it up. As usual, still and some more.
      How do you know his girlfriend could escape?
      Was she injured? You don’t know.
      Maybe he could have picked her up and carried her
      Maybe not . You don’t know.
      Maybe you should shut your lying mouth.

  26. @uncommon_sense
    “My friend’s automatic standby generator runs on natural gas of course!”


      • “Not hardly. It’s a windmill powered generator. Verrry green, eh wot?”

        Does it have an internal, or external battery for storage? How big is it? How long will the battery provide electricity for the whole house? How much does it weigh? What is the cost to remove, recycle/refurbish, replace?

  27. @Old Lefty
    “Poor grammar or the wrong word usage can make a huge difference.”

    Here is an exercise from “way back in the day”. Always fun to watch:
    – Exercise: Properly punctuate the following sentence….
    James had had where John had had had; had had had had a better effect on the teacher than had had had.

  28. Wow, this stuff goes South fast. To the hater of “grammar nazis”, “informal English” is just your name for bad English in common use. Would I have called out “there’s two?”, no. But we really need a reboot of our language… And I say “Our language” because anyone who knows the story of Babel, knows the best way to alienate people is by eliminating the common language.
    That said, I also wondered if they could have just left, or gotten a cell phone and called the police instead of returning with the gun. FYI, I am all Pro-Gun, but also pro you are better off not using one..
    I am also curious about when the officer actually started watching…

  29. @HenryK
    “Doing nothing is doing something.🤔”

    An action deferred is an action complete.

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